Thursday, January 29, 2015

Thursday's Threads

I'm pretty sure I'll never get to wear cute anything ever again. Especially shoes. Which is sad because I'm dying to wear those blue boots I showed you all last week that I ordered.... Ah! I hate waiting! But when your life looks like this everywhere:
You have to wear sensible shoes. Ew. Good thing my sensible shoes are still cute ;) So here's today's outfit:

I'm bringing mint to winter... I think it's acceptable... I mean, you've heard of wintermint gum right? Makes sense to me. Let's look closer at everything!

Boots: Horze Equestrian

I found these at a sample sale at my semi-local tack shop for $25.00. They are the best winter boots I've ever had. Cutest? Maybe not. But they're mint so that helps. They are completely water proof and very warm too. Good boots!

Jeans: Seven
Yeah... that's a picture of my growing hind end... But how cute are these pockets? I think you've probably seen these pants before, I've had them awhile. I recently cleaned out the pants closet, so some oldies but goodies are making a comeback from the bottom of the pile.

Sweater: Aeropostale
Cami: Deb

I found this sweater during my after Xmas shopping stock up binge. It was 5.99. Yep. 5.99!! And it's washable. WIN! The cami I got last year from Unfortunately, they are going out of business, so you can no longer shop on their website. However, if you have a store near you, they are liquidating, so head on over for some great deals!

Scarf: Look
Ha, I should have cropped this photo... That's my "I didn't realize I was in the photo" face. And my double chin. I really do need to start working out. Anyway, I'm in love with this scarf. I got it from Modcloth for I think 7.99. It's mint, cream, and brown. Love!

 I got a little edgy today with lefty! The spike bracelet is by Ettika from when Little Black Bag had their big going out of business sale. I got this for a few dollars, but I think full price they're around 40? The initial bracelet is from Baublebar. I love how dainty it is! And of course you'll recognize my trusty watch.
Righty is full of minty, sparkly goodness! The first one is a leather bracelet I made. Next is another from Little Black Bag. I forget the brand on that one though. Last is that giant sparkler! I got that one from Baublebar awhile back. I love that it's like the mama to the little baby one I made. Bracelet family! Haha...

So what are you wearing today? Can you wear cute shoes? Will you send me photos of them? Cause I'm jealous.

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Truthful Tuesday: Snow Day Edition

It's a blizzard out there! Well, it was. It's calmed down now, just some wind left, but the snow has stopped. I don't even know how much accumulated. I think around 2 feet though. Today's confession is an obvious one... I hate snow! And winter. But in all honesty, I was much less hate-filled due to my boss letting me know yesterday that I could work from home today. I felt so much less angst knowing I didn't have to trudge out in the terrible weather to sit in my cold office. It was a busy work morning, but it was nice to be able to tackle it from home!
Confession number two you ask? Um... I haven't changed out of my jammies all day. I have snow pants and a good waterproof jacket that I wore to do barn chores and some shoveling... but they fit over my jammies. A jammy filled day is a glorious one my friends!
And now I shall leave you with some pictures from my day working at home:
View from my bedroom window before the snow stopped

view from the barn doors. The kids got stuck inside today.

my co worker Artie

home office

Quite possibly the best performing winter boots I've ever owned. From Horze Equestrian
Did it snow where you are? Do you get snow days? (This is my first ever snow day as a grown up!) What did you do all day?

Monday, January 26, 2015

Mani Monday!

It's been a LONG WHILE since I've had a Mani Monday post. But this snowy weekend allowed me the time to get things done in the house AND have time to let my nails dry. That's a feat!
Saturday proved to be one of the laziest days EVER in my 34 years. I got up early, fed the horses, made breakfast, lounged around... Finally cleaned the barn and turned the horses out between 1 and 5, then commenced more doing nothing in the house. It was epic. But as a result, I vowed to be MUCH more useful on Sunday. And I was! So much so that I had time to do my nails! And try out my awesome new custom Jamberry nail wraps. I will apologize in advance for the terrible photos.

Close up of my Jamberry nail wrap:
My main nail color is Sally Hansen City Pleasure. It's a subtle, yet shiny gold that is perfect in two coats. I did my tips in Maybelline Color Show Avante Green. I regret the polish choice for the tips. It took heavy coats to show up, and it was really tough to keep them even and straight with the multiple thick coats. A darker more opaque green would have been better.
My Jamberry Nail Wrap was my own custom design. That's Rio! I should have made the picture smaller though, since my nails aren't very long. Poor pony got cut in half! Once I use up this sheet I'll try again with a smaller photo. Stay tuned for nail wraps featuring The Pugs too!

I always start my mani's with Nailtiques as a base coat. Lately I've been finishing them with the Sally Hansen Gel Top Coat that I got from Influenster. It does seem to keep my mani fresh longer!

So that's today's Mani Monday. What's on your nails today?

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Thursday's Threads: Bargain Hunter Edition

Happy Thursday friends! I have an outfit I've been DYING to wear on a Thursday to show you all. It's totally silly and kitchy, and I think it's super fun. But alas... you're going to have to wait. It was snow flurrying this morning, and I'm not allowing the shoes out in "weather". I'm sure the suspense is killing you, but I think you'll enjoy today's second choice outfit too. I hope so anyway, because I love it!

What's not to love?! My favorite boots, my favorite color... My second favorite purse designer. Yay! Let's break it down:

Sweater: Ralph Lauren Blue Label
This is photographing really olive colored, but it's more mossy in real life. More like the full length photos above. So I know what you're thinking, how can anything Blue Label be a bargain? I know. But when I went to FL last month, I found some great deals. And this was one of them. It's a very soft wool blend that looks and feels like cashmere but isn't. Originally it was:
But I found it on a 40% rack. 40% off this price that is:
Yep! This baby was $41.40. What a deal! AND it's my favorite color! The other great feature, is that although it's a cowl neck, the neckline isn't actually low. Which means it's warm. I love cowl necks, but when the air conditioning is blowing in my office (in the middle of winter... Grrrrr!) I don't want my neck exposed! I think this sweater is perfect.

Pants: Union Bay

These are borderline "jeggings". But they have an actual button and fly closure, and real pockets, so I'm calling them jeans. I love the dark blue color and the contrasting stitching. Plus since they're thin, they don't make my boots super tight.

Boots: Seychelles
You've all seen these before. They are probably my most favorite boots. EVER. Mossy green, leather. Ahhhh. Hi pretties! I hope they live forever. I got these a couple years ago from Rue La La. I can't remember exactly what I paid, but I think it was around $70. Money well spent for sure.

Belt: no brand
How cute is this leather belt? I also got this one in FL. I've been looking for a tasteful gold belt, and when I saw this I was all YES! It's real leather, but I can't find a brand on it. I got this at the Festival Flea Market. If you're ever in South Florida, you seriously should check that place out. It's an indoor flea market. You can find all kinds of crazy things inside. And also the best pickles in FL. Probably because they are shipped in from NY. But no matter where they originate, they are delicious.

Arm Candy:
The rope bracelet was at the checkout when I got the sweater. How could I not buy the matching bracelet? It was on sale too, and I think maybe $6.00. Next to that is my photo bracelet I showed you last week. I got a piece of gold leather for it instead of the brown you saw last week. And you all recognize my trusty watch of course!


You guessed it! I made more name bracelets with my horses' names on them. So the first three are made by me, and feature turquoise stone and brass beads. I used the horses' show names for these because they are longer and I wasn't sure I had enough turquoise otherwise. I love how they came out, this photo doesn't do them justice. And next to them is my Gucci snakeskin bracelet. One of my faves!

Purse: Emma Fox
By now you're probably thinking, ok the sweater was on sale, and the boots weren't too pricey, but how is this a bargain edition? Well... I found Emma here on clearance at Marshall's. For $99. And I didn't buy it! Well not at first anyway. I saw it the day before I found the sweater. And I wanted it SO MUCH! But I was trying not spend money like that. So I didn't get it. But then the next day I found the sweater. And I knew Emma here would match perfectly. So then I had to go back and get her. She's so buttery soft. I love her so much! SO MUCH! Plus look:

Good deal, right? It would almost be shameful NOT to get her. I was so relieved she was still at the store when I went back the next day. I know she'll get lots of use.

So that's it for today! What are you wearing?

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Heart to Horse Box

You all know that I love the concept of subscription boxes. I love getting surprises in the mail! So when I discovered that Stateline Tack has launched a box geared toward horses, I was excited! I've tried out the A Horse Box which I reviewed here, but the products sent were mostly things I wasn't using so I canceled. I decided to just get one Heart to Horse box rather than subscribe, but I think I will try it again next month too!
A little about Heart to Horse Box via the Stateline website:

The Heart to Horse Box offers riders of all disciplines the opportunity to receive horse and rider essentials from top name brands. From tack to treats to apparel and more, this monthly mystery box contains hand-picked products selected by our equestrian experts that are sure to please you and your horse. Whether you choose to order a single Heart to Horse Box, or sign up for a monthly subscription, you can be sure that each box will also be helping horses in need of forever homes. 25% of proceeds from the Heart to Horse Box will be used to help local and community shelters care for abused or neglected horses in need of food, shelter, and love.
Cost: 34.99 per month

I love that a portion of the sale goes to horse rescue. My shopaholic guilt is lessened knowing I'm giving back. Or something like that.

My box arrived today, let's take a look at what was inside!
First looks:

Info Card:

I'm a sucker for a good travel mug, so the first look already had me happy! Let's go item by item:

SSG fleece lined grippy gloves: These are a size 7 which is a little big for me, but they'll work fine to keep in the barn for a spare! They seem very warm too. Retail: $6.99

Bannix Hoof and Wound Care: I got a sample of this as a door prize from one of the local tack stores, but thankfully have not needed to try it just yet. I know come summer I'll have a chance though! Retail: 8.99

Insulated Travel Mug: Who doesn't need more of these?! I have a terrible habit of putting these in the dishwasher, even when they say not to, so they don't last too long around here. Yay for new mugs! Retail: $10.49

Standard size Likit, Mint Flavor: For those of you who aren't horsey people, Likit's are like lollipops for horses. They are designed to not only be delicious, but also to help with boredom in the stall. You hang it in the middle of the stall from a rafter and the horse can bop it around and lick it and whatever else horses do with them. I had Likits for my horses when I used to board, but don't use them here at home since there isn't anywhere to hang them in my stalls. I may just tie this up against the wall instead. It won't last as long, but the horses will still love it. Just need to get some more so everyone can have one! Gotta be fair! Retail: $7.49

Likit Holder: Obviously it would be silly of them to send a Likit without sending a holder! The Likit is cylinder shaped with a hole in middle (kinda like toilet paper). With this device, there's a plastic plate on top and bottom, and a bar that goes through the middle. You snap the rope to the bar and hang it up! I still have two of these, so all of my horses can have one once I get some more refills. Spoiled kids! Retail: $22.49

 Hoofmaker sample: Hoofmaker is a moisturizer we use on horses hooves to keep them from drying out. Hooves are just like fingernails, so some smart human realized this stuff is AMAZING for dry skin and nails. I love that they included this as a human sample.

Dog Treats: Sure it seems odd to have dog treats in a horse box. But I would say the majority of horse owners also have dogs, so it's not that far fetched. Plus they aren't included on the info card and are indeed an extra. They are wheat and gluten free, so Pia can eat them with her dietary restrictions. Sorry Artie... you gotta share with your sis!

January's Heart to Horse box had a value of $56.45, not including the extras. Stateline claims the box has a value of $61.46. Since it ships for free, I feel satisfied with that claim. If you're looking just at merchandise total, it comes a bit short I suppose... But for the 34.99 I paid, I'm really happy! I'm excited to see what's in February's box!

As far as I know, there is no referral program. But if you'd like to give Heart to Horse Box a try, you can sign up here!

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Truthful Tuesday

I feel like all of my Truthful Tuesdays are the same lately. How boring! But alas, it's winter, and not much is going on. Literally. Today's confession? I need to drop 12 lbs (15 would be better) but I apparently refuse to eat less OR exercise. It's proving rather impossible that way.
I keep putting off my exercise start date. It was supposed to be yesterday. But when I got up at 6:30 to go running it was still dark out. When I checked again at 6:45, still dark out. Then I went back to sleep till too late to go running. Slacker. Maybe tonight I'll find a good workout video online to do... Maybe.

I'm so jealous of these two... They're adorable chubby, and get to spend the majority of their life lounging.
Anything you need to confess today? Do you have some magical motivation you could share with me?

Friday, January 16, 2015

Crafts and nails, OH MY!

Now that it's winter I have time to do all kinds of things other than just ride horses and go running. (Though I'm not doing either of those things which is not good for my waistline. Oh well.) I recently found some adorable beads on the Goody Bead site that I just HAD to string. I decided to make bracelets specific to each of my "kids" and one for me too! You can see them stacked all together above. I also made a few others. Let's take a look!

Rio's Bracelet

 When Rio first moved to the US he really only responded to two words : Handsome and Cookie. So it seemed appropriate to have a cookie on his bracelet. Plus some apples and first place ribbons of course. For all of the bracelets, I used my farm colors of hunter green and tan. Though I substituted gold beads for tan since that's more fun.

Jamp's Bracellet:

 Jampy has this habit of holding his head really high and making strange faces, so he earned the nick name Jamposaurus rex. I was so excited to find T-rex beads for his bracelet!

Ducky's Bracelet
 I think his is pretty self explanatory... Rubber ducks of course!

Pia and Artie's Bracelets:

 Their's are both the same. Not very creative I suppose, but they do have the same interests, so I don't think they'll feel slighted.

My bracelet:
Pugs, Ponies, Ribbons, and French Fries! I'd say that sums me up pretty well.

 These lapis beads look SO PRETTY with my trusty watch. If I wasn't afraid of breaking it, I would wear this combo every day.

Chanukah Bracelets:

 I made one of these for me, and one for my mom. They're adorable and festive!

Turtle bangle:
I have a similar bracelet that I bought ages ago using ball beads in between the tubes. I thought to myself, hey, wouldn't that be cute with turtle beads? Why yes, yes it is!

Besides crafting, I like to try and do my nails on occasion during the winter. Since I'm not regularly bathing horses and cleaning tack, they don't chip and look awful quite so quickly.
This past week, a friend of mine hosted an online Jamberry party. It's similar to hosting a tupperware party, but instead of kitchen goods, it's nail wraps! What a great idea! The neat thing about Jamberry is that you can also custom design your own wraps, aside from choosing one of the many stock options available. I ordered one sheet of a stock print and also some customs. The customs haven't arrived yet, but I will be sure to show you when they get here! I tested out my stock choice as accent nails last night. Let's go see the man!

 The wraps have little horses on them! I know you're shocked that I would choose the pony print... I know, I know. I'm so predictable. Whatever, how cute are they?!
My other nails are sporting a gray color from Maybelline Color Show called Audacious Asphalt. The glitter top coat is from OPI and it's called Where's My Blanket. (If someone can explain that one to me, I'd appreciate it! They always have cute names that relate to something, but this one is lost on me.) The glitter topper has black shreds with pink and mint hexes mixed in. Super cute!

 So that's what I've been up to in my spare time. That and cleaning out the closets... I'm up to 8 bags of purged items!

How are you spending these cold evenings? Doing any crafting? Are you braving the elements and getting your miles in? Riding in an indoor somewhere? Tell me what you're up to!