Friday, January 29, 2021

Blog Hop: Clothes Horse


Amanda mentioned sharing her horse clothes and I was all, we should make it a blog hop! And friends, I regret that. I didn't realize how big my hoarding problem was until I started down this rabbit hole. And guys, it is BAD. My horses each have three wardrobes: Show, Home, and Boarding Barn. It's insane, I know. Anyway, I signed up for this, so let's get to it. Many of the photos are stock photos I stole off the internet, because it's pretty freaking weird to take photos of all your blankets in public. So I did not do that. Everything at home that I remembered existed did get real time pics though. Let's start with the show wardrobe. It's the oldest afterall.

Show Clothes

Shiny does not yet have a set of show clothes, so mostly what I have right now is 80's and 82's. Eventually, she will have a full set, but these things are bucks, so there's no rush. I did not photograph every blanket, but will mention if there are multiples.

Sheet: Integrity (I only have 1 of these right now, one of them had to retire) 

I love the piping on my show blankets/sheets:
Anyway, this sheet I bought when I got Rio back in 2003 so it's been around awhile. The one that retired was originally Bud's and I got that one in 1997. While I hate shelling out for expensive things, these are clearly worth it since they hold up forever. Several of them were used daily while in college.

Heavy Blankets: Integrity, 300 grams, I have two of these
Like the sheets, this one pictured was Rio's from 2003 and the other one was Bud's. I got that one in 1998 before I went off to college. Sadly, he never actually wore it as I lost him to an enterolith before winter came that year. (Sorry, that took a dark turn.)

Mid weight: The Clothes Horse, 150 gram. These I actually have one in Shiny's size but only one for the boys. I need one more.
Yeah, it's dirty... It's in the wash pile.
This blanket doesn't have the pretty piping since this brand doesn't offer it. These are also a lot newer than the others. I had the hardest time finding 100 gram green blankets for the barn and settled on these 150 gram ones until I could find what I actually wanted. Once I did, these were moved over to the show wardrobe. 

Wool Coolers: Integrity, I took photos of both because the wools are different on them. Shiny doesn't have one yet.

Bud's is on top. I got his first one at Harrisburg in 1995, but unfortunately, someone walked off with it at Washington the week after I got it. I was DEVASTATED! I had saved my pennies all year to buy it. I spent the whole next year saving up again, only to find out they had increased in price by almost double. When I told Carrie at Personalized Products (that's where I got it) what had happened the year before, she gave me the replacement at the old price. I thought that was pretty generous! Anyway, the top one was from 1996 and the bottom from 2003. 

Quarter Sheet: Integrity (just have the one)

This was originally purchased for regular everyday use, but I've since decided I prefer the loin cover shape more. This thing is gorgeous though, so I keep it in the trailer. I've actually used it at New England finals more than once while schooling since it's usually freezing that weekend. I forget what year I got this, but I think it was when I got Rio in 2003.

Bath Robe: Blue Ribbon Blankets (have 1)

So years ago, my friend's mom made me the best bathrobe for Bud. Unfortunately, I had it stored in my mom's garage and the mice got to it. A few years ago though, I discovered Blue Ribbon blankets offered one, so I got it for the kids for Chanukah. They were cheaper back then though! I went to see if they were still around to get one for Shiny, and uh... it will be awhile before she has one.

Irish knit: Integrity (have 2)
I still love a good Irish knit, but they're not really popular anymore. Shiny won't get to have a custom one like this because they no longer have them available. I have found a few in natural color, but nothing in hunter. I'll probably end up swapping these out for Back on Track sheets down the road anyway. Bud's irish knit was from 1998 and Rio's 2003.

Scrim: Integrity (have two)

I love the weave on these

I bought Bud his scrim at Devon in 1997. I know it's probably weird that I remember these things, but I worked really hard to save for them AND to get into these shows. So they were memorable. Rio's scrim was from 2003. (I was a working adult when I got Rio, but lived home with my mom and paid not a lot of rent. So I could afford to get his set all together.) Bud's clothes were all 80's, Rio's were 82's. So they've worked for most of the horses over the years.

Combo fly sheets: Tuffrider (these I have 6 of these, including Shiny's size. 1 for each of them in the trailer and 1 for each in the barn)
I originally bought these for use in the barn, and decided I really liked them, so got for the trailer too. They are super cheap ($23!) so why not? They have a fly sheet on the bottom part, but fleece over the back. So they're perfect for after bath time on a breezy day.

Rain Sheet: Integrity (have 1)
This was Rio's. Bud HATED rain sheets. He seemed to get very confused why his head was still getting wet and the rest of him wasn't. So I never got him one. Rio on the other hand much preferred to be as dry as possible.

So that's it for the trailer clothes! They all live in two tubs in the trailer.  Behind these black ones in the photo:
Though if and when Shiny gets her stuff, there will need to be a third tub. 

Okay, let's move on to our home barn clothes. 

Inside home clothes:
Sheets: The Clothes Horse (I have two, need one more size 80)
I happened to stumble across these when they were on mega sale, so got them super inexpensively. Unfortunately, I didn't get one for Eros. It's on the shopping list, but I have regrets because I have not seen them on sale since.

100 gram: Waldhausen (have three)
I found these earlier in the fall, but they took forever to arrive. So the horses haven't worn them yet. They actually have gray and tan trim which is a little off my color scheme. But close enough! I was just excited to find 100 gram blankets in green. You have no idea how challenging that has been! (Also, these were less than $60 a piece! We'll see how they hold up.)

150 gram: Kentucky (have three)
Guys. These are so luxurious. It's a real shame that the horses wear them to lay in their pee. (Cause they do. Horses are gross.) They claim to be 150 grams which seems silly since I also have 100 gram blankies. But, with that furry lining, they wear heavier, more like a 200 gram I'd say. 

Heavy weight (400 grams): Kentucky (have three)
These were stuck on the slowest boat from Europe also, so my kids haven't worn them yet. I did briefly consider keeping them on my own bed instead... They're really SO nice. 

Outside Home Clothes  

Fly Sheets and masks: Smartpak (have three)

For YEARS I had Kensington turnout fly sheets in the hunter plaid which was like baker plaid, but hunter green instead of navy. Unfortunately, they stopped making that pattern, and eventually my sheets fell apart. (They lasted a long time though!) I went through a few different options before finding these. So far, I'm really happy with them. The neck is detachable which is nice.

Turnout Sheet: Free Runner (have three)

Found these at Chick's Discount Saddlery and figured for the price I'd see how they were. So far so good! They've been around a couple seasons now, and still look great. They were under $50 each.

Mid weight turnout: Horze Avalanche (have three)
They call this a Rain Fleece since it has no fill, but is fleece lined. It's cozy for cold drizzly days. 

Heavy weight turnout: Horze Avalanche 350 grams (have three)
These are super warm and cozy. I like that the neck is high, but isn't a full hood. My horses aren't out for all that long when it's super cold out, so I like them to have freedom to move around and have a little play if they want.

Each horse has two blanket racks in the tack room, one for inside clothes and one for outside clothes. So all of the above are stored on those:

Inside on top, outside on bottom. These are Shiny's

Other Home Clothes:
Oh man... this is when things get nutty. I have all kinds of scrims and coolers... Might as well show them all...

Back on Track mesh sheet with hood (have three)
I drank this Kool Aid real hard guys. My bodyworker agrees though, so I'm gonna keep drinking it. 

Bath Robes: I have two, an 80 and a 70.

The top one is the 80 and is by Horse Master. I don't think that brand is still around. The bottom one is Shiny's and the brand is Tecno Cloth. I had a hard time finding a terry sheet for her, but the internet led me to this one. It came from Italy and was silly cheap. It's a pretty ugly green, but what can you do?

Fleece coolers: Centaur and Moxie (I have 4)

I mostly prefer wool to fleece, but I couldn't pass up the Centaur ones when I saw they were my barn colors. (And like $25 each. That helps.) So I stocked up, and I actually do use them a lot. The bottom sheet is from Moxie which is long since out of business. Pretty sure this thing is from the early 2000's. I absolutely love this sheet, and even have a human blanket in the same material. (Sadly though, I kept that at my work office, so haven't seen it since last March.) It's a heavy fleece and doesn't get static like regular fleece does. The inside is more like a faux sherpa. It's pretty dreamy. I used to have a quarter sheet too, but I think I donated it.

Chill Chaser: Centaur (have 2)
These were discontinued by the time I got Shiny. I lucked out and found the fleece one for her, but never did find one of these honeycomb sheets in her size. 

Athletic Sheet: Centaur (have 1)
I got Shiny this sheet instead. It's not really the same thing, but it serves the same need.

Irish Knit: unbranded (I have three)
It's possible these are also Centaur. I'm not sure, they are tagless. I already told you of my appreciation for the Irish knit, so clearly I need to have them around... Right? Sure. Though again, I usually use the Back on Track instead of these. Maybe I should let these go... We'll see.

Fly sheet: Big D (have three)

I call these snackin' jackets! They're super lightweight, so perfect for after bath time when it's hot, but also buggy. 

Wool Cooler: World Beater (have 2, one 80 and one 70)
Wool coolers are a must have here in the winter. These are fairly lightweight and aren't anything fancy but they do the job!

Combo sheet: Tuffrider (Have three)
So, I had these before I found the super cheap green ones (shown with the show clothes). But I've held on to them because they are a bit heavier. The weather can be so nutty here, it's pretty useful to have different weights in things. These also have netting on the sides (the black part) but the other section is like a cotton/poly type material. It's actually a lot nicer than the green ones truthfully.

Magnetic Sheet: Tough 1 (I think). (Have 1)

I got this thing a million years ago, before I drank all the Back on Track Kool Aid. But I've held on to it, because sometimes it's nice to try other therapies. Jampy seemed to like this sheet a lot. He was always much more relaxed with it on. 

Duck sheets! (I have three.) 
Um. Okay. Well. I have no reason for these other than I think the ducks are ridiculously cute. We use them after baths on days that aren't too hot but also not really cool. This one is Shiny's and it honestly hasn't been used yet. I'll admit, these were one of those purchases you make late at night when you're browsing the sale section. 

Thinsulate lined sheet: Beval (I have two I think, no little ones)
This is what I was initially using in place of the 100 gram blanket. I LOVED these. But couldn't get one for Shiny since they were discontinued long ago. I still have a couple floating around, and will not get rid of them since I can't ever replace them. Fun fact, one of them has a hole in it from when we had to put boards up in Jamp's horse show stall (he was still a stallion then, and there was a mare behind him) and the guys helping me accidentally drilled through the piece of wood into my blanket that was hanging on the stall front. 

Quarter Sheets: Kentucky (have two- medium and large) and Mattes (have three: 2 green (shiny size and horse size) and 1 horse size in navy)

I bought the Mattes system last year? The year before maybe? They're fun, but only work with the mattes pad since it buttons on. So I don't use them that often. I found the Kentucky ones this fall and well... I love them. I use them all the time. I do wish they were wool instead of fleece though.

I keep all of these randoms in two plastic trunks in the laundry room. They look like this:
One trunk holds the Shiny sizes and the other holds the 80's.  The quarter sheets aren't in there though. If in use, they are on my saddle rack with my saddles. If not, they are stored in the shed with the other winter clothes in the off season.

Phew. That's everything at home! Sort of. That's everything at home that is in use and not in storage. Shut up. I know. So that just leaves the boarding barn clothes! Get ready for all the stock photos. And lots of navy.

Boarding Barn clothes

Stable sheets: Horsewear (have three)

We have the option for our sheets of either these or baker sheets. I think the preferred option is the baker, but honestly, I have NEVER had a baker fit a horse well. Not ever. These don't fit that great either, but they're better than the bakers. Which, don't get me wrong, I LOVE baker plaid. Just not their stable sheets.

Stable Blankets: Amigo (I have 6: 3 100 gram, and 3 300 gram (one of each for each horse)
The 100 grams aren't required. Most people have a sheet and a heavy and that's it. But I think that's silly and horses need more clothing options in our climate. I get a lot of grief for not always following the blanket rules. But Shiny tends to run hot, while Pammon runs cold. And I want everyone to be comfortable! 

Turnout Fly sheets: Smartpak and Amigo (I have three)

I'm pretty sure this is the one Pammon and Shiny have. Eros has one from Amigo, but honestly they all look more or less the same. They have matching masks also.

Turnout Sheet: Amigo (I have three)
These fit nicely. Nothing exciting about them, but they do what they're meant to!

Turnout blankets and detachable hoods: Amigo (have three)
Okay, I'm not sure I grabbed the right photo as that hood appears to be attached. But their blankets look like this one but with a not attached hood. (They were purchased separately.)

Wool Coolers: PS of Sweden and Horze (have two)

The PS of Sweden cooler is SO nice! For sure one of my favorites. It's been getting tons of use the last few weeks. The only negative is that it doesn't have a surcingle. It's fine most of the time, but some days I'll throw it on if my horse is sweaty while I ride one of the others. Eros rolled in it, and it wound up hanging off him since there was nothing holding it on. I really prefer they not roll in it anyway, but still. Would be nice to have. The bottom cooler is Shiny's. It's a little on the thinner side, but is perfect for our needs. The surcingles are removable which is nice for when you want to throw it over the saddle, yet they are available if you want them.

Back on Track mesh sheets with hoods (I have two)
Alright... well. I didn't plan to have navy BOT for them in addition to the green ones. But well. Here we are. 

Other coolers: Premier Equine (have two)
I actually got these before the BOT... clearly they serve a similar purpose. I probably don't need these anymore. But they're very nice!

Waffle Sheets: Horze (have two)

I wanted navy for both, but they didn't have Shiny's size so she got the gray one. I think these are nicer than the Centaur ones I have at home. So far they haven't made green though.

Quarter Sheets: Horze and B Vertigo (have 1 of each)

These are both really nice. Shiny's is a wool blend and the horse sized one is more like a cotton/poly blend. Both are nice and do not produce static. 

And with that, we're finished! I'm not sure anyone is still here... if you are, you deserve a medal. This is a lot of horse clothing! Full disclosure: I'm not completely sure what all is still in storage anymore. But I know there's quite a few more. And probably some things to sell/donate in there too. I also did not include any award coolers, of which I have a fair amount. But those are home decor and not actually in use, so they don't really count anyway.

Do you guys have any of the same equine wear? Opinions? Questions? Happy to answer any!