Thursday, July 29, 2021

Thursday's Threads


Outfit day! I've been collecting the components for this outfit for a really long time, and figured it was finally time to put it all together. So here it is!

Black and Rose Gold! Fun, but classy (ish). This came together better than I'd hoped. I wasn't sure Eros was going to pull off the rose gold that well, but I think he's working it just fine.

Let's start with horse outfits since that's always the most fun.

Bridles: HKM/Waldhausen Hybrid
Bits: Sweet Billy's

I couldn't find a full bridle with rose gold accents that I liked. So I haggled with an Ebay based tack store to get a great deal on all four and built what I really wanted (Doable because I was still gainfully employed plus these are really inexpensive bridles). Except that it's not quite exactly what I want because neither horse likes the crank noseband. I just leave them super loose, but I wish they were regular. And also yes, this hunter princess now owns these black bridles... I still am not sure how I feel about it. I do occasionally search the interwebs for a brown version. But the outfit is black, so I'm sticking with what I have.... Maybe I could get the nosebands altered to be regular ones. I'll have to look into that.

Boots: Punk Ponies

I LOVE these boots from Punk Ponies. They were a limited edition run, and I jumped on them immediately when they were available. They made full sets, but I really don't use regular saddle pads much, so I just got the boots. 

Saddles: Shiny- Custom Saddlery, Eros-Butet
Saddle Pads: Shiny- Echt-Lammfell, Eros- Smartpak baby pad, Ippico half pad

You've seen Shiny's pad a bunch, and I finally remembered to look at the brand for you guys... Ebay special! I get really excited whenever I can find the built in half pad type pads for under $100. Eros' baby pad is from Smartpak, but I embellished it with the Cricut. The bit pattern is on both sides, and I really like how it turned out. If it looks familiar, that's because I did this one in rose gold, but I also did one with holo bits which I think you've all seen. 

Okay, my turn! Here's what I wore:
It took my a long while to find a shirt for this outfit... I'm not entirely sure why I didn't just make one with the Cricut. Maybe I'll still do that for a black and rose gold outfit part II. 

Helmet: One K MIPS CCS Wide Brim
You've seen this one a lot, I know. But I think it looks especially nice with this outfit!

Top: San Soleil
I dragged my feet getting this top because I think San Soleil shirts are stupid expensive. But I found it on sale from a golf website and finally bit the bullet. I'm glad I did, it's super cute. Also, I didn't notice until now that my belt was falling off in this photo... Lol. Should have cropped it... Didn't. #lazyblogger

Belt: Harry's Horse
This belt... It's pretty. But it constantly comes undone. I finally punched a smaller sized hole and it stayed on, but I might now be keeping this one. 

Breeches: QHP
I really like these breeches. The waist is a touch small, but well... maybe that's my fault. I've been enjoying some snacks of late... But otherwise, they fit great, and I love the rose gold details. They have rose gold zippers on the back, but they're fake, no actual back pockets, so no weird pocket lumps on your butt. I actually got this black pair, and also grabbed a pair in tan. 

Boots and spur straps: Celeris UK
Spurs: Punk Ponies
This is my OG pair of Celeris and I think they still look great! And I pretty much never clean them, so that's saying something. They are a little too big for me these days, but since they leather is pretty thick, they stay put anyway. Thank goodness. I can't replace all my boots!

Crop: Fleck
I don't ride Eros with a stick usually, but Shiny jumps with one (she flats with a dressage whip). I love this stick from Fleck. They really know what they're doing when it comes to crops. The weight is just right and it has the perfect amount of flexibility. I've had it for awhile now, and it's holding up great too!

That's it from here today! Any favorites from today? 

Wednesday, July 28, 2021

What's Up Wednesday


There's honestly not too much going on around here this week. My trial horse left on Saturday morning. But otherwise Shiny and Eros have been going well. 

They had an extra day off this week since Sunday was really rainy. I had planned a Sunday funday for them anyway so it wasn't a big deal. I did get a ride in though, because I got to ride Fefe!

She was a good girl until I tried to take her for a walk outside after we were done working. There was a pause in the rain, so I thought she'd like it. I was incorrect. She started jigging and hopping up and down. She was so busy having this tantrum, my friend I was walking with had to hop off her horse and hold Fefe so I could dismount. Mares! Lol. I temporarily forgot that she is done when work time is over. My bad. 

We only fit in one jump school this past week, since I had been busy with the trial horse. But they were both great for it! Hopefully this week we'll be back on our regular schedule. 

Eros is jumping around at 2'6" consistently these days, so that's exciting. Getting closer to a show height anyway. I've decided to keep Shiny at 2'3" this year since we have lots to work on still. She's been so quiet that I haven't really been able to work on keeping her shape when we're jumping. I don't seem to have enough leg to add the amount of hand I need for contact. There's no hurry though. We'll keep plugging along!

In other news, P seems to be doing just fine without her brother. It's been hot for her outside, so we've been spending a lot of time watching the olympics together. She really likes swimming:

I do bring her out to feed dinner to the horses sometimes. She seems to enjoy it, but I think she's looking forward to fall. Humidity is hard on these brachycephalic pups! I wish she liked the stroller though. It would be nice to take her for a real walk. 

That's really about it from here for now. Have you all been up to fun things?

Tuesday, July 27, 2021

Truthful Tuesday: I've been keeping a secret...



There's something I haven't shared with you all... Sunday, July 11th was one of those days where my emotions hit every part of the emotional spectrum. That is the day I lost Artie, but something potentially really great happened also. 

You all remember the horse I went to try a few weeks ago, but was above my pay grade? Well, early in the day on July 11th, I received a text that we could in fact reach an agreement on price. I know right? Life is weird. Life with horses is especially so. I called my investor my dad to talk about things, and he said to go ahead and set up the trial the owner had offered to me. 

The horse arrived at my house the following Wed and I had just over a week to try him out and have the vet check him all over. The timing was great as my old trainer was home from Florida and in between showing so she was able to come out and give me a lesson him. 

He is a wonderful horse! I've never had a horse come off the trailer here and just settle in. Not a single spook the entire time I had him on trial. Not at the neighbor, not at the low flying airplanes nor the helicopters, and not even at the campers you can hear through the woods. Not a single spook! He jumped around softly. Did I mention he's only six? Our only struggle was still the lead changes, and I had a few questions for the vet. 

Unfortunately, the vet is where things didn't go as well as I'd hoped. He had the same question I did and so I had to pass on this otherwise perfect horse for me. The answer to the question may be simple, but at six and for the price tag, it wasn't a risk I was able to take on. I have one of those sitting in a field already... And that one vetted great! 

So that's today's confession. I had an extra horse for a little while, but don't anymore. I'm not in the market for a new horse, this one just kind of fell into my lap. If it was meant to be it would have been, but for now, I'll be over on Petfinder looking at dogs... (But also, I'm not looking for a new dog, I don't think P wants one.)

Thursday, July 22, 2021

Thursday's Threads


Outfit day again! I went with barn colors and logos again, but I think I kept it fairly classy this time. I'll start with my outfit this week:

See? Not toooooo in your face this time!

Helmet: One K CCS MIPS

I put the rose gold rails in this one, and I like it with the green!

Shirt: It's A Haggerty's

I'm not sure what that weird reflection is under my chest area... But I couldn't get a photo without it. I swear I was not wearing the wrong color undergarments! Anyway, It's A Haggerty's does a summer sale in June and I picked up a couple shirts in my colors with my logo on the chest. I love how they came out! 

Belt: Boy O' Boy Bridleworks

Heh... should have pulled my pants up before snapping this pic I guess... This belt really does work well with these breeches, I just don't know how to dress myself apparently. Either way, I love this belt, especially now that it fits me again!

Breeches: Tailored Sportsman

I've had these a long while, and still love the color combo!

Socks: Dreamers and Schemers
Sneakers: Artscow
I know, I'm a dork. But I love to logo all the things okay? I can't help it.

Boots: Mountain Horse Serengeti

I think these boots are so pretty. You can't change my mind.

Okay, so that's what I wore! And here is what the horses wore:

Okay, maybe you can't see their outfits that well, but look how adorable they are anyway.

Eros- Camelot RCS Gold
Shiny- QHP

Bits: Both are wearing Sweet Billy's

Eros- Boy O' Boy Bridlewors
Shiny: Dark Jewel Designs

Eros was not at all interested in photos for this bridle pic. That was the best I could do... 

Eros- Butet
Shiny- Custom Saddlery
Eros- Anamtomeq
Shiny- The Hangry Mare
Eros' half pad is mattes

I really think this Anatomeq pads are cooler for the horses in this summer weather. They are perforated and not too thick, and Eros just seems less sweaty under there than other pads. He still sweats well, but I do think they are cooler. And I'm still fully obsessed with these Hangry Mare pads. They're really gorgeous. 

Eros- Equestrian Stockholm
Shiny- Punk Ponies

You have all seen these both a million times. Still going strong though!

And that's it for today! Any favorites? Do you have any items from these small businesses? I personally really like the quality of small business items so much better than the mass produced stuff. Generally at least. Once in awhile you still strike out. Law of averages and all. Do you have a favorite small business you don't think I know about? Drop it in the comments if you do!

Wednesday, July 21, 2021

What's Up Wednesday


We've been plugging along over here, trying to keep the horses fit and working despite the heat and humidity. We had a break in the high temps yesterday (stayed mid 80's) but the smoke from the west coast fires had found it's way here to the east coast, and I found the air a little hard to breath in. Nonetheless, we've been riding everyday, just not for too long. Short and sweet is the name of the game!

And Sundays are for bareback snacks in the yard

I sometimes worry that my short rides aren't good for the horses and they won't keep their fitness. But then I remember that we jump 2'3" to 2'6" hunter courses, not the 1.4M. These horses won't be any worse for the wear if they're less fit for a month or so in the middle of summer.

Eros kind of wishes everyday was Sunday

Eros got both of his jump schools in this week, and was a solid citizen both days. 

Shiny only had one jump day this week, as I ran out of time to ride her on Wednesday which just messed up the schedule for the week. She's really been great though, and a missed jump day really isn't the end of the world for her. Though she does prefer jumping days to flat only days.

I finally got to put some braids on a horse this weekend! I haven't had any braiding jobs in a few weeks, so it was nice to get back to that. The horse was very polite, though, as mentioned yesterday, I got eaten alive by bugs!

And in other news, the fruit around the farm is starting to ripen, so that's always a fun time of year!

True story though, I ate all of those blueberries before I even got them inside to wash. I'm an animal I swear. They were delicious though! And this is the first year my apple tree has had fruit! I think there are only 4 or 5 apples on it, so I'm just hoping at least one makes it to harvest time. The other tree doesn't have any apples still. Hopefully next year they will both produce! I've had these trees for five or six years now, so I'm pretty excited for apples finally!

That's about it from here. How are things in your neck of the woods?

Tuesday, July 20, 2021

Truthful Tuesday: Braiding hazards


There are a lot of obvious hazards when braiding horses. Standing on a ladder next to a large animal is an obvious risk. 

Some larger than others... this horse is well over 18 hands. 
Thankfully 18 hands of perfect gentleman!

I once had to braid a 17 hand two year old (he was close to three, regardless, he was enormous) who was very much a baby. He tried to pull my ladder out from under me and repeatedly kept trying to bite my legs. 

Pulling manes can also be pretty dangerous if you have a horse that's sensitive about it. Years ago I was pulling a mane on another large horse (17.1 ish). All was going well until the moment it wasn't. The horse very suddenly decided mane pulling was done for the day, and he reared up hitting me in the face with his head. I fell off my ladder onto a concrete barn floor, knocked the wind out of myself upon landing, and cut my finger with the mane comb. I had an actual buckle print on my head. Since it happened at my college barn, I had to go to the ER to make sure I didn't have a concussion. Unfortunately, once I got there the doctor noted my sore neck (I had whiplash) and strapped me to a board to await x-rays. Fortunately, nothing was terribly wrong, other than a possible mild concussion. I missed the window to get my finger stitched up but it healed fine so that worked out. 

When braiding tails, you are standing directly behind a horse. DIRECTLY. For an extended period of time. There are lots of risks there. Especially during fly season. The obvious of course is potentially getting kicked. I've had a few horses that threatened. You also run the risk of methane poisoning from all the gas they pass (lol, okay not really but trust me, you get farted on A LOT). Also you'll be pooped on at some point. It happens. Not so dangerous, but certainly icky. 

Those are some of the obvious risks. But you know what no one really talks about? The fact that your standing in an open barn on a ladder near a light in the middle of the summer. What does that mean you ask? Have you ever seen what a light looks like in the middle of the summer at night? No? Bugs my friends. That is very much a bug magnet. This weekend I got eaten alive all over my head. As it happens, if I have any kind of skin wound in the summertime, I will react there to my own sweat and get kind of hivy. You can imagine what happens when I shove my sweaty helmet over said open bug bite. GIANT bug bite welts. Super attractive. 

I'm trying very hard not to scratch and make it bigger. But OMG IT IS SOOOOO ITCHY! 

So there you have it. Some of the hazards you mights encounter while braiding horses. So next time you wonder why braiding is so expensive, remember this post! (You know, these reasons, plus all the years it takes to get good at it.)