Thursday, April 28, 2016

Thursday's Threads

Outfit Day! It's chilly here again. Not cool mother nature... Well, I guess it IS cool, in the literal sense. But figuratively, not cool. We shall begin with last night's riding outfit.
But first Coffee...
 Ha! Sorry. I had to do that. Here's the outfit:

Comfort my friends. Some days it's all about comfort. And being warm.

Top: I have no idea the brand on this. I got it and had it embroidered at New England finals one year
It's my only piece of apparel with my farm name on it. I really want to get stuff made. Like a jacket, maybe some polo shirts... but first I need a logo! I have lots of ideas, but I'm no artist. So this might be awhile.

Breeches: Ariat
These are roughly 100 years old. More or less. I found them at Equestrian Collections, that many years ago for $35. I also have them in light blue. They do not have the currently popular euro seat, but they are SO COMFY! I wish I had gotten more of them.

Belt: Mane Jane
I hope you enjoy seeing Mane Jane belts.. because you're going to see the other one in less than a minute...

Ok, on to the work outfit!
I don't normally wear distressed jeans to work. It's a casual environment, but ripped jeans aren't really work appropriate in my opinion. That said, I'm WAAAAAYYYY behind on laundry. So I broke the rules. #rebel

Top: Vintage Savannah
I like this thin little hoodie. I LOVE the crochet pocket. It's casual, but cute enough to wear to work for sure. (If you work someplace like I do...) I also think I've had this on the blog before, but I'm not positive.

Pants: Vanilla Star
Hope you enjoy photos of my butt...
Confession: I had to just go to the bathroom to see what brand these are. #senile These fit great, and though they are too distressed for work generally, they're great for the weekend.

Belt: Mane Jane
I mean... could that be a more perfect match?! No. No it could definitely not be more perfect. I seriously love these Mane Jane belts. I have two straps and one buckle, but since they're reversible, it's like I have four. LOVE!!!!

Shoes: Dije
They're not Sperry's, but they're probably even more comfy. These burlap looking shoes are so soft, they feel like wearing slippers. I found them on Zulilly awhile back for I think $10 or maybe $15. That's a good find my friends.

Arm party!

Lefty is donning a bracelet from Spartina. Another Zulilly find! I know they make this in orange and gold also, and I hope that shows up on Zulilly soon too. I get really excited whenever I find horsey themed goods on non horsey shopping sites. And then I buy them all. Which is maybe not so good for my bank account. Oops. Lefty is also wearing my usual apple watch.

Righty is wearing a wrap bracelet from Stella and Dot and some mixed media bracelets that I made. I love combining different materials. These bracelets have round wooden beads and the square beads are metal, stone, and glass.

That's what I'm wearing today! What do you have on?

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

What's Up Wednesday!

Wednesday already! You should see the laundry pile I have... I don't have time for it to already be Wednesday! But you're not here to talk about laundry, you want to know how the past week unfolded. (Lol... see what I did there?!) This won't be a very long post since you're already read about Rio's epic birthday party on Passover.
Besides getting things ready for the party, I did manage to work all the horses most days last week. Well... maybe not ALL of them. Rio only works when daylight allows for it. But the other two are working. Jampy even started "jumping" this past week. I use that term loosely as the vertical we started over was only 2' high. Whatevs, gotta start somewhere!

sometimes we have to graze in the dark.
That's our "jump" right there!
Clearly all this working is exhausting for Jampy:
 The Pugs have been terribly neglected with all of the party preparations. I think they'll survive. We'll have to make up for it this weekend.
I got an update from Ducky this week too!
Looking well fed there Duck....
He's doing GREAT in his new home. My step-aunt is a much braver soul than I and has been taking him out trail riding! Ducky, out in the open... I can't even fathom it. But he seems to be loving it, and I have not heard any horror stories of dropping his human. So yay!
My state had our primary yesterday, so I did my civic duty in the morning before work.

And that's about all that's up this Wednesday. What's up with you?!

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Truthful Tuesday

Ahhh.... My big confession.... So you remember that I'm a full blooded Jew, yes? And you remember that epic PIZZA party I threw for Rio this Saturday? Well... I threw that PIZZA party on PASSOVER. This is pretty bad. I mean... I only ate two pieces. And I missed the cupcakes entirely. So I didn't cheat that badly... but still. A pizza party on Passover. I'm going to have to do some serious repenting on Yom Kippur.
Anything you need to get off your chest today?

Monday, April 25, 2016

That time I threw Rio an epic birthday party...

I had been thinking about throwing Rio an epic 20th birthday ever since he came home from Cornell two years ago. I really wasn't sure he would get to see 20, but I thought if he did, it surely would be something to celebrate. As twenty drew closer, I got worried about planning a party. I'm an anxious person in general, and I was terrified I'd be tempting fate if I planned a big shindig for him. But a few weeks ago I finally made the call to the Big Green Pizza Truck and scheduled the party. And then, as I tend to do, I went all sorts of crazy picking out decorations and props for the photo booth. And then also as I tend to do, I forgot to take photos of most of it. Oops. I have plenty of media though, fear not! It's just poor quality media. We keep things casual at this blog anyway. (Also, I stole some photos from my friend Tanya. I shall give props where it's due though.)
Obviously, for a birthday party you need a nice big banner welcoming people to the party:
I really should have cropped the arms out of this photo. But I didn't. 
Honestly, I'm not sure what to do with that enormous banner now that the party's over... it's really heavy duty, seems a shame to toss it. I guess we can use it next year? But I cannot afford an epic party again next year, sorry Rio. Maybe for 30!
I used inflatable unicorns and real carrots for center pieces on the tables which were covered with plastic table clothes printed like hay.
 My favorite thing at the party was the photo booth area. Because Flat Rio.
Photo by Tanya

I had some fun with Flat Rio on Sunday when he was back in the house. You can torture him really easily unlike the real Rio. People had a great time with all the props, but I'm reluctant to post people and their children on the blog. Sorry. Send me a friend request on FB though, I had no problem posting them there!
The main attraction (other than the birthday boy OBVIOUSLY) was the pizza truck.
Photo by Tanya
The trucks they use are all refurbished antique trucks (painted green of course). This company is fantastic. They show up with salad, pizza, gelato, coffees, and lattes. Not only that, they supply the paper goods too! They make the pizza, set it up on their own tables where ever you want them to, and then clean up after themselves when they leave. They're AMAZING! I highly recommend.
No birthday is complete without some sort of cake. I got a special cake just for Rio and cupcakes for the humans.
photo by Tanya

Photo by Tanya
Rio thought his cake was pretty fantastic:

There were also some other goodies floating around like horse shaped lollipops and goody boxes for the kiddos.

The turnout was great, I think around fifty people came out to celebrate Rio. He has a lot of friends.

I was especially surprised that his guests brought him presents! Lots of treats, more carrots than we know what to do with, and even some saddle pads and other goodies.

It was a such a fun day! I wish I had been better with the camera, or had given the job to someone who would have taken more photos of all the things I forgot. But otherwise it went smoothly! The pizza was delicious, and for the most part, the horses didn't mind the chaos. Romey got a little upset when the kids were being noisy. Dinner settled him down though.
Rio had the best time of course. He stayed outside in his walkout almost the entire time. He's such a ham!
Have you ever thrown a party for a pet?

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Thursday's Threads

Outfit Day!!!! It's gorgeous here today: Sunny, in the 70's... but of course WINDY. Because we can't just have a nice day now can we? So fickle mother nature....
Let's start with yesterday's riding outfit:
I was feeling very New England Nautical yesterday apparently. Between my Whalers hoodie and the schooners on my breeches. It was pretty chilly last night, hence the sweatshirt.

Sweatshirt: Hartford Whalers
Connecticut doesn't have any real sports teams. We have some minor league baseball and hockey, but no real teams since the Whalers left many many years ago. We CT residents are painfully nostalgic for the past (and hold on to hope that some day the Whalers will return), and thus this vintage apparel sells really well. You'll see it all over the place.

Breeches: Equine Couture
When I saw these schooner breeches online, I had to have them. Anyone who grew up in New England knows that boats, especially historic types like these are a huge part of our culture. Plus, what's cooler than boats on your breeches? (The answer is whales. Whales are cooler than boats. But fear not, I have those too.)

Belt: Equestrilifestyle
Equestrilifestyle had a coupon code for 20% off belts so I figured it was time I cave and order one of these spur belts. I like it, but to be honest, I don't think I feel good about spending the money on it. I probably should have sized up for starters, but that's on me. It's very well made, and certainly looks pretty. But I think I like the Mane Jane belts a lot better and they're less money. Just my two cents.

Ok, on to today's work outfit!
I really couldn't decide how to dress today. It was cool in the morning (high 40's) but is now in the low 70's. It's nearly impossible to dress appropriately with fluctuations like that! I settled on a long sleeve shirt and jeans. Let's look closer!

Top: Ralph Lauren
They had these tees at the outlet in the fall and I was so excited when I saw this color way! It's my barn colors! Woohoo! But that aside, I love the zipper detail on the shoulder (it's just on one side) and the elbow patches. The cotton is super soft too. Very comfy.

Pants: Rose Royce
I'm pretty excited about these. First they are super comfy, nice and stretchy but still feel like jeans and not like jeggings. Next, check out the details:
I love that all the hardware pieces are little roses. Even the button! But the best part? They are doing good things with their profits:
They donate a portion of their proceeds to rare disease research. I didn't know that when I bought the pants since I got them from Zulilly. I just thought they were sort of 80's tastic. And they totally are. But the charity part is definitely the icing on the cake. Glad I actually looked at the tag!

Belt: Christian Dior
I promise I'm not really cheating on my Mane Jane stirrup belt. This is a vintage Christian Dior that I picked up on ebay. I love that it's so simple. I think this will look great on breeches too.

Shoes: Ariat
Did you guys know Ariat makes boat shoes?! They DO! I got these I think last year on sale some place. I'm not sure I love them as much as Sperry's, but this color scheme is top notch.

Arm Party!
I should have gotten a better picture of that pony bracelet. The leather on the bracelet part matches my watchband almost perfectly. I'm not sure of the brand, I picked this up at my local tack store and didn't pay attention to the name on the tag. Sorry!

Righty was all, "I wanna be fancy but classy today." Ok! First up is my Hermes leather wrap bracelet that my dad and step mom gave me. I love that one, and I've been super careful not to accidentally oil it like I did to the watch band... The other is my vintage Gucci bangle. Ditto on the being careful with it!
So that's what I have on today! What are you wearing?