Thursday, October 29, 2020

Thursday's Threads: Autumn edition


Outfits will be a lot more tame once I move over to the boarding barn for the winter. So I figured I should go all out for this one. And guys... I really outdid myself here. DEFINITELY went too far. And I have zero regrets.

The photos with the horses really didn't come out very well. It was just too dark out. But that one with Eros is kind of amazing with the moon, isn't it? Let's start with their outfits today.

I know. We've done candy corn a few times now. But listen. I own all this candy corn crap so you'll probably see it again next year too! But also... I definitely added a lot to previous outfits.

Saddles: Butet for both
Pads: I can't remember who made these... sorry!

That pad on Shiny wound up being kind of a nightmare. First off, it didn't arrive when it was supposed to back when I bought it, so I ordered the one on Eros as well. It arrived immediately. Eventually, this one on Shiny did show up. But it's kind of small and dressage cut so it doesn't really fit any saddles. (The one I ordered was not dressage cut...) I figured I'd try it for Shiny and it was okay. Think I'll try and sell it though if anyone is interested.

Boots: Horze with duct tape embellishments

Finding duct tape that matched my saddle pad was one of the highlights of my life. Wait till you see what else I did with it...

Bridles: M. Toulouse
Browbands: homemade
Bonnets: Etsy

I was planning to sell these bridles because I didn't like them that much... but now I've decided to keep them for dress up. As for the browbands, I took the ones I hated from the La Cense sidepulls and wrapped them in candy corn ribbon. So I'm glad I found a purpose for them! And also why you'll be seeing candy corn for years to come. Gotta use this stuff! I made the horses take photos with the bonnets, but they both seemed pretty annoyed by them so I took them off to ride. Cute though, right?!

Okay my turn!
Hahahahaha! Told ya. I overdid it.

Helmet: One K MIPS
I can't bring myself to deface a helmet, so I left this one alone. I had time deciding which to wear. Finally, since none really matched I just went with the safest one.

Sweatshirt: Teepublic
Yeah. I fell victim to a targeted Facebook ad. It happens. I'm getting big time Shiny vibes from that pony, what can I say?

Belt: C4
Matches my duct tape. BOOM!

Breeches: Homemade (Okay home-embellished)

I took a cheapo pair of black pants and then went all 8 year old on them. So I found some printed vinyl that matched all my stuff. Cut it into knee patch shapes and used stretch fabric glue to stick them on. (Who wants to sew? Not me.) Then I glued on the candy corn patches and took the ribbon that was left over from the browbands to trim the back pockets. I figured they'd be toast by the time I finished riding both horses, but they're still completely in tact. We'll see how they make out in the washer and dryer though... figure that might be the end of them. If not? You'll see them again next year. Ha!

Socks: Dreamers and Schemers
Sneakers: HJSHG
Um. Yeah. I definitely did also get the matching mask. But since I was home I didn't use it yet. Maybe when I ride Pammon on Halloween!

Boots: Tuffrider Regal

I did not intend to deface any boots for this outfit... But then I saw this pair of Regals that are pretty close to the end of their days anyway... So I did it. NO REGRETS my friends! Plus it's just duct tape. I can remove it. I think they're kind cute this way though. Maybe should have done the toe part thinner?


Crop: Another relic laying around the barn

Someone should probably revoke my duct tape privileges. But seriously! Look at that! Hahahaha! I love it. 

Phone case: Teepublic

What? It matched the hoodie! I needed it.

Arm Party!


I know you're surprised I don't have the apple watch band to match... Probably next year. For now, I 'm wearing these string bracelets from Etsy and that light up one from I'm not sure where. Admittedly, the light up one came off after photos. It was pretty annoying.


Righty has on a stretch bracelet, the Fitbit, a fabric cuff that I made, and this adorable wire bangle I found on Etsy. 

And that's it! Not sure how I'll top this next year if I keep with the candy corn theme.... But I'm sure I'll come up with something.

Wednesday, October 28, 2020

What's Up Wednesday


It wasn't too exciting here this past week (other than Ssseth's arrival of course). But we're plugging away on the same old stuff. 

I'm really not happy with how Pammon is going, but hopefully the chiro will get here sooner than later. If not I'll get the vet out. He's just very stuck. Doesn't want to come forward, trips a lot. I'm almost thinking maybe EPM. He just feels so blah to me, and we're not getting anywhere in our under saddle work. If anything I feel like we're going backwards. But I'm sure we'll get it figured out.

You know who's really stepped up the last few days? This guy:

 Despite the falling temps and the fact that we ride in the dark now during the week, he's been really good. Working better and less spooky. I had a really frustrating ride on Pammon Saturday. Not because he was being difficult really. I just was in my own head too much and feeling really anxious. There was a Nona Garson clinic happening outside. CWD had a rep there with a tent up that we could see from windows in the indoor. People coming through the indoor constantly. Very distracting. To me mostly. And I let my own spookiness ruin our ride. I get really frustrated with myself for that crap for a lot of reasons. You guys. I'm a very capable rider. I have a sticky seat. My last couple of falls have been because my horse fell down not because I was spooked or bucked off. And yet I just couldn't push Pammon forward when he wanted to be distracted. I'd let him fall behind my leg and break stride. Over and over. I felt kind of defeated. So I went home and got on Eros. Kind of prepared for a similar ride. I got lucky though and the neighbor wasn't home! We wound up having exactly the ride I needed. 

And then I let him eat my face. Because ponies that make their mom feel good about herself get to do what they want.

Shiny though... Guys. This pony. I will preface this with saying I absolutely adore this pony even though she has a few too many opinions most of the time. And this week? She has opinions. Lots of them. I had planned to do some jumping this weekend, but you know. Best laid plans. The neighbor was home for all my Shiny rides this weekend and apparently he found yet another shed to clean out. Shiny is generally not very spooky but she was pretty distracted by all that banging and clanging. We did still pop over some crossrails and cavalletti though. 

I know I mentioned recently that she's been fighting the contact. She had gotten over that briefly and was working really nicely. I had even occasionally unlocked an AMAZING trot. I've only gotten this trot on a handful of horses ever, and never thought I'd feel it on Shiny. But it was there! Uphill, horse on the bit, moving up and through the shoulder. Amazing. Wish I'd gotten it on video. But then just days after feeling that, she reverted back to avoiding the bridle. Mostly her usual evasion...

But last night, she was doing The Eros. Grabbing and pulling down. I almost prefer that though, it's easier to kick her back UP to the bridle than down into it, ya know? Either way it's a little frustrating. 

(Side note: 
oddly enough, Eros had a moment of doing The Shiny... Maybe it was opposite week?)

I'm hopeful it's the old backwards before you move forwards thing. Hopefully anyway. I guess we're going to have some long evening rides this week. Which is fine. Gotta put the work in if you want results right? I'm debating trying a little three ring on her, but at the same time, I want to do things right with her and not just "train" via gadget. So we'll see. I do have one in her size in the bit box from Mowgli so we are prepared if I decide to go that route. 

I mean, this looks easier than the trot above right? But what do I know?

So that's where we're at with riding... Plugging away for the most part. I am looking forward to getting back into a program and taking some lessons this winter when we move indoors. I think we need a little guidance to keep moving forward. Or a cheerleader. Or something. 

In other news, we're doing professional photos next weekend with all three horses! I've never done them before but I really regret not having done them with Rio and Jampy. So, like a good student, I'm learning from that and doing it now. I had hoped to do them a little earlier for some pretty foliage, but our photographer was already booked. There are still some leaves on the trees so should be good enough. I think fall photos with all my fall colored ponies will be pretty.

Oh and in more other news... I think my stepmom is getting another horse. Which would mean I might get to keep Eros. I'll keep you all posted on if anything happens with that. Here is the potential boy with her aboard:

He's very sweet and cute. I wasn't really on board initially because he's young. But they would keep him on full training. And I watched her have a lesson on him and he made all the right choices even when she was wrong. He never was rattled nor changed his demeanor even if she got left behind or jumped ahead. So I gave my okay to the parentals. She wanted to ride him a bit more and then of course vet him before they buy. So we will have to wait and see what happens!

That's it from here. Did you all have a good week and weekend? How are your horses going?

Tuesday, October 27, 2020

Truthful Tuesday


Couple of things to admit to today... First, because this is just so 2020... One afternoon last week I got up from my desk to use the restroom and you know what I saw in the hallway? DO YOU?! Why, it was a baby snake. In my house. Chillin' in the hallway. After taking a few seconds to acknowledge why yes, that is a baby snake on my floor, I went to the craft room to grab a trash bag to collect baby snake. Sometime in those 15 seconds baby snake disappeared. So instead of trying to find it I went back to work. Sometimes I ignore things I don't like, okay?

Anyway, I finish my work day and now I'm more focused on looking for baybay snek. And know where he was? On the railing of the stairs. Okay, self! Gather yourself. Catch the baybay snek! Only, he drops himself off the railing into this pile of award coolers.

So um... Know what I did? I went and rode my horses instead of tearing that apart and finding the snake. Long story short, he lives here now. His name is Ssseth. And I think he tried to use my credit card online. (Because yes, also my credit card was used fraudulently again. 4th time this year between a few cards.)

So anyway, that happened. The other thing I have to tell you... This one is pretty hilarious. I've been getting groceries delivered, but my local store hasn't had any canned pumpkin. I wanted to make pumpkin bread so I went online and ordered a can. You guys. PAY ATTENTION to can sizes when you order stuff, or you might just get this...

Yep. That's enough to make 8 pies according to the label. I don't have any plans to make 8 pies. But I guess before I open it, I will get some recipes for the bread I wanted, some pumpkin cookies, and I dunno? Maybe pumpkin muffins? Pumpkin dip? The options are endless. Much like this can.

Thursday, October 22, 2020

Thursday's Threads


Happy outfit day! It's a short one because the horses didn't dress up last night. But... next time I wear this theme, they will join in for sure. (Hint... something fun is coming!) Anyway, here's what I wore to ride last night:

It was super chilly here for a couple weeks, but the weather has taken a warmer turn, which I'm thoroughly enjoying! It's been in the 60's which is pretty nice for riding. Plus, I don't have to wear fifty layers.

Helmet: One K Mips
It took FOREVER for this helmet to get here. Size small long oval was delayed from the factory I guess. But it was worth the wait! I found this helmet to fit exactly the same as the regular One K helmets meaning it's very comfy. And the added safety from the MIPS is great to have. I chose to replace the front vent and the piping to the hunter green option but kept the center panel black. I like it! Side note: I emailed Samshield to see if they plan to incorporate MIPS into their helmets and was told "we don't need to" and sent some video about why their helmets are already safe. So that's disappointing. 

Top: Twenty Second

It's surprisingly difficult to find a top with some cow print, but not entirely cow print... So I was excited to find this one on Zulily. 

Breeches: Botori
You all can blame Molly for this one... She found these and posted them to her insta story, and obviously I needed to get a pair. I almost didn't because they are tights, and I'm 100% not a tights person. But I couldn't pass up those cow print patches. And I'll tell you, those side pockets are pretty awesome. I'm not a tights convert by any means, but this pair can stay.

Boots: Celeris UK

I still think these are amazing. I really can't decide between these and the unicorn boots as my favorites. It's a tough call. I will admit, for the sake of being completely honest, I did break the bottom snap on one of these boots. I'm not sure what was happening, but it got stuck (couldn't unsnap it) and I pulled too hard and it came out of the leather. My spurs hold the flap shut though so not the biggest deal. PROBABLY why they don't recommend this leather for a full boot though. 

Arm Party!
Um. Yeah. Well. I saw that C4 has a cow print band and was like yep. Add to cart. It happens. The little bit bracelet I made though!

Righty is wearing the Fitbit in a boring black band along with a couple of other bracelets I made. I was so excited to find that cow print leather!

And that's it for today! Any favorites?