Thursday, October 1, 2020

Thursday's Threads: An ode to RBG


Like most American women, RBG's passing was pretty devastating to me. I really thought she might be invincible. Or at least hoped she would be until the New Year. Which I guess technically she was. Unfortunately, it was the Jewish New Year, and not the actual one. Anyway, today's outfit is for The Notorious RBG.

I know it's pretty monochrome, but The Justice was best know in her robe and collar, right?

Helmet: One K Avance
This helmet REALLY needs a good cleaning... 

Sweatshirt: Amazon
I loved the design on this hoodie. The hair is made up of all the things RBG stood for.

Belt: Mane Jane
Kept it simple with just a black strap and buckle.

Breeches: Smartpak Hadley

Hadley breeches are FAR superior to Pipers. Don't know why they even make both. Wish the Hadley's came in with contrasting colors though.

Socks: Good Luck Socks
I wish I could have found these as knee socks, but they're still pretty amazing, even if they're short.

Boots: Celeris UK
My very first pair of Celeris... I love them so! I wear these the most often since they're the most neutral of all my Celeris boots. While they could use a good cleaning and a little polish, they are still in perfect shape. Other than being broken in, they look brand new. 

Necklace: Two's Company
Couldn't help myself with this.... Adorable, right?

Arm Party!
Lefty is donning a new bit bracelet that I made. It has rose gold hardware and black leather. Love it because it matches my boots! Also swapped my watch band back to its original.

Righty kept it simple today with just the Fitbit and this full cheek but bracelet from Hermes.

The horses dressed accordingly too!

Shiny wore a gray pad instead of black because I'm lazy. The black one is in the shed, but the gray one was in the laundry room... so there we are.

Bridles and Browbands
Eros: Dark Jewel Designs browband and M. Toulouse Bridle
Shiny: Dark Jewel Designs browband and Joseph Sterling Bridle (except the cheek pieces... I misplaced the ones that came with this bridle)

I don't love that M Toulouse bridle on Eros. It will be for sale at some point when I find a replacement for it. I do love the Joseph Sterling bridle on Shiny, and I really need to find the correct cheeks for it. This bridle started out as spare parts. Rio always wore a horse sized bridle and cob size noseband so I had this one just for the noseband. Then it was Romey's. And now it's Shiny's. But somewhere along the way I misplaced the cheeks. I know they are somewhere though.

Boots: Both horses are wearing limited edition Punk Ponies boots

Very glad I got these. I've been using them often!

Eros: Butet saddle, back on track baby pad, Ippico half pad
Shiny: Butet saddle, FSS pad

I'm enjoying my Butet saddles, but have started thinking about looking for a used Hermes Cavale. I need to try it first, obviously, to see if I even like it. But things went completely smoothly with selling my other two saddles to Redwood Tack, and having that money in the account is making me itchy for a new to me saddle. My original plan was to get a brand new one... but maybe that's wasteful. They are SO EXPENSIVE new. So I dunno. We'll see what pops up and go from there. Double Oak Tack has two that might work, but the one that will fit me looks like it has the narrower tree. Not sure if it will fit my boys. I need to measure my current Hermes and I keep forgetting. The other that they have with the 4.5" tree has a little bit bigger flap which I think may be too big for me (forward and length) and is also a lot more expensive. I haven't seen any others for sale yet, but I'm keeping my eyes open. If you happen to see one, send me the link please!

And that's it for this week! Any favorites from today?


  1. She was a fucking legend and I hope her memory burns bright in the hearts of countless people, hoping to make waves and change for the betterment of our society. <3

  2. Ditto what L said above -- I heard the news when we were out in the hayfield and I just broke down crying. What a legend. And what a terrible, terrible time to lose her, not that there would ever be a "good" time.

    I love your necklace, socks, and sweatshirt!

    1. Ugh, agreed. I really hoped she'd stick around at least for awhile longer.

  3. She was all that and a bag of chips. I love that necklace.

  4. Ditto to L's words. She was even a big deal here as well. I totally need that hoodie. And I feel like "I dissent" bracelets would sell like hotcakes - and the money to could to a legal charity or something...

    1. They actually have them! A few different companies make them. I kind of think I may have one somewhere.