Friday, March 29, 2019

Favorite Finds... on Friday!

I don't normally post on Friday, but I've had a few silly items that I absolutely love, and figured today was a great day to share. These are truly small items, nothing expensive or fancy, but they are somewhat life changing for me.

First up are these giant bandages from CVS.
This bad boy is a solid 4 inches long
They are from CVS's own "Extreme Sport Bandage" line, and unfortunately, only seem to be available in a multi pack with other sizes. That's not bad though, since they are really sticky and stay on really well, so it never hurts to have extra bandages around. They come in assorted neon colors, but include gray and black too. I love neon, so I'm happy with all of them
Now you're probably wondering why in the world I need such big bandages and also why I feel the need to share about them. Well. You all know about my boot shopping problem, yes? All those new boots have to get broken in, don't they? And these wonderful little inventions are perfect in helping with that process. I slap them on my heels like so:
And I don't get blisters riding in my new boots! They're a lot less expensive than those fancy gel guards you can get. Plus the gel guards don't fit in custom boots very well. These do!

My next favorite thing is this handy dandy little bucket opener.
I found this one on Amazon. They cost anywhere from $5 to $10. I think this one was $7. I paid extra for a green one. #worthit
If you don't have any hard to open buckets, you won't care about this one. But Rio has one supplement that comes in a bucket with a fairly difficult lid to get off the first time. But with this little tool, it's quite simple!
It's saved me from breaking all my nails off so low they bleed. Not only that, using this tool, I have the bucket open in a minute vs. several trying to pry it off on my own.

My last favorite thing today is something I've already shown you guys. But I really do love it, so I'm sharing again. It's the Horseware cap with the lights in the brim!
If we're being honest here (which is how I generally roll...) I just bought a second one because I discovered it came in green. They are $13.95 over at Horseloverz which isn't a crazy price. A good head lamp costs more. I have found it REALLY convenient to use this light heading out for night check or leaving the boarding barn. When your hands are full, you can't always use your phone light. Or when it's 5 degrees out, you don't want to have your hands out of your pockets for the walk to the barn. I've even used it some nights when I'm grooming the horses in their stalls and they are standing in a shadow.
I'm trying to find blank ones so I can get Winthrop Corner ones made up.

Have you used any of these items? Or do you have anything little but awesome that has changed your routine for the better? Let me know if there's anything out there I MUST have!

Thursday, March 28, 2019

Thursday's Threads

Outfit Day!!! You guys, I was such a good blogger this week. I didn't get to ride last night because we had book club, so I remembered to take riding outfit pics on Tuesday. What a good job, self. Pat on the back. So let's start there.
I did forget a helmet pic, but I wore the black one K snakeskin. Also, any one else getting a little tired of sweatshirt season? Come on spring! You can do it! Let's see 60 degrees! Please?

Top: TKEQ Shop
TKEQ Shop had a big sale awhile back, after the holidays I think? And I snagged a few shirts. This WOAH sweatshirt was one of them. I love it! It's big and comfy, and it's pretty thick too.

Belt: Mane Jane
I grabbed the old buckle in a hurry, so please excuse the scuff marks!

Breeches: Riding Sport
I picked these up back in December, but hadn't worn them yet. They're not super thick, so I was saving them for a day above freezing. I have to tell you, they are SUPER comfortable. They were on sale for $25, and I really wish I had gotten more colors. They don't have any left in the most popular sizes (28-30, I'm a 30) but if you're pretty much any other size they still have a lot of options. The green (these) are sold out though.

Boots: TuffRider Regal Patent
Yesterday I mentioned having to let my Regals retire due mostly to some sad zippers and partially to some very well loved soles. So I finally put these patent regals into the rotation. I think they're cute for everyday, and as always with Regals, are super comfy. They did take a little more time to break in, I think because the patent strip up the back is a little stiffer than just plain leather, but by a little longer, I mean 2 rides vs. 1. Love me some Regal boots. These are on clearance for $106 at Horseloverz. Pretty good price for super comfy tall boots if you ask me.

That's what I rode in on Tuesday, but I have a work outfit too!

I went super casual today, because I have a half day to go meet the vet. (Spring shots, and new x-rays for Jampy!) I figured I should wear something that I can horse around in too. I'll change to breeches after to ride, but may keep the top half the same. Yay for casual wear!

Jacket: The North Face
Top: CasaLee
I've been building this fun comic strip outfit for like two years... And I'm finally getting around to wearing it! I have a few other pieces so I can do a second one some other time. Including a pair of shoes that I need to re-discover... sometimes I'm not as organized as I like to pretend.

Belt: Unbranded
I think this belt, though a bit EMO, is pretty awesome. It's leather covered almost entirely in pyramid studs, which were then painted like a comic strip. I just think think it's super fun. I found it second hand on Ebay in the UK.

Jeans: Rue 21
I was going to wear some fun black, moto jeans with this outfit, but I was looking a little TOO Hot Topic, ya know? So I switched to some blue jeans.

Socks: Feat
I can't remember where I got these, but I'm thinking probably Zulily. Perfect match!

Shoes: Blowfish
I have a pair of cute flats that say POW on them, but they really don't work with socks. And it was 29 degrees this morning, so I need socks. I also have a pair of oxford shoes somewhere for this outfit, but, well... I gotta find those. So I went with these neutral ones. Match the jeans pretty exactly!

Purse: Save My Bag
I don't know if any of you follow Fab Finds by Sarah, but she has a little boutique at some of the horse shows. She's at WEF in the winter, and I think Tryon in the summer, but don't quote me on that. Anyway, she had these really fun neoprene bags awhile back. They're in the shape of the Hermes Birkin, but made out of washable neoprene. The solid ones are pretty classy, but we all know I lean toward the ridiculous, so I was drooling over this one. I found one for significantly less money on Ebay, straight from Italy where they're made. It's really fun, and I'm so glad to have found one that fit in the budget.

Arm Party!
Why yes, that IS a slap wrap! Zulily had these awhile back in a multi pack. There are four colors with different words on them. I couldn't resist. Looks just right with my fancy apple watch... Hahaha!

Yes... you're seeing that right. I'm wearing an Apple watch on one arm and a Fitbit on the other. My work is doing a step challenge, but it's not compatible with the Apple so I had to get a Fitbit. I have a cuter outfit for it on the way. And then next to that is a rubber band bracelet also from Zulily. These compliment the slap wraps quite nicely! Ha! Sorry. I'm a total child.

That's it for today! Any favorites?

Wednesday, March 27, 2019

What's Up Wednesday

Happy Wednesday! (Or is it... Work is such a nightmare on Wednesdays.) It was a weird weekend here. Saturday I woke up to this:
Looks like spring huh? Sheesh. It wasn't a lot of snow, maybe an inch or so, but I didn't think we were meant to get any. That's New England for you! Fortunately, it was all gone by Sunday afternoon.
Obviously, any plans of trying to take the horses outside were canceled. I was hoping to get Rio on a lunge line and maybe finally ride Eros outdoors. Ah the best laid plans. It was a productive day anyway at least.
Eros had a nice ride in the indoor, and when I was done at that barn, I headed straight home to make the old guys less feral.
Jampy had a good curry and his mane shortened.

He doesn't grow much leg hair, so no feather trimming was required. Rio on the other hand... He was starting to look like a draft horse. And don't get me started on these ergots...
They were so long because they were hiding behind the draft horse feathers he was sporting. His legs are all trimmed up now though. Shortened his mane too. He's looking so  handsome this year, but I'm anxiously awaiting the return of the dapples.

Not bad for almost 23, right? Ugh. He's so handsome. I wish I could afford to clone him. Although, I imagine baby Rio was a real pain in the ass. Old man Rio is perfect though. In every way (except his gross ergots).

By the time I was done with all the horses, it was after six, so I spent the rest of the evening doing some bracelet making. I've had a few things on the list to make, and finally had some time to do it.
I'm pretty excited about this one:
One of the borders where Eros lives is an Italian leather importer, and she gave me a bunch of scraps to play with. This gorgeous purple is from one of those scraps. Love it with that half of a bit! Wish I could find that metal piece in brass or rose gold.
And of course, finished the evening up hanging with these two:

Sunday was lesson day! So, full disclosure, I was kind of pissed when I got to the barn to discover I was riding the one poor school horse who does almost all the jumping lessons. I really want to get some practice on a jumper so if and when I go to Germany I'm not totally over faced on everything I sit on.
But then I told myself to stop being a spoiled brat, and that a nice easy horse is a good way to ease back into things. He's an adorable little pinto quarter horse. About 15 hands. So little!
I was pretty excited because we were lessoning outside in the giant ring.
So I hop up on the little guy, and start heading to the ring. And he's all nope, not going. So someone leads me out like a small child on a pony. (Or a chubby adult on a small horse... whatever, same thing.) He feels rather excited... We get to the ring a little early, and I said to trainer, he seems a little hot, am I going to die? And she said, no, he'll be fine, but he will be fresh because he hasn't been outside this year yet. "That's why I put you on him! To school him up for the IEA kids in the next lesson," she says... Ah. Ok. I'm not feeling good about this... Remember that I'm incredibly out of shape, and not really in any condition to be schooling anything at all, not even a lesson horse. But I'm trying not to be an ass or a chicken (I mean, who chickens out on the ancient lesson horse). Trainer is running a little late, so assistant trainer starts us out flatting. Well, little horse is all, nope not going to the end of the ring, gonna plant my feet and jump up and down. Hmm. He really feels like he might blow. So I said to assistant trainer, I'm not sure this is what I need today... He feels really fresh. So she said, ok go talk to trainer. So I do, and she says ok, you can switch to the gray mare (who is doing the lesson before us). Phew. So I hang out while they finish. Then trainer says, you know what, let me hop on him and just see. I was like yeah that's cool. If you get the sass out I'll happily get back on. Well she hops on and little horse is just bouncing in place. She was like oh my... He needs to go have a lunge! So little horse went off with assistant trainer, and I got to ride a very lovely mare. Yay for me! She's one of the sales horses, a lovely 17 hand hunter. VERY quiet, and super easy other than a lack of motor.
The lesson went really well. I learned that I am SUPER dependent on my spurs, so I probably need to ride Eros without them more often to get my leg stronger and working more correctly. I didn't jump too many jumps, but we did get in a few singles and a full course. No big time misses, though I did add in a line from lack of a go button. I imagine some of the laziness was due to already having done a lesson. She really was wonderful, and I felt super safe. I was relieved to discover I can still find the jumps, and was proud of myself for keeping a soft hand and legging up to the fences. We all know by now that my go-to ammy move is to pick pick pick my way there. Definitely would be the wrong option on one with no motor!
This is the only photo I got of her... sorry. She's a pretty lady!
After my lesson, I finally took Eros outside for a ride. He was mostly good. The peepers were out in the woods, and a flock of geese was tormenting us, but he mostly kept his marbles in place. At the end of our ride, he did scoot once, but quickly apologized. Poor guy REALLY needs to have a romp in the indoor, but I can't let him do that until the vet gives the ok. Last night indoors he was pretty spooky. I can't blame him, though he could play a little when turned out outside to get the edge off. He's just not really a free thinker that way.

And then it was home to pamper the old men. Rio was really grateful.
In other news, I finally had to retire the Regals. I rode in them Friday night and the zipper fell all the way to my ankle three times during our ride. Plus the soles looked like this:

Not the worst shape ever, but I can't deal with the zippers. And with the soles nearing the end, I just had to let them go.
RIP Regals
But fear not! I keep back up Regals around, so I have a new pair in the rotation. You'll see them tomorrow.

Not too much else going on. I found a horse nearby (in Rhode Island) that I was thinking I'd like to try, but trainer didn't like him. Feeling a little discouraged on the horse shopping front, but hoping to book that trip to Germany... Obviously, that's not yet on the horizon.

That's about it from here! I'll leave you with this gorgeous sunset over Walmart (way to ruin a photo, right?!) from Monday evening:

Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Truthful Tuesday

I have a couple confessions today... We'll start with the most fun one. I got to take a lesson yesterday! I'll tell you all about it tomorrow, but my confession is that I learned that I am SUPER dependent on my spurs. Like mega, super dependent. And as a result, I am sore from head to toe. Literally. Everything hurts. Like, I was squeezing that horse so hard, my ribs hurt. So my takeaway is that I am far more out of shape than I thought, AND I need to ride without spurs more often.

less of these I guess...
 Confession number two: the fomo is a little too real lately. As we're approaching the start of a new show season, one that I really thought I would get to partake in, I'm feeling REALLY sad to be once again sitting on the sidelines. Don't get me wrong. I'm extremely grateful to get to ride every day finally. Even if it's just light flat work. It's just that this will be my FOURTH year of not showing. I know I dabbled a tiny bit last year with Eddie. Problem is, that made me really hungry for more.
Ero's says "Patience Grasshopper" 
I'm ready though! I maybe have a lovely espresso Motion Lite coat on the way... And my Parlanti's are polished. So at least I'm prepared?

Thursday, March 21, 2019

Thursday's Threads

Outfit Day!!! I'm gonna be honest here... I had zero motivation with my outfit today. ZERO. And it shows. So we'll start there and then get to last night's riding outfit.
It's a gloomy rainy day, and it's only in the forties so I needed cozy. If I could have just worn fuzzy jammies to work today, I totally would have. I should try that sometime and see what happens...

Sweater: Tommy Hilfiger
I picked this sweater up around Christmas time, and I've worn it a bunch this year. It's pretty warm, but it's also just so comfy! It's loose and boxy, which may not be all that flattering but who cares?

Belt: Fendi
Grabbed the first brown belt I saw this morning. It was this one that I got on Ebay.

Jeans: Union Bay
Also just grabbed the first pair of dark wash jeans I could find. These are super old, but I still can stuff myself in them, so that makes me like them an awful lot.

Shoes: Ariat
I grabbed these cheetah socks from the drawer because I didn't think they'd be visible, but THERE THEY ARE! I went back for some solid color socks, but evidently they are all in the laundry. So I'm mixing prints here today. Honestly? I don't hate it. But back to the shoes... these are Ariat Cruisers that I got on sale for $25. If you haven't tried a pair of these, go do it! They are SUPER comfy, and they come in tons of colors and prints. My suggestion is to find some on sale though, as they can be a little pricey.

Necklace: Auburn Jewelry
I know I showed this on my instagram when it arrived. (It came in the mail the same day as my logo boots! Best mail day EVER.) I can't remember if I've shown it on the blog though. Sam from Auburn Jewelry is a fellow alum of Skidmore College, so I was excited to work with her on this piece. I sent her a pdf of my farm's logo, and she cut it out of gold for me (by hand!) and made this amazing necklace. I love it so much, and I've been wearing it every single day. Not the best photo though, so you'll have to trust me when I say it's amazing and perfect in every way.

Arm Party!
It's all Hermes on the arms today. Slowly, I've been collecting some pieces second hand from Poshmark and Ebay. This bracelet is one that I've been drooling over for YEARS, but couldn't find one that was affordable. There was one that was close hanging around on ebay, and then they offered a coupon that brought it down to what was in my budget and I finally did it. I've been wearing it almost every day since I got it.

Righty is donning the olive H bracelet along with the gold clasp "clou de selle" (saddle nail) bracelet.

Ok, now on to last night's riding outfit! (And what you all really came for probably...)

It's very much still winter here, so I'm donning winter clothes. Still. The good news is that it almost got to 50 yesterday during the day, so we're moving in the right direction!

Helmet: Charles Owen
Greenie is back! I've been grabbing the One K's most often, but it's been nice to have Greenie back in the rotation. So pretty!

Vest: SmartPak
Shirt: North Face
This vest always photographs really olive color with the front camera, but it's actually a mossy green. You can see it better in the helmet photo above.
The shirt is a similar mossy green, and from the elbow down it's a darker shade. It's cute, but I wish I had sized up. It's not very stretchy.

Belt: Mane Jane
This belt strap had fallen behind the shelf my belts live on, so it hasn't gotten out much. I found it this weekend and was excited to wear it for Thursday's Threads this week!

Breeches: On Course
On Course used to make these breeches that pretty much were identical to TS at the time. TS has changed their fabric some since then, but I still have these kicking around. They aren't super flattering, as you can see in the full outfit photo.

Boots: Fama 4 All
I've been working on getting these broken in. I love them so much you guys! They're definitely not as soft and comfy as the De Niro's, but LOOK AT THEM! They're amazing.
Apparently, people think they're very "loud and flashy" but I don't really care what people think. I'm obviously not planning to show in them! And I don't think they're any more loud or flashy than when we used to get double fringe on our chaps... just sayin'.

Spurs: Punk Ponies
Straps: Fama 4 All
Punk Ponies is a small privately owned tack store in New Zealand that does their own line of super fun and colorful horse stuff. They make the rainbow bits that were really popular and horse boots in a million different colors. They have a REALLY impressive array of stirrups to choose from too. I've bought a LOT of stuff from them over the last few years, and have yet to be disappointed. I actually special ordered these spurs (and a couple matching bits) from them. They're wonderful to work with.
The spur straps I ordered along with my boots, and the leather is the same as what my logo is up on the leg, as well as the piping.

So that's it for today! Any favorites? What do you think of logo-ing all the things? Clearly, I'm all for it.