Thursday, February 21, 2019

Thursday's Threads: In Memory of Karl Lagerfeld

Most of you are probably like who the hell is Karl Lagerfeld? And that's understandable. KL was an icon in the fashion world having acted as creative director for both Chanel and Fendi. He's collaborated with numerous other high fashion brands as well. He never actually retired, having continued designing basically right up until his death on Tuesday. He was also a weirdly devoted cat owner to a kitty named Choupette. The cat has his own staff who will be taking care of him, which won't be difficult for them given the cat was willed something like 2 million dollars. Yeah Karl was a weird dude. He was also kind of a dick. I've had this Karl Lagerfeld outfit in the works for awhile, but kind of put it on the back burner after he said some stupid stuff when the Me Too movement was happening. But now that he's passed, I figured it was time.
Now a classy individual would probably dress head to toe in Fendi or Chanel to remember Karl. But I'm not that classy. Nor do I own a single thing from either brand. At least nothing that's authentic... (I do have a knock off Fendi belt! Don't tell Karl.) Without further ado, here is my homage to the late Karl Lagerfeld:

Karl always wore black and white, so I did too for him today. Are you surprised I just plastered his face all over me? Yeah, I didn't think you would be. I actually have Karl face pants too, but they were a bit.... well, I couldn't get them on. Will have to save them for the summer when I drop this winter fluffiness. (Hopefully.) I have a few other KL items anyway, so there will be a second homage to Karl at some point.

Cardigan: Express
T-shirt: Karl Lagerfeld
Yep, Karl's own brand produced that shirt with his likeness all over it. So modest.

Belt: Mane Jane
Buckle: Karl Lagerfeld
Lolz. There he is again. I like that the buckle works with my Mane Jane belts so he can go with anything!

Jeans: True Religion
When my Karl face pants weren't fitting, I decided these black jeans with the heavy white stitching were probably an even better match for the theme. So all worked out fine.

Shoes: Vans
Nope that's not your typical houndstooth. That's karl's profile tiled all over these shoes! This whole outfit just cracks me up. Sorry, not sorry. Feel free to laugh along with me.

Wristlet: Unbranded
I stumbled across this wristlet years ago on Ebay from a sketchy Chinese seller. So it's not branded, but it's hilarious. Obviously, I needed to own it. That's Karl's face complete with his trademark aviators and pony tail.

Arm Party!
I don't own any Karl faced jewerly, nor anything from his brands, so I just went with this bit bracelet since the colors follow the rest of the outfit.

I figured I should wear my fanciest bracelet stack since that's the closest thing I have to a high fashion arm party. Plus they're my current favorites.

Rest in Peace Karl. Please stop torturing models in the afterlife.

Ok... now that's we're done with Karl, I have a riding outfit to share too!

Winter clothes are just so flattering aren't they? Whatever, warm and comfy is all I care about.

Baseball hat:  Horseware

Ok, obviously, I didn't ride in a baseball hat (protect your noggins, YO!), but I just got this in my subscription box I get from Stateline and it's my new favorite thing. It has a light in it! AND it came with extra batteries. That's probably the best part. (If you're looking for an equestrian subscription box to try and you're not into the pricey ones like Noelle Floyd or Cavalli Club, check out Stateline's Heart to Horse box. It's usually pretty great, though now and then I get a dud, and it's around $34.) And if you're wondering, I rode in the black One K again.

Sweatshirt: Circuit Style
This isn't the warmest of sweatshirts, but it's super comfy. I layered it with a vest and puffy coat so it was just fine. I love the "Weird Horse Girl" nameplate on the front. I wish they had one that said Crazy Horse Lady. That's my about me on Facebook.

Belt: C4
I declared on Instagram awhile back that I would wear my F-bomb belt whenever the weather was crap this winter. And it was snowing and icing last night when I went to the barn, so here it is again!

Breeches: Horseware
I think the corduroy breeches are warmer than the fleece lined ones I have, so I've been wearing them the most this winter. They are marked down to around $45 dollars, so I had gotten two more pair a little bit ago. Wish they came in more colors, (they come in brown and tan only) but at least they fit with my barn color scheme!

Socks: Dreamers and Schemers
My Fbomb socks were the old style, but Dreamers and Schemers has them back on the site in the new sock style so I grabbed a new pair. Best time to wear them is with the belt, right?

Boots: Regals
Sorry guys, I know you want to see the fun boots. But none of my fun boots are traipsing through ice and snow. Not happening.

Well, that's it for today! Any favorites? Did you know who Karl Lagerfeld was?

Wednesday, February 20, 2019

What's Up Wednesday

This weekend was actually pretty busy. And it was busy with RIDING HORSES! Can you imagine?! What a treat for me!
My first stop Saturday was to see my old buddy Bradley. You remember him right? My friend's brontosaurus horse that I love so much? Said friend was away for the weekend, so I got to have Big Brad all to myself the whole weekend! The best part was that I was able to coordinate with a very old friend so we could ride together. It was pretty chilly, so we were stuck indoors, but it was a ton of fun.
Bradley's mom has been doing her flat homework,  and it really showed. Bradley was much more willing to accept contact and come round through his back up into the bit. That's HUGE for him. The canter was still a little tough, but the indoor is pretty small, and he is quite large. I was happy with what I got. AND I got to jump that little X you see a few times. I know it's tiny, but it's been so long since I've jumped, it was just right for chicken little (me).
After hanging with Big Brad and friends, I stopped home to feed the old boys lunch and let the pups out. Caught Rio having a snooze:

Then it was off to flat my favorite red head.
He was a good boy as per the norm. I spent a little extra time afterwards grooming since he's shedding. Such a handsome chub he is!

I've been putting the back on track quick wraps on him before and after I ride lately. I'm not sure if they're helping or not, but I figure they can't hurt. He's been feeling better though, so whatever the reason, I'm happy for it.

Then I headed home to work on the elderly shedders at home. Seriously, so much hair coming off those guys! I think they're looking pretty good too... all things considered.



And then I was exhausted and wanted to crawl into a hole for the night, but I had a few errands that needed running. After those, I did finally snuggle up with the pups before bed time.
Sunday was another busy day. I'm not ashamed to admit, I was SORE that morning! Packaging up Big Brad took a lot more of me than lightly flatting little Eros. I was debating how to schedule the day, as I had a brunch to attend at 11. I was thinking about riding Bradley in the morning, but then I found out his barn doesn't open until 10. So that wasn't going to work. I probably should have done Eros in the morning, but instead I did some chores around the house.
One of my book club friends, Ashley (also, sister to Bradley's mom!), hosts a Galentine's brunch every February, and this year it was this past Sunday. It was so lovely to catch up with the ladies over mimosas and a delicious meal.
Ashley blogs about party ideas, and as her friends, we get to experience the ideas first hand. You can check out her party plans over at The Well Dressed Table. This weekend's party isn't up there yet, but you can see last year's, as well as birthday parties and some other events.

After brunching I ran home to change, let the pups out, and feed lunch to Rio and Jamp. Then it was off to do all the riding! I started with Bradley. Since it was later in the day and the sun was out, I was able to ride outside. He was much happier, but I was much more tired, so it wasn't a very long ride. We had fun though, and he was wonderful.
It was late by the time I got to Eros. Almost everyone was gone, but they aren't very particular about when we ride as long as we close up properly when we're done. So that was nice! I took my time tacking up since he was fed at 4. (It was only about 4:20 when I was tacking up.) He had a nice grooming and wore the back on track wraps until it was time to work. They clear all the jumps out of the ring every Sunday so they can give it a really good drag Tuesday morning. I had the whole empty arena to myself, and it was lovely! Eros was a good boy as usual, though he has been a bit spooky at the one end. I blame it on the wind noises whistling over there. It's funny though, he never pulls that stuff with my step mom. He just seems to know who to be careful with. Smart boy.
Dis end scary.
By the time I got home, it was dinner time for Rio and Jamp. I fed them and gave them a quick groom in their stalls while they ate.

It was nice being super busy with ponies this weekend. I've missed that! I mean, the laundry is suffering but whatever. Totally worth it!
My step mom rode Eros yesterday, which worked out nicely because it was my dad's birthday. That freed me up to meet them out for dinner. I get him tonight though, and I'm excited to ride.
Did you guys have a nice weekend? Lots of horsey things happening? Laundry? Fill me in down in the comments!

Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Truthful Tuesday

Holy crap you guys. Laundry mountain has reached epic proportions. It is taller than me. Which I realize isn't THAT tall, but for a laundry mountain, it's pretty sizable. I do think I know where it all went astray though.

Sometime before winter I was completely caught up on laundry. COMPLETELY. It was miraculous. But then the sweaters came out. You know what's annoying about sweaters? Most of them don't go in the dryer. So that leads me to letting them fall to the base of laundry mountain in favor of items that can go through both machines in a timely fashion. Eventually, that's a really solid base of knitwear.

Then you get the lights. The winter season is a time of bright colors and darks. Not so much the lights. So those begin to accumulate too. Next thing you know, there is a solid 3 feet of lights and sweaters just clogging up the laundry room. And all the jeans and darks and brights are piling up per the norm above all that! Before you realize it's happening, laundry mountain is out of hand. If I don't get a handle on it, it will be laundry volcano, with an eruption of socks and camis blowing all over the laundry room. I guess you know what I'll be doing this weekend...

Have you ever found yourself buried in the depths of laundry purgatory? How long did it take you to dig out?

Thursday, February 14, 2019

Thursday's Threads: Valentine's Edition

Happy Outfit Day! I have a Valentine's themed outfit to share, both in and out of the saddle this week! I'll start with my work outfit since it's the most festive.
See?? Festive! And a little too small... but whatever. It's been a long winter.

Sweater: Brand unclear...
I can't tell what the tag says on this sweater, so I have no idea what the actual brand is. I think I got it Marshalls maybe? I've had it for YEARS. It used to fit a lot better.

Belt: Swanky Saddle
Nothing more appropriate for Valentine's day than a buckle that actually says Love right? Bonus points for spelling it out in horsey items.

Pants: VO Jeans
These are coated cotton pants, and they're a pretty awesome rose gold color which doesn't show in this photo. The color is more true to what you see in the belt picture above.

Shoes: T.U.K. Shoes
Even though conversation hearts weren't produced this year, I still get to wear them on my feet! And yes, those are actually boot socks I'm wearing. It's cold out!

Arm Party:
Lefty is wearing this adorable leather heart bracelet from Rustic Cuff. They had a giant sale on some Valentine's themed bracelet stacks, and I took full advantage.

These are all from Rustic Cuff as well. They came in two stacks, but I split them up today. I think these are ADORABLE! And the pink heart wrap bracelet will be cute for spring too.

So that's what I'm wearing at work, but I also had a Valentine's themed riding outfit with a SURPRISE!
Nothing looks too special here I know... But I'm gonna work backward today because I'm excited.

Boots: De Niro
You guys remember when I pretended to have self control and not order the navy De Niro boots for like two days, but then I ordered them? Well. They showed up crazy early (I didn't expect them for three more weeks) so I tried them on with last night's outfit. Truth be told, I didn't actually ride in them yet, I wore the Regals because it's sloppy out and I thought my horse might be a wild turkey. But I do plan to ride in them soon. Here are some better photos of them:

They are BUTTER soft, like crappy Regal soft, but the most lovely leather. I'm really impressed with them, and the sizing is exactly what the size chart states. They fit like a glove. They might not be as amazing as my logo boots, but they're definitely more comfy out of the box. Not sure how that speaks to durability yet, but time will tell.

Breeches: Horseware
You guys have seen these before, they're my Fourth of July breeches too. I'm not a big fan of the color red, but it has its time and place. Namely Valentine's Day and Fourth of July.

Belt: Swanky Saddle
Look familiar? Yep, I wore this last night and today. I actually wanted to wear a different belt last night, but I couldn't find it. So I went with this one.

Sweatshirt: Rue 21
This is what spinsters wear for Valentine's Day. Lol! I actually don't mind being single on Valentine's Day anymore. But the sweatshirt makes me giggle so I thought it appropriate.

Helmet: One K
Look how pretty the are together!!!! Match made in heaven... Now I guess I'll need to see about a snakeskin Mane Jane strap huh?

So that's it today! Any favorites? What do you think of those boots? Any big Valentine's plans today? I plan to hang with the ponies since they are my true valentines.

Wednesday, February 13, 2019

What's Up Wednesday

It was a relatively quiet weekend around here again. No complaints from me though, I like quiet! Saturday morning my helper was off, so I did the barn and gave the boys some mega groomies. Then headed over to walk-trot Eros. It was ridiculously windy so the indoor was noisy, and he was a bit of a turkey. Nothing like what Jamp can do though. Thankfully.
Sunday my helper was back, and I wanted to get to Eros before IEA lessons (that's a ZOO!) so I was on him in the morning for his light work. It was warmer and no wind, so he was his usual angelic self. Still a bit off, but certainly better than he was when I first got home from Florida. Baby steps I guess.
 I spent the rest of the afternoon in the barn at home. The boys got a little attention, and then I went to work on some organizing. I always kept my extra girths on an empty saddle rack but I use the fluffy girths you can throw in the washer, so that wasn't really the best plan. Any time a mouse finds it's way into the barn, that's where they like to go. I hadn't been through the pile in awhile (there are a lot of teeny girths in there from Romey and way back when I had Mow the medium pony) and it was pretty gross. So anything salvageable went in the wash, and I tossed what was ready to retire. I'm going to store them in a tub from now on. I also went through some of the show stuff that normally lives in the trailer. I had brought everything into the barn last year when I traded in my trailer, but I still haven't gotten around to putting it back. I wanted to inventory what was there, so if and when I ever show again, I'll know what I might need.
Also, I have these blankets I bought that I thought were more green than they are. They're a denim blue, so not really my jam. I forgot all about them, so it's too late to return them. They're from Horze, 100 gram blankets, size 81. There are two of them. If anyone's interested, I'm asking $55. I paid around $60, but just want them to find a home. I'd sell both for $100.

These are still brand new in the package, but it's this one if you want to see it out of the wrapping:
Sunday night I spent watching the Grammy's with the pugs and rolling all the wraps. So many wraps. Why do I have so many wraps?
Monday was the big day for Eros! I worked a half day, and then headed over to the barn to meet the vet. Our plan was to finally try and diagnose that right front leg once and for all. We knew there was something not quite right ever since the pre purchase, but it was a bit of mystery. He flexes like he should have navicular problems, but the x-rays are perfect. We did some flat work so doc could watch him move, and then proceeded with some flexions where we saw the same thing as before. The next step was to do some blocking to see if he would be sound when the area was numb. He was improved with the block so we moved on to ultra sound. What we found was that he has some inflammation of one of his ligaments that connect around that navicular area. Forgive my lack of veterinary terms because it's not one of the usual suspects. Doc even busted out the anatomy book. He says he's never seen one like this before. Lol. My horses, right?
Me, being the jerk I am, had to ask the question. (First I must preface this by saying I was alone with the vet since the barn is closed on Mondays. It was just he and I so I could speak freely. Much my preference.) I asked, could this inflammation be caused by say, having a week off and then being worked really hard, and likely jumped as well? And he said yes absolutely. So my guilt about blaming the staff has been erased, because while the shoeing problem didn't help, it was not the sole cause of this issue we're having. Moving forward, Eros will have time off if neither my step mom nor I can ride him, and I will bring him back to work slowly after said time off.
But I digress... As for fixing this, he's on an anti-inflammatory for awhile to see if we can get that ligament to calm down and shrink back to normal size. There doesn't seem to be any real disruption or tear, so that's good. Doc said lasering it can help, but he thought his were all rented out at the moment. He'll get me one as soon as possible though. We're also going to change the shoe again to one with a wider bar to give a little more support to that area. Hopefully, now that we've found the issue, we can actually get him better than he was before. But I'll settle for what we had when Eros first arrived if that's the best we can do. It's not a quick fix unfortunately, but I do think we'll get him patched up. AND the best part, he can canter again. We're still on light work, so no real WORK, but at least we can trot and canter and get some fitness back. Both of us! I'd like to get back to lessons, but I feel badly that there's only one lesson horse that jumps. I don't want to add to his workload. At the same time though, I have all these lessons that are paid for already. Boarding woes. 
That's about the extent of the horsey news for the past week. Yesterday we had some weather, snow that turned to freezing rain (lovely) so I didn't visit Eros. He didn't have his usual Monday off since the vet came, so I figured that worked out nicely anyway. I'll see him tonight though, and I'm super excited to do some cantering! Kind of... There might be ice coming off the indoor roof, and Turkey Eros might make an appearance.
Geese were into the snow I guess?
 How was your week/weekend? Do anything exciting? Did you get some weather yesterday too? So ready for Spring already!