Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Truthful Tuesday

I've been eating like a toddler without supervision. There. I said it. Friday night I got home late, and after having a very large lunch, decided to skip dinner. Or should I say, substitute dinner? I proceeded to sit down with the puggers and eat my entire last can of Planters Cheez Balls. THE ENTIRE CAN. All at once. I guess it's a well rounded dinner though, right? Cause they're round? No?

Also, I would not be sad if Santa left me these to remember the once again retired cheese balls by: 
I've 100% been using the whole E-coli in the lettuce issue as a legitimate excuse to not have salads for lunch. I mean, who wants E-coli? But not all vegetables are romaine lettuce, so it's a pretty weak excuse. I should probably get back on the salad bandwagon before all the cookies start rolling in for the holidays.
But you know the other wrench in my good eating plans? They opened up a Popeye's Chicken at the rest stop between my house and work... You can see where that would be a problem right? Have you eaten their biscuits?! (If not, you best get on that. They're amazing.)
Thoughts? Are you a well behaved eater, or do you crave the fried carbs like I do? Especially if they're coated in cheese?
Needless to say, this t-shirt from Circuit style is my new uniform.

Thursday, December 6, 2018

Thurday's Threads: Chanukah Edition

Happy Chanukah Outfit Day!!! I decided that I would wear ugly Chanukah sweaters to work every day this week, and so far, either no one has noticed, or they just haven't said anything... I saved my new favorite one for today though, so I could share with all of you! But fear not, yesterday's sweater I rode in as well, so you can see that one too. We'll start with today and work backwards.
It has TINSEL on it! I know. It's definitely something.

Top: Tipsy Elves
I don't know how they come up with this stuff! I will say, I hope Tipsy Elves has some new styles next year for Chanukah. I own all the current styles that I liked, and there are far less options than for Christmas. So I'm hoping for some new hilarity next year. Though this certainly does not disappoint!

Belt: C4

I only have one Chanukah belt, so you'll see this again shortly... Maybe C4 could do a new one next year too...

Jeans: Hudson
Love these! I wish they were a tad longer. The ankle length isn't ideal once it's sock weather. But they'll be great with tall boots too.

Socks: not sure where I got these
Menorah socks are always a good idea for Chanukah time!

Shoes: Blowfish
Can you believe I don't have Chanukah shoes?! I know. I couldn't quite believe it either. Apparently, there's not a large market for them. Come on designers! We need some Chanukah shoes!

Arm Party:
Lefty is wearing this dainty leather bracelet with a star of David charm along with my trusty apple watch.

Righty is donning a beaded snowflake bracelet from Pura Vida, along with this adorable stack from Alex and Ani that my mom gave me last year. So festive!

Bag: Betsey Johnson
I mean... no Chanukah outfit is complete without a dreidel purse. Right? Check out the gold gelt for the zipper pull! So cute!

That's what I have on at work today, but Eros and I both have riding outfits to share! I'll go first.

It's blurry to show you how effing cold it was last night. I think that comes through...

Sweater: Tipsy Elves
Jacket and Vest: Eddie Bauer
My dad actually ordered a jacket and vest for my step mom and for me with the barn logo on them, but they aren't here yet. They would have matched better being Navy. But these are warm, so I don't care if they go or not!

Belt: C4 (again)
It's adorable. I don't really need a second one.

Breeches: Ovation
These are the "curvy" cut Ovation breeches. I really love them, as they are made for girls like me with THIGHS. But they weren't really warm enough last night.

Boots: Tuffrider Regal
I know, I know. Boring. But they have plenty of room for extra socks.

That's what I rode in, so now it's time for what Eros wore... I didn't get a full horse shot, so we'll just do the individuals. (Also, the trainer over there hates color and thought he looked ridiculous. She's boring.)

Saddle: Hermes
Pad: Hopeful Equestrian
half pad: I can't remember this brand, so sorry!
Girth: Jack's
Part of me wishes I had done the Chanukah set in blue, but I do love this purple. Maybe next year we'll do a blue set.

Polos: Hopeful Equestrian
For some reason, the velcro never hits quite in the right spot. But they're adorable all the same.

Bridle: Spare parts... mostly Royal Sports
Browband: Southern Sweet PGH

I snagged this browband on Etsy for a STEAL! ($35!) and though it does work for Chanukah colors, it's also similar to the barns colors, so he'll wear it for schooling year round.

And that's it for our Chanukah edition of Thursday's Threads. Any favorites from today? Do you embarrass your horse with theme outfits? If not, you should. They don't usually buck you off in retaliation... only sometimes.

Wednesday, December 5, 2018

What's Up Wednesday

Happy Wednesday all! This is one of those posts that you think will be super exciting since I went to Florida, but it's actually fairly tame.
Thursday morning, I got up to bring the short kids over to their grandma's. They were excited to go!

So excited, in fact, that the first thing Artie did when he got there was poop on my mom's new rug. Not a good start buddy.
After dropping the kids off, I went straight to the barn, and I got to ride on a freshly dragged ring.
Can't beat that! Eros was perfect as always. And then it was home to shower and get ready to fly south!
The flight was unexciting (as you like them to be) and my dad picked me up from the airport. We headed to dinner, and then home for a quiet night.
I didn't get to ride while I was in Florida this trip, but I did go visit trainer and got to see her new horse go. New horse is a young mare, jumper prospect. Incredible brain on her! Nothing seems to phase her at all. And I got to see this girl too:
After loitering at the barn, I went back up to the house. Dad and I had to go to Target to get our donations for Toys for Tots! It was just he and I this year, so we only filled two carts with toys, but we had a great time doing it! And then he reminded me that I had to jump in the back for our annual photo:
Saturday morning I got to loiter at the barn again. Next trip hopefully I'll get some saddle time in, but it was still fun to watch trainer's horses jump. I headed home after that to get ready for the boat parade. Dad had a bunch of friends coming over to watch, and it was catered by a DELICIOUS nearby restaurant.
The parade was probably the longest I've ever seen it, probably thanks to the beautiful weather.
This boat lit up like a train was my favorite
The marines come around (in full dress!) to collect the toys on the docks. I think that's such a great way to do that, and I love getting to thank them for their service at the same time.
Probably the best part about partying with the over 70 crowd is that everyone is gone by 9:30. Dad and I had all the leftover desserts to ourselves for the rest of the evening! (#sorrynotsorry)
Trainer gives the horses Sundays off, so instead of horsing, Dad and I went out to brunch at my favorite breakfast place The Lazy Loggerhead. We had planned to go look at a possible barn for Eros next winter, but it's in a gated community, and apparently you need an appointment to visit. So that didn't happen. Maybe next time.
It was a pretty relaxing day. The weather was perfect, so I sat outside and caught up on blogs for awhile.
And when the clouds rolled in, I headed off to the mall for a few minutes. There's a store there I wanted to go to for Dad's Chanukah present. This mall is ridiculous you guys. There's a Tesla dealer in it!
I mean, I've been to fancy malls, but that's weird right? It's right next to Tiffany's and Ferragamo. Ha. Needless to say, I did not buy a Tesla at the mall. Nor did I get dad's gift unfortunately, but I found what I wanted online later.
Monday was travel day, so not much to chat about there. I was home early enough that I could have ridden Eros, but the barn is closed on Mondays. Boo. Fortunately, I have a bunch of time to use up at work (we can't roll any over) so I had taken Tuesday off too. It was really lovely to have a day off at home. I rode Eros, gave the boys extra good groomies, bought the groceries, and worked on holiday stuff. Girl could get used to not going to work... If only someone would just pay me to live my life...
Today was back to the grind at work. Wednesdays are always busy, but when you have a Wednesday that's also a Monday? It was killer. Hopefully the rest of the week is quieter and I can catch up on what you've all been up to!

Tuesday, December 4, 2018

Truthful Tuesday

My confession today is that I'm completely behind on everything! I took four days off of work to head to Florida for an extra long weekend. And for some reason, it takes me almost a full week to get packed and the animals tended to before I leave. Fortunately, for this trip, I had Thanksgiving weekend to prepare.
While I was gone, my customers were relentless, and made me do a bunch of work while I was supposed to be on vacation. Annoying. But there was still a ton of stuff I couldn't do remotely. So now I have to head in early tomorrow to get that done before Wednesday happens.
Needless to say, I'm also behind on reading all of your blogs! I managed to get caught up over the weekend, but here I am, behind again. Sheesh. After the holidays, things calm down though. So I'll just keep chipping away on work, present shopping (and wrapping), and blog stuff until life gets back on track!
How's your holiday season treating you? Are things crazy? Or do you magically have everything under control? If that's the case, what's your secret?!

Thursday, November 29, 2018

Thursday's Threads: Travel Edition

Happy outfit day! I'm heading down to Florida for a long weekend, so I think this is my first post done entirely from a tablet... Hopefully it goes ok! 
Edit: Annoyingly glitchy on the tablet! It did not go ok. I am finishing it at home in Florida. Boo.
I'll start with my travel outfit since I titled this the travel edition.

Comfy clothes for airplane is a must!

Cardigan: Modcloth
Top: Ronner Design

Modcloth calls this sweater the Airport Cardigan, so I figured I should wear it there, right? I have it in a few colors. I like that it's cute open or closed. You already know of my love for Ronner shirts. This is my last one to show you guys. (Until I buy more, let's be real.)

Belt: Tory Burch

I think you've seen this one a bunch. I got it at the Tory Burch outlet a few years ago. It's soft, gold, and shiny! What more could you want?

Jeans: Seven Jeans

The heavy, tan stitching on these feels really horsey to me, so I thought they were perfect to pair with the pony shirt.

Socks: Blue Q

I don't normally share my socks, but I heart these. Pardon the language...

Shoes: Seychelles
I LOVE Sechelles shoes. They're pretty and they're also comfortable which is not an easy combo to find. They can be expensive, but I've always found them on sale for reasonable prices.

Arm Party!
My arms decided to be fancy pantsy today since I'm heading to fancy pants Florida. Lefty is donning a (secondhand) leather bracelet from Louis Vuitton along with my trusty apple watch.

Righty is donning an H bracelet along with a couple actual Hermes arm pieces. The wrap bracelet was a gift from my dad and stepmom a few years ago, and the other I got on Poshmark.

That's what I wore to travel today! But I also have a riding outfit to share!
That's a very tired, post lesson me.  

Helmet: One K
That's a slightly less tired pre-lesson me....

Jacket, vest, and top: Eddie Bauer
This jacket and vest are the same as the black ones I've worn the last few weeks, just in a pretty teal color. I really love these. They're super warm, but not bulky. And I've had both sets for a few years now, without them showing much wear.

Belt: Harry's Horse
I recently jumped on the rose gold bandwagon with full force... So clearly, I needed this pretty rose gold and black bit belt.

Breeches: Harry's Horse

I found these on Tack Dealz awhile back. I got these and a navy pair, and I really love both. The fit is perfect, and they have just the right amount of stretch. I think the streaky paint-like details are super fun too.

Boots: TuffRider Regal
Yeah, I'm still sticking with the old comfies for lessons. Don't want to be distracted by partially broken in boots.

And that's it for today! I have a relaxing weekend ahead. I don't think I'll get to do any riding down here this year, but I'm still going to visit my trainer and maybe the horse show. So that will be fun and get me my horsey fix! 
Any favorites from today? Did you snag any horsey clothes deals last weekend?