Thursday, April 15, 2021

Thursday's Threads


Outfit Day! I failed at snapping a photo of Shiny in her outfit, but I did take pics of what she wore. So it's only a half miss on that. Instead here's a cute photo of her from the show in which she is not wearing the same outfit as yesterday.

Photo by Chelsea Lothrop Photography
In case you're interested though, at the show she wore her Joseph Sterling bridle and martingale, and I cannot remember the brand on the pad. I wore Parlanti boots, TS breeches, my Rio belt, an Essex shirt, my BEAUTIFUL Winston coat, and the matte black Samshield. (Which costs about the same as a One K if you get it from Equiport.)

Anyway, back to the regular post! Here's what Shiny wore yesterday:

Saddle: Custom Saddlery
Saddle Pad: Hufglocken

I'm not sure if this Hufglocken pad is actually made by Mattes or another manufacturer, but it's REALLY nice and I got it for a great deal at holiday time in their black Friday sale. 

Bridle: Camelot RCS Gold

I switched her to a full cheek a few weeks ago, and it's made a big difference with her steering. Not sure why I didn't do that sooner! It's funny though, when she's standing around she tries to grab the bottom of the cheeks sometimes. She can't reach them... it's pretty hilarious.

Boots: Punk Ponies
Glitter boots! They could use a wash...

And here's what I wore yesterday:
I went with Spring in Nantucket for my theme.

Helmet: One K
Recycled photo... which is unfortunate, I actually had a cute matching mask on yesterday... sorry.

Top: Nantucket Gift Shop
I love this quarter zip! I didn't do a very good job of showing it in this photo (wow I was a bad blogger yesterday...) but the print across and over the shoulders is Nantucket island in a pretty mint green.

Belt: C4
I think these might be Cape Cod lighthouses and not Nantucket lighthouses... but they all look very similar so I thought it worked. 

Breeches: ROMFH
I snagged these second hand quite a long time ago, but I wasn't fitting into them. I do now! They aren't as horribly stained in real life as they appear in this photo. But it isn't really the best color for playing with ponies if I'm being honest. But I LOVE the color, so it's quite the conundrum.

Socks: Mare Goods
Never a bad day for some Badass socks.

Boots: Celeris UK
Sorry... I didn't take boot photos either. I wore these again. I really do need to start wearing some others!

And that's it for today! Any favorites? What's your go to show outfit?

Wednesday, April 14, 2021

What's Up Wednesday


Big week over here! First things first, my girl Pia turned 15 on Monday! She's been my sidekick since she was an itty bitty pup and I hope we get to celebrate lots more of her birthdays together.

And the other exciting thing that happened this week was I finally got to show! It wasn't a real show, just a little in-barn schooling show. I did the 2' hunters against a couple of teens and a tween. But you guys. It was SO FUN! I am glad there was a warm up though...

They had bought new flowers for the jumps just for the show, so Shiny hadn't seen them yet. I was sure she would take a look since she's always a little skeptical of new flowers. She popped up high over the first little crossrail, so we trotted that one more time before starting the course. It started off well, and she was jumping right around until we got to the last outside line. It was set oxer to vertical which I'm not sure I've ever done to her before. Shiny looked hard and actually stopped. Which she doesn't normally do, and I think she had the same realization. Because just as I was going to turn her away to re-approach she just sat back and launched herself right over...

Photo by Chelsea Lothrop Photography

I was proud of her for being brave, but honestly Shiny, we could have just tried again... Despite being essentially launched backwards, I manage to stay on, and we tried it again. She ducked out this time, so then I had to get a little tough. After that it was a non issue, but she definitely kept jumping that one a little extra:

Perhaps she CAN jump 3'...

She was super excited to be competing I think. Normally we add one step in the horse lines without much trouble, but at the show it was tough. She actually did the horse steps in one line while we were warming up. 

Photo by Chelsea Lothrop Photography

So for the actual classes, we were pretty unpolished. The lines got pretty tight and she doesn't have a lead change. It was tough to get the simples done because she wasn't wanting to slow to the trot. But I'm not complaining. When a pony who never wants to go forward is doing just that, you don't get mad about it! 

Photo by Chelsea Lothrop Photography

I know we have a lot of flat work holes still, especially when it comes to being adjustable, but it was a great first experience. We had some chips and missed changes, yes. But we also jumped all the jumps, and had fun doing it. So I'm calling that a win! We finished 3rd and 4th over jumps (out of 4) but she pulled out the big win on the flat! We flatted with martingales because we are lazy and it was a schooling show. But she doesn't really need it anyway. Not worried about that.

Photo by Chelsea Lothrop Photography

The other best parts of the day were getting to wear the fabulous Winston jacket I got myself last year for my birthday AND that our in-barn photographer was so kind to offer up all our photos for free! She's the best. 

One of the moms videoed from the viewing area too! How great are my barn peeps you guys?! So you can watch us being a hot mess in our courses below.

In true Stacie enters a horse show fashion though, I had a little scare on the Friday before the show. Shiny had a big fat leg that palpated sore. Ugh. I had planned for Friday to be a bareback day since she had worked hard in a lesson the day before. So I went ahead with that plan and she felt sound. The swelling wasn't down when we were done though, but in a rare stroke of good luck the vet was out for some other horses already. He took a look and diagnosed a mild case of cellulitis. Which, not good per se, but great news because a good leg scrubbing and some antibiotics later and she was more or less good as new. Of course my vets office seems to hate me because Pammon was on the list for this vet appointment to get his biopsy, but they again scheduled it for a Friday afternoon which doesn't work. The tissue needs to be overnighted to the lab which needs to be open to receive it. So Friday appointments don't allow for that. UGH. I have to wait until the 26th to get that done now. Sheesh. He's doing okay, still super back sore, but we're doing our flat work. Some day that horse and I will move forward. I hope. 

Eros had a big week too. He was kind of a bully in my Tuesday lesson, and then proceeded to be ridiculously heavy for our Wednesday flat work. So I decided to sign him up for a training ride on Thursday. I'm not getting the issue resolved, so sometimes you need someone else to give it a try. I was relieved to see he was just as strong for the trainer. So like, it's not just me... Ha! She was able to get him lighter by the end and listening a little better. The best part though, was that he was sound the next day. Cause you never know with him. It didn't translate to last night's lesson unfortunately, but we did end better than we started, so I'll take it. I really need to buckle down and work a little harder in our flat rides. We'll get there though! I'm just glad to be taking the steps forward with him. 

In other news, I had a bracelet order to get filled for the Saratoga shows, so I got that done last week too.

Plus shipped out all the sold stuff from my tack room cleanout. That was a lot. I still have some stuff left, so head on over and browse my album on my personal Facebook page. 

I hope you all had a fun week too! Did you show or lesson? Do anything else super fun?

Tuesday, April 13, 2021

Truthful Tuesday


This one was a legit surprise to me. When I built the barn, I made sure to move alllll the horse stuff out of my house and out to the barn where it belongs. Or so I thought anyway. This weekend I was in the closet in the guest room looking for a tote bag I had in there. I don't dig through that closet too often, it mostly houses my show clothes and has known to also house a rodent or two. Ew. So yeah... I kinda avoid it. 

Anyway, so I was in the closet looking for a tote bag, and do you know what I found?! A brand new Mattes hunter pad. BRAND NEW. I don't even remember buying it. 

I have regular Wilkers pads to show with for the boys if they should go in the hunter ring, but Shiny uses these pads with the built in half pad. I do have one for her, but it's not as nice as this one. Plus, it's nice to have two since you can't really wash and dry these over night. 

The only negative is that at some point it did have a mouse napping inside it. No damage other than some poo stains I need to scrub. 

Have you ever discovered something like this hiding in your house?! (Not the mouse poo part, just the really nice item part.) I usually do a pretty good job of knowing what I own, but this was a pretty nice surprise. Wish I could remember how it got here.

Thursday, April 8, 2021

Thursday's Threads


Happy Outfit day! After last week's winter like temps, it's warming up again here in New England this week. It was in the 60's yesterday though there was a bit of a cold breeze. I'll take it! So here's what Eros and I wore:

What a day right?! Look at that blue sky!

Bridle: Camelot RCS Gold
Helmet: One K MIPS

So... the big impetus for my tack sale was two fold. The obvious was to move out all the stuff taking up space that I'm not using. The second part though was that One K has the wide brim out with MIPS now and I want one. Actually... I kinda want a couple. I want a black one with rose gold. And I might want a navy one. I was thinking about the gray, but I have the gray One K without MIPS that is still good. So I'll hold off there. 

Vest: Le Mieux
Top: Tailored Sportsman

I snagged the Le Mieux vest at the end of the season I think two years ago? It got buried in a messy closet since I bought it out of season, but when I started cleaning things out during quarantine I found it again. It's perfect for this time of year because it's lightweight, but still warm. The sunshirt was also a closeout find awhile back. I love the color, but it's not great in the barn, It definitely has plenty of stains on it...

Belt: Mane Jane

Went with gray and rosegold this time. It looked great with the color scheme!

Breeches: Dover Wellesley
Big fan of the Wellesley breeches! I keep checking back for new colors but they're a little slow with that.

Socks: Dreamers and Schemers
These were free! D&S was (maybe still is) doing a fun promotion where you'd get one free sock when you bought a pair. The free one was meant to be a spare, and had fun missing sock themes. If you buy enough socks, you'll probably end up with a pair of spares which is what these are.

Boots: Celeris UK

Yep, still wearing these... I did replace my navy De Niro's but I haven't had the motivation to break them in yet. Soon! (Also, I still have the old pair for sale if anyone wears a 6 wide...)

Saddle: Butet
Baby Pad: Smartpak
Half Pad: Kavalkade
The pad does fit my saddle, it had slipped back a little during my ride though. I took pics post ride this time.

Boots: HKM
Yep, still have these. I figure I'll finally toss them when we pack to move home at the end of the month. They're definitely ready to retire.

And that's it for this week! Any favorites?

Wednesday, April 7, 2021

What's up Wednesday


It was a big week here! Friday I got my first dose of the Covid 19 vaccine (I got the Pfizer). One step closer to getting back out in society. Pretty exciting. Kinda. I mean, quarantine has kind of had me living my best life. But some sense of normal will be nice too I'm sure. Can't be a hermit forever! I get my second dose on Rio's birthday- April 23rd. Very excited!

Saturday I took it easy and just flatted all the horses, but Sunday I had TWO lessons! Not just any lesson either, no. I got PRIVATE lessons! Two in one day. I'm still tired... We were indoors because it was winter again and it was frozen outside.

First up was with Shiny. After a few laps of trot to loosen her up each way, we went right to doing some trot poles. She was immediately interested in that. As soon as she realized we were pointed at them, she moved from her Shiny Shuffle into a real working trot. Interesting. They went from on the ground to raised, and she really had to work her booty. Then we went to canter and the poles changed to bounce rails. She's really smart with these exercises, I didn't have to help much. Next we popped over a few single fences and then strung a little course together.

I always forget how much she loves to jump, and how easy it is for her. We called it a day after our little course since she worked really hard before we even go to the jumping part. BUT I do have video from our course!

In between lessons I flatted Pammon. Nothing exciting to report there. He was a good boy, though still having a tough time with his sore back.

Then it was time for lesson number two, this one with Eros. He also started out with some trot poles. He was fine while they were on the ground, but boy does he struggle when you raise them! He always has. It's like he doesn't realize they're raised. Eventually he worked out, more or less. Then we moved on to a fun exercise with a single raised cavalletti. It was on the rail, and we came at it first from a long approach. We alternated approaching with a collected canter and finding a spot at the base and approaching from a more forward, looser canter, looking for a more gappy spot. Eros doesn't do the gap though, and each time I would find it, he'd just open his step and close the gap. So I guess I failed at the exercise, but won at finding a perfect spot? I dunno... Then we worked a little over a line of cross rails. He's been VERY excited about jumping since we started back. So instead of jumping straight through the line, the exercise was to jump in, circle, then jump the out and circle again. It was ridiculously hard, and we weren't all that good at it. He just lands and goes off on a bit of a victory gallop. It's not scary, but it's pretty annoying. And it's REALLY hard to put a course together with such a runaway train loose horse. I have no media, but I'm not even sorry. I know what it looked like. It's hard to be mad about it though. He's just so excited. Hard to squash his joy. So instead of me squashing it, he's getting a training ride tomorrow. HA! Let the bad cop do it. 

I spent Monday going through all the stuff I wanted to sell from the tack shed and getting photos. Put them all on Facebook on my personal page and the next thing I knew it was like midnight. I really didn't expect it to be such a project. But the sale is going well and I've sold the majority of it! It's on my personal page if you want to see what's left. Answering questions, packing, and labeling has been a legit full time job, but worth it! 

Tuesday we had our usual evening lesson. It used to be a flat lesson, but the instructors changed their schedules and the new one has us jump. Which I don't love jumping after a day off personally, but since we're only jumping around 2' right now, I'm sticking with it. Eros was about the same as he was on Sunday, riding nicely to the fence but victory galloping away. We only worked through one line, and she had us trot in and canter out. It's set a hair short in six strides if you canter in, but we were trotting in and I was trying my hardest to slow him down, but we still closed it up in six. Which, trotting in, it should be seven. But alas. Here we are. Hence Eros earning his training ride tomorrow. Poor dude.

So that was our week! Lots of fun stuff going on. Shiny and I have something fun on the calendar for this weekend, so I'm looking forward to that! How was your week? Do anything fun? Take any lessons?

Tuesday, April 6, 2021

Truthful Tuesday

Phew. So late with today's post! I listed a bunch of things for sale on Facebook and the response has been great! But I spent all morning packing and weighing boxes. Very time consuming. But I can't wait to have it all gone! 

Today's confession is that for the first time in a long while, I ate something I'm not supposed to during Passover. We're supposed to not eat bread or bread products that aren't labeled as Kosher for Passover. Normally I'm really good. I follow the rules. I love rules. But well... Here's what happened. One of the littles at the barn had a birthday. And one of the big kids made her a giant batch of the most amazing snickerdoodles. Without even thinking I devoured that cookie like it was the last cookie on earth. It was only after I finished it that I remembered it was off limits. Oops. I feel like there should be some leniency what with the plague and all. 

Anything you need to confess this week? Need any of my stuff? Head over to Facebook and check out what's left. It all needs to go!

Thursday, April 1, 2021

Thursday's Threads: Passover Edition


Outfit Day! I warned some of you this was coming... a fun theme for Passover week!

Matzo! And don't worry, Eros has a matzo outfit too!

Helmet: One K Mips
I wore the green one and my Winthrop Corner mask. I do have a matzo mask, but it has ear loops so doesn't work with my hunter hair.

Sweatshirt: Etsy
I saw a few all over printed matzo shirts, but I liked this one with just the hood and pocket printed. I wish the rest was a little different color... but it works.

Belt: Mane Jane
I don't have a matzo print belt, but I thought this snake embossed one was pretty close.

Breeches: Smartpak Piper
Yeah, I know. I still have a few pairs of pipers. I need to see if Dover has some chocolate brown ones to replace these. But they did the job yesterday.

Socks: Too Loud
They aren't really boot socks, but close enough!

Boots: Celeris UK
I was thinking about wearing my brown Mt Horse boots, but they aren't totally broken in yet, and it was spicy horse weather... so I opted out.

I had a couple of accessories too! 

Watch Band: Zazzle
So it would seem you can make anything you want these days. The watch bands aren't super cheap, but I figured this would get used every year, and at the time, I was still gainfully employed, so I decided to have this band printed up. I kinda love it!

Phone case: Modern Tribe
Modern Tribe is a Jewish novelty store online. I get lots of cute things for my nieces from them at Chanukah time. So when I was thinking about my matzo outfit, I went there to see what they had. And this phone case is pretty cute! 

And here is what Eros wore:

Saddle: Butet (My new to me one!)
Saddle Pad: Equine Star
Half Pad: Horze
I had plans for a few sets that I was spacing out orders on, but now I'll have to space them out a bit more. Glad I got this set ordered though! It's so fun! Also, how pretty is that saddle?

Boots: Equine Star
I know. Hilarious, right?! I love them. Shiny has a pair too.

So that concludes my Passover week outfit. What do you think??