Thursday, June 27, 2019

Thursday's Threads

Outfit Day! It's so nice having riding outfits to share again. Though admittedly, my outfit this week wasn't all that exciting. Let's go see!
We're having our first real heat spell here in New England with temps right around 90 and humidity around 75% which isn't too bad. I hear tomorrow it will be 90% which is pretty sticky when it's in the 90's. So it's time for me to switch to short sleeves and lightweight breeches!

Helmet: One K
This is the same one I wore last week. I like the lighter color, and the bling is fun too.

Shirt: Smart ass and sass
I subscribe to this box called Smart ass and sass. They send out snarky items each month, and the tee shirts are usually pretty great. This one in particular speaks the truth about me.

Belt: Mane Jane
This is the plain black strap with the gunmetal buckle. Simple, yet classy.

Breeches: Irideon
These are super lightweight, which is perfect for this weather. I liked that the trim matched the t-shirt letters and the gray color is pretty close to the helmet too.

Boots: Regal Patent
I was boring and just wore my trusty regals. I'm thinking as the last of my stash dies off I may replace them with Deniro's. The Deniros are more money, but they are even more comfortable.... We'll have to see how that plays out in the next couple of years!

So that's what I rode in last night! And I have a work outfit too.

Time for the shorter pants to come out! Though my office is freezing and I might be having regrets right now.

Top: Green Envelope
I love a nice tee that's not clingy. This one is so perfect I actually have it in two colors. This one here has olive stripes, which I'm not sure is obvious in the photo. My other has navy.

Belt: Pony Locks

This is my Jampy belt. I really love it, and thus had to show you all the angles. Again. Seriously though, how gorgeous, right? And the green piping matches the shirt pretty well too!

Pants: Kut from the Kloth
I'm not sure if these are boyfriend fit or if I bought the wrong size, but I haven't washed them yet, so they'll probably shrink anyway. Either way, they're super comfy since they're not too tight!

Shoes: Sperry
I went with my green Sperry's to match the stripes on the shirt. I've had these awhile now and wear them a lot, and they still look great!

I know you've seen this one before, and I actually never take it off. But I wanted to highlight it today since it matches so nicely with my top. Samantha over at Auburn Jewelry custom made this for me. It's my farm logo and I just love it so much!

Arm Party!
Lefty is supporting all the tech stuff today. Fitbit in the rubber band bracelet, then the one non-tech bracelet is my favorite dee bit, and last but not least is my apple watch.


Righty is donning a full on Jamp stack today! First is the bracelet you all saw already from Horse Hair Creations on Etsy. The middle one I actually got along with the belt from Pony Locks. And the last one just arrived yesterday! It is also from Etsy, from a store called The Sugar Lady. I wanted to combine a couple of different designs that she has, and she did that for me no problem. It took awhile, but it was worth the wait. So one nameplate has his name on it, then the middle has two rows of braided tail hair, and then the other plate has his years, 1999-2019. I just love how they all came out, and I think they look amazing all stacked together. So nice to take Jampy with me some days.

And that's it for today! Any favorites? Do you have any horse hair jewelry or accessories that are special to you?

Wednesday, June 26, 2019

What's Up Wednesday

I'm gonna have to go day by day to keep the week straight... So much happening all of a sudden! But all good things!
So we left off with Pammon arriving last Tuesday (in the rain). He had that day off to settle in. And then Wednesday I decided to just give him a lunge.Figure there's no rush to getting going with him, and it's nice to let them ease into their new lives, right?
He was a perfect gentleman on the lunge line, and if anything a bit lazy. I'll take that! He enjoyed some grass after his lunge. Shiny had a nice hack after that, and then Rio had groomies and a late night graze. (Where does the time go?)
Thursday brought rain. Again. So. Much. Rain. So I gave the horses at home another day off, and went to ride Eros. It really is nice having an indoor over there!
Finally on Friday we had a nice day without rain! So weird to see the sun. It was pretty blinding. So after work, I once again put Pammon on the lunge line, but this time with tack so I could hop on after! Ah, you guys! He's so wonderful! No spooking, no antics. Just got on and rode around the ring a bit. It's so nice to now have two horses who will willingly use the entire ring. With Jampy it was a battle to get to the far end. But Shiny and Pammon are both like "whatevs lady".  Anyway, he had a short lunge, and I just hopped on for a quick walk, trot, and canter each way.
What a view!
I really need to charge up the solo shot now that I have horses to ride! Be nice to get some media. Someone text me that tonight at like 9:30.

Anyway, Saturday my horses at home had a day off, despite the beautiful weather. Why you ask? Because I went up to Saratoga to do the alumni class at my favorite horse show.
I got zero media (sorry), but happy to talk all about it! I got to ride my friend's horse Sochi, who you may remember I rode last year too. He's perfect in every way. But he's a very different ride than I'm used to. He's the type you just keep legging on, don't touch the face! He won't do anything bad if you get grabby, but he'll definitely slow down and you're going to find the chip spot.
post ride sweaty selfie with Sochi
 Anyway, the flat was first, and he was wonderful. I think my extended trot the first direction could have been better, but we did a nice job of it the second way. They worked us fairly hard, extending both ways, and sitting trot both ways. It was super fun though, and I finished in second, just behind a pro rider. Not bad!
I was trainer-less for the fence portion which was a bit of a bummer, but not the end of the world. We schooled well, and I was feeling pretty good going into the ring. It wasn't too tough of a course, a few single jumps, one line and a roll back, finishing over another single jump. Sochi was perfect! Me... not as perfect. I got a good canter starting out, but I kept seeing the move up distance and never trusted that we'd get there. Which resulted in a lot of chippy spots. But we got around without anything too embarrassing happening. We ended up 5th out 5, but that was fine with me. I had a lot of fun, even if the distance fairy wasn't with me that day!
And the long satin swag was nothing to sneeze at either... So pretty! The horse show is in its second year at the brand new venue, and they've really gotten it together. The footing was perfect in every ring despite the days and days of rain before I got there. The barns and tents all looked like they were dry too. Rings were running smoothly. Etc.

As a donor, I got my name on the fence! This was the ring I showed in too.
 I got to stay and watch the grand prix, which was fun. They had an exhibitor party during that with barbecue and and ice cream. My kind of party!
I headed out around 6:30 to get home at a reasonable hour. It was great to see my friends and get to put on show clothes for a day. I can't wait to get back out there with Pammon!
But there's no rest for the weary around here! Sunday was chock full of horses. And pretty much nothing else... I didn't make it to the farmer's market nor the lake this week. Fortunately, there was no band this week anyway, so no loss there really other than the lobster roll.
Anyway, back to the day.... I had a 9:15 lesson with Eros. I tried him this week in a broken steel pelham. It wasn't bad, but still not the perfect bit either. I have a few others to try. I'm sure there's something out there he'll like and not want to lean on. There has to be! I liked the action of the pelham, it did help some. But I think the mouthpiece wasn't the right one. So part way there anyway. It was a decent lesson, but we definitely still have a fair amount of work to do. We'll get there!
After my lesson, I hopped on Fefe for a hack. She's such an odd horse! She's not big on actual work, and she's constantly looking around and seeming spooky. But she never actually does anything wrong. So I guess that's fine? The only time I have a real issue with her is walking back to the barn. she wants to rush all the way there. And if you tell her no, she pushes into you while jigging, or she rears up. BAD MARE! Not sure what the deal is. She's perfectly pleasant to go out to the ring. And she leads fine in the barn. Mares are so weird.
After finishing up with Eros and Fefe, I headed home to get to work at home. I put Pammon on the lunge again before I rode, just to be safe. He had Saturday off, and I just don't know him that well yet. Better safe than sorry when you're riding alone is my opinion!

He lunged perfectly. He was a little fresh, and offered up a few gallop-y steps, but that was the extent of it. I climbed on after a few minutes, and he was just perfect. He has the most amazing trot, which will take me some time to get used to. But he listens really well. If that amazing trot gets too big for me, a little half halt and he comes right back. The canter is dreamy. I have to remember to keep my leg on though. He's much more forward thinking that my other horses, which for some reason makes me take my leg off. But if it's not there, he will break to the trot. (As he should...) So that's something to work on too. Leg on... who'd have thought? Lol.

My final ride of the day (number four for those of you keeping track) was Miss Shiny. She was super lazy, but her canter departs are improving so I'll take it!
Needless to say, I was exhausted by Sunday evening. The pups and I straightened the house up some, and then just had a relaxing evening.
Monday I did Pammon and Shiny again. Shiny was great, and actually was working on the bit for awhile. She thinks that's dumb unless it's her idea... Mares. Pammon was PERFECT! I skipped the lunge that time. His first few laps of walk were very forward, but not spooky or naughty in anyway. And then he went right to work for me with no issues. I'm telling you, buying a 12 year old horse was not a bad plan you guys. He already knows the rules, and is quite happy to please.

I had hoped to give Rio an extra turnout but it got late, so he just had some really good groomies instead. He didn't seem to mind that at all.

Tuesday it was pouring buckets all day, so the horses at home had the evening off. I went and flatted Eros instead. He was super unmotivated to start out (I think he prefers the outdoor) but once he got working, he was wonderful. I get that. Rainy days are for Netflix and the couch. He's not wrong.

And that's it! It's been busy, and I'm definitely having to get used to riding every day again. But it's wonderful, and I'm SO excited to be back doing what makes me really happy. And doing it with horses that are enjoying it too. Yay!

How was your week? Do anything fun with your horses? Show, lesson, clinic, whatever? Tell me all about it in the comments!

Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Truthful Tuesday

I have a couple of confessions today. The first is kind of hilarious... Many evenings (ok almost every one...) after dinner and whatever chores need doing, I snuggle on the floor with my pups. They don't normally sleep with me because they wake me up constantly, but we get some snuggle time in before bed.

It's not uncommon for me to actually fall asleep there on the floor. Normally it's for an hour or whatever and then I get up and go to bed. Well last night, I never woke up! I woke up this morning at 5 AM on the floor with the dogs. Oops.
My second confession is that I'm kind of riding terribly. But not in a bad way if that makes sense? I'm struggling a bit because I'm really just getting back into everything, and I'm riding a bunch of different horses. (#firstworldproblems) And they're mostly all new to me. Eros is my one familiar, but since we've just started jumping again, even that is pretty foreign. So I'm riding the struggle bus big time, just trying to figure everyone out, but I feel like I'm not too far away from having it all come back together again. In the past week or so I've gotten to ride five different horses!




And every single one of them is a different ride. Sochi is a push ride completely. If you go to your hand, your stride shortens and you chip. (I know from experience which I'll tell you all about tomorrow! He's not a regular in my life, I just got to borrow him this weekend.) Fefe is totally spoiled. She doesn't believe in going on the bit, or bending, or using herself in any way. But she's quite happy to trot and canter around the arena safely. Eros is perfect in every way. But he does expect that you work at least as hard as he has to. If not a little bit harder. Shiny is kind of lacking a go button. But there's a fancy pony in there that comes out when she feels like it. And lastly Pammon. Pammon is AMAZING. He has the most powerful trot, and the nicest canter. But for some reason I keep forgetting to keep my leg on and sometimes we break. Which totally leaves me giggling and feeling like a seven year old on a pony.
So they are all different, and they are all reminding me how to ride correctly. It's just getting the old body to follow suit. I think we'll get there though. Just gotta keep trying.

Do you have anything to confess this week? Do you know that feeling of being kind of a disaster, but you know the good is just around the corner? Share your stories in the comments!

Thursday, June 20, 2019

Thursday's Threads

Outfit day!!! And... it's raining. AGAIN. 40 days and 40 nights it feels like. Sheesh. But it did stop long enough yesterday for me to ride Shiny (Pammon got a light lunge) so I do have a riding outfit to share! We can start there.
I've been donning a lot of purple lately. What can I say? Shiny looks ADORABLE in purple.

Helmet: One K
I bought this awhile ago, but haven't actually worn it till now. It's meant to go with my next pair of Celeris. (Shut up. Don't judge me.) I think it's pretty fun!

Shirt: Kastel
So, the story here is that I needed new nameplates for my brush boxes for the new horses. And Dover was the only place that still had the size and shape that I needed. And right on the front page of the website they had these Kastel shirts on bogo. So I got this one, and one with green trim. Cause I'm a sucker. But I like the shirts, and they go with my breeches, so I guess it's ok.

Belt: Mane Jane
Awkward angle here... sorry about that. This is the purple croc strap with the gold buckle. The reverse of this one is green croc. Ugh, I just love these belts! You're all probably tired of them, but #sorrynotsorry cause it's my blog! Ha!

Breeches: Um...
I'm embarrassed to admit, I can't remember what brand these are. They're one of the European brands. Maybe HKM, but I don't really think so... Ugh. Sorry. They're awesome though, and I wish I had them in more colors.

Boots: Stivali Romitelli
Spurs: Colortack
I actually took the spurs off because Princess Sassy Pants hates spurs. But I figured I'd leave them on for the photo. I still love these boots, but I really wish I hadn't messed up the height measurement. They are SO short. Someday maybe I'll try and sell these and buy them again at the correct height. Regardless of that issue though, these boots are really wonderful. They're soft and comfortable and I just love the colors.

So that's what I wore riding last night, and here's what I wore to work!

Semi-classy, right?

Top: Ronner Design
Technically, this is a show shirt. But the necks on these are a little too big for me, so I just wear them as regular shirts. Ronner is stupid expensive. They are! I admit it. But I've been able to find them on sale a few times, and to be real with you, they're totally worth full price even. They wash and dry and come out looking brand new every time. The fit is incredible, and the fabrics are lovely. Highly recommend.

Belt: Mane Jane
I love this birch tree effect on this one. I couldn't decide what belt to wear, and then saw this one and thought it looked fun with the top.

Jeans: Lucky Brand
Nothing special about these at all. Just a plain ole' pair of blue jeans. Comfy and classic!

Shoes: Tommy Hilfiger
It's raining so I figured rubber shoes were a good call. I've had these forever! I snagged them years ago at DSW in the clearance section. They're fabulous, you can just hose them right off! I think the zipper detail is cute, and the little pop of blue makes them fun.

Arm Party!
Lefty is donning the old faithful stack: My Hermes bit bracelet and my trusty apple watch

Righty is wearing the full cheek bracelet, along with my fitbit, and then the two cuffs I have from Swanky Saddle. I was going for a bridle theme here obviously! It would have been better minus the fitbit probably.

And that's it for today! Any favorites? What are you wearing? Raining there too?