Thursday, August 29, 2019

Thursday's Threads

Outfit Day! My riding outfit was kind of uninspired last night. But it matches! So there's that. It was a rainy day so I headed over to the boarding barn and rode Eros indoors after feeding the kids at home. Here's what I wore!

I tried taking a photo in the chair, but I looked like a potato. So I went with standing next to it.

Helmet: One K Defender
What is this face?
I keep this helmet at the boarding barn. It's the plainest of plain. But I do really like how the One K helmets fit me, and this one is no exception.

Shirt: Ariat
I think this one was a gift from my stepmom. I really like the Ariat tech tops, but I have started buying them a size up from this one. It's not horribly tight, but I like a looser fit.

Belt: Mane Jane
I love this champagne colored strap. It goes with so much!

Breeches: Umm...
Sorry guys, I can't remember what brand these are. One of the European brands, so I think either Harry's Horse or HKM maybe? I love the splashes of color on the pocket, and how they did the same with the gel knee patches.

Boots: Regals
Rainy days result in Regal boot wearing. Sorry.

 So that's what I rode in last night! Not super exciting. Kind of dark and dreary like the weather. But my work outfit is pretty cute. It's back to school themed, even though I don't go to school. Tis the season and all! My nieces start pre-K and 1st grade today!

Pencils! So many pencils.

Dress: Modcloth
How cute is this pencil dress?! I kind of feel like a teacher in it, but whatever.

Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell
I've had these awhile now. I have a cute sweater that also works with them.

Purse: Unknown
I think I found this on Ebay so I have no idea the brand. Works perfectly with the outfit though!

Phone case: Unknown
Also an Ebay find. I'm gonna be so sad when I have to get a new phone and will need all new cases. (Dear Apple, bring back the little phone please!)

Arm Party!!!
Lefty took control of the tech today, donning both the Fitbit and the Apple watch. I broke it up with one of my Hermes bracelets in orange to match some of the pencils on the dress.

Righty is donning a little stretch bracelet I made with some cute pencil beads on it followed by another Hermes bracelet, and pancil cuff! You can't see from the photo, but the body of the pencil is navy to match the dress. It's adorable.

And that's it for today! What are you wearing? Any favorites from above?

Wednesday, August 28, 2019

What's Up Wednesday

This is the longest week ever. I went back to get my photos together for the last week and thought all the ones from this weekend was two weeks ago. But it's fine. Everything is totally fine.
Actual footage of me at work.
Anyway.... Let's see all that happened this week.
Wednesday I didn't ride partly because it was raining and partly because they were having a double bridal shower for two of the girls at the barn who happen to be getting married the same weekend. One is assistant trainer, and one is a fellow boarder. She is super sweet, and even let me ride her horse once when I was ride-less (before management was all no riding other people's horses). It was a fun evening, and kind of nice to have an evening off.

Shiny had the second half of the week off completely. Thursday I rode Pammon, but had horses to braid also. And they were in two different barns, completely opposite directions from each other. I forgot to get photos of the first one which was too bad because she was adorable. And this second one was a freaking moving target the entire time. Hence her braids being mediocre at best. But hey, they're in!

Same thing Friday, Pammon then braids. But Friday I got to have a lesson. And it went great! Not in the sense that we did everything perfectly and rainbows shot out our bums... But in the sense that I made all kinds of different mistakes, and Pammon just kept trying and being a perfect boy for me. Trainer is happy with our progress too, so that always feels nice. Three foot still looks pretty solid to me though. Ha.
I have no media from said lesson, but here's Pammon's forehead!

I got to braid the very sweet pony just down the road from me that evening. I struggle to make this one look great. His mane is very coarse and thick, so when it's time to tie up the braids, the tails are difficult to tie in. And it kind of messes everything up. I'm still trying to figure out how to make them better. But I do think they've improved each time I've done him.

After two very late nights, I let myself sleep in until 8:30 on Saturday. It was lovely! I was grateful the pups were happy to sleep in too. And then it was off to do all the normal Saturday things! First up was a hack with Eros.
He was perfect as always, though a bit lazy. I don't really mind lazy.

And then it was back home to ride and graze all the kiddos there. I started with Pammon. He was apparently EXHAUSTED from his lesson. So he talked me into an easy flat and then we wandered the yard and ate grass. (Well he ate the grass, I was just along for company.)

Yeah, I rode him into the barn. #lazy
Shiny was next. I let her warm up and then did ask her to work a bit. Since she had three days off, I didn't think it was that mean to ask. She was actually super into it, and gave me some really lovely trot work complete with connection and lifted back. Who knew she could do that?! I rewarded her with a walk in the grass and some snacks too.

Shiny wasn't the only one who had minimal attention Wed through Friday. Rio suffered the same, and so I gave him extra long groomies and a very long snacking session outside. I even brought the treat bucket so I could park my tired butt while he ate.

And then I opened it and let him go to town on the cookies, because I'm a cool mom.
Speaking of groomies, have any of used these little face curries:

My horses all love them. I just got a couple for the boarded horses too. They run between $1 and $2. Solid investment.
Anyway, back to Sunday... Once Rio came in, I swept up, they were fed, and I went inside to hang with the pups for a few. Fed them, and took a shower. But I was starving and the local fair was happening soo... I went out and played some games and ate fair food. Also saw this awesome bunny that didn't do very well in the judging, but I wanted to take home. He was super social, and he would stand up on his back legs and wave at you if you spoke to him.

Also won a new pony.
His name is Chester, and he's my easiest keeper.

Sunday morning was lesson time with Eros! You guys. I finally had a fantastic lesson with him! Sadly zero media. But it was really great. I let go of his face and just rode him up to the jumps. In return, he stayed soft and listened wonderfully. I hope we can replicate it! And I really wish we had media. I'm going to see about setting up the Soloshot next lesson now that I have it working.

After the lesson, Eros was wrapped and tucked in for the day, and then my lesson mate and I stopped for a quick lunch. It was nice to take a midday break and refuel! Finally, I was off to my barn to play with the Soloshot and ride the horses. I did Pammon first. He was still feeling a  bit sluggish but was a good boy. We popped a couple tiny jumps too. Here is a video clip taken off my computer by phone... (Sorry, hoping to work on that...)
Shiny girl was great too, and she gave me some more of that lovely flat work. Here's another grainy clip!
My card reader for the ipad should arrive today, so I'm hoping to play around with that and get things working more smoothly. Fingers crossed please!
I was done early enough to get my lobster roll AND actually hear the band Sunday night.

I checked the weather a thousand times and decided to give the horses Monday off. Sunday evening I was sidelined by a migraine and wasn't able to get all my chores done. So I figured a day off for the ponies so I could get my adulting done. Turns out, now it's supposed to be really nasty tonight so they may wind up with an additional day off. Ugh. We'll see. Weathermen are rarely right anyway.
Last night it was the usual, but check out this pretty sunset!

Shiny was full of sasstitude. She was kicking out at my leg and full of complaints. It was a lot cooler, and I'm starting to wonder if that's how she acts fresh. Time will tell. I think next time it's cool out, I'll throw her Back on Track mesh sheet on for a bit before we tack up and see if that makes a difference. Or maybe she's just in heat? I dunno. Girls confuse me. She wasn't terrible by any means, just had lots of opinions she wanted me to hear. I get that Shiny. I've been treating my boss the same way.

And that's about it from here this week! How was your past week/weekend? Do anything fun? Horse show or lessons? Buy anything new? OH! Almost forgot. My Winthrop Corner socks from Dreamers and Schemers arrived and they're pretty awesome.

I'm getting the herd drawn digitally by Artastride (she's on insta, go find her!) and I am really excited to put those drawings on a pair of socks too. (I know. I'm not doing very well with the not buying stuff. But at least I'm buying less expensive stuff!)

Ok, this time that really is it from me. Tell me about your week in the comments!

Tuesday, August 27, 2019

Truthful Tuesday

Well... L over at Viva Carlos sent me a really helpful video to get the Soloshot up and running. And I was totally successful! But alas.... My computer doesn't have enough memory for me to download the videos. I can watch them on there, but that's about it. Talk about lame!
I've known for awhile that I need to upgrade my machine. I'm working with a Macbook Pro from oh... I dunno... I think 2010. They call it a relic. I've taken most everything off the actual machine and sent it to the cloud. But alas. It's not enough.
I really want to stick with Mac. I like how easy it is to use, and how they tend to be less vulnerable to viruses than a PC. But what I don't like is the price tag. I'm hoping to talk Dad into a new laptop for Chanukah this year... but can I wait that long? I dunno... I'm not really good at being patient.
Does any one know of a way to download from an SD card directly to my ipad? I have plenty of room on that guy. Help a girl out if you do!

Thursday, August 22, 2019

Thursdays Threads: 80's rock edition

Outfit Day! Woohoo! I've been waiting forever for my 80's rock themed outfit day because I kept forgetting about it. Ha. Senility. It's happening. Anyway, we'll start with my riding outfit because google is taking its sweet time uploading today's photos.
So here's what I rode in last night on Monday:

I didn't realize this tank had the giant armholes so you could see my boring nude colored cami under it which was definitely not the look I'd have gone for... Thank goodness I ride alone in my backyard...

Helmet: One K
I had a tough time deciding which helmet and boots to wear. Originally I was thinking one of the Celeris pairs, but then it rained, and I decided to save those for another day. This glittery helmet totally works with the belt buckle though... You'll see.

Tank: Not sure on brand
I've had this awhile but never wore it, so I can't even remember where I got it. It could have been Forever 21, could have been Zulily. Hard to say for sure. I love the cassette print though! Do you guys even know what those are?!

Belt: Hot Topic
I actually got this from Poshmark second hand. I think it's amazing.

Breeches: Ariat
I don't like these breeches very much. I think I'm going to sell them. There's nothing really wrong with them, they're stretchy and pretty comfortable. But I dunno. I'm just not that into them.

Boots: TuffRider Regal Patent
I know you're all tired of them. But hopefully just a few more months and they'll be retired. Let's hope they make it.

So that's what I wore. But the horses got in on the fun too! Well maybe Pammon more so than Shiny, but she played too! We'll start with her:

Saddle Pad: Echt Lammfell
I was hoping to find a black pad with sheepskin or wool underneath that wasn't too expensive and this bad boy showed up on Ebay. I really like this one, the pad part isn't super thick or stiff and the sheepskin is nice and fluffy.

Bridle: I can't remember what brand this one is...
Browband: Dark Jewel Designs
Maybe not the best shot, but yes, that's her spiked browband! I think I like the straight ones best. At least for her little (ish) head.

Boots: Punk Ponies
It's subtle, but these are black hologram. You can kind of see the rainbow reflection on the right side.

And here's Pammon's super fun outfit!

Baby Pad: handmade

I had to make that photo extra big so you could really appreciate all the cassette tapes on there! What's fun too, is there are so many options for half pad and boot colors to match! I went with black this time to keep it sort of punk, but I think it would be fun with purple (and the rainbow bit) too! This was made by a girl who closed up her online shop so I can't find the name of it anymore. But it's a great pad, I wish she was still in business. Probably I should just learn to use a sewing machine and make my own baby pads.

Bridle: Royal Sports
Browband: Dark Jewel Designs
He was zero percent cooperative about taking a bridle photo... So you can see pretty much nothing here... He is also donning an awesome spiked browband.

Boots: Punk Ponies
This photo is a little better of the hologram effect. Although, funny story... Only one of his boots was hologram. The right one was just black patent. There was a booboo in the packaging I guess! Punk Ponies is out of them right now in the size he needs, but they are going to send me a new pair when they come back into stock. They are a wonderful company, if you ever need fun boots or saddle pads, definitely check them out. They're privately owned and really great to work with.

And here's what I wore to work today:

I really thought it would be way more fun with a neon green tank underneath, but I also thought maybe not so work appropriate... So I kept it toned down.

Top: Cabi
Back in the 80's Madonna used to love to mix lace with leather and black and whatever else. So I brought that back today. I went with a wide strapped tank underneath to try and keep it classy.

Belt: Express
I've had this belt since college! Before you applaud me for it still fitting, it used to be a little too big. And now it is not. But whatever. It's still awesome and is PERFECT with these jeans.

Jeans: Romeo & Juliet Couture
I felt like those big brass circles were kind of 80's rock like, no? These are cute jeans, I think the detail is super fun.

Shoes: Wild Diva
Why, yes, these ARE gold glitter jelly shoes! Thanks for noticing! Nothing says 80's like a sweet pair of plastic shoes. I imagine my feet will smell fab by the end of the day.

 Arm Party!
Lefty is donning a little rhinestone bracelet, along with a rubber one that has a black pearl in the center. The pearl bracelet came from Zulily, and I think the other may have been from Express.

Righty has my fitbit up first in a black metal bracelet, followed by a Kate Spade bangle and then two bracelets from Forever 21.

And that's it for this week! What do you think of the 80's rock theme? Did I pull it off?! What are you wearing today?