Thursday, August 8, 2019

Thursday's Threads: Pug edition

Outfit Day! This week is kind of flying by for me, how about you? That's fine by me, I have a mostly free weekend, and I want to tackle some projects hopefully. (HA! Best laid plans I'm sure...)
Anyway, let's see what I wore to ride last night!

I got all dressed to ride last night, and started pulling out Pammon's tack when out of nowhere it started lightning and pouring buckets! The radar said we were in the clear until 9, but alas, the radar was full of lies. So I put away Pammon's tack, fed the kids at home, and went to ride Eros instead. It's nice to have that indoor option!

Helmet: One K Defender Snakeskin, Navy

Bluey here is getting kinda dirty... I should probably do something about that.

Top: Pug Rescue of New England
Seriously, how cute is this fund raiser tee from P.R.O.N.E.?! I haven't actually adopted a pug from them yet, but the next time I'm ready for a pup, that's where I'll start looking!

Belt: Mane Jane
One of my favorites from Mane Jane! I paired the blue croc strap with the gunmetal buckle.

Breeches: Ariat
These are the lower end Ariat breeches... I forget what they call them. Heritage maybe? They're ok for the price, but they do fit more snug than the Olympia style, and the fabric does not compare.

Boots: De Niro
I feel like these have been on the blog a lot lately. I need to start mixing it up more! But they're just so comfortable...

Eros wore navy also, so I totally SHOULD have snapped a pic of his outfit. But I didn't think to. Sorry.

But that one little tee shirt isn't the only Pug item I wore this week. I'm all pugged out today at work!

I might have taken it too far. But I don't care! Look at that purse face!

Dress: Asos
I honestly wasn't sure I'd ever wear this when I bought it. Which is probably a good reason NOT to buy something. But once I put it on, I was all, "I'm definitely wearing this, and probably often." So here we are.

Shoes: Etsy
I saw these on Etsy a few years back and had to have them. They're adorable and very comfy. My apologies for the state of my toe nails... I'm embarrassed. Ignore my feet and just focus on the adorable pugs.

Bag: Sleepyville Critters
I'm sure it won't shock you that this adorable bag has a matching wallet... It's a great bag, really roomy and comes with a crossbody strap. Options are the best!

Necklace: Stacie Original
I bought these adorable little pug beads from Goody Beads forever ago, and made a few different things with them. This little necklace is just one of them... But the only one I wore today.

Arm Party!
Lefty is donning another Etsy find! This cuff bracelet is a giant stretched out pug! The face is on one side, and the other has the bum, curly tail included.

Righty has my fitbit up first. I found a big bag of bands in all different colors super cheap a few weeks ago, so now I can actually match my outfits. The other two bracelets I made. Not to be full of myself... but I think they're adorable. The pug ones is hilarious. Look at the tongue! Ha!

So that's it for today. Any favorites?  Any of you have pugs too that I don't know about?


  1. the more i see those deniros the more i desperately crave a pair of navy boots haha!! my trainer has a very similar pair and she even wears them to mow!!

    1. They are more comfortable than the Regals which I didn't think was possible.

  2. I agree- this week is flying. All of them are for me lately actually. Where do you buy your deniro's from? I am wanting to buy a new pair with a few custom options without breaking the bank. Would love to know who you have had good experiences with and who was a good price point!

    1. I got them from Equiport. These weren't custom at all, so I can't say how they are there. But it was an easy purchase, and their prices were very good.

    2. Thanks! I actually sent them an email earlier this week! Glad to know you had a good experience with them

  3. The pugs are too cute! No pugs at my house, but I have a jack Russell/pug "nephew" lol - he is my brothers dog.

  4. Who knew there were all these incredibly cute pug things!