Thursday, November 26, 2015

Thursday's Threads: Thanksgiving edition

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! I hope you were all able to spend time with loved ones today and have a great meal! I ate enough for the rest of the weekend, and enjoyed plenty of time with my family- both two and four legged. It was a great day! And now... on to the outfit!
PONY DRESS! What better occasion to wear a pony themed outfit than Thanksgiving? Am I right? Let's look closer.

Shirt Dress: Tory Burch
I stumbled upon this print from Tory Burch after it had already been retired. Which sounds terrible and sad, but it's actually quite happy. Why you ask? Because I was able to snag it at 70% off. That my friends is very happy. Yet sadly, still ridiculously expensive for a somewhat awkward shirt dress. I think it lays a little funny, but I love the print so much I don't really care!

Leggings: No brand
I really wanted to wear plain, non textured leggings but alas, I couldn't find them. So I went with these instead. They're super comfy and fleece lined. But I still think the others would have been better with the dress.

Shoes: Lucky Brand
These boots look so much like riding boots, I'm actually impressed. They have zippers on the inside which is the biggest giveaway that they're not.

I figured I should wear my Tory bracelet to go with my dress. I paired it with my favorite watch of course!

You've seen this before lots of times I know. This is my Hermes wrap bracelet my dad and step mom gave me for Chanukah last year. 

So that's what I wore for Thanksgiving dinner with my family. This dress was perfect since it's loose fitting. No one could see my food baby after I stuffed myself to oblivion. How was your Thanksgiving?

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

What's Up Wednesday!

Happy Wednesday! It's Fake Friday! I love when Fake Friday happens on a Wednesday. I'm SO excited for Thanksgiving tomorrow. Normally I run the Turkey Trot in the morning which is a local five mile race. But I think I'm skipping it this year thanks to my throbbing face. (I should have scheduled this tooth extraction for AFTER Thanksgiving. Oops.) But instead of running I can fit in a ride and meet up with the family earlier that usual. We all congregate at my brother and sister-in-law's house which is only a five minute drive for me. My sister-in-law, her mom, and my mom do all of the cooking, so I just get to show up, hang with my niece, and stuff my face. I. Cannot. Wait.
It's that funny time of year around these parts. The weather is getting a little questionable for riding every day, but Jamp and I are doing our best.

I even got Rio out for a lunge this weekend so I could get a better idea of how that foot of his is doing. He had a flare up where that proud flesh had been. My farrier has been extra careful not to cut into that area so we don't run into that again, but it makes it tough to figure out what's going on. Anyway, he looked pretty good on the lunge line! Not perfect, but not terrible. I think he had fun too. He was shaking his head and bouncing around a little. Wild old man...
I could stare at his handsomeness all day...

The puggers have been laying low trying to stay warm. They're a little dramatic. Especially Artie. He takes his bed and drags it on top of the heat vent and lays there. ALL DAY. He's too much. Smart boy.

I guess that's about all that's really been going on around here. It's quiet with just the two horses, which is nice since work has been a little crazy. After my miserable tooth extraction on Monday, I've been laying low in the evenings. Jampy had two days off (spoiled!) but I think I'll lunge him tonight and ride him the rest of the week/weekend. Maybe we'll even get to jump a little too! The most exciting news to come is that Romey should arrive Saturday morning. I am so excited to finally meet him! Fear not, there will be pictures. Definitely follow me on Instagram if you can't wait! There's a button to the right to add me.
I'm hoping to stop being lazy and catch up on some blog posts this weekend. I have a Heart to Horse box to review, an awesome giveaway prize that I won to share, and a recap of that 5K I ran earlier in the month.
Do you have big plans for Thanksgiving? What sorts of traditions do you and your family have? Are you running a Turkey Trot? Tell me all about it in the comments! Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Truthful Tuesday

Ugh. I had to have a tooth pulled yesterday. No fun! The worst part is waiting six months to get the implant. I'm going to be a hobo for awhile... Wahhhh. It's a molar at least so it's not very noticeable. But that's not what I'm confessing today. My confession is that I was a total basic B and took a selfie with my oral surgeon:
I think he's either smiling, or laughing at me. Hard to know for sure.

Sunday, November 22, 2015

Nicole's Creations: November

Nicole made something BRAND NEW and sent it to me first! I'm super honored, and also excited to share these new beauties with all of you! If you've been thinking about trying something from Nicole, you should head over to her site as soon as you finish reading my post. For real. The holidays are coming after all!

For those who don't know, Nicole's Creations offers a monthly subscription service that delivers handmade jewelry to your door each month. There are two options, $10 a month or $20. I went with the less expensive option, and I have to tell you, I'm MORE than getting my money's worth! Nicole goes out of her way to read this little blog to get an idea of my style. And she completely delivers each month with a piece (or pieces) that I've totally loved!

Ok, enough blabbing, here's what I received this month:
BANGLES! These are wire bangles, wrapped in hemp (Nicole's signature medium). I received a set of three wth leaf charms. beads,  and gold rings attached. I love this idea, and never thought to wrap wire bangles. So creative! Here are some more shots of them:

My photos are a bit dark, but the colors are gorgeous, you'll have to trust me. I actually ordered a second set of these from Nicole. Funny story, she sent these to me, but they took their sweet time filtering through the postal system. I saw the other set on Facebook and claimed them before I had even gotten this set! The second set are different colors and have gemstone charms. They can all stack together which is really fun.

I say it every month (literally), but I'm really impressed with the personal feel to this subscription. Nicole does a great job of designing pieces that she knows I'll love. Not only that, but she's excellent at her craft. Everything is so well made and fits perfectly. PERFECTLY!

What do you think of my new pieces from Nicole? If you'd like to try out the subscription, or even just browse the online shop, click here to head over to Nicole's Creations and see what she's all about! 

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Thursday's Threads!

Happy Thursday! It's OUTFIT DAY! I'm cheating a little this week. I had a rule when I started Thursday's Threads that I HAD to post whatever I was wearing that day. Even if it was pajamas. But today I am breaking that rule. Not because today's outfit isn't cute, but because I LOVED yesterday's outfit so much I wanted to share that one instead. So without further ado... Here's what I wore yesterday:

Cute right? I think I have a different pair of boots I'd like better with the outfit, but these worked okay too. The top and pants both came from but neither are still available. Sorry to rain on your shopping parade. Let's look closer!

Sweater: Le Lis sells mystery boxes where you place an order and have no idea what you're getting. It's a little risky, sure, but you can always return what you don't like. Anyway, when I pulled this sweater out of my box awhile back, I was NOT a fan. I thought ehhh... I don't do poncho or poncho-like tops. But then I put it on. And I fell in love. I wish I could wear this every day. Seriously. So warm and comfy! 

Shirt: Old Navy
Since it was freezing yesterday, I wore this long sleeve waffle tee under the sweater. This one is a million years old, but I'm sure you could find something similar at Old Navy today! I love these for layering. They're inexpensive but wear and wash well.

Pants: Beulah
Sorry for the linty pic. I didn't have time to lint brush in the morning, and clearly I washed these with something fuzzy. Oops. That aside, these pants are really fun. They have stitching around the knees for that "moto" look, as well as some faux leather around the waistband and pockets. They even have zippers at the ankles! So 80's chic. Love!

Boots: Two Lips
I found these a couple of years ago on closeout for next to nothing. They're real suede, and incredibly comfortable.

Scarf: Unsure of brand
This is actually black, sorry for the awful photo. Sometimes they look great on the phone, then you stick the picture in the blog post, and boom! Terrible photo. Oh well. Anyway this is an acrylic infinity scarf. Nice and warm for my freezing cold office.

Lefty has a secret. This is pretty much what Lefty wears every day. Things usually get changed up on Thursday just for you guys. So as you already know, here is my KEEP Collective bracelet and my trusty timepiece.

This bracelet is ridiculous. I found it for 80% off on the Ettika website last week. I LOVE it! I now wish I'd gotten some other colors. Their pieces are always really sturdy and well made. They advertise as BOHO, but I think this piece could work for any style. So fun!

Bonus Riding Outfit Today!
I took pictures after I rode and groomed the horses... so I'm filthy. These aren't bad photos, that's actual dust. You can call my Pigpen if you'd like.

Breeches: Custom Riding Apparel
The lady at the booth told me I really didn't need to size up in these. But my normal size looked really small and I was too lazy to try on so I did anyway. And she was right. But I'd rather my pants be a little loose than too tight, so I don't mind. I'll try drying them and see what happens. How amazing are these plaid breeches though?! So excited I have them!

Fleece: Old Navy
This is ancient. And I love it. It's very lightweight so fits well under a vest. It's starting to look its age, but I'm not ready to let go of it.

Vest: Old Navy
So truth is, I forgot to bring warm enough clothes to ride the other night, and was too lazy to go back in the house. I found this vest in my car. I keep it there for such emergencies. I hope I remember to put it back... This vest is also super old. It's not the fun lightweight down that is popular these days, but it is SO WARM! I hope to keep it forever.

That's what I wore this week... (Nope, not what I'm wearing today. I'm such a rebel.) Do you have a favorite item from today? What are you wearing? How's the weather? Talk to me in the comments!

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

What's Up Wednesday!

Happy Wednesday everyone! It's been busy around here...
All's well that ended well with the paperwork for Ducky, and he departed begrudgingly on Saturday afternoon. I was completely taken aback by how sad I was after he left. We really didn't see eye to eye on his role at the farm, but I did fall in love with that little hooligan. He's in great hands though with my family in WI. They're so very excited to have a horse in their lives again! My step mom's sister (my step-aunt?) will be his primary human, but both her son and daughter will eventually ride him too. For now, everyone is spoiling him with lots of grooming, play time outdoors, and he has a mini for a pasture mate! What could be better?
Obviously while I was prepping him for departure we had to stop and have a selfie shoot. So now I will bombard you with adorable photos from our last day together and some from his new life in Wisconsin.

Make me proud Duckling!

Jampy and I are still able to get our rides in. The weather has been pretty kind to us, and the ground hasn't frozen yet. I was hoping to try and get to one more show this weekend, but we haven't been able to jump, so we're calling our season finished officially. Despite no more shows, we're still trying to ride six days a week! At least until the big freeze. Let's hope it holds off.

Thanks to this somewhat mild Autumn, the grass is still doing great, and Rio's been able to indulge himself for much longer than he could last year. On Sunday we enjoyed a sunset graze.
Earlier on Sunday, I drove up to Equine Affair. It takes place at the same venue as New England Finals. For my non-horsey readers, Equine Affair is a four day event that includes lectures, clinics with top professionals, and an ENORMOUS trade show. Most of the clinicians I would have liked to observe were presenting during the week, so I didn't spend much time watching lessons. But I did enjoy the trade show! I am proud to tell you though, I didn't get much. I bought three pair of crazy breeches that were under $50 each and some curry combs. Good girl, Stacie! <Pats self on back> Here are the crazy pants:

They're so comfy, now I wish I had bought more.... I'll have to call after the holidays.

In non-equine news, I ran a 5K on Saturday! I haven't been very good about training. And by that I mean, I hadn't run at all since the last 5K until last Tuesday when I thought, I should run a couple miles before the race this weekend. I want to do a recap separately, but I will tell you, it was a great race! I ran the whole thing with no walk breaks, and was happy with my time given my lack of training.

One of the local restaurants/shops in my town has started Taco Fridays. And let me tell you my friends, if I could go every Friday, I would! They have an appetizer called the Guacannoli... It's like a cannoli but filled with guacamole. It's amazing. AMAZING. I went Friday with one of my friends and here are some poor quality food photos for you:

I had a fish taco, and a polenta crusted avocado taco, my friend had the avocado and a shrimp taco

For dessert were those little fried dough balls with chocolate sauce, and a slice of spicy chocolate pie
That wraps up this edition of What's up Wednesday! What's up with you this Wednesday? Tell me what's happening in the comments!