Wednesday, November 4, 2015

What's Up Wednesday!

Hey everyone! I'm late AGAIN, but it's still Wednesday so we're good. I've already shared my biggest news, and the pugs all dressed for Halloween... But I STILL have a few things to share today about the past week.
Saturday was a beautiful day. Sunny and fairly warm. I'm loving springtime in the fall! I took the horses out for grass which they obviously loved.

Note my halloween breeches!
Jampy had grass too, but we didn't get a photo.

Sunday, Jampy and I went to the last Mystic show of the year. It's likely the last show for us this year too. We'll see what the weather brings though. Sunday was somewhat warm which was nice, though overcast and windy. I was feeling nervous because my trainer has already started her journey south for the winter, so I was on my own for the most part. I did have a helper of course!
Once I arrived at the show, my angst grew when I discovered the jumper ring for this show was where the hunter ring normally is. I know that shouldn't matter, but the one time Jamp showed in that ring he was TERRIBLE! There are trees around it, so it can be very shadowy. Plus I was worried about the giant piles of leaves under the oxers. Luckily, it was cloudy so no shadows to torture us, and Jamp wasn't at all concerned about the leaves. There were only four riders in my division, but that's enough for our points to count. Jamp was a really good boy! He was very relaxed and happy to be showing. I thought our trips were nice. I found a few close distances, but he jumps great from the base, so I wasn't worried. We wound up winning ALL the classes! GOOD BOY JAMPY! Mystic presents a series award for the horse/rider accumulating the most points in their division over the season. We won that too. So proud of my boy!
Now that we've changed the clocks. This is pretty much all the pugs want to do:

Well, short and sweet, but that's what's up with me this Wednesday. What's up with you? Any big news? Horse shows? Road races? Tell me about your week in the comments!


  1. Those Halloween breeches are amazing; I LOVE them! Congrats on a great show season with Jampy!!

    1. Thank you! Jampy was a good boy this year!
      The breeches are Ralph Lauren, I didn't buy them at the outlet when I saw them, regretted it, and then found them on ebay.