Wednesday, March 31, 2021

What's Up Wednesday


The vet was out Friday so he palpated on Pammon's back, and confirmed that yes he was very back sore. He believes we may be dealing with a metabolic problem but the only way to confirm is with a biopsy. He couldn't do it that day because the sample needs to be overnighted to an open lab, and that doesn't happen on a Friday evening. So we're kind of just in limbo waiting to get that done. The good news is, should that be the problem, it is controllable with a special diet. In the meantime, I'm supposed to just keep riding him. It's pretty terrible though, I feel like I'm hurting him. 

We've been riding out a little, and inside a little. Spring weather is tricky here in New England. One day it's sunny and 60 and the next it's 48 and pouring rain. They do seem less spooky outside than in though. So that's a bonus!

Eros has been a good boy, he's definitely happy to be outside, but my goodness, is he heavy in the bridle out there! So we have some work to do. We had our flat lesson last night, and it was exhausting but great. I sort of felt what I need to do to start getting him lighter, so hopefully I can get that stuff accomplished without someone reminding me every few minutes... Riding is hard.

I had my lesson on Sunday with Shiny, and it was great! The instructor teaches a lot of beginner/intermediate lessons, but she really does know her stuff and was very helpful. Shiny was more responsive than she's been, and she was SUPER excited to be jumping! She still sucks back and complains when it's our turn to go again after watching my lesson mate, but once she realizes she's doing the jompies she gets moving again. Unfortunately, no media again this week. That 9 am lesson doesn't lend itself to spectators unfortunately. 

In other news, Eros' saddle arrived Thursday and it's pretty great. Full disclosure, the other one fits him a tiny bit better, but I think it's a breaking in to him kind of thing more than a problem with the saddle. He seems comfortable in it and is still moving really well through his back and shoulder so I decided to keep it. I traded in my temporary saddle, so if for some reason it doesn't actually work, for now I still have his other one. As for me, it's SO comfortable! It has a slightly more narrow seat that Pammon's which I was afraid I might not like. But turns out, I like it better. It keeps me in the middle of my horse better and it's a lot easier for me to go from a half seat at the canter to sitting which has been a struggle for me with Eros. So let's hope, even though I've said it before, that I'm all done with this saddle nonsense! 

That's about it from here. Just plugging along trying to get these horses going well. My state opens up vaccines to anyone over 16 starting tomorrow so I'm going to be stalking appointments as soon as I can. Looking forward to rejoining society this summer! I mean kinda... the recluse life has actually been pretty great for me. But I can't be a hermit forever.

Tuesday, March 30, 2021

Truthful Tuesday


Today I must confess that sometimes my bright ideas can be ridiculously time consuming. (Thank goodness I have so much of it right now!) This weekend I had one of those bright ideas.
My new shipping wraps arrived Saturday and I wanted to label them before packing them away with my show stuff. That's all well and good, but things spiraled from there. I decided I should label all of the wraps I keep in the trailer. (Each horse has two full sets of standing wraps packed away with their show stuff plus the new shipping wraps. So that's a lot of wraps.) Originally I was just going to put my last name on everything and be done with it. But then I thought, why not do the farm logo? I figured I could keep it simple and just do the logo all in one color (tan for the overwraps and green for the pillows and no bows). If I did two color logos, I'd have to press everything twice since you can only iron on one color at a time. That seemed reasonable. 
It was not in fact, reasonable. You guys. It took FOREVER. Like pretty much the entire day yesterday. But it's done, and I think it looks nice at least.

They're kind of buried, but peep the tan pillow wraps in the top photo on the right. They're exactly what I hoped for when I ordered them. So nice when that happens!

So um, definitely do not recommend having a brilliant idea like this if you have lots of wraps. But if you just have a normal amount, I think it's worth it. Hopefully if/when I show this year my stuff won't go missing. 

Thursday, March 25, 2021

Thursday's Threads


Outfit day again! I went with some green this week, but only me. The horses wore blue. Here are the boys in their outfits:

They both wore their Camelot RCS Gold bridles. Pammon has a saddle pad from Premier Equine and Eros' pad is from Mattes. The half pad is Kavalkade. Pammon's boots are from Premier Equine and Eros' are the HKM ones I haven't thrown out yet... 

And here's what I wore:
It was warmish yesterday, but still sweater weather. I think it stayed in the high 50's/low 60's. 

Helmet: One K MIPS

Recycled photo... I wore the green accents with my green sweater. Obviously!

Sweater: Nantucket
I have this sweater in two colors that I purchased different years. I miss Nantucket so much and hope we get to go back this year!

Belt: The Sugar Lady
I'm still so in love with this belt that's made with Rio's tail hair. It came out so much better than I even imagined. 

Breeches: Ariat
These are the Olympia style from Ariat. I only buy them when I find them on sale because they're not the cheapest style, but they do fit really well. 

Socks: Dreamers and Schemers
I mostly bought these because of the green background... But also, that horse kinda looks like Pammon doesn't it? 

Boots: Celeris UK

Another recycled photo... sorry! But I wore these again. I wanted my most broken in boots for the first several outdoor rides. You know, just in case I need to hang on tight! I'll probably have them on again next week too. Sorry to be redundant.

And that's it for this week! Any favorites? I plan to have a fun themed outfit next week for you guys. I'm pretty excited about it, it's funny!

Wednesday, March 24, 2021

What's Up Wednesday


It's been a fun week just riding horses all day and not sitting in front of a computer for 8 hours. I need to figure out a schedule for myself though so I actually get some of the projects on my list accomplished and don't just spend all my time at the barn. Figured I'd give myself some time to relax and do just that first though. 

I have no media from this past week. Literally nothing. I didn't even take random photos of the horses just horsing. Sorry guys. Bad Blogger! Thank goodness for those pro photos we had done to break up the text! 

Yesterday we started transitioning back outdoors which is always exciting. Those of you in the south probably don't know the wild rides we get when we head outside for the first time each spring... Though, if you own Shiny, it's generally the same as any other day. Shinypants is just so levelheaded. She gives me a lot of frustration with her listening skills, but she makes up for it with her intelligence and general "good girl-ness". 

Pammon is having his first outdoor ride later this morning, but I opted to let him have a training ride for it. I was tempted to go out yesterday (it was a top 10 weather day, low 60's, not a cloud in the sky, no wind) but he was ridiculously spooky in the indoor when I got on and I just decided not to push my luck. He's on full care for my training rides are included and I never use any. Might as well cash in when it will make my life a lot easier, right? I'm excited to see how it goes. He'll probably be perfect... and then run away with me tomorrow. Lol!

He had his lesson on Sunday and was a very good boy. I want to switch his to a different time though, as I think he needs to jump a little higher than our lesson mate is doing. I'm going to do Shiny in that lesson this coming weekend though, since it's perfect for where she's at.

As I already mentioned, Shiny was perfect for her first ride outside. It was busy, there was a lesson happening with I think 5 or 6 people in it. But she didn't get worked up, and best of all, didn't kick anyone! I switched her bit from an egg butt to a full cheek to see if that might assist in working on her straightness and in turning more accurately. It's the same mouthpiece so she seems to like it, and I do think it's having the desired effect. She looks cute in it too (since that's important...). 

I was kind of terrified to go out with Eros... you know, cause of the spinning. But our lesson was outside last night, so I had to just suck it up. Nothing like JUMPING your first time outside. UGH. I was sure I was going to die. I avoided the end of the ring where he likes to spook, but he honestly was pretty wonderful. It's technically supposed to be a flat lesson, but we do pop over some small jumps at the end. He was perfect to flat, but was definitely getting stronger and stronger as we jumped over some little crossrails. I opted to trot them all (we were allowed the choice), but I was the only weenie who did that. Lol. In my defense, the other horses had all been ridden out a few times this year. So they had an advantage. 

I spoke with my Dad and Stepmom the other day to finalize the summer plan. I will keep Pammon at the boarding barn again this summer and have Shiny and Eros at home. Those two are really easy to have around and I would like to stay consistent with lessons with him. The other two I'm pretty comfortable with on my own. 

And that's it from here! Hopefully some media next week. But if not, Eros and Shiny will be home in May and I'll get Pivo back up and running. 

Did you all have a good week? Have you transitioned to the scary outdoor if you live where winter happens? How is it going?

Tuesday, March 23, 2021

Truthful Tuesday


Now that I'm a certified stay at home horse mom (SAHHM) I know it's time to rein in on my shopping habits. The hard part is that since I'm home and have all this new found time, I've been doing some organizing out in the barn and have found all the things I need to replace. So I guess I can't quit shopping cold turkey. 

My show pads won't fit my new saddles since they barely fit my old one which was tiny. And I DO plan to show this year, even if it's just some local one days. Also, my shipping wraps are all at minimum 20 years old. So Wilkers got all my money. They make hunter pads specifically for different saddle brands, so I know they will fit my saddles perfectly. For the wraps, I opted for tan pillow wraps for two reasons. First, they'll hide the poo stains better than white. And second is the obvious one... My farm colors are hunter and tan! I like that Wilker's has color options besides the normal navy, black, or white. 

And the last big purchase... it's a doozy. I've been keeping my eyes peeled for a used saddle exactly like Pammon's but in Eros' width and of course the same day I lose my job, the saddles pops up. They will take one of my current ones in trade, which makes the money exchange on my end pretty minimal, so it's not as irresponsible as it sounds. It's coming Thursday for a trial, so hopefully it fits us both. It has almost the same specs as Pammon's except for the wider tree, but also, the seat is a bit more narrow. I'm not sure if I'll notice, but hopefully it's fine. Time will tell. I guess worst case, it's not fine and I don't have to buy it? If it does work though, I'll officially be DONE looking at saddles until the day I get a new horse. Which I have zero plans for the foreseeable future. Three is plenty!

I had hoped to get a fun new pair of Celeris this spring, but with the saddle and the job situation, that will have to wait a bit. I have a ton of stuff I've weeded through and need to sell though... so maybe if that all goes I can bump that up to sooner. I already know what I want... so um... once I list it, please buy my stuff! 

Thursday, March 18, 2021

Thursday's Threads


Happy outfit day! In honor of my new found free time, I decided to wear my party outfit today. You know, looking on the bright side and all that.

Turns out, I do not yet have red solo cup boot socks... I hope D&S makes some!

Helmet: One K CCS MIPS
One K seems to slowly be switching all of their models over to MIPS which I'm pretty excited about. I am hoping to replace my wide brim One K with the MIPS version this summer, and I *think* it will be available with rose gold rails just like the old model. Fingers crossed! In the meantime, I wore the blue one today.

Sweatshirt: unbranded
I mentioned to my dad yesterday that I feel a little like I did right out of college where my whole life lay ahead of me. Rather than being responsible and coming up with a new life plan however, I decided to embrace the college part and wear a party cup shirt. While I realize I can't spend as wildly as the before days... I do want to get some baby pads made with a party cup print... Adding that to the list!

Belt: C4
It just makes me giggle okay?

Breeches: Smartpak Hadley
I'm excited to not be wearing the corduroy breeches these days! Starting to add some colors back into my outfits!

Socks: Mare Goods/Dreamers and Schemers
I have a pair of solo cup socks, but they aren't boot socks. I thought these horses looked like they're having a party though. So I went with it. 

Boots: Celeris UK
Look!!!! Real boots! My feet were cold though. The high today was 43 and it was damp and rainy. I missed my winter boots. Gotta get those stitched back up. It is nice to wear something pretty again though. These were getting a lot of use prior to winter really setting in, and they still look fantastic (other than needing a good cleaning, sorry boots). 

Eros didn't feel like taking a selfie today so no bridle pic. But I do have pics of his pad and boots!

Saddle Pad: Mattes
Half Pad: Kavalrie
Saddle: Butet
I don't love this saddle quite as much as Pammon's (though I DO like it plenty, don't worry) but after it's cleaning and conditioning yesterday it is a lot grippier now. I snapped this photo post ride, and the pad slipped back a little. It does actually fit the saddle nicely when it's in the right spot. 

Boots: HKM
I keep saying it, but these boots are really getting ready for the trash. I just like the shiny blue so much I've been hanging on to them. When it's time to bring the horses home, that's when I'll chuck them. Promise.

And that's it for today! Any favorites? 

Wednesday, March 17, 2021

What's Up Wednesday


Well, I gotta be honest guys. My first official full day of Funemployment was pretty fab. I slept in until 8:30, ate some breakfast, and then spent the entire day with my horses. I rode all three and cleaned and conditioned their tack. So productive! I could get used to retirement... But let's talk more about the past week in horses.

Pammon had his back injected on Thursday so he had a long weekend of R&R. He had a hand walk Friday but was able to have his regular turnout the rest of the days. Bummer to miss our lesson this week, but totally worth it to have his back feeling better. He's been VERY uncomfortable the last couple of weeks. I got on him with a little ace yesterday for a light flat and he felt so much better (despite it being 21 degrees...)! Today he had a little free lunge and then we had a good workout under saddle. He felt a million times better and didn't lose his hind end at all which has been happening a bit lately. Looking forward to jumping him this week!

Shiny's had a big week! Her new (to us) Custom Saddlery saddle (NOT COUNTY!!! LOL!) arrived on Friday and I couldn't wait to plop it on her. It fits her quite well thankfully, and she seems really comfortable in it. It's effing wide though you guys. I feel like I'm riding a barrel. 

The panels actually make contact along her entire back, which no other saddle I've put on her has come close. I'm sure it could use some tweaking the next time a saddle fitter is out, but it's pretty great as it is anyway. It does need new billets which was disclosed to me at purchase. They're still safely attached so not dangerous, but they do need to be done soon.
She's been improving with her canter transitions and work ethic in general. I'm not sure if it's the saddle, but it would be wonderful if that were the case! 
Yesterday when I got on her there was a group lesson happening with some kids. I'd call them advanced beginner level I think? They jump around like 2' ish but haven't really learned about connection or any of that yet. Anyway, they have a new lesson horse and the girl assigned to him was getting run away with at the canter. So two of the girls switched horses. Second kid also getting run away with on the new horse. So the instructor asked my fellow ammy friend to hop on him and I thought, hey maybe that kid could do Shiny? I've wondered how she'd be for a kid for awhile. Why not find out? Couldn't be worse than the horse running away with them, right? So I offered up Shiny and I got on my friend's horse. You guys! Shiny was amazing. Like legit amazing. She cantered right off for the kid (freaking ponies...) and then they jumped around the little course. I haven't jumped her in forever and she didn't bat an eye at anything. Just picked up the canter and went right around. Cutest thing I've ever seen! 
Of course, when I rode her today, she tripped and fell on her face again. I stayed on though. SO glad that didn't happen with the child. I thought we had fixed that particular issue, but I guess not? She was especially belligerent with me prior to that happening (though quite good afterwards) so I can't help but wonder if it's just an attentional problem. Every time it's happened it's when she's trying to drag me through a transition. I think she gets so focused on not doing what's asked she just loses track of her own feet. 

Also, this NEVER happens at this barn... but when I hopped on friend's horse, the barn owner/trainer (she was teaching the lesson) had me join in and I got to jump some fences. SUPER fun! I wasn't a total weenie and he was really fun to ride. I hope maybe it will happen again some time. Not likely, but you never know! Especially now that I'll be around when the juniors aren't. I feel like some of the rules are more lax without the kids around. We shall see!

THIS GUY has been a superstar. Since Pammon couldn't do the weekend lesson, I did it on Eros this week. We rode in an earlier class with an amateur that only jumps itty bitty (she actually owns the horse I got to ride yesterday, my other friend half leases him from her). It was the perfect class for Eros' second time jumping. We did some single fences and then strung together half a course to finish. AND I got video!

He was exceptionally perfect even if we looked like this trying to stop at the end:

He just gets really excited, okay?! I don't hold it against him. We tried out the leather pelham for the first time and (victory gallop aside...) I think it will be a nice bit for him to jump in. He's willing to come into it on the flat and give me great work, plus it has that little extra leverage (and curb chain action) for when he starts to get excited after the fences. I did him again in our flat lesson night. He was fabulous, and we even jumped some little jumps at the end. He was wonderful. There was a line of crossrails set up that was set at a normal 5 strides. Since the jumps were small the six was our "normal" stride number but we also worked on getting the seven going back and forth to really make sure the adjustability was there. Once we strung some fences together into a course, he did get a little strong, but totally rideable. I'm SO excited to really get him going for this summer!

And now you're all caught up on the past week! We have a service fee attached to the cost of board that we can put toward lessons or other services. Since over the last couple of years I've been boarding horses that couldn't lesson, I have MANY lesson cards purchased that need using. So with all this new found free time, I'm hoping to get a bunch of lessons in on all of the horses before it's time to move home for summer. So excited for that, and hopefully will make for some fun content here. 

Have you ever offered your horse up for a lesson kid? How did it go? 

Tuesday, March 16, 2021

Truthful Tuesday: The one with the new beginning


So I was planning to post a hilarious story about how my "County" saddle I got for Shiny is actually a Custom Saddlery saddle. True story. I totally made up that it was a County. No one ever suggested that. Lol. Whatever it is, it fits her and she likes it so it's fine. 

It's the widest thing I've ever seen.

(But if you know anything about them, would love to know more! Like, are they decent saddles? Or does my little backyard pony really just love cheap stuff?) So anyway, that's that story. 

But my real news today is that my "position was eliminated" at my job today... so I'm fun-employed now. I knew it would happen eventually. If you've been around awhile, you know that I work for a company that my Dad built, and I was a partner in. We sold 5 years ago and I stayed on. I was the last of the family to remain. I went from being a partner that helped out in many different roles (my main gig was sales though) to being sales/customer service. My title was then downgraded to solely customer service but they weren't able to cut my pay because of my contract. So I was massively overpaid for my role. To be fair, my actual duties never changed, just my title... so good luck to everyone taking over my stuff! 

So... that's it. I have no real life plan so I guess I should start thinking about that stuff. I'm regretting my impulse buying three new pads from Premier Equine this weekend (they brought back the wool pads in new colors... and one is GREEN!) but whatever. I got an okay severance package so I can still afford them. 

Fear not though, Thursday's threads will be plenty entertaining in the weeks to come. I have plenty of stuff you all haven't seen yet. And I'll just have to work "fun outfits" into my budget plan moving forward. I mean, clearly, I have my priorities straight!

Thursday, March 11, 2021

Thursday's Threads


Outfit day! Kind of a short one today, but as spring starts to throw teasers around up here, hopefully Thursday's Threads will start to liven back up soon. 

I'm wearing blues this week since the horses are all donning blue pads right now. Which you won't see because I forgot to snap any photos so far this week... Sorry.

Helmet: One K CCS Mips
Recycled photo, but Eros is the cutest so it's worth repeating. Obviously I went with the blue accents to match my outfit!

Sweatshirt: Horseplay Apparel
I love the details on this hoodie and wish they had come out with some other colors (hunter green especially). It has nice long sleeves and thumbholes which is always a fun bonus.

Belt: Nocona

I had hunted this belt down second hand to match my navy boots. Alas, when it arrived it was a smidge too small. Fortunately, it had a removable buckle, so I swapped out the one it came with for this horse shoe and that gave me some extra room. It fits perfectly now! I love this one, and am excited to start wearing it more.

Breeches: Ariat Olympia
I'm a big fan of the Olympia breech. They do run a little on the smaller side, so size up if you decide to get a pair. I am somewhere in between a 28 and 30 generally, but these I definitely need in the 30. 

Socks: Nobel Outfitters
I'm not the biggest Nobel Outfitters fan out there... most of their stuff just fits me weird. But I do really like their pedi socks for winter. I have some of the ovation brand and they are kind of tight and too long. But these fit great, the right height and I like the amount of stretch in them.

Boots: Tredstep
I haven't put these away just yet. It's still pretty cold in the mornings when I ride Pammon and often by evening when I ride the last one too. So they're sticking around for now. BUT you guys... we have a problem:
I wore through the stitching. BIG OL' HOLE right there (though it's not the best photo to depict that). I think it's reparable though, so I really just need to find someone who does boot repairs. I have three that need attention so it will be worth it I guess? Any suggestions on where I can send boots to get fixed?

That's it for today, Friends. I'll try and be a better blogger next week and get photos of at least one pony's outfit.