Tuesday, March 30, 2021

Truthful Tuesday


Today I must confess that sometimes my bright ideas can be ridiculously time consuming. (Thank goodness I have so much of it right now!) This weekend I had one of those bright ideas.
My new shipping wraps arrived Saturday and I wanted to label them before packing them away with my show stuff. That's all well and good, but things spiraled from there. I decided I should label all of the wraps I keep in the trailer. (Each horse has two full sets of standing wraps packed away with their show stuff plus the new shipping wraps. So that's a lot of wraps.) Originally I was just going to put my last name on everything and be done with it. But then I thought, why not do the farm logo? I figured I could keep it simple and just do the logo all in one color (tan for the overwraps and green for the pillows and no bows). If I did two color logos, I'd have to press everything twice since you can only iron on one color at a time. That seemed reasonable. 
It was not in fact, reasonable. You guys. It took FOREVER. Like pretty much the entire day yesterday. But it's done, and I think it looks nice at least.

They're kind of buried, but peep the tan pillow wraps in the top photo on the right. They're exactly what I hoped for when I ordered them. So nice when that happens!

So um, definitely do not recommend having a brilliant idea like this if you have lots of wraps. But if you just have a normal amount, I think it's worth it. Hopefully if/when I show this year my stuff won't go missing. 


  1. Wow - those look awesome...! It is time consuming though the end result is sweet! The tan wraps are a smart idea - I should look for some of those.

    1. Right? I'm hoping they'll hide the stains a little better. You have to special order the color, but it doesn't cost more than the white ones.