Tuesday, June 25, 2013

I'm Baaa-aaack!

Did you miss me??
I've been all kinds of busy with some home remodeling:


and horse shows:

 Sadly my poor little blog has gone unloved. But I'm back and ready to post away!
This one will be a short shameless post about a website I joined a few months ago. It's called Little Black Bag and it is a black hole for time and money. And yet I cannot step away.
So here's how it works. If you wish to be VIP, you get charged 9.95 a month to be a member. You then get a $10.00 credit to apply to something you'd like to buy. You also get an extra discount and sometimes special deals only for members. Whether or not you become VIP, if you want to open a bag, you pick an item you want to buy that's deeply discounted from the actual retail cost (prices are on par with Marshall's or TJ Maxx). You can buy just that item, or you can choose to bundle. If you bundle it's an extra ten dollars or so (sometimes a little more, sometimes a little less depending on the item) and you get up to 3 "stylist picks" along with the item you chose. Now here's where the addiction comes in. After you open your bag (buy your item) you have up to 7 days to trade away whatever you don't like for something you love. I opened one bag with a purse that cost 29.99 (plus 5.95 shipping) and wound up with 3 purses and a necklace. I haven't always been THAT successful, but still, that's pretty good!
Here are some of the items I've gotten from Little Black Bag:

Cute right?! They are all name brands. So anyway, here's my shameless plug. If you want to try it out for a month use this link: http://lbb.ag/q1XV You'll get 25% off your first purchase, and I'll get a free item in my next bag after you ship yours. Click away my friends, I LOVE free stuff! Plus once you join, you can refer your own friends and get free stuff. Win win! Also important to note, there are items available in all kinds of price ranges, so it doesn't have to be an expensive endeavor. Unless you get addicted like me....

Friday, June 7, 2013

Rainy Friday

 Sorry I haven't posted all week! I've been a little busy at work and the horses, and just didn't have the chance to organize a post. But I have some time now! Sit down, grab a coffee, and enjoy!

 This past weekend I FINALLY got to take Jamp to a small horse show in preparation for our upcoming trip to Saratoga to show. We went to Mystic Valley to show in the Adult Equitation division and the medal classes. Being an unrated horse show, the turnout was small, so the medals didn't have enough people to run the classes. But the regular classes filled. Jampy was PERFECT! He didn't even try to murder me when an entire flock of geese flew up in front of us! Good boy Jampy!
Speaking of fowl... Monday brought some excitement when an enormous crow (or Pterodactyl if you ask Ducky) flew up in front of us while riding in the evening. Ducky ducked left (THAT must be where he got his name!) and bolted, but upon seeing he was running at a jump, proceeded to duck right instead. I was clinging like a champ until the second direction change. Ouch:
Now that I'm old, these unplanned dismounts take a little longer to recover from! Thus, no running for me this week. My legs were SORE from the attempted hanging on, and when I fell, I landed on my large belt buckle, leaving a bit of hematoma on my left love handle... (My riding pants are side-zip, hence my belt buckle is on the side). Wounded warrior for a few days, I was! Thankfully though, back in fighting shape today. If it would only stop raining, I'm ready to go for a run and get a little exercise (other than riding of course).

In other news, I'm ridiculously excited about a new pair of shoes that arrived at my house this week.... I can't remember if I blogged about my amazing handbag I got on ebay... Did I? This one:
 It's an Elliott Luca. I LOVE it. It's like a family member.
Well anyway, I've recently joined the VIP program at Little Black Bag. (It's an addiction, hide your credit cards!) The deal there is, for 9.95 a month you can be a VIP. You get a $10.00 credit and additional discounts on items each month for being VIP. At Little Black Bag, you can buy single items, or you can choose to buy a bundle. If you bundle, you get the item you'd like to buy plus up to three other items. Once you've completed your purchase, you have a week to trade your items with other members. After that week your bag ships to you. It's really pretty fun, and if you play your cards right, you can wind up with some great deals! One caveat though, shipping takes FOREVER! So be prepared to wait awhile to get your stuff. Sorry to ramble. But I found these shoes from Mia Girl on there:

They aren't quite as nice as the handbag as they aren't leather or actually woven, but that's pretty close! And they weren't expensive at all so that's even better. Regardless, they match so well! Highlight of my work week for sure.
Well, that's about it from here... I hope you all have a great weekend! I shall leave you with a photo of these gorgeous flowers blooming outside my bedroom window: