Thursday, February 27, 2020

Thursday's Threads

Hey guys! It's almost Friday, but it's not yet, so I can still call this Thursday's Threads. In today's edition I wore a sweater that perfectly depicts my life at work this week. So we shall start there.
What you see here is the asteroid killing the dinosaurs. Work is the asteroid. I'm the dinosaurs.

Sweater: Modcloth
The metaphor was not lost on my coworkers. They all wanted one.

Belt: Buckle Down
Dino belt. To match the sweater, obviously.

Jeans: True Religion
I think these are fun with the random stitching up there. Plus they're super comfy.

Shoes: Vans
Dino shoes! These dinos are happy though. They have no idea the asteroid is about to strike.

Arm Party!
Lefty is donning my newest addition to the arm party family. That slow twist D in the middle. The sides are laced like reins. It's from Loriece Jewelry. The others you'll recognize as my fitbit and trusty apple watch.

Righty kept up with the t-rex theme. First up is a bangle from Coach featuring Rexy. Middle is a leather bracelet purchased second hand from Poshmark, and lastly is another t-rex. That one I think was from Etsy.

So that's what I wore to hell work today, but I have a riding outfit to share too! This one is far less depressing.

Representing my favorite color and my alma mater!

Helmet: One K
Same old, same old.

Sweatshirt: Skidmore College
Yep, our mascot is the Thoroughbred! I picked this hoodie up at my last reunion. It's ridiculously soft.

Belts: Boy O'Boy Bridleworks

I love my Boy O'Boy belt! I think I should have done the logo in green, but whatevs, it's still cute!

Breeches: Dover Wellesley
This is my favorite pair from Dover. I mean... they're my barn colors!

Socks: Dreamers and Schemers
Shoes: Ariat
Love these Ariat cruisers that are basically also my barn colors. And also love my custom D&S socks with my farm logo on them.

Boots: De Niro
Still rocking the navy boots. So far so good on the zippers!

And that's it for today! Any favorites? How's things? I'm behind on blog reading, but I'll catch up this weekend. Hope everyone is having a good week!

Wednesday, February 26, 2020

What's up Wednesday

Lolz... Imma start day drinking at work soon... Ha! Anyway... We're not here to talk about work, we're here to talk ponies.
So this week/weekend was pretty tame on the horse front. Eros is a perfect gentleman for his hand walking and Shiny is coming along under saddle. We've added canter back in, and I'm asking her toward the end of every ride to come round and work the booty. It's hard for her, and she really can't hold it long, but it's a start! Clearly, she's very worn out from all the hard work...

Saturday she pulled a Shiny on me though... We are supposed to pick feet just inside the barn when leaving the indoor. So I picked the front ones, and when I went to do the back, she got startled by the farrier hammering on a shoe nearby. I tried to grab the reins, but missed, and she trotted herself right down the aisle and outside. Of course it was a randomly beautiful warm day, so the doors were all open. Of course! Lol. Fortunately, she just trotted herself out to the paddocks and visited with her pony friend Misty who was outside. Such a silly pony. This is the THIRD TIME she's gotten loose at the boarding barn. First time from me though. So naughty.

Sunday I needed to pull her mane. It was halfway down her neck and she was looking VERY feral. Apparently though, she's a total turd about it. I wound up having to twitch her and still was only able to shorten it with scissors. Good thing she's not showing any time soon...

Nothing new on the Pammon front. Vet comes Friday to ultrasound Eros, so I'll probably get an update then.

We've already covered everything going on with the puggers yesterday, so that's where we are with them. Artie still isn't into eating his kibble, so I guess I'll have to get more food for him. Kids.

I did manage fill all the time this weekend though, despite being busy with vet visits and Equine rehab. Saturday evening I went to a minor league hockey game which was super fun.

They lost in overtime. Losers.

I've also been taking steps to organize my hoarder hovel, and one of those steps is actually acquiring furniture in which to hide my crap. Thus, both Saturday morning and Sunday morning I put some parts together.

Pretty good, right? I only messed up one thing but it's not a big deal, just a backwards piece that is in the back anyway. I did however drop the top part on my head when trying to lift it up into place.
And I got a booboo. Looks oddly like I got bit, doesn't it?

I have one more piece to put together for that room (it's a pantry room sort of, the fridge is in there... my house is old and weird), and then it should be all neat and organized! One down... all the rest to go. Baby steps my friends. It will be SO nice once everything is organized though. Hope it lasts! ha.

And that's about it from here. If you guys don't hear from me tomorrow it's because my job drove me to day drinking.

Tuesday, February 25, 2020

Truthful Tuesday

Chaos. My life currently. Pure Chaos. My job is legit out of control. I've mentioned recently that the Coronavirus is having an impact on my job, but it's gotten straight up nuts you guys. China has been shut down completely since Chinese New Year which puts production about two months behind at this point. We're running out of inventory, and it's gotten to the point where we have to allocate what's left based on previous purchases. We have THOUSANDS of customers and products, so you can imagine what a nightmare this is. Orders are still rolling in like everything is fine. But ugh. Everything is NOT fine. If production doesn't resume in the next week or two... well. Let's not even think about it.
Me at work.
And then P had a UTI. Which did not in fact clear up with the first round of antibiotics. So that meant a second more expensive trip to the vet. Fortunately, that seems to be resolving now with a different antibiotic. But will also require another trip to the vet in a couple weeks to be sure.

Since my animals really like to pile it on thick, and not to be outdone by Pia of course, Artie started coughing on Thursday night and coughed so hard he PASSED OUT! Apparently, dogs can do this, and it's not all that out of the ordinary... But I've never seen a dog just fucking pass out. It's horrifying if you've never seen it. Pretty much exactly the same visual as when a horse gets put down standing. HORRIFYING! I thought he died. Right in front of me. Thankfully he did not die, so I rushed him up to the 24 hour vet hospital near me.
After waiting awhile (it was a busy night there) he got some x-rays and I was told it appeared he had heart failure. Best case scenario the vet said was about a year if the meds worked. Needless to say I ugly cried the whole drive home... and most of the night. Artie is only around 8 or 9 (he's a rescue, so we're not sure exactly) and has always been my healthy dog. So this news was out of no where for sure. He stayed the night at the hospital so they could run more tests in the morning and we could formulate a plan for him.

Looking at this x-ray, his heart appears  VERY enlarged. That is, if he wasn't a Pug. At our follow up appt with our regular vet on Saturday, she explained to me that what appears very scary on this x-ray is actually pretty normal for Pugs. I don't think the ER vet was as familiar with the breed as the specialist and our regular vet.
In a very rare turn of events, once the tests were run, it was determined by the specialists that he does not in fact have heart failure. THANK GOODNESS! He does have a heart murmur and we'll want to keep an eye on his heart as he ages, but definitely not heart failure. He also has a case of pneumonia. No fever so it wasn't obvious until the ultra sound, but it's definitely there. He didn't eat well this weekend, but I picked up some different food (back at the vets...again) and he's gobbling that right down. So I think he'll be feeling back to his old self very soon. He has a follow up in two weeks as well. Needless to say, between the er visit and all the office visits, the vets have gotten my entire pay check for the last two weeks. Sigh. The things we do for our fur kids! I'm just grateful everyone will be okay. I can always make more money (hopefully, assuming my job doesn't implode).

So yeah... Last night I binge ate Italian cookies and feel very little remorse. And that's my confession for today.

Thursday, February 20, 2020

Thursday's Threads

Outfit day! It's still winter here, despite us seeing 50 degrees sporadically recently. It would be SUPER if winter stayed like that until spring. (Sorry I know... global warming bad. But warm Stacie good!) So I went with cozy for last night's ride.

It wasn't SO cold that I needed the fuzzy boots. The day was actually pretty warm, but the temps were falling quickly once the sun went down.

Helmet: One K
Same old. I know... But hey. Convenience.

Top: Herd of Zebras
I have a few fluffy sweatshirts like this, but a lot of them aren't actually warm. The wind and cold seems to go right through them. This one though? This thing is SO warm. Big fan! But not to be worn if you're handling shavings. Good luck getting them off.

Belt: Mane Jane
I did the light gray strap with the rose gold buckle for this outfit.

Breeches: Noble Outfitters
Noble Outfitters is going to be sold exclusively at Dover moving forward, so you'll see their stuff being closed out pretty much everyplace else. I snagged these from somewhere for super cheap. They are the winter lined softshell style. I may grab a tan pair if I see them again.

Boots: De Niro
Putting these navy ones to WORK to see how their zippers will survive everyday use. So far so good. And update on the black pair: The new zippers arrived yesterday. I haven't yet really researched where to get them fixed, but Ashley gave me a good somewhat local lead, so I'll probably check them out first. Not sure when though.

So that's what I wore last night to ride Miss Shiny pants! And I have a shiny work outfit to share too... (See what I did there?) You will...

See? It's a shiny sweater! Ha! Sorry. It's been a long week.

Top: Silence + Noise
It's really hard to photograph the fun oil click effect on this sweater, but it's basically the same as that bracelet there in front. I'm not sure why I love this oil slick stuff so much, but I just do!

Belt: Mane Jane
I've been unsuccessful finding an oil slick belt, but I have found some hardware so I'm planning on making one at some point. In the meantime, I went simple with this black belt strap and gunmetal buckle.

Jeans: Vintage America Blues
These are a gray with vintage wash stretchy denim. Cute and super comfy.

Shoes: Keds
I know! They're amazing. And Keds so obviously comfy too.

Arm Party!
Lefty is wearing a bangle bracelet that I put together. The bracelet part came from Etsy, and the unicorn charm is from Coach. Along with that are my tech; the Fitbit and the apple watch.

Righty is wearing that super fun vintage snakeskin bangle along with a memory wire bracelet I made, and a cuff that I think came from Poshmark.

So that's it for today! Any favorites? Do you like the oil slick/unicorn look?

Wednesday, February 19, 2020

What's Up Wednesdays

Might as well jump right in with the most pressing news. Friday the vet came out to see what's happening with Eros and his limpy leg. After watching him go under saddle and then flexing him, doc was pretty confident we were dealing with the same foot/ankle troubles as last year. BUT after blocking him, we were less certain. At first look, he definitely needs his feet fixed. His heels need to be opened up to relieve some of the pressure on that ligament he has trouble with. The weird one that wraps around the ankle down to the foot. Don't ask me what it's called, I can't remember. Anyway... that's an ongoing issue that we will forever deal with for him. Doc does still think that is the root of the problem. However, when he blocked the foot and then the ankle he was only marginally more sound. He didn't get the most sound until we blocked... The Suspensory. UGH! You guys. These ligaments are going to be the death of me.

Yeah, I'm closing my eyes to all of this too Eros.
The problem though, since the area was blocked it can't be ultrasounded the same day. (The block just lights everything up so you can't actually see anything.) The leg is pretty tight though, and not overly sensitive to palpation, so we're very hopeful that there's no real injury there, and it's just very sore from compensating for the foot bothering him. My vet is in Florida this week, but will hopefully be out a week from Friday to ultrasound that just to be sure.
In the meantime, we need to hopefully get him re-shod (he's due anyway), ice, wrap, and hand walk. I'm legit so over nursing and hand walking horses. SO OVER IT! Not to say I'm not doing it. Of course I am! And I really do enjoy the extra time just hanging with my horses. But like... I also really enjoy riding, lessoning, and showing... Just throwing that out there...
From a normal, not over-reacting perspective, he'll likely be just fine in a few weeks. But from MY perspective where my horses frequently take year long vacations, I'm worried. I'm sitting somewhere in between "everything is fine, this is no big deal" and "I should probably sell the farm and take up competitive eating."

Fortunately, Shiny is back in light work. We even added in some canter over the weekend. So now we just have to build up her fitness slowly. She's also pretty over due for a trim, so hopefully the farrier comes out sooner than later. She's been a good girl though and seems to be sound. Hard to really tell because she's not all that interested in working and gives me the littlest western pleasure jog when I ask for trot... But it seems to be even at least. Once she's a little stronger and has some fitness we're going to need address the whole leg means go thing. Plenty of time for that though.

So that's really all we're up to here. Eros is walking and icing, Shiny is jogging with a little canter.

"Mom, this boot is really cold." -Eros probably
In non horse news,I've been making some headway in reclaiming my house from the hoarder hovel it had become. I just ordered some shelving for my bedroom and some cabinets for my pantry. So this weekend I'll be swearing a lot trying to put it all together. But it will (hopefully) all be worth it when everything is organized and neat! Once those two rooms are done, I can figure out what to do with the craft room I want to make upstairs in the smallest bedroom. And I think once THAT room gets accomplished I'll have a nice house again. But now that I've been looking at furniture and what not, I kind of want to replace my living room stuff. I have always disliked my couch. It looks nice enough, but it's really uncomfortable and I never sit on it. Be nice to have some furniture I actually want to sit in. But that's probably gotta wait till next year. We'll see.

And that's about it from here. How are things with you guys? Horses sound? Do anything fun with them this week? Is your house in order, or is there stuff all over yours too?

Tuesday, February 18, 2020

Truthful Tuesday

I alluded to today's confession a few times... It's that I had put a deposit on ONE MORE pair of Celeris boots back at holiday time. They had a chance to win a free pair, and I just couldn't pass that up! I didn't win the free boots, but I did win a nice discount. But here's part two of my confession: I haven't actually ordered them yet. I seem to have what I can only refer to as Boot Block. It's like writers block, but for boot design. I think I've got all the colors covered at this point.


rose gold

more green




pink glitter


more pink and purple

Moooo cow and more green
You get the idea. Yes there are others. One of these weekends I'll get all the boots together for a photo shoot and you'll get that post you've all been waiting for. But we're not here for that today. Today we're here to discuss my Boot Block.

I got really excited yesterday when they posted some ridiculous hologram spur straps and was like YES! (Not for full boots, I'm not quite that tacky, just the accents!) But alas. That was a special order they had done and they can't get more of that leather. Boo. So I'm stuck. What I probably should do is just get plain black boots for my next show pair. But my Parlantis are still fine for showing. And let's be real, the chances of me showing this year are once again quite slim. So fun boots would make me much happier I think.

So what would you do if you were me? Any color(s) you think I'm missing? I'm not a red/burgundy/orange person so not those please.