Saturday, December 31, 2016

2016 in retrospect

Some years you look back on and think, WOW! What a year! This wasn't really one of those years. It wasn't a terrible year by any means, it just wasn't very eventful. There absolutely were some great moments (and a handful that were less so of course). So let's take a moment to reflect, shall we?

2016 started out exactly like 2017 will. I was in Florida with my dad and step mom, and my trainer was being super generous and sharing her ponies with me.
Charlie wanting me to get his good side.
That is up until I didn't need her to because I had my own down there!
Welcome to the family Badger!
I was pretty excited not only to visit Florida TWICE in January, but especially to add this guy to the herd. I had high hopes for showing him this year, but they didn't really pan out because I am a huge wheenie.
Our local hunter jumper association held their banquet on January 30th, and I picked up Jampy's year end awards:

I also found these boots in January which I am still pretty attached to:
Hello pretties!
February was really bipolar. I was home most of the month and rode a roller coaster of weather. It started out really cold and snowy:

The ponies had lots of time off while I waited for the snow to melt. I got back into running somewhat though, just on the treadmill. Then it got really cold. So cold that my truck's diesel congealed and I had to have it towed.
Then like a minute later it was in the 60's and all the snow melted. Which was awesome because I got to lunge Rio with a bridle on for the first time in years AND I got to sit on Jamp and Romey a few times.

 I did not, however, manage to teach Romey how to lunge:

The last week of February I headed south to visit Badger, who was on his second name at the time. He came as GTO, then we called him Pugsley because:
All of these things are much like the other.
Unfortunately, February ended with a horrible stomach bug. Ugh.

March brought a little more springtime weather and the return to work for the tall kids. Jampy turned 17!

Where does the time go?! I attended a book launch as well as another year end awards banquet where I picked up Jamp's Champion ribbon.

While March was overall a pretty quiet month, the best thing EVER happened. Seriously. Best thing ever, hands down, there is no argument here. I RODE RIO! For the first time in two years. The first time since he got so sick with epm and I thought I'd never sit on him again. And it was the most amazing 10 minutes of my entire life.

The beginning of April started out cold with everything frozen over. Thus no riding, again. Booo. I took a quick work trip to upstate New York and had a horrifying experience in the tiny plane on the way home. But all was fine in the end. Phew.
I also added a new to me saddle to the collection in case I needed a second for all the showing I didn't do this year with all my not sound or not ready horses....
I guess I didn't really need that one. But I'm happy to have it, and it allowed me to send a saddle with Badger this year to Florida. But I digress...
Later in April, I headed back to Florida to play with Badger and realized I have lots of work to do to be able to ride him. Lots. And I still do.
When I got back though, it was lots of riding and accepting that things aren't going great with Romey. Not terrible, but not great. I had somehow misplaced the nice quiet horse I thought I had bought with a more high strung version. And I wasn't figuring out how to settle him down. But we kept plugging along, and nobody died.
I also got to work planning Rio's 20th birthday party!

It was epic. If you haven't read about it yet, please click here and enjoy!
I had a birthday too, but it wasn't an exciting one. I let Rio have the spotlight this year.

May started out with my finally posting a braiding tutorial!
Hopefully it was helpful! I had quite a few braiding jobs in the spring, which was nice.
My second niece Ellie was born at the beginning of May.

Her birthday is the day before her big sister's! That shouldn't cause any birthday drama in the future...
Romey had a birthday too! He turned 7.

I got my gig over at Beeju Boxes in May too! I can't wait to get some new posts up over there. I've been having a tough time logging in, so I am super behind!
Badger got his third and final name in May. It stuck thank goodness. Poor kid was going to have an identity crises. He also moved to CT for the summer!
June started out with the horses in full work and Jamp starting to jump. He had a lingering not quite rightness thing going on and I had the vet out to address it, but we were left scratching our heads. He was still working well though, and moving forward with his fitness. Rio battled some cellulitis, but was doing great otherwise. And Romey was not trying to kill me which was much appreciated.
Badger turned 5!

I spent Father's Day weekend with my dad and family on Nantucket. It was so nice to get away without any horses for once!
I even managed to go for a run, and while my time was horrid, I really enjoyed it.
And best of all, on the flight home, I grabbed this fab aerial view of the farm:
I also made a thing in June:

After thinking I wouldn't go, I did get to spend a long weekend in Saratoga at the horse show. I even got to borrow an incredibly nice horse to show in the alumni division. It would be my only time in the show ring the entire year.

Probably the biggest thing to happen in June was the sale of our company. After spending his grown up life building our little company from a tiny 1 person operation to a world wide company, my dad got an offer he couldn't refuse. We all are still working in similar capacities for now.

July started off with some fireworks and a boat ride (though not really in that order) to celebrate independence day. The horses were pretty much stagnant in their not really behaving and kind of limping ways. Rio of course was perfect. As were the pugs who I haven't really mentioned because they just do their thing.
I took a long weekend to go visit Badger who was showing in Vermont. I didn't get to see him show, but he was great! And I did get to have some lessons on him.
Unfortunately, I hit a really big pothole pretty hard and wound up with a flat tire half way home... Glad I have US Riders insurance with all my towing needs this year!
I also got to see a Yankee game and eat a helmet full of nachos.
So August began with my deciding I wanted to try to go to finals on a borrowed horse. I finally found one to ride and then realized I'd missed the entry deadline. Whoops. Not meant to be I guess.
Rio had an EPM relapse at the beginning of the month but thankfully he pulled through it quickly without lasting problems. That's my boy!
I headed back up to Vermont to visit with Badger for another long weekend. It was lovely and uneventful.
Jamp got back to jumping some bigger jumps this month, though he was still not as sound as I would like him. My vet said he needed to work harder, so we did.
He was pretty good too!
I got to dress up all fancy to celebrate my friend's completion of her PhD.
And one of the highlights every August is of course Lobster Fest:

September started out with a barn tour on the blog.
I got to go to my second Yankee game of the season which is always a good time.
Everyone was in some form of "work" and pretty much not any better or worse off than they were in May. So I guess there's that.

I did have lots of time to take the Puggers for weekend walks though! That was lovely!
October I finally bit the bullet and ordered a new truck (which as of publication has still not arrived!). And obviously I had to write an ode to Bruce, the truck I traded in.

Rio got some fancy new kicks:
I made a fun Halloween themed jump:
And then I even found my brave pants and jumped it!
The days got shorter and weekday rides were in the dark by the end of October. Badger hurt his back and then left for Florida so I barely got to ride him. But all the Winthrop Corner kids (tall and short!) celebrated Halloween with me!

November brought fewer riding days and more cold weather. I went to the Equine Affair to check out trailers and sit in some saddles. I managed to not buy lots of things I don't need, except for one rather expensive purchase that I have yet to reveal to most of you since it's not yet in my possession.
I did get some other fun things from the interwebs though because I have a shopping problem.

December has been really busy! But only mildly with the ponies. I headed south to Florida to visit Badger and to watch the boat parade early in the month.

It was a short but fun trip. Other than the getting bucked off part. That's never fun. FUNNY! But not fun. Haha.
Once back home, I got a little crazy at my hair appoinment.
And then it was non stop holidays and cookies!

Which brings us to this week! I'm in Florida, hanging with Badger and enjoying some time off. It was an odd year for sure. Not terrible, not all that special. I'm not happy nor sad to see it go, but I am excited to see what 2017 has in store!
Happy New Year Friends!