Thursday, December 15, 2016

Thursday's Threads

Happy Outfit Day! It's effing cold here you guys. The day started at 28 degrees, and it's been dropping ever since. Plus the wind is blowing at about 25 mph. Lovely day. Wah. Obviously, I know how to dress for such occasions though.
I feel everyone needs to know how I'm feeling. This outfit sums it up pretty well.

Sweatshirt: LC Trendz
I should probably just wear this every day for the rest of my life. This shirt really gets me.

Jeans: DL1961
These jeans are ridiculously comfy. I got them from Moxie.Style in a denim grab bag. They're a little too short, but with boots on, no one can tell. They're super stretchy, but still a nice thick material. Perfect for a miserable day like today.

Boots: Coach
My mom got me these boots a few years ago for Chanukah. You can cuff them and wear them shorter, but I want all the warmth. All of it! Just for me. They are super warm, and I'm very glad I wore them today!

Arm Party!!!
Lefty is wearing two Ettika bracelets and my apple watch. I really love the bracelets from Ettika. They are so well made. You should feel the weight of the stone one. Sturdy!

Righty is sporting a braided bracelet from Pura Vida. I think it has a Frozen vibe to it, don't you? The middle bracelet is another weighty piece from Ettika. I love the mixed media on it. And last is a vintage leather and metal bracelet. I'm uncertain of the brand on that one. It doesn't have any markings on it.

So that's what I'm wearing in an effort to not get hypothermia. What do you have on today? How's the weather where you are?


  1. Replies
    1. I should just get in 7 colors and where one every single day all winter.

  2. That is a very canadian outfit! We love our ugg-styled boots and slim cut jeans haha. I legit read that shirt as "I'm so freakin cool" the first time I looked at it. :P

    1. Haha! Yes, we do too in New England! The "cool" version would be better for spring!