Wednesday, December 21, 2016

What's Up Wednesday

'Tis the season to be busy! Holy moly, I feel like I've been running around like a crazy person for the last week. And Mother Nature was of zero help throwing this at us on Saturday:
Thankfully, I live in New England where the weather has severe mood issues. Sunday was 50 degrees and most of this was gone by the afternoon. But I've gotten ahead of myself...
I spent my time after work Wednesday first grooming ponies, and then making three batches of cookie dough for my three cookie swaps. I got done just in time for bed. Sigh.
Thursday after work I picked the ponies' feet, fed them dinner, and got to work making the cookies. I chose ginger snaps again this year because they are both festive and simple to make.

So many cookies. These photos are from mid process, eventually all the racks were covered. I think I made around 250 cookies. That's a lot.
Friday we had our cookie swap at work as well as Ugly Sweater day. If you've been reading along here for awhile, you know I don't balk at the chance to look like an idiot. Friday was no exception. I even dragged my dad down to my level:
What's that? Oh you'd like to see my outfit better? Sure!
Hat: Oriental Trading Company
Zero shame.
Sweater: Kohl's (But I actually got it from the Pug Rescue of New England fundraiser.)
Skirt: Modcloth
Phone case: Forever21 I think...
Unfortunately, the fair isle leggings I overnighted from Amazon got sent second day and didn't make it on time. Guess I'll save them for next year.
I unloaded 4 dozen cookies at the swap, and took back just 2 cookies each of the ones I liked from what others brought. Trying to minimize the damage to my waistline....
Friday evening was cookie swap number two. I was kind of a loser about taking photos but here's a shot of my bucket full of cookies that came home with me.
It might not look like a lot of cookies, but there are two layers under what you can see here... So much for minimizing the damage. Those almond ones on the top were my favorite. They're all gone already.

And then Saturday happened. My helper is a trooper and made it out, but is nursing a bit of an ankle injury, so we worked together on chores. And also I waited too long to shovel the snow. It had started raining so by the time I got around to snow removal it weighed a TON. Ugh. So sore, much tired. But no rest for the weary! After finishing horse laundry and grooming all the ponies thoroughly (because wet, snow, mud....) it was time to get ready for my company holiday party! I was worried all day I wouldn't get to go because Bruce 2.0 STILL HASN'T ARRIVED! But luckily the roads were clear by evening, and my snow plower  finally arrived around 4. Cutting it close!
Since I was completely frozen by the time I got in the shower, I picked out a nice warm cozy outfit. Which was pretty unnecessary and a little too warm for the party, but whatever.
It probably would have been perfect without the fleece lined leggings. But I much prefer to be a little too warm than freezing. So mission accomplished. I didn't take any party photos, but it was a lovely evening full of good food and a pretty great DJ.
Sunday morning at 10 am was my third and final cookie swap. I have no media. Clearly, I was a terrible blogger this weekend with my lack of photos! Sorry guys. But trust me when I say, I have enough cookies for a family of 50. If anyone needs me, I'll be in a diabetic coma on my couch.
This week has been really busy at work. Everyone needs their orders asap which is fun and mildly impossible given that no trucks are running Friday. Way to plan ahead customers...
It's also been ridiculously cold so no pony riding. It's for the best though since I have so much to do that's not horse related the next few days. Like wrapping all the presents. And family dinners. And Chanukah. And Christmas. Oye. The older ponies are enjoying their vacation, but I think the grumposaurus that is Romey needs something to do. Maybe I'll teach him some tricks over the winter. Or maybe I should just focus on teaching him manners?
That's what's up this Wednesday! What's up with you? Are you ready for the holidays? Are you STRESSING OUT over the holidays? Have any of you seen Bruce 2.0 and if so, can you tell him to get here already?! Talk to me in the comments! I promise I'm getting caught up and will reply!