Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Truthful Tuesday

Ok... are you all sitting down? No? Ok, I'll wait....

How about now? Are you sitting? Ok good. I can tell you then. I am lacing up my sneakers and getting back to running. No really! I am! Or at least, I'm trying to. I signed up again this year for the Stridebox Two Week Virtual Marathon, and I'm committed to getting it done. Even if I have to walk some of the miles.
The Stridebox Virtual (2 week) Marathon runs fromMay 30th and goes through June 13th. Runners can log their miles in anyway they wish within that two week period. The proceeds benefit Warfighter Sports, so aside from getting me fit, it's also a great cause!
To help me get started, I got a couple of new pairs of Mizunos. Hey, Zulilly had them on sale and they were practically two for one. Plus I love the Wave Sayonara models, and they're a little harder to find sometimes. Gotta stock up while you can! Here they are:

I wanted to take full advantage of the day off work to get a jump start on my 26.2. So after doing barn chores, many loads of laundry, and straightening up the house, I hopped on the treadmill. I opted to stay indoors because the humidity outside was oppressive and it was getting late. I did a modified version of the first week of couch to 5K. I wanted to start easy because I haven't run in so long, and also because my room was 78 degrees. The first week of couch to 5K has you alternating between running and walking every 60 seconds. I decided to walk for 1 minute and run for 2 instead. It went great! I kept it very slow, and I'm happy to report I made it to 3 miles and nobody died! 
That's a win! Three miles down, 23.2 to go! Let's hope I can make this happen.

Have you been getting any exercise in? Have anything on the horizon you'd like to participate in? Or do you need to confess your lack of exercise (like I normally do)?

Thursday, May 26, 2016

Thursday's Threads!

Outfit Day! You guys, it's going to be 90 here today! Ahhhh! I love summer. I love it so much. SO MUCH! I've also had a lot of coffee... sorry for abusing the exclamation points. And the caps lock. Anyway, I'll start with today's outfit first, but keep reading because I have a really cute riding outfit below!
So summery!!! I can't wait to switch over to all my cute summer clothes. Let's look closer!

Top: Dylan
I found this at Marshalls when I was in Florida this winter. I almost passed it by because it's an XS, but it fits great. So glad I took it home with me!

Pants: Celebrity Pink
These are from Moxie.Style and I actually bought them from another shopper there rather than through the site. The previous owner was too tall for them, but since I'm stubby, they are perfect! They're SO COMFY! Really stretchy and soft.

Belt: Mane Jane
You all know my love for Mane Jane. I don't need to reiterate. Go get one though! You won't regret it.

Shoes: Sperry
Seriously. How cute are these?! I accidentally found myself on the TJ Maxx website and there they were... In the clearance section, no less! Flamingos, woven bottoms, Sperry... They have everything I love in a shoe!

Arm Party!
This wrap bracelet was part of a stack by Tokyo Bay that I also accidentally found on the TJ Maxx website. Hey, I needed to get to free shipping! I think it looks perfect with my watch!

The first six all came in a stack by Zad. Yes... same shopping trip at TJ Maxx.com. Shut up. I know I have a problem. The chain bracelet behind it is actually all one bracelet and it comes from Ettika. They go together perfectly! And they match my pants. Win!

Now for the fun riding outfit, which happens to be a similar color scheme with today's outfit.

How about those breeches?! I know you love them. I love them too. We'll talk more about them below.

Top: US Polo Association
I stocked up on some new polo shirts when Zulily had them featured recently. And yes, that little pony emblem matches my breeches EXACTLY.

Breeches: Annie's Equestrian
This color is called green tea, and I LOVE THEM. They're kind of a turquoise color. I think the contrasting gray patches are perfect. Annie's apparel is designed by a kid, can you believe it? Her mom runs the shop and handles the tough stuff, but the designs are all Annie's. I think that's awesome.

Belt: LV maybe?
I found this on Ebay and paid all of about six dollars for it, so it's authenticity is unlikely. But it fits well with the small belt loops on the Annie's breeches, so I love it for that. Also, it's crocodile embossed and is PERFECT with my boots today!

Boots: HKM
I'm FINALLY breaking these bad boys in. How gorgeous are they? I'm so in love with them. No, I would never ever wear them in the show ring, but they're awesome to wear at home or for schooling. They're still pretty awful to walk around in (I've only worn them one day) but they are awesome for riding. I barely noticed that they were new.

I forget the brands on the spurs and straps, but I had to show them off because they're so cute. Little horse shoes with rhinestones in the middle adorn the spurs, just on the outside so they won't rub on your horse. The spur straps are crocodile embossed to match the boots and my belt.

And that's what I've wearing today (and last night)! Do you have a favorite? What are you wearing today?

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

What's Up Wednesday!

FOMO my friends! The FOMO is REAL! All of a sudden spring has arrived and with it comes the start of the northeast show season. And along with THAT, is all the Facebook posts of everyone showing and winning pretty ribbons while I'm at home looking at my herd of misfits wondering just when they might decide they're ready for show season.
Let's talk about our various stages of show readiness. We'll go horse by horse.
He had a little happy juice for his vet procedures. Is it wrong that I rather like him like this?
 My spookasaurus rex has not quite decided to settle back into his routine. He's still spooking at every shadow, bird, and whisper he encounters. It's pretty annoying. Trainer was able to come out on Saturday to give him a school, but he decided to be lame instead. I think he was faking. Fortunately, the vet was scheduled for a visit Monday anyway, so at least his timing was good. My vet was happy with how he took to his maintenance a couple of weeks ago and thought what we were feeling is mostly tightness in the back. So he did some acupuncture and prescribed some Robaxin for Jampy.
I love these Fergus stall signs I found. It says I stay in today so my helper knows Jampy can't have a turnout that day.
He also got a three day vacation and will walk trot for a couple days before returning to work. Hopefully this will do the trick and he can really start jumping again. And go to a horse show. For crying out loud!

Ok, to be fair, Rio will never show again. So we are not working towards that. However, not one to feel left out, he has decided to contract some cellulitis.
Thankfully this too happened BEFORE the vet came out, so we are on top of it. Now if only he would eat his antibiotics, we would be in good shape. He is still ok to do light work because moving around will help with the stocking up in that leg.

Romey is actually doing great. We've been doing more canter work, and he really has the nicest canter. I mean, he has no concept of being between my aids, and when he's decided he's done cantering he trots despite my squeezing, but the canter itself is rhythmical and very comfortable. Also, he picks up his lead in both directions! Let's hope I don't mess that up.
 I've discovered that he loves drinking from the hose, even if this photo makes him look angry. I swear he enjoyed it.

That looks itchy.
And he reacts much like I do to bug bites. I don't think he'll show this year. He still has some healing to do on his old racing injury so he's not allowed to jump yet. But I do think he's on the right path. And I really think he's going to be a lot of fun.

This guy! I forget if I mentioned this, but I had thought Badger was turning six in June, but in fact he's turning 5. Which explains a lot about how green he is. I want to wait to start any real showing with him until next year, though I think he may debut in the baby greens toward the end of the summer. I legitimately am jealous of him though as he is in Saugerties at HITS for the next two weeks. And I'm not. You guys, my horse gets to travel more than I do!
We had better rides this weekend than we did last Sunday. Saturday he was a little spooky and fresh, but once trainer scolded me for not telling him that's bad behavior he pretty much gave it up entirely. Yes, I was failing his test... Thank goodness for trainer! Sunday was ten times better than Saturday and I think we're getting comfortable with each other. It will be nice to get to ride him more when he is back from the show.

So that's where we stand as far as showing. A big old NOT READY sign hanging on our barn. But that's ok. I think it's building year. If I get to some shows great, and if not, it's not the end of the world. We've had a couple of really fantastic seasons, so maybe it's time to re-group so we can move forward.

That's about the extent of what I've been up to. Riding 6 days a week, working, and hanging with these two:

They kill me. I guess the plus side to not showing much is hanging with them more. That's definitely a win.
My last bit of news, is that my first review over at Beeju Boxes should be up today! Head over there to check it out!
What's up with you this Wednesday? Anything fun to report? Anything coming up? Tell me all about it in the comments!

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

USG Saddle Pad Review

Rio's Aunty Tracey owns one of my favorite local tack stores, Reins. For his birthday, Tracey gave Rio a pad from United Sportproducts Germany (USG) and a matching fly bonnet. He won't wear the bonnet, but he said one of brothers can use it. Just this weekend, we finally tried out the pad, and Rio and I both LOVED it!
I'm enamored with the color scheme Tracey picked out for us. It's Hermes colors, which is fun with my Hermes saddle.

Normally, I just use a thin baby pad along with my sheepskin half pad. I think a thick pad can get bulky, which is why I avoid them. But since this was a gift, I wanted to love it, and give it a fair chance. I'm glad I did!
Lately, and I think it has to do mostly with Rio's change in body shape and his awkwardness left by the EPM, the baby pads slip down as we ride putting pressure on his withers. He hasn't complained, and he doesn't have any rubs, but it looks really uncomfortable to me. He doesn't have particularly high withers
but he is starting to have a bit of dip in his back. Don't tell him though. He doesn't think he's aging. And here is what I love most about the USG pad:
The spine arches up at the withers to provide wither relief. Despite both lunging AND riding, the pad never sunk down to pull across the withers. It stayed up in the pommel of the saddle right where it's supposed to.
They range in price from 49.95 to 59.95 depending on where you shop. They come in a ton of colors and they all have matching ear bonnets available too. I might have ordered two more in my barn colors...
And maybe the matching bonnet...
If you have a horse with a high wither, I urge you to check out these saddle pads. Two ears up from Rio!

Truthful Tuesday

Well kids... It's been awhile since I confessed something gross. So I guess it's time. First off, I must confess that for dinner tonight I made a layer dip and ate it with Tostitos. That's probably a confession all in itself. I mean, that's not even really food. Whatever. It was delicious.

I suppose you're wondering what's gross about that. Gluttonous? Sure! Gross? No? Well...

I had the dip on the coffee table while I was working on my very first blog post for Beeju Boxes. Artie went to the door and wailed like someone was bludgeoning him. Fear not, that's how he asks to go out. So I got up and let him out, and when I walked back to the living room I see Pia LICKING MY FOOD! Bad dog. Ok, so here's where it gets gross. I ate it anyway. I'm talking all of it. I didn't remove the licked portion (which really wasn't much thankfully). I didn't eat from the other side leaving over the licked part. Nope! I ate THE WHOLE THING. Dog slobber and all. And that my friends, is your disgusting confession this week.

This is not a guilty face, this is a disappointed face.

Thursday, May 19, 2016

Thursday's Threads

Boy I'm cutting it close today... Let's see if I can get this out before midnight...
I will start with my riding outfit from the other night:
It's awkward when you match the blankets...

Top: Annie's Equestrian
I didn't realize how terrible this photo came out. You can see the shirt better (and purchase if you want) here. I really love the Burberry-llike plaid on the collar and the cuffs, but my favorite is the rhinestone buttons.

Top number 2: Under Armour
It was freezing so I needed another layer.

Belt: Equestrilifestyle
It's definitely growing on me. With these higher waisted breeches, it's actually the perfect size. And I really do like the spur buckle.

Breeches: Horze Crescendo Celine Breech

I REALLY like these breeches (especially the rhinestone belt loops. I sized up because I've never tried Horze breeches before, but I shouldn't have. They are a little too big. But I haven't washed them yet, so they'll probably shrink up some. They're super comfy, and the hunter green is really pretty (though maybe I'm biased...)

Ok, now on to work. We had a big announcement at work today which meant we had people in from several locations including our overseas offices. So I figured I really shouldn't wear jeans or anything too kitchy. But I mean, it's me, so...

Giant elephant print is totally classy and professional right? No? Whatever, no one fired me. Let's look closer.

Top: Haley and the Hound

Horse friends! Go check out this site! Haley and the Hound has some equestrian print items too! Yes, I may have stocked up... Anyway, this top is awesome. It's fitted so you don't look like you're wearing a mens shirt, AND it's stretchy. Which was important today because we the pizza truck at work, and then a networking dinner tonight. (Mooo.) I LOVE the color combo, and who doesn't love elephants? Everyone loves elephants.

Pants: Chicos
Ok, yes. Chicos is generally for a few generations older than I am. But my mom works there, and I feel like I should help pad her commission if I stop in for a visit. Plus I needed some pants that were somewhat classy. I like these a lot. They're really stretchy and comfortable. Also, Chico's has this silly size scale and I wear a zero there. That alone makes me want to buy more pants.

Shoes: Arizona
What's not to love here? Boat shoes, plus sequins? Two of my favorite things! Look shiny! Doesn't hurt that they matched the top perfectly either.

Arm party!
Lefty has on a bangle from Fornash. This bangle is super preppy and seemed appropriate with my ultra preppy elephant top.

Righty is sporting some terrible Hermes knockoffs... Thanks Ebay!

So that's that! I snuck in under the midnight wire!
What are you wearing? Any favorites from today?

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

What's Up Wednesday

Ugh. Wednesday's are starting to kick my expanding butt! Fortunately, I don't have a whole lot to report on from the past week.
The most exciting thing is that I got to see Badger! I was supposed to ride him Saturday morning AND Sunday morning, but that stinker threw a shoe on Saturday. Despite my trainer's husband being his farrier, he wasn't able to get it back on in time. They only ride in the mornings over there, so I wasn't able to ride him later in the day. (This is why I like my horses at home! So I can ride WHENEVER I WANT!) Anyway, I did get to stop by and see him so that was a nice consolation.
Please excuse his awful looking face. He's having a tough time with the CT bugs. He will adapt though. They all do.
Not a whole lot to report with any of them this week really. They're holding steady in their respective levels of fitness and naughtiness. (Come on guys, BEHAVE ALREADY!) With the cool temps and all the wind, they've been a little wild. Even Rio! But I can't blame them. Hoping the weather turns around soon. Hoping so hard....

"Did you hear that? DID YOU?!" No Jamp. I did not.
The Puggers are hoping for some nice weather and more walks too. But in the meantime, they're enjoying being lazy. Because really that's what Pugs do best.

That's about all I really have to tell you today. Seriously boring week over here. I played with my favorite app Super Photo a little bit:

Oh and in case you were wondering what Flat Rio is up to:

He's just showing off his old ribbons. No big deal.
I guess that's all I have for you today... I'm sure I'll have much more to share next week! (Hopefully. Or you may stop reading!) I shall leave you with a photo from my ride on Romey last night.