Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Truthful Tuesday

Ugh. Defeatist post. My friends, I let the weather beat me. It rained here for like 9 days straight. 9 days, no sun. NONE. Well... Ok, it popped out for about 5 minutes one day but I was stuck inside at work so totally didn't count.
I had decided to give Romey a few days off because his hives on his neck were looking particularly icky, and he seemed like he could use a break. Me too buddy. Me too.

If I don't look at her, maybe she'll leave me alone...
BUT, I had the vet coming Friday for spring maintenance. Also, my lameness vet hadn't actually met Romey yet! So I couldn't give him toooo much of a break. I think I rode him Thursday last week and then Friday for the vet. Not at all during the weekend. It was pouring most of the day Saturday and when it wasn't, the ring was a complete mess. Booo.

Jampy was worked the most. He was ridden everyday except Tuesday and Wednesday due to the rain and footing. The vet did some work on him Friday, so he required 3 days of vacation after that. Worked out well with the weather at least!

Cold hosing for dayssssss

Rio's having a bit of sore foot issue, but we think he just needs a little adjustment to his orthopedic shoe. Regardless, I haven't worked him either because who wants to work when your foot hurts?

So my confession is that I didn't man up and ride in the rain much during what I started referring to as "The Darkness". I could NOT muster up the energy and motivation to do it. Most days they had a brushing and a hoof picking. But honestly, I think I kind of neglected my fur kids a little.
Sorry boys. I promise to be a better mom going forward!


  1. When the weather is gloomy, I am gloomy. It's hard to get motivated when its cold and rainy :(

    1. It really is! Especially with no indoor! firstworldproblems...

  2. aaww… that last picture though :)

    Have a great day!
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