Wednesday, May 4, 2016

What's Up Wednesday!

Happy Wednesday! It's been busy around here lately! Riding seems to have come to an abrupt halt though... It's been raining for days! I hoping I can get on them tomorrow as we're having our spring time vet appointment on Friday. It would be super if they didn't want me to die in front of the vet.
Up until yesterday though, I've been riding Jamp every day, Rio some days, and I've been working with Romey more on the ground lately. Romey seemed like he needed a little break, and I thought it would benefit the both of us to do some ground work and gain his respect a little more. He's a sweet guy, but he has a lot of opinions!

The weekend was a little crazy busy. My helper went to Rolex (SO JEALOUS!) so I was on my own for turnouts and chores. I'm a bit lacking in the turnout department (hey, it's a backyard barn, not an equestrian center!) so the horses go out one at a time. It's pretty time consuming, but it works for us. Saturday was booked straight through until, well... Sunday technically. I took lots of photos, so I'll bore you with the details.
The morning starts with feeding breakfast. Then it's time to get everyone out of their blankies and into their play clothes:

The bugs aren't bad yet, so we skipped the fly masks. Next, Romey goes out first in the ring, and the other two boys head out to their patios:

And I get to work cleaning stalls. These boys are dirty.

That's a lot of poo. I clean a stall and scrub that stalls buckets, and then switch the horses. Romey has lost his patio privileges so after his hour in the ring, he just comes in. Rio heads out to the ring next and Jampy stays in his patio.

Jampy goes out last and cleans up the rest of the hay for me.

While he's out, I finish the stalls and bucket scrubbing:

Then I deliver the poo to Poo Mountain.

While Romey was out, he managed to pull a shoe.

It kind of threw a big wrench in my day. But when you have a busy day, you just keep doing. I texted my farrier to let him know, and went about working Jampy. We jumped a few jumps and had a nice ride. As you know, good horses get grass. But only for 10 minutes, because we had a schedule to follow!

I must interject here with some info. Saturday was my birthday, so I had dinner reservations with some of my girls at 6:30. My original plan was to be in the barn until 5ish so I could feed and then get cleaned up. And possibly avoid showing up to dinner with hay stuck to me anywhere. Of course we all know how plans tend to go... My farrier called when I was grazing Jampy to let me know one of his guys could come tack the shoe back on between 5 and 5:30. Yep. So the new plan meant I had to be done in the barn by 4 to shower before the farrier got there. It was about 2:30 at this point. So not enough time to ride unless I just did one and did nothing at all with the other. Which didn't seem fair . So I decided to rinse them each off and give them each a few minutes of grass.

I managed to get showered and dressed before the farrier arrived. Romey was a gentleman to have his shoe put back on, and then I fed everybody. I even made it to dinner on time! Miracles do happen my friends.
I didn't get any media at dinner, but it was an amazing meal at a newish restaurant near me. My friends gave me the Alex and Ani silver saddle bracelet and a gorgeous flowering plant. I hope I can keep it alive!

After dinner, I had three horses to braid. No rest for the weary! AND I remembered to take lots of photos so expect a tutorial coming soon.

I call this one Extreme Makeover Pony Edition:

I got home a little after 1 am (told you I was busy until Sunday). My poor puggers were alone pretty much all day, so I stayed up for a bit to hang with them. It was pretty amazing to hit that pillow though. Zzzzzzzzzz

7:30 am came early Sunday. I mean EARLY. I stumbled out of bed to feed the horses, and then promptly stumbled back in and invited the short kids.
We couldn't stay there too long though since the horses needed to go out and I needed to clean their stalls. **YAWN**
Sunday went much like Saturday in the barn chore department. Fortunately Romey left his shoes on. I rode Jamp, who was a spookasaurus for reasons I do not understand. I got on and tack walked Rio (he has a big bump on one of his back legs, so we're taking it easy until the vet comes to see it) until it started to rain pretty hard. And then once again Romey got short changed. Sorry buddy. Stupid rain. I had 6:30 birthday dinner plans with the family, so once the tall kids were settled in and fed, I had to get cleaned up. The puggers didn't mind not getting a walk since it was raining. (It pretty much hasn't stopped since.)
I was able to ride Monday in between the rain drops, but that was the last time for the week so far. Cross your fingers that we get some saddle time in tomorrow!
That's what's up this Wednesday! What's up with you?


  1. Absolutely wonderful!

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  2. YES PLEASE DO A BRAIDING TUTORIAL! Braiding is on my bucket list of things to learn before Petunia and I move up to rated shows!

  3. Happy belated birthday!! I look forward to reading your braiding tutorial- yours always look beautiful!

    1. Thank you!
      I just posted it late last night, head on over! Let me know if you have questions!