Thursday, May 19, 2016

Thursday's Threads

Boy I'm cutting it close today... Let's see if I can get this out before midnight...
I will start with my riding outfit from the other night:
It's awkward when you match the blankets...

Top: Annie's Equestrian
I didn't realize how terrible this photo came out. You can see the shirt better (and purchase if you want) here. I really love the Burberry-llike plaid on the collar and the cuffs, but my favorite is the rhinestone buttons.

Top number 2: Under Armour
It was freezing so I needed another layer.

Belt: Equestrilifestyle
It's definitely growing on me. With these higher waisted breeches, it's actually the perfect size. And I really do like the spur buckle.

Breeches: Horze Crescendo Celine Breech

I REALLY like these breeches (especially the rhinestone belt loops. I sized up because I've never tried Horze breeches before, but I shouldn't have. They are a little too big. But I haven't washed them yet, so they'll probably shrink up some. They're super comfy, and the hunter green is really pretty (though maybe I'm biased...)

Ok, now on to work. We had a big announcement at work today which meant we had people in from several locations including our overseas offices. So I figured I really shouldn't wear jeans or anything too kitchy. But I mean, it's me, so...

Giant elephant print is totally classy and professional right? No? Whatever, no one fired me. Let's look closer.

Top: Haley and the Hound

Horse friends! Go check out this site! Haley and the Hound has some equestrian print items too! Yes, I may have stocked up... Anyway, this top is awesome. It's fitted so you don't look like you're wearing a mens shirt, AND it's stretchy. Which was important today because we the pizza truck at work, and then a networking dinner tonight. (Mooo.) I LOVE the color combo, and who doesn't love elephants? Everyone loves elephants.

Pants: Chicos
Ok, yes. Chicos is generally for a few generations older than I am. But my mom works there, and I feel like I should help pad her commission if I stop in for a visit. Plus I needed some pants that were somewhat classy. I like these a lot. They're really stretchy and comfortable. Also, Chico's has this silly size scale and I wear a zero there. That alone makes me want to buy more pants.

Shoes: Arizona
What's not to love here? Boat shoes, plus sequins? Two of my favorite things! Look shiny! Doesn't hurt that they matched the top perfectly either.

Arm party!
Lefty has on a bangle from Fornash. This bangle is super preppy and seemed appropriate with my ultra preppy elephant top.

Righty is sporting some terrible Hermes knockoffs... Thanks Ebay!

So that's that! I snuck in under the midnight wire!
What are you wearing? Any favorites from today?


  1. I also may or may not have bought pants because they were vanity sized ;)

    1. They do that for a reason! Totally works on me...

  2. Haley & The Hound has some VERY cute stuff!

    1. They really do! And the sale section right now is stocked and prices are pretty low.