Thursday, May 12, 2016

Thursday's Threads

Outfit Day!!!! I nearly forgot to take pics of my riding outfit yesterday! Thankfully I remembered before I switched to my jammies. We'll start there this week:
Yes, you're seeing that right. A long sleeve T! NOT a sweatshirt! I think it might actually finally be spring here in CT. Hope it sticks around. Or turns to summer. Either is fine.

Top: OTTB Outfitters
I love this graphic and the saying: "OTTB- So nice, we use them twice". So cute. Unfortunately, these are no longer available as OTTB Outfitters has closed their doors. I'm super sad. I wanted to get Romey some more baby pads and me a short sleeved shirt for summer.

Breeches: ROMFH
I love the subtle baroque print on these. They are REALLY comfy. This was my first pair of ROMFH breeches, and I would definitely order again. I now have these and a brown pair, but I will say they fit totally differently. I sized up to a 30 since I wasn't sure how they ran. This pair fits great even after washing and drying. The brown pair though, I should have ordered my normal size as they are a little big. You just never know with pants!

Belt: LV
LV goes with everything. I liked this light gray color with this outfit. Is this a black and white photo? You can't tell! (No, it's not.)

That's what I wore riding last night. It was such a gorgeous night, and the horses even behaved themselves! Thank you 70 degrees. Today is ridiculous it's so nice out. It's supposed to get up to the high 70's and the sun is shining! I was born for days like this. I HAD to dress accordingly:

 Well mostly... I am still wearing a sweater, but it's light weight. How about them floral pants? I thought they would be too much on my larger lower half, but I think they're working. Let's look closer...

Top: Old Navy
I had trouble getting a decent photo of the olive color. This one is a bit washed out. It's a nice olive green. The material is actually ribbon which gives it a springy feeling. I've had this top for YEARS. It's comfy and classy all at the same time.

Pants: Dear John
I was slow to hop back on the floral train. I remember wearing it back when I was a youngster, early 90's I think? And when it first came back last year, I was not into it. Not at all. But I'm coming around. And these pants are pretty perfect. They do have one creepy feature though...
One of the plants has a face! Weird, right? Seems intentional? At least it's a happy face, making it mildly less creepy. Mildly.

Shoes: Sperry TopSider
I warned you that these would appear often. Here they are again! Seriously love these shoes.

Arm Party!
Lefty is donning a gorgeous rhinestone and metal bracelet from Ettika. The part you can't see is actually ribbon that matches the sweater almost perfectly. I love when that happens.

Righty is wearing a couple of stretch bracelets with turtle beads that I made, as well as a gorgeous hemp bracelet from Nicole's Creations. That hemp matches the sweater perfectly! It's like Nicole even knows my wardrobe...

Well, that's what I'm wearing today. What do you have on?

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