Saturday, November 23, 2013

Break time!

I read a lot from runners, crossfitters, etc about always pushing for more. Always striving to go faster, harder, further. I read this stuff, and sometimes I get irrationally angry. Maybe it's because I don't have that much drive? Maybe because I hate running? Maybe I just hate being told what to do? But then when I really stop and think about it, all of it, the writings, running itself, etc. I realize, maybe I just need a little break. Not necessarily stop running entirely, but a break from it being something I HAVE to do.  A break from feeling like I have to keep up with everyone else. Everyone who can run faster than me. Everyone who's ten years younger than me. Everyone who's been running ten years longer than I have. Everyone who actually ENJOYS running. Yep all of them.
So this past week, I didn't run. I ran Saturday (a week ago today)

and then did not lace up my shoes for 7 whole days. That's right! SEVEN DAYS! It wasn't planned. But for some reason, I could not drag my lazy self out of bed this week. Not one morning did I awaken before 6:30 to get my run in. Not for lack of trying either. Every single morning I set my four alarms. (Yes seriously, four of them. I'm not a morning person.) And every morning I did not get up. Monday I thought it was pouring. Although I'm not entirely sure it was. Tuesday was below my cold allowance (less than 30 degrees). Wed my dog snuggled up and cuddled with me. How do you get up then?! You don't. And by Thursday, I was like, eh.. I'll just wait till the weekend. Now, I also have a gym membership. But the thought of going to the gym was even less appealing than getting up early. So I didn't do that either.
It's even been tough for me to want to ride the horses. I LOVE riding horses. Most of the time anyway. But this time of year it's not easy. When I get out of work it's dark out. It's cold. And the deer are wandering around the back of the property. It's been quite windy too. All of these things make for very fresh, and mildly terrified, equine partners. Not much gets accomplished. The entire ride is spent first trying to keep the horse's attention, and secondly trying to stay on since step one is rarely fully achieved. By 9 PM when they've all been ridden, fed, and tucked in for the night, I am exhausted and hungry. And it's still cold and dark out. Booo.
This week I rode Monday, didn't ride Tuesday or Wednesday. Thursday I lunged them all figuring Friday would be warm enough to ride, but they'd be crazy having not worked for so many days.

It was a good choice since they were all semi well behaved Friday evening. As in no one died, and I stayed on. Success for a cold, dark, windy night.
Which brings us to to today. Break time's over day. Because I don't have to work, it's light out, and moderately warm. Of course it's windy... but you can't have it all! My helper took care of cleaning the barn for me this morning, so I slept in till 8. It was glorious! I decided to be a responsible runner and fuel up properly. So I made some breakfast:
I then put on my winter running clothes. And whined inwardly about how badly I didn't want to go. I reasoned with myself though saying that once I got it over with I didn't have to do it again till Tuesday. That was inspiring! So off I went. It turned out to be a rather nice run. I decided to just keep a comfortable pace (slow) and try to enjoy it. The sun was shining and really despite the wind, it was a gorgeous day. Oddly enough, the 3 miles passed quickly. I felt pretty good even! When I looked at my watch and saw this:
Fastest three I've run since the cold weather arrived. Weird right? And this my friends, is why sometimes a break will serve you well. Even a short one.

Do you all take a break from time to time? Be it running, the job, or maybe even the family?

Friday, November 8, 2013

Sometimes I waste money on pretty things...

Hi Readers! It's been awhile since I've posted about anything fashion/shopping related. Who am I kidding? It's been awhile since I've posted at all!  But I love pretty things, that's no secret, so I figured it was time to share some of my new pretties with you! If you prefer to read about running and horses, I hear ya! Feel free to skip this post, no hard feelings... BUT if you love pretty things too, read on!
I know I've posted before about Little Black Bag. I would link you to said post, but I can't find it right now... I know it's here somewhere. If you want to check the site out, leave me a comment and I'll email you a referral link. Anyway, I figured I'd do a little review of my most recent delivery.
I don't want to spend too much time talking about how LBB works, but long story short, you pick an item you want to buy as a bundle, and you get your item along with one or two other items picked by the website for you. You then have a week to trade with other users for different items. I cheated a little with this bag as I had returned two items, so I was able to get a LOT of stuff! Wanna see?? Sure you do!
Let's go!
I opened with the Pink Cosmo All Over Stars Hobo:
It was really hard to get a photo as it's super floppy (which I love!). Anyway, it's black "faux leather" with little metal stars all over one side. At first I was disappointed they're not on both sides, but actually they might catch on knits, so I think it makes sense. Generally, I don't like fake leather products. But this is actually really soft. I LOVE it! It can be worn as a crossbody or as a tote since it has both handles and a detachable long strap.  Here it is on (forgive that my outfit doesn't go with my new stuff...):

Next I'll show you my two exchange items. First is another tote, the Nila Anthony Chain Handle Tote in green:
I wanted this one to use for my paperwork when I go to horse shows. My farm colors are green, tan, and brown, so green and gold fits right in! This one is "faux suede". Not my favorite material, it's a little stiff, but I love how it looks and it will be perfect for what I had planned for it.
My other exchange item was the Ivanka Trump Aviator Sunglasses. This is the only item I think I may send back. On the website they looked really sturdy and super high quality. While I don't think they're poor  quality per se, they are lighter feeling than I wanted. Also I'm not sure I like how they fit my face.

This is my "I'm not so sure about these" face
During Halloween, LBB had a fun little promotion/game. They had a staff member with an open bag making crazy trades. I was one of the lucky ones she chose to trade with! Yay me! I offered an $18.00 friendship bracelet for a super cute pair of $70.00 booties. And she accepted! Woohoo! I was a little worried they'd be too tight as they were a half size smaller than I normally wear. But my mom has slightly littler feet than I, so worst case, I could pass them along to her. (Chanukah gift perhaps?!) I was super excited to check out the boots. Here they are, Wanted Charger Booty:

They are fabric uppers with shiny gold heels and zippers. Very cute! And the good news... They fit! I'll have to wear nylons not heavy socks. Not a bad compromise for a great deal!
The last four items were all bracelets. In case you've forgotten from previous posts, I love a good arm party!
First is a stack of bracelets from K.Kreative. I was interested to see what color these would be. The title on the website said purple, but they looked navy. Either would make me happy! They are in fact navy, though they appear kind of black in the photo:

I really like these! I have tiny wrists, so I wouldn't have minded if they were a little smaller. But they won't fall off or anything. Very cute!
My last three items are all from the brand Lydell. I was soooo excited to be able to trade for them all, as I can't wait to wear them together as a stack. First is the Bow Cuff:

It's a little tough to get pictures of at night in the house, but it's really cute. Delicate, but I think made well enough not to break right away.  It seems pretty sturdy at least. It's a nice size for me, but I think could be stretched bigger if you needed. Love this one!
Next is the Bow Pull Tie Bracelet:

Both bow bracelets have gray colored rhinestone accents so they match each other really well. I like how this one is adjustable, it will fit almost any size wrist comfortably. It's also very delicate, but still sturdy enough to wear around.
The last one is the Spike Pull Tie Bracelet:

I was a little surprised at how tiny these little spikes are! Not disappointed, just surprised. I thought it would have been a little larger, as it has a retail value of $31.00. I love the bracelet, but would never spend that much on it. It's very well made though. I'm definitely really happy to have it!
And as I'd hoped, they stack together fabulously:
So that's my bag! I think it was one of my favorites so far. I really love everything except the sunnies. What do you all think? Keep them or send them back? Have any of you tried Little Black Bag? Find any great bargains lately? Or an amazing splurge? Do share!