Thursday, December 30, 2021

Thursday's Threads: Vacation Edition


This is a short one today because vacation outfits aren't as exciting as riding outfits... Today we took the tender out to do some snorkeling and swimming out by an island. So it was a bathing suit and coverup sort of day. I will spare all of you me in my swimsuit as I assure you none of us need to see that! But my coverup is cute and horsey. So here's what I wore today:

Yep, I did indeed have a beach coverup made with my logo, and I wore it on vacation! You all should expect nothing less by now.

I also had some important accessories:

So, owning boats is much like owning horses, and when you have one, you want swag to represent it. So we have shirts and these hats with our boat on it. It has the name of the boat on the back. I forgot to bring myself a straw hat for the beach, so I've been using this cap.  And sunnies are also required for a good beach experience. These are Kate Spade via TJ Maxx because I hate to pay retail. 

And that's it for today! Back to our regularly scheduled winter riding clothes next week. Until then, here's me enjoying the boat ride in my too big hat:

Wednesday, December 29, 2021

What's Up Wednesday


I don't have too much to report today on the equine front since I'm away from them. But Eros and Al both got some lessons in last week before I left. Eros is still getting a wee bit excited about jumping, but at least he's putting the correct number of strides in between the jumps. Baby steps. I think he really needs to get put on a figure 8 over some raised cavalletti until he gets bored. That seems to fix his excitement in the summer at least. We'll have to test that theory when I get back. 

Al is doing great! I still struggle to get him put together consistently, but we're having moments of greatness here and there, so I'll take that as progress. It will all come together eventually. He's an angel over jumps though. He just makes me feel comfortable. I still make plenty of mistakes, but none of them upset him in the least. I can get long or short or both at the same time... and he just does the best he can to get us over and lands just as nicely as before the mistake happened. I'm definitely smitten with him. I think he and I will have a lot of fun together. 

Shiny is kind of holding steady at the moment. I think the little break will be good for her. She's getting ridden while I'm gone, but I think the kids are riding her, so she's probably not having to get round or work all that hard. Just her speed! Lol!

Pammon is still walking thirty minutes. I'll have him rechecked next month and hopefully we'll be able to add in some trotting. 

That's mostly it on the horse front. We all had a nice quiet Christmas. The barn was open but I didn't ride. They all had a nice grooming and lots of snacks. And little Rita was there so I got some snuggles with my future pup!

After the barn, P opened her Santa presents:

And then I brought her over to her Grandma's where she's staying while I'm away. 

It's been fun in the sun here in the Bahamas this week! The resort is very safe, masks required pretty much everywhere. 
We haven't done many indoor things, but the beaches and the boat have been a lot of fun. 

And that's about it from here this week! Did you all have a nice holiday? Getting ready for New Year's Eve? 

Tuesday, December 28, 2021

Truthful Tuesday


It's vacation week over here, though I barely made it out. They changed Covid rules before I left and I couldn't get a second test in time. Then they extended the start date for the new rule and I made it. Phew. But that's not today's confession. Today's confession is that I've already eaten more food on this trip then the last two weeks combined. And my exercise rate is near zero. And you know what? I'm pretty okay with that. We're all staying on my dad's boat and he hired a chef for the week. Talk about staying safe on vacation! No need to sit in restaurants with strangers, and we don't even have strangers preparing our food. 

We're staying at the Atlantis Marina, which is on site at the Atlantis resort. We've been here before, but my most recent visit was probably 15 years ago. Back then it was super crowded and I figured it would be the same this time, but it's actually really quiet. There are plenty of people staying here, but nothing feels crowded and their mask rules are pretty strict. So it feels really safe and enjoyable. 

I'll probably be 15 lbs heavier when I get home, but I can work on that when I return. I'm planning to make the most of this trip since it's my first time traveling in two years! Hope you all had a great holiday!

Thursday, December 23, 2021

Thursday's Threads: Ugly Sweater Edition


Happy Outfit Day! Just because I didn't have any ugly sweater parties on the calendar doesn't mean I can't celebrate anyway... And why not force the horses to participate? Tis the season! We'll start with the horses. 

Bridles and browbands: 
Eros and Shiny- Joseph Sterling with homemade browbands
Pammon and Al- Pinnacle with homemade browbands

Pretty sure Al thinks Americans are weird. Based on his small subset on which to judge, he would be correct. Also, he and Shiny always look they have a parrot mouth in photos, but I keep checking and both have properly aligned teeth. Not sure why they make that face!

Saddles and pads:
Al, Eros, and Pammon- Butet saddles, pads by Equine Star, half pad from Ippico
Shiny- Custom Saddlery saddle, mattes pad

Sometimes I'll use the fun pads on Shiny, but she's SO round that I just feel a lot more secure with her usual setup. Less saddle slippage. Thus, today I opted to stick with the Mattes pad. 

Boots: Equine Star 

I'm not sure if you can really see the pattern on the pads and boots from these photos, but they're little ugly sweaters all over. I designed the pattern so was able to include not just Christmas sweaters, but a Chanukah sweater, AND even a leg lamp sweater. Because you can't have Christmas without a little leg lamp. 

The best part about designing the patter myself is that I had the file on hand to have whatever I could desire made. So as per the norm with me, I took it way too far. Here we go!

A rare this time of year shot of me with the helmet and boots along with my outfit! I forgot to bring gifts to the barn this morning, so had to stop back home to get them in between rides. But also, this isn't all of the outfit, so keep scrolling. 

Helmet: One K
Mask: ArtsCow
If you're thinking, hey, that mask looks like it matches the saddle pad and boots! You would be correct. It does indeed.

Hoodie and vest: ArtsCow
Also yes. I had a puffer vest made to match the hoodie. And the mask. And the saddle pads and boots. I know. I just can't help myself.

Belt: C4

Confession time... I have a needlepoint ugly sweater belt to make, but I haven't started it yet. Maybe for next year. In the meantime, this knit mitten belt from C4 does the job pretty well.

Breeches: Dover Wellesley

Sad story: Today was the last day for these breeches. They've had a ripped belt loop for awhile, but today they added a busted zipper and a hole to their list of blemishes and thus, it's time to say goodbye. I'm pretty sad about it because they don't make this color combo anymore. Not bummed enough to shell out to have the zipper replaced and the holes mended though. Would cost more than I paid for them!

Boots: Tredstep

They're BAAAACKKKK!!! And not a moment too soon. It's been pretty effing cold around here, and I'm so happy to have these boots back from the repair shop. I don't think it went above freezing here today, and despite being at the barn for about 8 hours (double lesson day!) my feet never went numb. I can't believe they stopped making these. A travesty.

And that's what we wore today! The barn owner pretends like she hates it, but I think deep down she thinks it's great. I do anyway. Regardless.

Wednesday, December 22, 2021

What's up Wednesday


It was a fun week over there this past week! Lots of lessons and even a schooling show! And all kinds of weather. A couple days in the 60's and most of them in the 30's. Eros particularly enjoyed the warm days when he got to play outside naked.

He did this two days in a row. Both sides. 

Thursday, Eros had his lesson, and he was excited to jump. Like, really excited. He was so excited that he was actually kind of strong just cantering the poles on the ground that we started over. Then we cantered into a 6 stride line of teeny tiny (like maybe 6 inches off the ground) cross rails. Guys. He hadn't even landed from the first one when he took the bit and showed me his 14 foot stride. And cantered out in a lovely (albeit very pully) 5 strides. I love him dearly, but that was uncalled for! So we had to go back and trot in then canter out in a nice QUIET (I won't pretend it was soft) 7 strides. We did that a couple of times then called it a day since it's only his second lesson back to jumping. Saturday after the show, they were resetting the course when I was riding him. They laid the new course out with poles initially, so I used that opportunity to "jump a course" with him. He did again try to get rude, but I was able to shut it down, and he finished nice and soft. Hopefully that will take for this week's lesson. We'll see tomorrow!

About halfway through the week Shiny really started to feel like her old self finally. So I started slowly asking for a little more each day and she seemed to hold up pretty well to that. Sunday she had an easy bareback day and I don't think we even bothered to canter. So super easy. Monday the body worker came, and then Tuesday I could feel she was a little sore again. I think it was just from having that sore spot worked on again. She came out stiff again today, but by the end of the ride she was feeling better. Hopefully she'll be back to her old self soon. I miss jumping with her!

Pammon is still walking for 30 minutes every day. He's been a good boy, and still seems pretty happy back in the barn. He'll get another recheck in January, and hopefully he'll be able to start some trotting. Fingers crossed!

Al let me come in and snuggle with him 
while he was having a nap. Clearly,
he's perfect.

And now for the rest of the fun! Al had a super busy week. Tuesday we did the flat lesson in which I almost died. Not really. But it was hard and long. All the things you'd expect from a flat lesson. Wednesday I flatted him on my own, and he had a training ride Thursday. It was mostly a flat ride also, though he did pop over a few small jumps. Friday I got to have a lesson with him, of which I have no media as it was midday. You'll just have to trust me when I tell you that he was so great! I'm still struggling to get and keep him on the contact, but I think that will come in time. He's for sure still weak behind from his castration and time off. My vet was quick to remind me that he will be going through a lot of muscle with the change in hormones, so I'm being patient and not freaking out about us not being perfect yet. I mean, we just met too! Anyway, once the flat portion was over, we jumped a couple of courses. I think the biggest jump was around 2'9" so nothing too crazy. Each time I jump this horse, he reminds me even more of Rio. Sometimes I make mistakes, but he never gets flustered with me. He just keeps on keeping on. Occasionally he takes a good look at a jump, but as long as I keep my leg, he keeps on trucking and pops right over without much fuss. 

Photo used with purchase from our insanely talented in house
photographer Chelsea Lothrop.  

Despite all that I was ridiculously nervous for the schooling show. And I don't know why. It was the same course we'd jumped in our lesson, only the jumps were a little smaller. And since it was raining, the five of us competing all stayed in the ring the whole time. It was basically a lesson with ribbons at the end. We all warmed up together over a single jump on the rail, so it felt like schooling at a show. Then we took turns jumping our two courses. They kept it simple with a power and speed and a straight speed, so none of us had to memorize two courses at once. Lol. Schooling shows are the best. Al was amazing. We were the slowest so finished in fifth both times, but our goal wasn't to hit the gas. I just wanted to have a good experience and try to make some tidy turns. We accomplished those things and I was ridiculously happy with Al. He's really a special horse, and I can't believe I get to ride him. 

Photo by Chelsea Lothrop Photography

Photo by Chelsea Lothrop Photography

All the horses finished out the week on Sunday with easy rides.  Al did an awful lot last week, much more than I really prefer. I don't like horses jumping that much in one week, but I was less stressed about it since the fences were small. And it's just how things worked out with the show happening. This week will be easier for him with just the flat lesson and one jumping lesson. Back to normal!
And that's about it from here! How was your week? Did you get to do anything fun with horses, or were you stuck with holiday stuff on the docket?

Gratuitous photo of Al and me because Ilovehimsomuch
Photo by Chelsea Lothrop Photography

Tuesday, December 21, 2021

Truthful Tuesday


It's no secret that cleaning the house is one of my least favorite ways to spend my time. But you guys. I'm so shit at it, I nearly asphyxiated myself on Sunday. Seriously. You see, there's this rust stain on the floor from the toilet brush holder. I first sprayed some bathroom cleaner on it, but then remembered that the toilet bowl cleaner specifically stated it was tough on rust. So I spritzed some of that on there too... But you know, you should NEVER mix cleaning products. I know this. You probably know this. They can create toxic gasses. Fortunately, the two I mixed were less lethal than if it had been say, ammonia and bleach... But still. Don't be me. Death by cleaning products is not how any of us should go.

Thursday, December 16, 2021

Thursday's Threads: Holiday Card Edition


Heh... since December is nearly over I figured it was time I take photos for the holiday card. I've been waiting (not at all) patiently for P's shirt to arrive which it hasn't... But I could wait no more. The cards need to be ordered and then addressed and mailed, and well, they're likely going to be late anyway. Fortunately, I figured I could use the holiday card outfits for Thursday's Threads this week, so yay for two birds, one stone! Here's what we all wore:

Yes, that's right! I finally dressed everyone! It's possible they all wore the same pad. Most of them shared one pair of boots... And Pammon and Al even shared a bridle. But whatever. They all got their photo taken in the same outfit! Finally!

Shiny and Eros- Joseph Sterling
Al and Pammon- Pinnacle
Browband: Made by me

Al'd Joseph Sterling bridle's arrival has been pushed back to sometime in January. I am excited for it's arrival as the Pinnacle is FINE, but the JS ones are so much nicer. 

Boots: Equine Star

Aren't they adorable?? I'm not sure why Shiny's have a different color strap, but if I remember correctly the first pair I ordered for her were too big, and these I bought separately. So that must be why. I like them both ways though, so no complaints.

Al, Eros, and Pammon- Butet
Shiny- Custom Saddlery
Saddle Pad: Equine Star
Half Pad: Ippico

Currently, Al and Eros are sharing a saddle. At some point in the spring I'll have the Butet rep out to get Al his own. But how cute are the peppermint pads? I feel like even though they're sort of holiday themed, they work all year round since horses like peppermints no matter the season.

Okay, my turn! Here's what I wore for holiday photos:

I almost wore a minty green colored pair of breeches, but the mint color on the sweatshirt isn't quite the same as the saddle pads and adding another not quite the same shade seemed a bit much, even for me. So I went with black. I also stayed boring with black boots and helmet. I guess I toned it down... Kinda. 

Helmet: Samshield Matte

I know. I'm a sucker. But I really like the look of this helmet.

Sweatshirt: Artscow
Yep. I did in fact have this made. I couldn't find something similar in a material that wasn't awful. So I went to Artscow. It's cute. Not sure I love it, but it suited my needs.

Belt: C4
Okay, honestly this entire outfit is all C4's fault. I saw this belt when it first came out and loved the colors together and the peppermints. Just thought it was adorable. So then I had to have a set made to match. And here we are.

Breeches: Just Togs
So I threw these breeches in my cart when I was buying something for Pammon's stall to keep him entertained. The breeches were on sale for $40 so I figured why not give them a try? I was already paying ridiculous shipping from the UK anyway. Might as well get my money's worth! They're nice. Not my favorites but definitely good enough. Especially for the price point.

Socks: Um... I honestly have no idea where they came from.
They're a little different than the rest of the outfit since they have candy canes instead of peppermints, but whatever. Close enough.

Boots: TuffRider Regal
Confession: I came thisclose to ordering myself a pair of black De Niro's the other day. Equiport again has a pair in my size for right around $300. But I did the responsible thing and did not order them because these aren't dead yet. And as mentioned earlier... Al needs a freaking saddle. So no more boots. For now.

And that's it for today! The holiday cards I think came out okay considering everything is happening in a rush and so late. I'll know for sure when they get here in a few days. Either way, I gotta use them! Lol! If any of you want one, I have plenty to mail out! Send a PM on social or shoot me an email with your address and I'll get you on the list!

Wednesday, December 15, 2021

What's Up Wednesday


This was a relatively quiet week. The most exciting part was my first lesson with Al! I rode in my old Bellino lesson, but it's grown to a big group. A couple of the kids were less experienced so everything stayed low and easy. Perfect for our first time jumping courses together! I have some pretty terrible quality media to share... But it's media none-the-less! (Winter is tough, what can I say?) 

Guys. I had SO MUCH fun! I absolutely do struggle keeping him going sometimes, and we have a lot to learn about each other. But this horse is game! He takes zero offense if I make a mistake, and seems to be really brave to the jumps too. He popped over all the boxes and some flowers and while I won't say he didn't take a peak, he never offered anything but to do his job. I'm STUPID excited for what might be to come with this horse.

I also had my second lesson on him this past Tuesday. It was a flat lesson which we desperately need. We did do some work through a line of poles. It was set as a four stride line if the jumps were up and we had to do four, five, and six. While we did make some mistakes and didn't nail it every time, we did manage to all three options very nicely (eventually). He's only six after all, so it's understandable that we're not going to be perfect the first time at everything. 

Unfortunately (there's always one of those, isn't there) I discovered he has a quarter crack after my ride today. He's completely sound on it, so I'm hoping VERY hard it won't really be an issue other than my farrier having to make some changes. Unless it bothers him, I'm hoping it's okay to proceed with caution. 
It honestly is less apparent in person. Hopefully this won't be a thing. Ugh.

Eros had his first real lesson too! I have no media though because his lesson was early and there weren't any pony moms around to record for us. He was a good boy, and we only jumped about six fences since he's really just starting back to jumping. I remember now why I dislike doing formal lessons with him. Trainers always want to get the horses moving forward on the flat, which yes, is good practice. But in the case of Eros, once his stride gets bigger than 12' he has very little interest in shortening it back up. And thus, when we trotted in and cantered out of a three stride (cantering in...) line, we were not successful in putting four strides in that line. I wasn't going to fight with him about it right now, as he did stay soft and relaxed and wasn't a freight train. That's a lesson for a fitter day. He has another lesson tomorrow morning, and I'm pretty excited to try again!

Chronic blanket sniffer.

Shiny seems to finally be feeling better. I've been keeping our rides a little short, letting her really warm up before asking for contact. And once she gives me some nice work, I let her stretch again for a bit before trying again. Today was the first day that she felt pretty sound while in the contact tracking left. So that's a big step for her. Hopefully she's on the mend!
Part of her plan right now is to make sure we do our carrot stretches before our ride everyday. Guys. She's turning into a bit of a treat monster due to that! I always give the horses a cookie at the end of the day before I go home (or at night check if they're home with me) but I don't generally treat them on the cross ties or before we work. But since she has to do these stretches, she gets treats. And she looks for them now! So bad. Very annoying. But it's pretty cute when she does the stretches on her own hoping she'll get a reward. Sorry Shiny, the only reward is a well stretched neck...

Nothing has changed. He still eats everything I wear.

Pammon is doing well back in the barn. I was very worried he'd be weaving a lot and upset to be back in the stall, but honestly, I think he's really happy to be back. He's been so relaxed and happy. His body, however, is taking a little longer to acclimate. He stocks up all around right now. I'd be super worried if it was just one leg, but since it's pretty consistent with all of them, I'm not freaking out just yet. The legs look better after our 30 minute walk too, so that's reassuring. It's tough though, because I'm supposed to watch for swelling in the bad leg, and well, yeah it gets swollen... But he's walking nicely and seems happy, so we'll carry on until his next vet visit. It's fun spending real time with him again. I hope he makes a real comeback. 

That's about it from here. How was your week? Do anything fun with your horse(s)?