Thursday, May 6, 2021

Thursday's Threads: May the 4th Edition


Happy Outfit Day! I might have missed the opportunity to wear my birthday outfit, but I did NOT miss out on Star Wars day! So even though Eros and I wore this on Tuesday, I'm sharing it for Thursday's Threads this week. Here's what we wore:

We went full R2D2. Pammon wore the C3PO pad though. I wish I snapped a photo of his too. Sorry about that! Maybe next year.

Let's start with Eros.

Bridle: Punk Ponies
I thought the holo bridle was kind of star wars-y, no?

Saddle: Butet
Saddle Pad: Etsy seller Houndstooth Horse
Half Pad: Ippico

I have matching polos for the pad and a bonnet, but somehow the polos were not where they were supposed to be. I'll have to hunt those down before next year. And it wasn't bonnet weather, so we skipped that part too.

Boots: Punk Ponies

Since the polos were MIA, holo boots seemed the next best option.

I promised you guys different boots and helmet, and I have to say, I did deliver! Are you ready?!

Helmet: Samshield
Why yes, I have been holding out on you guys... I got this during helmet awareness month, but haven't worn it until now. The rails and the emblem are actually holo like my bridle! I bought it to match the unicorn boots (which it totally does) but I didn't wear the boots today due to weather. (Those boots only come out on mud free sunny days.)

Top: Fifth Sun
This is ridiculously soft and comfy. Plus, that weird drawstring cowl neck can double as a mask if you forget yours!

Belt: Buckle Down
When I was in high school, I bought a belt from Delia's that had a seat belt for a buckle and beer caps all the way around it. The belt itself was rubber made from a tire. (Okay, not the most high school appropriate belt...) I loved that thing. Still do honestly, and I still have it! Since then, I've discovered Buckle Down Belts. They always use a seat belt for the buckle and have all kinds of strap designs. Super fun. This is the R2D2 one.

Breeches: Tailored Sportsman
I figured some basic blue breeches worked here. 

Boots: De Niro Salentino
My OG blue De Niro's stretched too much and are too big now. They are in my for sale section as a result. I hadn't planned on getting another pair, but I stumbled upon these on closeout at Equiport. IN STOCK IN MY SIZE. (I ordered the next smaller calf size, perfect fit!) And well... when you find boots on sale in your super weird size? You kinda have to have them. I love the croco details on this pair. I paired them with Mane Jane spur straps that I already had which are a near perfect match!

Okay, that's it for this week. Any favorites?

Wednesday, May 5, 2021

What's Up Wednesday


You know how we've been in lockdown for over a year and you don't really go or do anything ever? And then all of a sudden you have to go and do all the things all in the same weekend? Yeah. That's who my week was. All good things though!

Empty barn awaiting the ponies!

So most of the week was pretty normal. But Friday was moving home day for Eros and Shiny! Woohoo! I haven't driven the trailer since fall when I dropped them off, so I was feeling a little anxious about all that. Though really that's pretty silly. It's literally 7 miles away, all country roads. The things we stress over (eyeroll). Anyway, I rode everyone at the barn first, then packed up and arrived back home. All went smoothly, thankfully. We did have a brief rain shower right after they were all tucked in. This pretty rainbow was a nice welcome home!

Friday was my birthday, but I had no time for celebrating because I had horses to braid all night! (I told you, everything all at once.) These pretty flowers and cards were waiting for me when I got the horses home though:

And then it was braiding time. I'm a bit rusty since it's been awhile. I had four to do Friday night, and then one for Saturday morning.

After braiding on Saturday, I went to the barn and rode Pammon, then back home to unpack the trailer. I had decided to wait on that since it was getting late Friday, and I still had all those horses to braid. 

Nice to have saddles home again!

I was going back and forth about whether I was going to ride Shiny and Eros on Saturday. I only got about 3 and half hours of sleep the night before, and I wasn't sure how spooky they were going to be. I finally decided to give them each a free lunge and see what I had. BUT. You know how horses are.
I had to drag the ring to find this.

Apparently, in his morning turnout Eros pulled a shoe. So no free lunge for him. And I decided just to free lunge Shiny and groom them both instead of riding. One extra day off won't kill anyone! Shiny wasn't interested in running around, so just picked up some rocks in the ring and some sticks that had blown in (it's been insanely windy here lately) while she meandered around for a bit. They both had a nice grooming and dinner. Next I headed over to my mom's to celebrate my birthday!
I didn't stay too late, since I could hear my bed calling. (It's a lot harder to function on 3 hours of sleep when you're 41. Fact.) But it was really nice to see my family indoors. 

Sunday I had my lesson with Pammon. He's not jumping yet (still waiting on those biopsy results) but we had a good flat lesson, and then did a little course of poles. So it was fun! He was a good boy. 
Once back home I got the ring dragged. It took a little longer than usual since I hadn't done it since the fall. But it came out nice and ready for riding.

Eros still had a missing show, but I wrapped his foot and just rode him very lightly. The neighbor stayed indoors so we were able to have a nice ride. (He got his shoe back on later Sunday evening.) Shiny had a nice, neighborless ride too, though he did come out towards the end and we cut it a little short. (I really can't stand that guy.) 

Monday all the horses had a day off and I got caught up on some paperwork I had been putting off. And the usual house chores, laundry, etc. I want to wash and wax the truck and trailer, but it keeps raining! So I didn't do that Monday like I had hoped. Not really any hurry though. It was a nice relaxing day.

And we were back to work on Tuesday! I rode the two at home, each having a nice flat ride. Funny thing, the neighbor was inside while I rode again, but then all of a sudden as I cantered around the corner past his house, Shiny kind of tucked her butt and tried to run off. (She didn't try that hard, it wasn't a big deal.) I wasn't sure why, but when I looked over, the creeper was out there. He wasn't actually doing anything or making any noise. Just standing on his doorstep looking out toward the road. Shiny just really doesn't trust that dude. It's interesting. I always trust her instincts since she is the least spooky horse I've had in a long time. I let her walk for a minute and regroup and then she went nicely back to work.  

Pammon and I had our lesson Tuesday evening, his first time in that one since the winter. He was great, but I could tell the canter work was tough for him. He again did some pole work too, which he got pretty excited about. 

Nothing too exciting planned for this week. I need to set a course up in the ring, but it keeps raining, so I haven't done it yet. Soon though. Not entirely sure how to set things since I have a horse and a pony jumping now... I'll probably set the horse strides and just have Shiny do the add. Something she needs to practice anyway. 

And that's it from here! How was your week?

Tuesday, May 4, 2021

Truthful Tuesday


Today's confession is pretty on brand considering I'm now fully entrenched in middle age... So my birthday was Friday and in true Stacie fashion (pun fully intended) I had gotten myself a tee shirt to wear and a cup to drink from. 

And then? I forgot all about them and used neither. I suppose this means senility is setting in? I'm so disappointed in myself for missing the best theme of the year. I make all my favorite tee shirts into blankets so it wont go to waste or anything. But still. Sheesh. Way to drop the ball.

In other news, since my adult family is all vaccinated (kiddos are still too young) I was able to celebrate my birthday with my mom, brother, and his family. I still have a few more days of marinating to reach full protection but I felt safe with them since they're all being very careful still. It was nice not having to make my own cake this year!

Which leads to confession number 2... I took home the leftover cake. Which isn't the confession. The confession is that since I live alone and it's ALL MINE I went at the thing the last couple of nights right out of the box with just a fork. 
I'm an animal. 

Thursday, April 29, 2021

Thursday's Threads


Outfit Day! And once again, I've half dropped the ball. I'm so excited to have the kiddos home so I can be better about proper posts again. But anyway, I have half of my outfit and half of Shiny's.... so that's something. Sorta.

We'll start with Shiny. I forgot to snap a face pic so enjoy this recycled photo:

Bridle: Camelot RCS Gold
Browband: Boy O'Boy Bridleworks

She wears a full cheek now, so this photo isn't completely accurate... but it's close.

Saddle: Custom Saddlery
Saddle Pad: FFS 
Stirrups: MDC
I still need new billets on this saddle, but I switched to a different girth which fits better on them, so I'm making it work. I'm thinking about hunting down a local rep, so maybe they could flock it to fit her the best it can and then also help me out with the billets. Now that I have this saddle, I don't want to be without it for too long! (I imagine billets will take a bit of time. But I guess that's why I have the Brockamp pad.)

Boots: Premier Equine
I honestly think Shiny size boots are the absolute cutest things ever. Look at them!

Okay, my turn. Helmet and boot photos are recycled. The others are accurate!

Helmet: One K CCS MIPS
I went with the green one since neither were really a match to this outfit. They finally came out with rose gold pieces for this helmet though, so I should have a better match eventually!

Tee: BitKeepers
Lol! Get it? Oh Crop! Instead of crap? I think it's punny. Unfortunately, the shop I got it from is out of business so you can't have one if you also think it's punny.

Belt: Mane Jane
I chose a dark gray strap with the rose gold buckle for this outfit. 

Breeches: Tailored Sportsman
I found these breeches on Poshmark of all places! The seller had these and one other pair in my size for sale, so I jumped on them. As much as I wish it wasn't so, I am the most comfortable in this brand. So anytime I can find a pre owned pair for a low price, I get pretty excited!

Socks: Dreamers & Schemers
This is another pair of spares. Those Dreamers and Schemers peeps are so creative! I think they're adorable.

Boots: Celeris UK
Next week we'll have different boots, PROMISE!!!

And that's it for today! Any favorite items?

Wednesday, April 28, 2021

What's Up Wednesday


It's been a good week around here! Most notable is that I got Pfizer shot #2 on Friday.

So in about a week and a half I will be done marinating and can maybe start getting back to normal life. Not that I want to really... The hermit life really does suit me. Either way, it's feels nice to be protected.  Thanks science! (Fun fact, Pfizer has a location here in CT, and one of my friends/barn mates actually worked on developing the vaccine. I think that's pretty awesome.)

I was fortunate to have pretty much no side effects after number two, though I prepared for the worst by stocking up on Tylenol and chicken soup. None of it was needed! My arm was sore the day I got it, but felt better the next day. I felt maybe a little achy, but not as bad as after a tough flat lesson.  Seriously, thank you science!

Okay, enough about vaccines, let's talk about horses! I decided to fit in a lesson for Eros on Friday. We were stuck indoors due to rain, which I think was helpful in him being less of a runaway train. He was actually quite good, and I was excited that maybe we were turning the corner... 

Something pretty great about a 
freshly dragged arena...

But alas. Tuesday's lesson was a hot mess. I really don't like jumping after a day off (barn is closed Mondays). Originally the Tuesday lesson was a flat lesson, but the instructor's switched schedules and it turned into a jumping one. I figured I'd stick it out until Eros comes home, but I probably shouldn't have. We're just both kind of a disaster in that time slot! Nothing terrible happened, he jumped everything, but I never found a rhythm and just had no idea where I was. Normally I can come through the corner and even if I don't see the spot right away, I have an inkling where it will turn up. But last night, I was like three strides out and still not sure. It was kind of unsettling. He still wanted to run away after the fences, but I had more bit so was able to shut that down sooner at least. Kind of a crummy last lesson with him, but I'm sure I can find someone to come help me at home this summer. I think what Eros really needs is to just start working jumps in here and there while we're flatting. Let it get a little boring for him. We can't jump outside of lessons at the boarding barn so I can't do that with him there. I'm not discouraged, just a little disappointed. But that's riding right? Always plenty to work on!

Pammony is still plugging along just doing flat work. He finally had his biopsy sample taken on Monday, so now I just have to wait for the results and then figure where we go from there. Fingers crossed it actually tells us something! I'm taking him off full board now that the other two are coming home. So I'm excited to spend more time with him. I feel like I don't know him quite as well as the others since I haven't been caring for him. 

And princess Shiny has been, well... herself! Haha! She's been great honestly, but there are days she really makes me work for her greatness. That's fine though, if she has to work hard, I suppose I should also. Fair is fair. We had our last Sunday lesson and she was fantastic. It wound up being a private so we got to do a lot of jumping. Our instructor even made my jump a long run oxer. Ew. Definitely chocolate chipped it the first time, but it was perfect the next time. When the vet was out Monday, I had him recheck that back leg of hers. We had though last time it was a little cellulitis, but once the swelling was gone, there was definitely a lump in the tendon area. Doc felt it and said "Yep. You have a lump on the tendon." Thanks Doc. Glad we agree. Ha! Anyway, we did an ultrasound to see what was going on (she's been completely sound so I wasn't freaking out, but definitely didn't want to keep pushing forward if there's a problem brewing.) Fortunately, the ultrasound showed it was a thickening of the fascia and not the tendon. So a little topical steroid and it should be good as new soon. No need for vacation. PHEW!

All in all, the horses had a mostly good week. I'm excited to have Shiny and Eros home, especially now that I get to ride during the day. Though it remains to be seen how that's going to go with the a-hole neighbor... Send good thoughts for that... Oye.

And in other non horse news, my niece had a google meet piano recital on Saturday morning. Which was nice because I got to "see" my dad and stepmom who are still in Florida. (And my mom too, but I just saw her the other weekend, she's up here.)

My brother (said niece's dad) runs a youtube channel that reviews tech items so this production was pretty legit. 
Several camera angles and everything. The best part was that it was a solo recital so I didn't have to hang around listening to stranger kids play. I know that sounds mean, but let's be real. That can make for a very long morning. 

And lastly, probably as payback for thinking things like that, I managed to absolutely cook my face yesterday morning because I was sitting outside without sunscreen. I always seem to forget early in the season...
ouch. Also, my hair is gray. #oldlady

And now we're all caught up! Anything exciting happen for you guys this week?

Tuesday, April 27, 2021

Truthful Tuesday


Oh man. Guys. Here I was all proud of myself for being super organized ahead of the horses coming home... But I forgot to check on the Gator! Poor Gus. I went to make sure he had fuel only to discover two flat tires and a dead battery. Oops. 

Now to be honest, I don't take the best care of the Gator. He doesn't have a hard job (mostly just brings poop buckets back and forth to the dumpster, and drags the ring once or twice a week). So I'm not always that good at remembering to get him serviced. He's a good worker, he does is thing. If a light goes on or he stops working I get him tended to. 

Fortunately, I was able to get him picked up yesterday and hopefully he'll be all patched up with new tires, a new battery, and fresh oil by the weekend. And if not? Well, I guess I'll figure that out when the time comes. At least I noticed BEFORE the horses actually got here? Right?