Wednesday, December 29, 2021

What's Up Wednesday


I don't have too much to report today on the equine front since I'm away from them. But Eros and Al both got some lessons in last week before I left. Eros is still getting a wee bit excited about jumping, but at least he's putting the correct number of strides in between the jumps. Baby steps. I think he really needs to get put on a figure 8 over some raised cavalletti until he gets bored. That seems to fix his excitement in the summer at least. We'll have to test that theory when I get back. 

Al is doing great! I still struggle to get him put together consistently, but we're having moments of greatness here and there, so I'll take that as progress. It will all come together eventually. He's an angel over jumps though. He just makes me feel comfortable. I still make plenty of mistakes, but none of them upset him in the least. I can get long or short or both at the same time... and he just does the best he can to get us over and lands just as nicely as before the mistake happened. I'm definitely smitten with him. I think he and I will have a lot of fun together. 

Shiny is kind of holding steady at the moment. I think the little break will be good for her. She's getting ridden while I'm gone, but I think the kids are riding her, so she's probably not having to get round or work all that hard. Just her speed! Lol!

Pammon is still walking thirty minutes. I'll have him rechecked next month and hopefully we'll be able to add in some trotting. 

That's mostly it on the horse front. We all had a nice quiet Christmas. The barn was open but I didn't ride. They all had a nice grooming and lots of snacks. And little Rita was there so I got some snuggles with my future pup!

After the barn, P opened her Santa presents:

And then I brought her over to her Grandma's where she's staying while I'm away. 

It's been fun in the sun here in the Bahamas this week! The resort is very safe, masks required pretty much everywhere. 
We haven't done many indoor things, but the beaches and the boat have been a lot of fun. 

And that's about it from here this week! Did you all have a nice holiday? Getting ready for New Year's Eve? 


  1. Glad the horses are doing well while you are away!

  2. Had to read back to find Rita's story. So glad she is landing with you. <3

  3. Oh man it looks beautiful there! Sounds like the horses are all in good shape for the break too!!

    1. The weather was amazing! Tough to come back, but I missed all the four leggeds.