Thursday, December 16, 2021

Thursday's Threads: Holiday Card Edition


Heh... since December is nearly over I figured it was time I take photos for the holiday card. I've been waiting (not at all) patiently for P's shirt to arrive which it hasn't... But I could wait no more. The cards need to be ordered and then addressed and mailed, and well, they're likely going to be late anyway. Fortunately, I figured I could use the holiday card outfits for Thursday's Threads this week, so yay for two birds, one stone! Here's what we all wore:

Yes, that's right! I finally dressed everyone! It's possible they all wore the same pad. Most of them shared one pair of boots... And Pammon and Al even shared a bridle. But whatever. They all got their photo taken in the same outfit! Finally!

Shiny and Eros- Joseph Sterling
Al and Pammon- Pinnacle
Browband: Made by me

Al'd Joseph Sterling bridle's arrival has been pushed back to sometime in January. I am excited for it's arrival as the Pinnacle is FINE, but the JS ones are so much nicer. 

Boots: Equine Star

Aren't they adorable?? I'm not sure why Shiny's have a different color strap, but if I remember correctly the first pair I ordered for her were too big, and these I bought separately. So that must be why. I like them both ways though, so no complaints.

Al, Eros, and Pammon- Butet
Shiny- Custom Saddlery
Saddle Pad: Equine Star
Half Pad: Ippico

Currently, Al and Eros are sharing a saddle. At some point in the spring I'll have the Butet rep out to get Al his own. But how cute are the peppermint pads? I feel like even though they're sort of holiday themed, they work all year round since horses like peppermints no matter the season.

Okay, my turn! Here's what I wore for holiday photos:

I almost wore a minty green colored pair of breeches, but the mint color on the sweatshirt isn't quite the same as the saddle pads and adding another not quite the same shade seemed a bit much, even for me. So I went with black. I also stayed boring with black boots and helmet. I guess I toned it down... Kinda. 

Helmet: Samshield Matte

I know. I'm a sucker. But I really like the look of this helmet.

Sweatshirt: Artscow
Yep. I did in fact have this made. I couldn't find something similar in a material that wasn't awful. So I went to Artscow. It's cute. Not sure I love it, but it suited my needs.

Belt: C4
Okay, honestly this entire outfit is all C4's fault. I saw this belt when it first came out and loved the colors together and the peppermints. Just thought it was adorable. So then I had to have a set made to match. And here we are.

Breeches: Just Togs
So I threw these breeches in my cart when I was buying something for Pammon's stall to keep him entertained. The breeches were on sale for $40 so I figured why not give them a try? I was already paying ridiculous shipping from the UK anyway. Might as well get my money's worth! They're nice. Not my favorites but definitely good enough. Especially for the price point.

Socks: Um... I honestly have no idea where they came from.
They're a little different than the rest of the outfit since they have candy canes instead of peppermints, but whatever. Close enough.

Boots: TuffRider Regal
Confession: I came thisclose to ordering myself a pair of black De Niro's the other day. Equiport again has a pair in my size for right around $300. But I did the responsible thing and did not order them because these aren't dead yet. And as mentioned earlier... Al needs a freaking saddle. So no more boots. For now.

And that's it for today! The holiday cards I think came out okay considering everything is happening in a rush and so late. I'll know for sure when they get here in a few days. Either way, I gotta use them! Lol! If any of you want one, I have plenty to mail out! Send a PM on social or shoot me an email with your address and I'll get you on the list!


  1. The holiday cards are awesome. I can't believe you have winter themed saddle pads and boots. :) I am in awe.

    1. Lol! I had them made, because I am who I am... Haha! These aren't the holiday card photos exactly, I did them a little differently. Will share when they arrive!