Tuesday, December 7, 2021

Truthful Tuesday


Today's confession: I have no yet even taken holiday photos, let alone had cards printed or mailed out. Here's what happened... I have the horses outfits all set to go. I have MY outfit mostly set to go. But I realized back on November 8th that P did not have a matching outfit to wear. That's not acceptable. So I ordered her a hoodie that matched mine. But I ordered it from Artscow in China, and it's legit on the slowest path here. It's moving, but I don't think it's boarded a plane yet. Thank goodness I sprung for the airfreight and not for the economy shipping. Perhaps they'll have to be New Years cards this year.... We went classy last year for our cards, but fear not. All class has left the building for this one.  Oh also, if any of you want to be on the card list, shoot me an email or PM/DM on social with your address. At some point before February (hopefully) I'll get them done!

Do you send cards out for the holidays? I love getting them from all my friends and family each year, so it's only fair that I also send some out. Plus, who doesn't want adorable photos of my horses and dog(s) hanging in your house? 


  1. I haven't in years. I say I will, then December gets crazy. My contribution to the holidays is being the crazy decorations lady and the dinner party wizard, I can't be everything so the cards have to go!

  2. It's been a few years since I did cards, either printed cards or store bought cards. November/December are tough months for me mentally and I just can't. One day maybe?

    1. You have to do what you need to get through! Cards aren't a high priority that's for sure!

  3. I have sent cards every year for forever, and decided that this year I just don't have it in me! I do feel slightly guilty now that we have received some.

  4. I know this post is 10 days old now (ugh sorry moving sucksss) My holiday cards are still sitting in their arrival box... I don't think I'll get to them until next week