Thursday, December 23, 2021

Thursday's Threads: Ugly Sweater Edition


Happy Outfit Day! Just because I didn't have any ugly sweater parties on the calendar doesn't mean I can't celebrate anyway... And why not force the horses to participate? Tis the season! We'll start with the horses. 

Bridles and browbands: 
Eros and Shiny- Joseph Sterling with homemade browbands
Pammon and Al- Pinnacle with homemade browbands

Pretty sure Al thinks Americans are weird. Based on his small subset on which to judge, he would be correct. Also, he and Shiny always look they have a parrot mouth in photos, but I keep checking and both have properly aligned teeth. Not sure why they make that face!

Saddles and pads:
Al, Eros, and Pammon- Butet saddles, pads by Equine Star, half pad from Ippico
Shiny- Custom Saddlery saddle, mattes pad

Sometimes I'll use the fun pads on Shiny, but she's SO round that I just feel a lot more secure with her usual setup. Less saddle slippage. Thus, today I opted to stick with the Mattes pad. 

Boots: Equine Star 

I'm not sure if you can really see the pattern on the pads and boots from these photos, but they're little ugly sweaters all over. I designed the pattern so was able to include not just Christmas sweaters, but a Chanukah sweater, AND even a leg lamp sweater. Because you can't have Christmas without a little leg lamp. 

The best part about designing the patter myself is that I had the file on hand to have whatever I could desire made. So as per the norm with me, I took it way too far. Here we go!

A rare this time of year shot of me with the helmet and boots along with my outfit! I forgot to bring gifts to the barn this morning, so had to stop back home to get them in between rides. But also, this isn't all of the outfit, so keep scrolling. 

Helmet: One K
Mask: ArtsCow
If you're thinking, hey, that mask looks like it matches the saddle pad and boots! You would be correct. It does indeed.

Hoodie and vest: ArtsCow
Also yes. I had a puffer vest made to match the hoodie. And the mask. And the saddle pads and boots. I know. I just can't help myself.

Belt: C4

Confession time... I have a needlepoint ugly sweater belt to make, but I haven't started it yet. Maybe for next year. In the meantime, this knit mitten belt from C4 does the job pretty well.

Breeches: Dover Wellesley

Sad story: Today was the last day for these breeches. They've had a ripped belt loop for awhile, but today they added a busted zipper and a hole to their list of blemishes and thus, it's time to say goodbye. I'm pretty sad about it because they don't make this color combo anymore. Not bummed enough to shell out to have the zipper replaced and the holes mended though. Would cost more than I paid for them!

Boots: Tredstep

They're BAAAACKKKK!!! And not a moment too soon. It's been pretty effing cold around here, and I'm so happy to have these boots back from the repair shop. I don't think it went above freezing here today, and despite being at the barn for about 8 hours (double lesson day!) my feet never went numb. I can't believe they stopped making these. A travesty.

And that's what we wore today! The barn owner pretends like she hates it, but I think deep down she thinks it's great. I do anyway. Regardless.