Thursday, April 30, 2020

Thursday's Threads: Quarantine Birthday Edition

It's my BIRTHDAY! I'm officially 40. And hopefully fabulous. Time will tell there. So here's today's birthday outfit!
Um yea, that's an inflatable crown. I found it when I was cleaning out the family room. Solid find if you ask me. I've been wearing it all day.

I don't remember the brands on either of these. The cardigan lost its tag and I bought the t-shirt from a targeted Facebook ad (#sucker). The tee says 2020 The One Where I Celebrate My Birthday in Quarantine. It's supposed to be Friends themed. And the 0's in 2020 are wear masks. So it's silly and perfectly appropriate.

Belt: Mane Jane
Went with the purple belt to match my shirt and the rose gold buckle.

Pants: Seven Jeans
It didn't pick up well in the photo, but these have a silver coating on them. So they're shiny. Which makes them party pants. Perfect for my birthday.

Arm Party!
Excluding my tech, all of my bracelets today are from Rustic Cuff. The little cuff here has my initial S on the other tab, but you can't really see it in the photo.

These resin cuffs remind me of the silly bagles I used to wear for dress up when I was a little kid. They are classier. But they remind me of those. And I love that floral strap for my fitbit!

So that's what I'm wearing for this quarantine edition of my birthday!

Wednesday, April 29, 2020

What's Up Wednesday

Another week has passed. And mostly it's just more of the usual around here. Been working the job during the week and the house glow up projects on the weekends. Same old mostly.
It has been cold (mostly in the 40's) and raining. Pretty much ALL THE TIME. But Saturday we actually had a nice day so I took the dogs out to play.

And they were like "OMG mom so hot bring us in." (It really wasn't hot. It was like 61. But the sun us a whole new thing for us.) So I brought them in and went and did my boot photo shoot.
On Sunday, I got to visit my tall kids. Pammon needed grain, so I went over early (8 am) before everyone would show up to ride. And I got to see all my kids and pump them full of delicious cookies. Pammon and Shiny were having their turnouts, which was nice since I didn't have to loiter in the barn much. And Eros' stall is right next to the door so I feel pretty safe by him too.

Pammon photos are always a challenge, so I'm kind of mad i cut his ears off in the one above... I mean, these are the others:

Such a goof. I miss him.
So updates on everyone! Eros and Pammon saw the vet on Friday. Eros, unfortunately, has another month of hand walking. He's healing but it's slow going. Pammon started tack walking this week. I haven't heard anything, so I'm guessing no news is good news on that front. And all is well in Shiny land. I think she's perfectly happy being temporarily retired.

I need to call and get my ring graded this month and have my fence fixed so the kids can get back here.

But while I'm waiting on all that, here's what else I worked on this weekend:
My craft room! So I have this super weird room in my house, upstairs. It's very narrow and long. I always joked about making it a bowling alley. But I finally decided that it will be a craft room. And it will be pink, because why not? I got these wire shelves and put them all together on Sunday. They fit almost perfectly in that recessed area!
I didn't get to finish filling them yet, as I have some more organizing to do. I have some other book shelves en route, so the room isn't done yet. But it's getting there! It will be so nice when this house is organized and neat. I really like things orderly and in their place, but my house is nothing like that which makes me antsy. But it's getting there!
So this weekend I plan to move a few other things in there, and hopefully work on getting more of the organization done. Be nice to start on another room as well, but we'll see how far I get.
Not much else happening here... so I guess I'll just show you some of the crap I bought and/or that arrived this week. I know you all love when I buy stuff I don't need!

I wound up going an entirely different route for the browband for my side pulls bridles than what I had posted on Instagram asking for advice. Instead of the Boy O'Boy browband, I decided to brainstorm with Dark Jewel Designs. And we came up with this:

I wanted to make sure it would be as perfect as I hoped, so I photoshopped it onto the bridle:
Looks good to me! Be nice if/when the full sized bridle arrives. So obviously no rush for the browbands to get here. Plus you know... I'm not actually riding.

I found my dream Winston coat on sale on ebay earlier this month and it arrived today, just in time for my birthday tomorrow! Happy Birthday to me!
It's perfect and I'm so excited to have it finally! Maybe someday I'll actually horse show in it! (Maybe.)
The MOST exciting items to arrive though, were the rest of my items made with Rio's hair. I wanted some very customized pieces so the wait was a bit lengthy, but TOTALLY worth it!
First up is the belt:
Yes, it's green, and it's completely amazing. I'm so in love with it. I also got two bracelets. One the same as Jampy's green one, but with Rio's info. And the other I designed to wear with my apple watch. It's black and a thin wrap so it won't be too much with the watch. Here they are in the order of introduction:

They are from a lady on Etsy, her shop is called The Sugar Lady. She's super nice, and does an amazing job. I'm so grateful she let me get creative with all of these.

And the last thing is the most ridiculous. Because you knew there would be something a little silly and totally extra right?
They read "Social" on side and "Distance" on the other. Totally necessary purchase during these crazy times.

In other news, my helmet hasn't arrived yet. I received the package that was supposed to be my helmet and all it contained was the free pair of sunglasses it came with. Lame. I bought the helmet from Ebay because I had some Ebay bucks to use, but the seller was actually Stateline. They are a complete hot mess right now though. I called Friday to see what was happening, and was told they would ship it out immediately and send me tracking. But heard nothing. So today I called again, was on hold for 11 minutes before finally getting a human. She told me she sees the replacement was supposed to go out asap with upgraded 2-day shipping, but that there was no tracking number. So she's "checking on it and will get back to me". I guess we'll have to wait and see. She sounded very confused, and potentially a little stoned... so my hopes are not high. It's not really a hurry obviously, but I have very little to look forward to, so I'd like to get it sooner than later! #firstworldproblems

Tomorrow is my 40th birthday which is kind of depressing. I don't mind getting older, but I had always kind of hoped for a big bash for this milestone. Instead I'll be by myself. BUT, I'm not one to let that get me down. I am making myself a strawberry funfetti cake tonight (for tomorrow) and obviously I got myself that great coat for a gift. And I have wine. So all is not that bad.

How are you all holding up? Buy anything fun while stuck at home? Have any weird rooms in your house? I still have one more weird one to share with you guys, but right now it's a disaster/holding area.

Tuesday, April 28, 2020

Truthful Tuesday: the one with the boots

Alternate title: The One You've All Been Waiting For

Ok, first, I have to point out that despite everything going on, I haven't bought any new boots during lockdown! I mean... I do have a pair reserved from holiday time that I haven't actually ordered yet (waiting for new leather options). But that was before. Anyway... Today's confession is that I own 23, yes, TWENTY THREE pairs of boots. I tried to get photos of them all this weekend, but some are over at the barn still. Fear not though! I photoshopped them in. It's super amateur. Obviously.

Yeah. I forgot to leave room for them when I took the photo. So they're just haphazardly stuck in there.
Now I know that's an unsatisfactory photo, so let's just look at all of them shall we? I photographed them by brand but also individually. So... this could get long. They will appear in alphabetical order by brand (not model).

Ariat: Off the shelf
 Ariat boots don't actually fit me all that well... My calves are a little too fat for them. These two used to fit... not sure if they still do, it's been awhile since I've worn either of them.

Bromont winter lined boots:
These are my second pair of Bromonts. They are wonderful winter boots, very warm. But I think they've officially been replaced by the Tredsteps down at the end.
Got these on sale from Mary's Tack awhile ago. They're kinda small at the moment...

Caldene: Off the Shelf
These are kinda snug these days too... But I absolutely love them, so hopefully they'll fit well again soon.

Cavallo: Semi-Custom
These fit great. I've only ridden in them once or twice but they were pretty comfy despite not yet being broken in. The glitter top is fab!

Celeris: Full Custom
Black with Rose Gold
The rose gold on here doesn't photograph well, it's actually pinker and more beautiful than it looks in photos. This was my first pair from Celeris.

Gray with teal
This was my second pair. Clearly getting more adventurous as I went...

Pink with purple
I got these to wear on Shiny. Seriously. They look terrible on the chestnuts... But AMAZING on the palomino. I ordered these and the next pair together.

Moo Cow Print with green
Only the best boots ever imagined. Until my next pair probably... And maybe equal to that one pair of Fama's coming up soon...

De Niro Salentino: Semi Custom
These are SO COMFY! Highly recommend or comfort. They do however have a broken zipper that I'm on hold with getting fixed.

Yeah... I photoshopped a stock photo. These are at the barn currently. But I love them, they're the most comfortable boots, and they are beautiful too! Wish they came in hunter green.

Fama-4-All: Full custom
I actually sold my first pair of these because they made the foot way too big and they didn't fit at all. But they gave me a replacement pair at half price, so it all worked out for me in the end.

Green with tan crocodile
This was my replacement pair, and I love them. They don't fit as tall as the Celeris since the spanish top is less exaggerated. But they aren't too short thankfully.

Black with green croc accents
I think these are fun, but not too crazy. I like that the green is fairly subtle on the accents.

Green with gold accents
I LOVE these!!! They are up there with the cow boots. Definitely. I still can't believe these came out as well as they did.

Horka: Off the Shelf
It's possible these are HKM... but I THINK they are Horka. Either way, they're a great pair of boots for the price. They are a little slippery, so I usually use some Guter Sitz when I ride in them.

Imperial Riding: Off the Shelf
No really though. Look at them! They're actually quite comfortable. And also ridiculous. If they made them in gold (or rose gold) I'd totally buy those too.

JPC Brands: Off the Shelf
The Baker Boot
Also kinda tight... I haven't ever ridden in these. I really ought to. I kind of wish they were brown.

La Mundial: Full custom
I know L has had good luck with this brand, but I can't recommend them. Yes the boots are beautiful and the leather is lovely. But it's a small miracle if they fit. And the snaps don't seem to ever work.

Green with gold
These boots really are beautiful and after having them stretched twice they fit quite perfectly. But I find it super annoying that snaps don't stay closed on the zipper tab by the ankle. SUPER ANNOYING!

Black with navy
The color is weird in this photo, I promise the boots are normal black color. The top has a patent blue stripe which is quite pretty. These were actually orphan boots, so were not made to my measurements but they fit well.

Mountain Horse:
Another pair I haven't ridden in. These are also pretty snug, but probably if I wore them a few times they would stretch nicely. I think they're really pretty.

Pioneer: Semi Custom
I kind of forgot I had these. They are both patent which I don't hate, but the side that goes against your horse is also patent which is pretty awful. SO slippery! The Guter Sitz helps, but I don't really like riding in them. I will probably sell them at some point. Or maybe see about getting smooth leather patches added to the insides.

Black with Gold
I mean... what's more fun than gold glitter?

Blue Patent
What's confusing about this boot, is that the center panel on the OUTSIDE is not patent. But it is on the inner panel. WHY THOUGH?

Secchiari: Full Custom
This was the first pair of customs I ever measured for myself. It didn't go all that well... While they are gorgeous and fit my calf well, they are WAY too short. So I only ride in them here at home. The boots are gorgeous though, and the leather is super soft and lovely.

Tredstep: Off the Shelf
These are at the barn too, so enjoy this terrible photo shop version of them. These are the best winter boots I've ever owned and think anything who rides were the air hurts your face would love them.

So that's it my friends. All of my boots in one blog post. Any questions? Comments? Don't judge my addiction. It's better than drugs!

Addendum: I FORGOT A PAIR! I have 24 pairs of boots guys. I forgot all about my Parlantis. They live in the house in my show boot bag and thus, I forgot all about them. No photos, cause you all know what Parlantis look like. They are fine. Probably wouldn't buy again. They're not worth the money when you can get full custom from Celeris for less and get a higher quality boot.