Thursday, July 30, 2020

Thursday's Threads... another one with logos everywhere.

Outfit day again! This is another one where I just logo everything. You guys. I can't stop. Having my Cricut up and running has been so much fun! I have lots more ideas, just not a lot of time to make stuff right now. But still. So fun! So here's what I wore yesterday to ride:

That top looks REALLY low cut from this angle... I promise there was no inappropriate exposure... Also I had a cami underneath. Anyway...

Helmet: Charles Owen
Greenie isn't nearly as ventilated as the One K's, but he sure is pretty! And he fits really comfortably too.  I hope CO comes out with a custom MIPS helmet in the future so I can upgrade to a new greenie.

Top: Stacie Original

So.... when enhancing a shirt, it might not be a bad plan to try it on before you place your decorations... The logo on the front is on the side of my boob. Super awkward. Oops. Live and learn, right? I've been getting inexpensive shirts from Walmart and Amazon to decorate. I even found some hunter green athletic shirts, but I haven't gotten to them yet.

Belt: Stacie Original 
Buckle: Mane Jane
One of the boarders at the barn is a leather rep. They sell to a lot of the high end bag designers and what not. Whenever they clean out the office, they give me their scraps. And so I made this belt strap from their scrap! I only have scissors for cutting, so it's not that even... but it's good enough! I made it simple, just a strip of leather, which works well with both the Mane Jane buckles and my H buckles. I'm curious to see how long the iron on vinyl will last on the leather... but I've worn it a few times already and so far so good!

Breeches: Ariat
These are the more expensive Ariat breeches, but you all know me. I only buy this stuff on closeout. I do find the higher end models fit better than the lower end.

Socks: Dreamers & Schemers
I'm pretty sure you've all seen these before. I have two pair and I also made a green version. If you haven't played around with making custom socks on the Dreamers & Schemers site, you're missing out. It's super fun!

Boots: Fama-4-All
I still think these are the coolest boots in my collection. The quality isn't that of the Celeris, and they aren't AS super comfy as the De Niro's. But they are still completely amazing. I mean... my logo is on them! Look at it! And yeah... I know they're dirty. We haven't gotten rain in so long, everything is dusty. It's gross. 

Arm Party!!!
I need to work on some logo bracelets... I have some ideas but need to experiment. I figured the next best thing was just following the color scheme. So lefty is donning my FAVORITE bracelet. It's that green bit bracelet from Gucci that I happened to stumble across on Ebay several years ago. I love this thing so much. I paired it with an Hermes wrap bracelet that was also a second hand purchase. 

Righty is donning a couple of other second hand Hermes bracelets and my Fitbit. I do love fancy bracelets from fancy companies (clearly) but I think it's pretty crazy what they cost. So I've only ever purchased them used. Though I have received a few as gifts. 

So that's what I wore yesterday, but I also have horse outfits to share! Spoiler alert, their bridles didn't match as I don't have the right bits on their green themed bridles. So we're skipping bridle photos today.


Eros wore my Hermes saddle with my mattes half pad, and a baby pad that I decorated with the Cricut. The photo doesn't really show it, but I used glitter vinyl for this one so it's sparkly and fun. He also wore his Punk Pony boots. These are the cob sized though, I need to find the horse size that fit him better.


Shiny isn't wearing any logos. I can't bring myself to deface my fancy Mattes pad. But it is all the right colors, so close enough. Atop the Mattes pad she's using her Butet saddle. She's also donning her Punk Ponies boots.

And that's it for today! Do you have any craft fails like my shirt's funny placed logo? Any favorites from today?

Wednesday, July 29, 2020

What's Up Wednesday

It's funny what feels like an extra busy week this year... I've gotten so used to my routine that anything extra just seems busy. This past week seemed more so because the farrier came, and my barn washing machine got fixed. Mind you, I didn't have to actually be present for either of these things, just needed to pop in the barn for payment. But it did seem extra busy. Life is so weird right now.
Anyway, let's talk about the horses shall we? They were super weird last week. EVERYONE had a case of the Tuesdays. Pammon was extra spooky and the bugs were driving him bananas so I wound up riding indoors. I'm not as patient in the mornings because I have less time for a battle. So I chose mine. He was a good boy inside, so I'll take it.
The other two though... I'm guessing there had to have been an animal in the woods. I got on Eros first, and he lost his shit heading toward the far end of the ring. He didn't do anything bad, but his head went up, he wouldn't walk, and his heart was pounding. Since I have to be extra mindful of him not spinning (or losing me and running around), I hopped off and decided to give him a couple ace tabs. Just better safe than sorry. So I gave him those and let him marinate on the cross ties while I rode Shiny. But then she also was spooking at the end. Which is not at all like her. She spooks very rarely, so once she was acting that way, I figured there must be something out there. We do have a neighborhood bear AND a very large cat of some kind. I swear it's a mountain lion, but everyone tells me it's probably a bob cat. Looks way too big to be, but who knows. I don't get that close. Anyway, I rode her on half the ring because whatever and we had an okay ride.

Case of the Tuesdays times 2

I'm partially sure that Eros is currently being inhabited by the ghost of Jamp, and this face the other day helped to solidify that thought:
The spooky eyes... the biting his tongue... SPOOKY!

There were still some mild shenanigans Wednesday, but much better than the day before. Pammon's been fine in the mornings, but the bugs are getting pretty bad over there in the mornings. He has the thinnest skin too which doesn't help. Poor dude. I'm really grateful though that most of the time when something is bothering him, his go to is to cease movement rather than try to murder his human. Good guy for sure.

Eros has continued to be a bit spooky, but not bad. 
It looks worse when you grab the still though! Haha!
As far as soundness goes... he feels okay. Watching the video he sometimes looks VERY lame, but it's really just him resisting my request for contact. He has a lot of opinions about that. He and Pammon are both getting rechecked on Friday. Fingers crossed we can add in some canter and work off some his freshness (cause trotting sure doesn't do that). Here's a short Pivo clip from the weekend.
And some stills:

This is me looking at a very noisy helicopter overhead. Poor Eros puts up with a lot.

Shiny was seemingly over her spookiness by Wednesday, but when I tried to do a little jumping... It didn't go well.
Normally she really takes me to the jumps and is super game. But this day? She just wasn't there. She never said no, but as you can see above she wasn't herself. And then nearly fell down at the end of that video and obviously stung herself when she came out of that. At that point, I called it a day. She was fine to flat the rest of the week, fortunately. 

Saturday I planned another jump school. And if I'm being honest (which is kinda my thing, right?) I was a little... apprehensive. I was worried that the bad school from Wednesday might carry over, and I found myself being nervous to each fence we hadn't jumped yet that day. Fortunately, after jumping everything once, I realized I had my pony back. She really was very good, though steering remains a challenge... I recorded with both Pivo and the Soloshot. Funny, I think my phone camera is actually better than the soloshots because the screen grabs from Pivo are so clear:

The ones from Soloshot get grainy:

Pivo was a little less than reliable with following me that day though, so I got much more footage with the SS3. I think the trouble with Pivo is that I have the red and it has a hard time turning fast enough when we're jumping. SO.... I ordered the silver. It should be here this weekend. Hopefully that does the trick! I think it might do better outside the ring, but my fence will obscure the view, so that's not an option. I'm still really happy with it though, and the company is really devoted to making it great. That goes a long way!
Here are some clips from Pivo and SS3.

And in non horsey news, I did a few other things this week/weekend including the following:
Filled another horse show prize order

Also made this adorable turtle bracelet

Went on a socially distant hike Sunday morning

AND finally got myself another lobster roll (to go, obviously)

That's about it from here. What have you all been up to?

Tuesday, July 28, 2020

Truthful Tuesday

Heh... so this is kinda funny. I haven't actually been to a grocery store since lockdown started back in March. I've been having my groceries delivered and really love the convenience. But the thing about that... you never know for sure what you'll get until it arrives. I like to turn on the substitutions option because I like to live on the edge. But I keep making the same mistake. 
I REALLY like the limited edition Most Stuf Oreos. They basically are filled with the equivalent of two double stuff cookies. It's sinful. And delicious. But I don't think my store actually has them despite letting me order them. You think after once or twice I'd turn off the substitution option on that. But I haven't. And now I have like 4 packs of the wrong Oreos floating around my kitchen. They don't even sub with mega stuff. They send the double. Which are good and all... but I'd rather they sub with mega stuff. ANYWAY, I have all these cookies, so I think I'm going to find a recipe that uses them rather just eating my weight in oreos for the next month.

What are you grocery habits these days? Do you brave the store? Favorite Oreo?

Thursday, July 23, 2020

Thursday's Threads

Outfit Day! I was feeling a little outfit day burnout after a full week of planned outfits last week... But I pulled something together somewhat for today.
Your eyes do not deceive you. This is an avocado themed outfit!

I forgot to get photos of helmet boots, but I just wore my plain black One K and my regals. Recycled photos:

Maybe I'll wear green boots and helmet tonight when I ride at home. Time will tell, but there's a chance we may get stormed out tonight. Supposed to get some weather they're saying.

Top: Old Navy
I normally don't wear this around the horses since it's white. But here we are. Wearing white around horses.

Belt: C4
I was so excited when this belt came out and ordered it right away. I just really love avocados okay?

Breeches: Hadley
It's tough to photograph the color on these. It's a really pretty green. And I'll echo lots of other people, the Hadley breeches fit a million times better than the pipers.

Socks: Dreamers and Schemers
These came in a set with the belt. I'm always a sucker for sets (clearly) so no brainer here. 

Arm Party!
Lefty has the tech today. But not very exciting tech I guess. Just plain black bands for both.

Righty is having more fun though! I got this bracelet awhile ago on Etsy with these ADORABLE little avocado charms. Half have pits and half don't which is a great detail. The other bracelet is an Hermes wrap that I got second hand. 

That's it for today! Thoughts on avocados? Or are you one of those odd ducks who doesn't like them?

Wednesday, July 22, 2020

What's Up Wednesday

Happy Wednesday all! Things are plugging along over here. Last week we had spirit week at the barn and as promised, here are all of Pammon and my outfits:

Tuesday: Tacky Tourist Day
I learned after this day to make sure I had someone grab a photo with my phone... cause this one wasn't. Pammon wore a palm frond baby pad from Lettia with a light pink sheepskin half pad and pink polos. Also his sunnies of course. I wore a palm frond top, pink breeches and boots, and a pin sparkly helmet. We felt very tropical.

Wednesday: Larimar Wednesday
Today we were to wear the barn colors and/or logo. Fortunately, I have these Ariat breeches that are perfect and I made this shirt, belt, and Pammon's half pad with my Cricut. He also wore am appropriately colored bonnet and boots. Also, my boots and helmet were navy.

Thursday: Throwback Thursday
I already shared this outfit on Thursday's Threads last week. It was fun!

Friday: Color wars!!!
My quadrant was assigned yellow which I really wasn't sure I could pull off. Fortunately, I remembered I had these neon breeches from Tuffrider. I had to get creative with boots though. I only had gold for Pammon and my logo boots are done with a gold logo. Close enough. It's yellow gold! My pad and half pad were a pale yellow also. I thought I had donated them, but was happy I didn't!

Saturday: Free for all
I love putting ridiculous outfits together, but I struggled at first with Saturday without a topic for guidance. Ultimately, I decided to just go for whatever I could really go all out with. And that's unicorn colors obviously. Pammon wore this pad, bonnet, and polos set from Hopeful Equestrian. We topped him off with the unicorn beaded browband from Dark Jewel Designs and the unicorn bit from Punk Ponies of course! I wore a black helmet and boots, purple Hadley breeches, and a running tank from Fabletics.

We only won the first day, but some of the kids went all out with costumes and decorating their horses. So that's fair. I wound up not partaking in stall decorating Sunday but everyone did a fabulous job with those! Sorry I forgot to take photos. I'm the worst. I hope we do spirit week again though, it was lots of fun!

So I have to share this story... I get on Eros on Friday and I notice there's ropes all over. Some tied to the walkouts, one on a tree, and a couple across the manure bin. 
At first I was thinking maybe Shiny got loose and my helper decided to tie her in to catch her? But that wouldn't make sense because these ones across the dumpster were attached to my hay barn with screw eyes that hadn't been there... (Don't get me started on people putting holes in things without asking me first.... GRRRRR....) So I sent a text to my helper, like what's with the ropes. And you guys. Oh my. His intentions were good of course. But OH MY! He had put them up to contain the horses when he let them loose in my yard! You guys. SO NOT OKAY. The entire far side, while it has a tree line, does not have any sort of fencing and is basically a cliff. His reasoning was that the horses liked to eat the grass (of course they do) and while Shiny's paddock has some grass in it (okay weeds... but I "seeded" it with their hay so it's yummy weeds) Eros turns out in the ring which is obviously not grass. BUT I do hand graze them most evenings and on the weekends. Not to mention they are both morbidly obese quite chubby. I hate having to be a jerk, but I told him it's much too dangerous and we can't be doing that. And then I had to take down all the ropes. On Friday night. After riding at 7:30 AM, working all day, then riding two more. Sheesh. I mean, I appreciate his intentions, but why can't he ask me before doing something like that?!

Okay, rant over. Back to the fun stuff! It's been pretty hot and humid here. This morning, while cool (74 at 7:30 am!) was 91% humidity and 71 degree dew point. Sticky. 

I've still been sticking with Eros' and Pammon's prescribed rides since those aren't particularly strenuous. Pammon's kind of are just given length of time, but it's cooler when I ride him, and he seems to handle the heat like a champ. But Shiny has gotten off a little easy. We rode every day of course, but her jump school Saturday was very short, and Sunday we played around bareback.
I was also kind of lazy about media this weekend, and only used the Pivo. I was excited to try out their new Beta Horse version, and it's pretty fab. I have the red, but if you're thinking about getting one, definitely go with the silver as it is able to react a little faster than mine. 

So here are some clips of Shiny jumping around Saturday. She was great! But we have a lot to work on. I need to set up a grid at some point to get her rocking back more, and not just pulling us past the distance and jumping over her shoulder. I'm sure part of that is simply that 2' is easy for her and partly just that she's still green. I think there's a cute jumping pony in there, but we have to do a little work to get her to come out.

Eros is up to 15 minutes of trotting this week, and I've started to ask him for a little contact. Mostly just to get his attention back on me, but also it's probably time he start using the proper muscles. I don't think he's 100% yet as far as soundness, but I know he's due for some maintenance. Not to mention, he's never been 100% sound. He and Pammon will both have a recheck I think next week. So we'll see what doc thinks. But here's a little clip of Eros trotting around.

Oh and I made my hair purple again. It seems sweating like an animal all over it fades it much faster though.
in process purple hair

That's about it from here. How's your week going? Did you do anything fun last weekend?