Thursday, August 28, 2014

Thursday's Threads!

See that? PS is shorthand for Pumpkin Spice. Do you know what that means? Summer is ending. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!
Since I'm so reluctant to embrace the end of summer, I went with pale pink plus a little edge today.

It's edgy 'cause they're acid washed. The 80's were a unique fashion time my friends... And as an 80's child, it's my job to sneak in a reminder now and then. So let's take a closer look at today's outfit!

Top: NY & Co
I like this knit, it's super light weight and sleeveless... but then not really. It will definitely see a lot of use this fall when we hopefully have warmish temps.

Pants: Aeropstale

I actually found these on clearance when I went to FL in February for work. That would make them wayyyy "past season", but I love them. I had remembered them being a little snug so I've been reluctant to wear them, but they actually fit quite nicely. I really should try things on more often.

Shoes: Carlos Santana

I hummed and hawed about getting these, they're from Little Black Bag. I think I actually traded for them? I've surprisingly gotten a lot of use out of them. (P.S. I still miss that website so much.) How can you not win with glitter? Glitter is always a win. ALWAYS.

Belt: Handmade

I think this belt could also be today's #TBT. I got this is 1999 from a vendor at a horse show. She hand made these belts from old horse show ribbons. The best part? The designer of these must have been local to my area as horse shows I've attended regularly are all featured! I haven't worn this in awhile, and I'm not sure why. Will have to get it back in the rotation!

Arm Party!


I went a little cray-cray with lefty today, but I was having trouble making decisions. When in doubt, pile them on! From the left: Mocha Stone bracelet in pale pink, crystal stretch bracelet that I honestly have no idea where it came from, rhinestone stretch bracelet (also no idea from where), Nakamol beaded bracelet from Little Black Bag, ETK (probably Ettika) from LBB, and of course my favorite watch.


Righty went with one giant bracelet today. This one came from LBB also, and it's impossible to show in a photo how amazing it is. I didn't appreciate it on the site initially, but then it was offered to me on who-remembers-what, and I took it. The "leather" part is not only a pale pink, but it has a gold overtone to it. I can't get it to show in a photo, so you'll have to trust me. The metal plate across the top is curved just right and is not at all in the way. So glad this came home to me! (And that I remembered I have it...)

So that's it for today! What are you wearing? Are you transitioning to fall styles or clutching to summer looks for dear life?

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Truthful Tuesday

I'm not sure how, but I'm pretty sure I've managed not to do anything particularly humiliating or embarrassing to tell you about this week. So I suppose this week's truths are pretty dull...
First, I think in the last two days I've eaten the equivalent of about 8 of these guys:


Second, I haven't run so much as out of the way of traffic in over two weeks now. Clearly that half marathon IS NOT HAPPENING this year.

no running... plenty of lounging
Thirdly, and rather miraculously, despite my 4 days of binge eating, I haven't gained any weight! Which would be way more impressive if I wasn't already a good 15 lbs heavier than necessary... but hey, at least I didn't pack on anymore!

Do you have anything you need to get off your chest? Any really humiliating (yet generally harmless!) stories from the weekend? Let me know in the comments!

Monday, August 25, 2014

Ahhh Monday...

After the crazy (all good crazy!) weekend, I'm actually relieved to be back at work. It's almost relaxing! I **think** this is the last of my out of control weekends. I'm not sure what I'll do when things are calmer.... Sleep maybe? Start back to running? That second one needs to happen regardless. I stuffed my face for 4 days straight. More or less non stop. Moooo.

So anyway, I figured I'd take you along on my weekend adventures since I have no running to talk about. Or riding really. I rode, but no shows this weekend. Let's go see all my outfits and events!

I had dinner plans with my friend that helped me at a horse show recently. My treat as a thank you for giving up her Sunday to hold my horse for me. I was super excited though, when she asked if I would rather go to the town fair. DUH! Of COURSE I did! Mmm fair food.... We met up around 8 after I finished riding and taking care of the ponies. We walked around a bit, did some people watching and animal petting, and of course stuffed our faces. We got to watch some hilarious pig races too!

I couldn't stay out too late as I had a braiding job for the evening. It was actually kind of nice to braid after a glass of wine and a full belly!

I got home around 12:30 and hung out with the pugs for a little bit before bed. I REALLY wanted to go to sleep right away, but they had been alone most of the day, and I knew the same would hold true for the rest of the weekend. Thank goodness they're low energy pugs, or they would really be hating me lately!

My barn helper had the weekend off, so I was up at 7 to do barn chores and get the horses worked early.

Next stop on Stacie's busy weekend was a trip to the toy store to get a birthday present for stop #3. Once that mission was accomplished, I ran home to get showered and prettied up for my best friend's daughter's third birthday party! I was zero time between stop #3 (birthday party) and stop #4 (lobster fest), so I had to wear the same outfit to both.

 The party was an hour away and started at 3... Lobsterfest was an hour and half away from the party and started at 6. But I also had to stop home in between to feed the four leggeds. And of course there was traffic... I was late to both stops. But not tremendously at least.
I am lacking in party photos because I don't want to post pics of other people's kids... but here's a present, part of a face, and a hand!

I got home to feed the ponies around 6 and then headed over to my dad's house for LobsterFest. It's exactly what you think... about 25 people, 75 lobsters, 25 lbs of steak, and some sides. Oh and wine of course... Here are the highlights:

Father/Daughter Lobster Outfits

Making friends with my dinner...

It was a gorgeous night for some gluttony of the lobster variety! The best part is everyone's getting... ahem... OLDER, so I was home by 10. The puggers and I hung out watching some tv, I may or may not have napped on the floor with them, and then it was off to bed!

Sunday started out much the same as Saturday. Barn chores and pony play time!

Next was another quick visit with Ducky. Unfortunately I left my phone in the car again and therefore took zero photos. Sorry again! Next time!

After hanging with Ducky for a bit (I groomed him and got to watch him work a little before I had to leave) I drove home as fast as I dared to get ready for my friend's wedding. I only had 20 minutes... good thing it was nearby! So funny thing happens at the wedding... I'm standing around chatting, when my friend Ashley comes up and says, "nice dress!" Yep, you guessed it, we wore the same dress! Oops... We told people we were the fake bridesmaids... It was a beautiful event, not a bad way to spend a Sunday!

My last stop for the weekend was to drop off some leftover lobster with my sister-in-law, visit with my niece, and meet their new rescue husky Sasha!

And FINALLY at 8 pm on Sunday, I got to relax with the puggers:

How was your weekend? Was it fun filled and action packed with decadent foods like mine?

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Thursday's Threads

I'm JUST squeaking in for a Thursday post! Sorry about my tardiness, but I was off playing hooky and having fun today. Which directly correlates with my superfan outfit.

I spent the day here:

Mostly admiring my future husband:

But also being entertained by this older woman, clearly enjoying the day with her "friends":

Which leads to my outfit:

One cannot attend a baseball game for one's favorite team without wearing the appropriate apparel! So here's what I wore:


These beauties are from Target! Super comfy, and not too hot for a day at the ballpark!


These jeans are from the Alyssa Milano collection for I've had them a few years, but really only wear them to games, so they're holding up great!


I got this jersey type shirt from the Nike outlet at the end of I think last season.


Confession: I have to buy kids hats for my pea sized head. This one came from Marshalls.

So that's my superfan outfit! A little something different than the norm ;)

Do you have a favorite sporting event/team? If so, do you dress like a superfan if you attend games?

PS: If any of you actually know Derek Jeter, have him give me a call!