Thursday, August 21, 2014

Thursday's Threads

I'm JUST squeaking in for a Thursday post! Sorry about my tardiness, but I was off playing hooky and having fun today. Which directly correlates with my superfan outfit.

I spent the day here:

Mostly admiring my future husband:

But also being entertained by this older woman, clearly enjoying the day with her "friends":

Which leads to my outfit:

One cannot attend a baseball game for one's favorite team without wearing the appropriate apparel! So here's what I wore:


These beauties are from Target! Super comfy, and not too hot for a day at the ballpark!


These jeans are from the Alyssa Milano collection for I've had them a few years, but really only wear them to games, so they're holding up great!


I got this jersey type shirt from the Nike outlet at the end of I think last season.


Confession: I have to buy kids hats for my pea sized head. This one came from Marshalls.

So that's my superfan outfit! A little something different than the norm ;)

Do you have a favorite sporting event/team? If so, do you dress like a superfan if you attend games?

PS: If any of you actually know Derek Jeter, have him give me a call!

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