Thursday, April 28, 2022

Thursday's Threads


Outfit Day! And it's the LAST one with a blue outfit for awhile, I promise! Even though it's still blue, I think this one is still pretty fun. Here's what I wore today:

Bright breeches helped me be less grumpy about the fact that it was only in the 40's today and the wind was blowing like a hurricane alllllll day! Come on spring, try harder.

Helmet: One K CCS Mips
I will have a new photo next week, with a helmet that is NOT blue!

Sweater: PS of Sweden
I have this sweater in both hunter green and this navy blue, and it's one of my favorite wearable things. I think cable knit sweaters are just really classic horsey attire.

Belt: Mane Jane
I do not promise you won't see a lot of Mane Jane in the coming weeks. I love these belts and wear them all the time. 

Breeches: Tailored Sportsman
This color was refusing to photograph in my bedroom this morning... The photo of the belt above is closer to the real shade of them. TS calls them Aqualina. I snagged them secondhand but they looked like they had never been worn. 

Boots: De Niro
I also promise a fresh boot photo next week AND boots that aren't these! I can't wait!

Al is our model this week, and here's what he was wearing:

Bridle: Camelot RCS Gold
Browband: Boy O' Boy Bridleworks
It is nearly impossible to get a photo of this horse's face that's not blurry. He's SO busy all the time!

Breastplate: Kavalkade
Awhile back I said I would show you all Al's breastplate, but then I never remembered to. So here it is! It was relatively inexpensive, but I like the look of it a lot. It's also hunter ring friendly so we can use it for any classes we decide to show in. Though I think I maybe should shorten the part that goes to the girth based on this photo...

Saddle: Butet
Saddle Pad: Mattes
Half Pad: Ippico
I REALLY like these Mattes pads. They aren't overly thick, and lay very nicely on the horses back. 

Boots: Horze
We're still using these too... But not next week! Well... Al might be using them next week, but he won't be our model. 

So that's it for today! Any favorites? Anything you're looking forward to seeing in the coming weeks?

Wednesday, April 27, 2022

What's Up Wednesday


This week we had a vet appointment Friday which made me miss one of my Al lessons, but it was worth it! It was a double vet day, meaning that the horses got their second round of spring vaccines AND saw the lameness vet. The only trouble with that was we couldn't do any needed injections the same day as vaccines. So it was just a diagnostic day. 

Pammon had his suspensory scanned and things are really looking great. It's a lot smaller than on the last scan and the bony area at the attachment has healed really well. So all good news on that front! He still needs to keep working on his core to protect his back better, but we're definitely working in the right direction and shows a lot of improvement. He is still mildly back sore, but so much better than he was last spring. So things are going well with him! AND we've been given permission to add some canter into our rides. Not only that, but he needs to start doing some lateral work too. So basically, more or less regular flat rides. Canter we have to add in slowly, so for now we're just doing a lap of the ring each direction. Next week we'll add a second one and build from there. VERY exciting though! 

Eros also saw the lameness vet on Friday. He's not been lame, but I feel like he's about ready for some maintenance. Doc was really pleased with how he looks, but did agree that he's due for some injections. I'm working on getting that scheduled at my house. Hopefully soon! He had a good week otherwise, and was mildly less crazy in our outdoor lesson on Thursday... He still was spicy, but not quite as much as the week before. Thankfully! My poor arms... Lol!

unrelated photo of Rita exploring the neighborhood

Shiny did not get to see the lameness vet, but our other vet who has been helping me with the hoof drama checked on her. I am concerned that the leg still has fill, and so he's going to come back on Friday to ultra sound it to make sure nothing else happened in there. I'm still riding her lightly, and she mostly feels good, but I'll feel a lot better once we check it out a little more fully. Fingers crossed it's just from the healing it's doing in the foot. 

Despite missing our Friday lesson (just due to timing, Al wasn't on the lameness vet list), he came out ready to work for Sunday's lesson. We were back outside and there were none of the shenanigans we had the first time out there. He's really just the coolest horse. I can't wait to get to some horse shows with him! (I can't believe I'm saying that! EEEK!) All of the good riding juniors were out riding in the ring during my lesson, and they were all so complimentary about Al. Most of them haven't really seen us jump, or at least haven't since the winter. It's always a good feeling to hear nice things about your horse, isn't it?

This week I decided to try Pammon's saddle on Al. It would just be a lot easier if he can share with Pammon while the two of them are in the same location, rather than me dragging Eros' saddle back and forth. Neither of them fit him all that well, so I figured I'd see how he feels. I actually like Pammon's on him a bit better, so hopefully that's going to work out until I can get Al his own. (Trying to schedule the saddle fitter is harder than finding a saddle it seems...)

That's about the extent of what's happening over here. Did you all have a good week and weekend? Do anything fun and exciting?

Tuesday, April 26, 2022

Truthful Tuesday

 Admittedly, I am currently living a life of leisure. But I still have a habit of saying yes to things that will make life a little hectic temporarily. But it seems to me, that everything always seems to happen all at the same time. So not entirely my doing.

This coming weekend is the end of the month. Which means Eros and Shiny will be coming home!!! YAY!!! They'll come home Saturday afternoon. Also at the end of this month is a local show that used to be quite a big show. It used to carry an A rating, though I'm not sure that it does any longer. Regardless, it's a show that horses need braids for, so as you may have guessed, I have some work lined up. Saturday is also my birthday. Needless to say, I'll have to put off any sort of celebrating until after this weekend. 

I have horses to braid Thursday (2), Friday (4), and Saturday (5) nights. I also have lessons Thursday (Eros), Friday (Al), and Sunday (Al again). And also, I have to move the two horses out of the boarding barn and back home. If Pia keeps me up Sunday night with her barking I'm gonna be a very sad dog momma. 

I briefly thought about not being available to braid this weekend. But I really could use the money (Al's saddle won't pay for itself) and I don't want to leave my regular customers high and dry at the last minute. I do want future jobs! So I'm going to likely exhaust myself this weekend, but it will be worth it in the end. Some cold hard cash in my pocket and two horses back home, will be LOVELY! 

In order to prepare as much as possible ahead of time, I've already fueled up the truck and hooked up the trailer. I'm going to bring home a few things I'm not using at the barn tomorrow too, which should help speed up packing. My worker will get the stalls ready, and that's really all that needs to be done to prepare for the tall kids arrival. I have reorganized all their home blankets and what not, so things are ready and waiting for them. Which also means I don't have to rush to unpack when they get here. Thank goodness. Since I have five horses to braid that night. Oye. Sunday's Al lesson might be a shit show... Though in my younger years, I rode pretty great when I was too tired to think. Hopefully that will still pan out. For Al's sake. Haha.

Do you guys ever find yourself in these situations where 200 things are happening all on the same day? No? Just me?

Thursday, April 21, 2022

Thursday's Threads: Passover Edition


Outfit Day! And while I am still wearing the same helmet and boots (sorry, not sorry) I do have a fun outfit to share this week! I mean, it IS Passover, so of course I had to bust out the Matzo outfit! Eros is our model this week, and here's what he wore:

Bridle: Joseph Sterling
Browband: Dark Jewel Designs

This is indeed a rerun photo... But not for lack of trying. He was only making this face again, and ya know? I didn't need multiple pictures of Eros looking like a donkey. This one works just fine... Lol!

Saddle: Butet
Saddle Pad: Equine Star
Half Pad: Ippico
I forgot to bring the brown half pad out with me, so we had to make do with this light blue one. I know. It looks terrible. It happens.

Boots: Equine Star
I think the Matzo pad is great and all, but for some reason, the boots just make me giggle. Haha! Love this set so much!

So that's what Eros had on, and here's my Matzo outfit!
It's a bit of a throwback to the early days of the pandemic... But it's still cute!

Helmet: One K CCS MIPS
Yes. It's last week's photo. Shhhh. It still looks the same!

Sweatshirt: Unbranded
I hunted this down on Amazon either last year or the year before (obviously). I think I should take all my ridiculous pandemic apparel and have it all made into a blanket. 

Belt: Mane Jane
I chose this golden snake belt strap because I think it kind of looks like Matzo too. I mean... it's a stretch. But I see it. Do you?

Breeches: Tailored Sportsman
You all saw these last year when I was so excited about them! I found them on closeout which is a rarity. At first I thought the color was awful and almost didn't buy them. But then I realized the color is fabulous, and now I'm ridiculously glad I have them. 

Socks: Too Loud
I don't remember where I found these, but they are fab. They're a little shorter than boot socks, but they do the job just fine. 

Boots: De Niro Salentino
Also last week's photo. I really can't wait to ride in some other boots soon! These are great and all... but I'm kind of bored with them.

And that's it for this week! One more week of the same old, same old, and then we'll have some more exciting outfits to share! 

Wednesday, April 20, 2022

What's Up Wednesday


Not sure where the time goes... Wednesday again! I don't have a ton to report back on this week really. Things are going great with everyone. I've been getting organized in the barn for Eros and Shiny to come home, and I think we're pretty much ready for them. It will feel so nice to have horses around again!

Pammon is up to 18 minutes of trotting every day. Which... is kind of a lot when that's all you do for 18 minutes straight. Round and round the ring. Trotting along. He's been great, and feels good, so I'm excited for his recheck that is hopefully on Friday. Fingers crossed we can add some canter in! 


Eros has been feeling kinda meh lately, but I know he's due for some injections. (He's on the vet list with Pammon for Friday hopefully.) He's also been feeling kind of wild though, so today I finally let him have a free lunge. He actually felt a lot more sound after which isn't usually the case. I kind of think sometimes he feels weird when he's trying his hardest not to be a wild animal. But just in case... I let him have a Bemer session after our ride today. Can't hurt, right? I'm curious to see how he feels tomorrow. (Barn owner bought a Bemer in FL this year, so I'm excited to take advantage of that new offering!) 
Eros' lesson last week was a bit chaotic. We went outside for the first time this year (first time jumping out there, we've ridden out a bunch) and he was LIT. We wound up mostly working over poles on the ground and one small cross rail. He was kind of hilarious. The last time to the X, he tried SO HARD not to run at it. He still got quick, and it wasn't a very attractive jump... but we rewarded his effort anyway. Both my instructor and I could tell he really was trying. Meanwhile, my arms are probably three inches longer than they used to be before that lesson... Horse can pull! We have a lesson tomorrow, but likely it will be indoors since the weather has turned cold and windy again. He'll probably be better either way since he got to play today. 

Shiny is feeling pretty good, but the leg still is holding on to some swelling. I'm going to keep soldiering on carefully for right now, and then schedule a vet visit once she's home if it's not looking better by then. The vet list for this week is really long, and I don't think he's scheduled to come back until after we're home. She's pretty stoic, so I do worry that she's sore and not letting me know... but hopefully that's not the case. We're keeping our rides easy and short (about 15 minutes of "work" and 5-10 of walking) so hopefully no harm either way. 

I love having a horse that lets me snuggle him when he's napping!

And then there's Al! He's perfect. Even when he's not. Our Friday lesson was our last with the assistant trainer, as she is moving on to other things in her life. We're sad, because we've had a great time learning from her this winter, but happy for her to do what she needs to do for herself. Anyway, it was an exciting last lesson! We went outside for our first time jumping out there. Al's been super to flat out there so far this year, but jumping was a little bit more exciting in the beginning. There weren't any ground lines on the jumps, but the sun was casting a shadow under them all, which he thought needed to be stared at whilst jumping over.... But the nice thing is, despite his need to stare at the shadows, he was still more than willing to jump them. I'll take that any day! We worked through a line set on the center line. It was three fences with four strides between each. But we had to do it in five. Which was easy since he was jumping a bit like a deer... Ha! It did get harder as he settled in and was jumping more nicely across though. He still did a nice job with the add, I just had to work a little harder. After going through that exercise a few times, we added in two long run oxers (one on each diagonal) and then a six stride line. And you guys! The 6 stride was set at 3'3"! We jumped BIG! (For us. It's been a long time since I've jumped that high. Which I realize isn't really high. But it is for me right now, and I'm celebrating!) The first time through the six I sat down a little early and we had the rail. So we came back and did it one more time, and he was a perfect little angel! So fun! 

Our Sunday lesson was back indoors since it was effing freezing out. Not quite literally, but close. I was happy to be out of the wind and in the indoor. The courses were super challenging, including a weird bending line at the end of the ring that Al likes to spook at. But he was so good! He did everything like he's done this stuff his whole life (which I'm sure he has not). The jumps were all new to him too, as they took out what we've been jumping all winter to paint them, and replaced them with all freshly painted fences that Al has never seen. He didn't blink an eye at any of them. Including a brick wall that we jumped by itself. As in no standards beside it or rails over it. And he was just like yeah, cool, whatever. If you say jump, I'll go! I just love this horse. We still have tons to work on for sure, but he just is so honest and kind. I'm still kind of in shock that he's mine. I'm not sure I deserve him. 

And that's what we've been up to! How's your week going? Do anything fun with the horses this weekend?

Tuesday, April 19, 2022

Truthful Tuesday: What's old is, well, still old. But cool again!


So full chaps seem to be making a comeback... Or at least they are up here in New England for winter time. (They are SO much warmer than breeches and boots!) So while I was at my mom's the other night for Passover, I did a little digging in her garage and found my old Journeymans. I didn't really expect they would fit. I was measured for these roughly 100 years ago when I was still in high school. (I think maybe 1995 or 1996.) Probably 15-20 lbs ago... But guess what!

I got in them! They're a little snug, and could use some conditioning... but I think I could ride in them next winter. (Assuming I don't get any larger. Which... could happen.) They're really stained, and I can't seem to get them any cleaner than this. But whatever, they're not for showing. I still love the details on them:

I used to wear these with jeans, and there's no chance I'd fit in them with jeans on at this stage of my life... But I also don't have any desire to let jeans touch my saddles, so breeches will be just fine. 
And that's my confession today: I can still fit in my old chaps!

Do you have anything from long ago that you still use, or wish you still had? I also found my middle finger crop, but I'm saving that for a future Thursday's Threads... I wish they still made those, but am pretty happy I found my original!

Thursday, April 14, 2022

Thursday's Threads


Outfit Day! I took new pictures this time of everything... but like, the outfits themselves aren't new. Hey. I'm doing the best I can!

Shiny is our model today since she's just back into the riding rotation. She's still donning her green outfit since it didn't get much use prior to the stall incident. 

Bridle: Joseph Sterling
Browband: Dark Jewel Designs

She's just the cutest nugget... I'm still loving these bridles. Especially at the price point. 

Saddle: Butet
Saddle Pad: Eskadron
Soooo... I decided I loved these pads enough to get enough for everyone for next winter. #ihavenoselfcontrol

Boots: Eskadron
I love these boots. I haven't washed Shiny's yet since she hasn't worn them much, but I did throw the horses' in the washer and dryer and they came out looking great. Not sure if you're supposed to machine wash AND dry them... but such is how things work at my farm! They survived just fine.

So that's what Shiny wore this week, and here's what I had on:
Yeah, still navy. Even though Shiny wore green. I'm really losing my way!

Helmet: One K CCS MIPS
I really need to wipe this helmet down, it's so dusty!

Top: Ariat
We're having some unseasonally warm days, and I'm not complaining! I love sunshirt weather!!! Though this one might be more of a base layer. It doesn't have mesh under the sleeves. Either way, I'm excited to be wearing such a light layer!

Belt: Mane Jane
I went with the light gray Mane Jane strap today and the gold buckle.

Breeches: Le Fash
I scored these second hand last year from FB Market place, and I really like them! I always wanted to try the Le Fash breeches, but I'm so cheap, I never could bring myself to buy them. So when I found them second hand in great condition I had to jump on them. I do recommend, they are very comfy and the fit is nice.

Boots: De Niro
Still wearing these! I haven't cleaned them in months. I'm really terrible.

So that's it for today! I will have something a little more fun next week so get excited for that! Any favorites from today? Have you tried the Joseph Sterling bridles?

Wednesday, April 13, 2022

What's Up Wednesday


Big news! I got back on Shiny yesterday for the first time, and again today. She's feeling good! I have to keep her in the indoor for another couple of days though. I stupidly only ordered her one hoof boot, so now I'm waiting for the other to arrive so we can walk out to the outdoor ring. We're just walk-trotting right now, but I will probably let her canter in the next day or two as long as she continues to feel sound. I don't want to over do it with her. She's feeling sound, but the leg is still holding on to some of the swelling, and I don't want to over stress it while it's healing. So baby steps, but we're moving in the right direction! 

Pammon is up to 16 minutes of trotting this week and I have him scheduled for a recheck I think next week. Hoping we can start adding some canter in soon! His canter is so lovely and I miss it. All in good time though. In other Pammon news, he's shedding tons every day and starting to look less feral. I really need to give him a bath though. He's still holding onto the smelly yet lovable uncle character he morphed into during his sabbatical. 

Eros has been a little sassy lately! He was shockingly good for his lesson last week, so that was lovely. We even did a line without any near death experiences. This week though... so much sass. I mean, it's Eros sass, so it's not actually a lot. But he's just excited. Lessons are still inside, but the outdoor ring is open for flatting so we've been out there this week. And he's EXCITED. Like, he actually spooked a little both yesterday and today, and then proceeded to be the heaviest animal in all the land afterwards. He doesn't really do anything wrong, and I wouldn't say he's running off with me... But I also can't let go of his face or he torpedoes around the arena on his front end with a 21 foot stride. Not ideal. The bright side is that he's forward on the flat, and some of his moves are amazing. Like the extended trot when I'm holding that front end up (as I need to do to stop the torpedo) is CRAZY.  And SO fun! Even the collected trot feels explosive (but in a good way). I bet there's a piaffe in there, but I have no idea how to ask for it. Dressage friends? How do you ask for it? (He does have a dressage background, I'm not just making up crazy things, I swear!) Anyway... Lesson tomorrow, thankfully indoors since he absolutely would run off with me outside right now. Hopefully it goes well! And if not? It will still be fun. 'Cause it's Eros.

And then there's Al! He's perfect. A total doofus, but so perfect. Our Friday lesson last week was with a prospective new assistant trainer, and he definitely put his best foot forward. Kid knows how to make a good impression. And then Sunday's lesson was our first with the BO since she got back from Florida. It was a great lesson. After warming up over a few fences we did a small course that was a straight line in five, then two bending lines also in fives. Once we completed that, we kept cantering back around to do everything in six strides. Al was easily closing up the fives, so I was REAL concerned the sixes weren't going to happen. But he was just right there and everything worked out nicely. He's such an interesting horse because you can tell he's green. He's a wiggly little baby worm who thinks contact is boring, but then he's also ridiculously adjustable. You don't see it coming! But it's a lot of fun. 

Sorry for the lack of media again. My lesson times are generally when there aren't many spectators hanging around so I don't have videographers. If nothing else, we'll have more Eros and Shiny media soon once they're home!

In other news, I got back on my ladder for the first time since the incident... You know, that day I fell off my ladder braiding a tail and likely tore my meniscus? I mean, I've stood on ladders since then, but I haven't had any braiding jobs. I got a text the other day from a local quarter horse barn. They were doing a photo shoot this week and needed a couple of horses braided for it. I just paid my taxes, so a little extra cash sounded good to me! They came out okay. I'm a little rusty. Hopefully they look pretty enough for their photos though! 

That's about it from here... Oh! Unless any of you need some schooling breeches? I have MANY(24!) pairs for sale on my personal FB page, all prices negotiable. Mostly size 30's but a few 28's in there too. Please buy my pants! Photos here, but pricing and descriptions are on FB because I'm too lazy to copy that over. If we're not friends, just send a request!