Thursday, August 31, 2017

Thursday's Threads

Happy outfit day everyone! It's already feeling like fall here, which as you know, I don't like one bit. But, at least my favorite color is in season now! Once again, it's featured on last night's riding outfit. I know you're surprised!
I was messing around with my phone camera and noticed Rio posing when he saw the flash going off. So we snuggled in for this adorable shot. An instant favorite! (He's the cutest.)

Helmet: Charles Owen AYR8
I heart greenie.

Top: Kastel
Sorry about this awkward boob photo... My selfie camera isn't working well, so I took this blind with the regular one. Anyway, I grabbed this merino wool half zip from Kastel in one of Riding Warehouse's great sales. I'll definitely get more if they go on sale again (in different colors I promise).

Belt: Sandy Duftler
Iconic spur belt! I really should have sized up on this guy, it JUST makes it around. Pretty though, and by some miracle is very close to the same shade as my top. You have no idea how many different shades of green exist...

Breeches: Equine Couture
#boatsonmybreeches I feel that if you live in New England, you should be required to own boat printed breeches. They remind me of the summer season that I'm so desperately clinging to. Also, they are nice and snug around my calf with sock bottoms so all my tight boots fit over them.

Boots: La Mundial
Lol... they're so snug you can see the seam for the sock bottom on my breeches. My feet don't usually fall asleep though, so I guess they're just right.

That's what I wore riding last night, so now it's on to today's outfit, which is much more summery. Yesterday's highs were in the low to mid 70's but today it's back to summer with temps in the 80's. I dressed accordingly. And also casually, cause #lazy.
I'm really grateful for a casual work environment where I can wear jeans and a polo shirt and fit right in.

Top: US Polo Assn
I think you've all seen this one before? It has two of my near favorite colors on it, pink and mint, so I have nothing negative to say about it.

Belt: Kate Spade
In honor of fair season, I bring you the Kate Spade Ticket Belt. I didn't know this existed when I could have gotten it for cheap, but I found it on Ebay from some dude in Australia for not toooooo bad of a price. I think it's just the cutest, but it's pretty tiny. I think it's meant to be worn higher on your natural waist.

Jeans: Kut from the Kloth
Side discussion: I'm not sure how I feel about them using K instead of C's. It feels a little clannish now that I think about it... But hopefully (though marginally better at best) they were thinking more along the Kardashian line maybe? Anyway... back to the pants.
I have a few pairs of jeans from this brand, and I'm a huge fan. They're always really soft and stretchy and comfy. Plus they fit my curvy bottom half quite nicely. So these pants actually have a pink wash to them, which is impossible to photograph. Not just for me, but I couldn't even tell what they meant from the website photos. I took a chance though cause I love me some pink jeans. I was not disappointed! Wish you all could see the real color, it's subtle but super fun.

Shoes: Sperry TopSider
I'm such a professional I didn't even brush the horse hair off these before photographing. So classy. You all know my love of Sperry's. And obviously these get extra love since they're mint. (You can see the pink of my pants a little better here.)

Arm Party!
Lefty :
Lefty is donning this fabulous bracelet that Nicole from Nicole's Creations made for me. It describes my entire life pretty well. And I love that the R is backwards. So cute! I should have grabbed a photo from the side too though, it's a gorgeous minty/teal color, all knotted and beaded. SO PRETTY! (If you love friendship style bracelets, definitely check out her site. She's crazy talented.)

Righty wanted to have some fair fun too, so she's wearing a pair of shades from Kate Spade. I honestly have no idea the brands or where I got the other two. But they're pretty pink like my pants!

That's it for today! My body is still a little angry about my lack of sleep the last few weeks. And my decision to stay up reading blogs until 1 am last night did not help matters. (I'm still learning how to live with this autoimmune stuff. Clearly, I have a lot to figure out.) So running hasn't been a thing lately. Hopefully next week I'll have a fun running outfit to share too!

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

What's Up Wednesday

I nearly forgot to write What's Up Wednesday today! Thankfully, I remembered. I'm sure you'd all be super sad to miss all the craziness that was last week.  Let me just start out by saying, I'm SO GLAD local finals are done. I'm not sure I could survive another weekend of not sleeping enough.
I took Friday off from work last week. Originally, I was going to take a half day because I had Yankee tickets for the evening game (Star Wars Night!!!). But then I was asked to braid a horse in the morning, and I decided to just take the whole day. Who wants to get up extra early to braid before work, suffer through a half day, get done later than you were supposed to, and then rush around getting the horses and dogs set up for the pet sitters? Not me! Plus, by skipping work, I had time to ride Badger before leaving for NY.
So, I started braiding around 8:
Jack was a good boy, so I had mane and tail done by 9. (He went on to win his class at finals!) Perfect timing to get to Badger!
He's due for shoes on that questionable foot so it was another walk trot weekend for us. He was a good boy though. I rushed out of there, and got home with enough time to ride Jampy (quickly).
Rio got the day off so I could grab a shower before heading to the train station. He didn't mind at all. Since it was Star Wars Night AND a Friday, the stadium was sold out. This adorable little kid, along with Darth Vader threw out the first pitch:
It was a great game, and it went into extra innings. Which normally I'd be super happy about, but I had to be up at 6 to braid again in the morning. They ended up losing 2-1 at 11 PM. I got home a little after 2 and went right to bed. (Spoiler alert: I'm legit still tired.)
The horse I had to braid Saturday morning was a bit of a nudge, so he took a little longer than I wanted. And it really wasn't my best work. Hard to braid a moving target. But I got him done, and was only a little late to ride Badger.

Despite my questionable braiding job, this guy finished second in his class!
Had another nice, light hack on Badger, followed by riding Rio and Jampy at home. Light hacks for everyone, cause I was barely awake.

I had plans to meet up with my mom after feeding the boys to go to the local fair, so I knew I had to follow the one golden rule of busy weekends: DON'T SIT DOWN TILL IT'S BEDTIME! Once I was done in the barn, I grabbed a shower but still had time to kill. The pugs were pretty happy because I gave them that free time. We played in the yard for awhile until the bugs got bad.

Somehow, it still wasn't time to feed and mom hadn't arrived yet, so I broke the rule and took a 15 minute power nap. Much needed.
My town's fair is really tiny, but I managed to have a great time with my mom. I ate ALL the things, cause that's what fairs are for. And then I found my new horse and proceeded to spend a lot of money to win him.
Everyone, I'd like you to meet Corny:
He's settled in nicely. Doesn't eat much at all, never poops, and enjoys hanging out on the couch.
I honestly have no idea what to do with him. But I'm pretty happy to have him around. Between Corny and the almost life-sized cut out of Rio, this house is starting to really seem a little off. This might be why I'm single...
Also at the fair was an artist making things out of glass. He made figurines and necklaces. I was going to buy a pretty pink heart necklace (they were all $10, so inexpensive!) but then I realized you could make requests. I asked for a green horse (obviously) and then added a horse shoe to my order. You guys, these pendants are gorgeous! And $10?! The horse is incredible.

I'm kind of afraid to wear the horse because I don't want to break it. But I'm told it has a lifetime guarantee so if I ruin it, he'll fix or replace it. Though he was quick to point out he meant his lifetime, not mine. Lol. Artists got jokes!
After stuffing my face with fried oreos, it was time to head home and crash. My poor body was pretty happy to not move even an inch for a solid 7 hours (finally).
Sunday was pretty quiet. I rode all three horses. Jampy had a little school. I was excited to watch the video because he really finished up great. I felt like his last few jumps he really used himself. Unfortunately, my phone stopped recording after five minutes. Boo. So this is the best I could get:

Trainer is a little funny about feeding the horses weird stuff, so Badger missed out... But Rio and Jampy enjoyed some candy apples from the fair.

I finished the evening off with a lobster roll at the lake. It was one of the last live music nights. This coming weekend they're having a band Saturday, but I don't think I'll make it over. And MAYBE they'll have something the weekend after, but then the Snack Shack closes down for the season. I'm so sad. I'm not ready for summer to end. Nor for my weekly lobster rolls to stop. I'm glad I've been making an effort to go though. I've met a lot of the neighbors who I hadn't in the 10 years I've lived here. Guess I'm finally becoming a townie!
This week has been really busy at work, and I'm still trying to catch up on sleep. I gave the horses Monday off, so after yoga, I stopped for groceries and just relaxed a bit. Tuesday was rainy, so I flatted Jamp, but gave Rio a second day off. Tonight everyone flatted again. Hopefully Jampy will jump a little tomorrow if it doesn't rain.
Also, I have to fangirl a bit here... Tucker Tweed shared one of my photos on Instagram!
If only photo shares came with free hand bags... Amiright?!

Well, that's what's up this Wednesday! What's up with you? Did you get lots of sleep this weekend? If you did, can you tell me all about it? I really miss sleeping.

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Truthful Tuesday

It's no secret that I tend to shop my feelings. (And eat them, but who doesn't?) So I'm sure you're all wondering what I bought to make myself feel better when Romey left. Well friends, I bought something I have zero need for at the moment, but hopefully will be needed by next summer. Fingers crossed.
I got a new show jacket! I've been really curious about the AA Motion Light jackets for awhile. I know Olivia from Hellomylivia has one, and it looks awesome on her. None of my local shops has them. Also, I've been lusting after the green one which very few stores carry. I saw them on sale on Instagram, but alas, it was sold out in my size and color preference. When I inquired, they said I was out of luck on the sale price as they wouldn't get more before it ended. Some other nice person private messaged me where I could find one. Low and behold, it was on sale! Only $20 off, but they're not overly expensive to being with. So I bit the bullet and ordered one. Pretty silly since I don't show right now. But I really like it! I'm going to share photos, but it looks too small in the pics. I tried it on in a hurry over a heavy rugby shirt. It fits perfectly with a show shirt. The color is most accurate in this first weird photo.
This is the most awkward photo...

I like how the wrinkles from shipping match my fat wrinkles... Ugh.
I should have grabbed some photos to show you the material. It's actually mesh, and seems like it should totally be see through, but it's NOT! This isn't a review post though, so I feel less guilty. If I ever get to show in it, I'll write up a review after wearing.
Do any of you have this jacket? What color did you pick? Do you wear it in the hunters or do you think it's just a jumper coat?

Thursday, August 24, 2017

Thursday's Threads

Outfit Day! It's a less long post today since I was lazy all week and haven't gone running. Oops. It's starting to feel like autumn is coming with highs only in the 70's for the next several days. I don't think I'm ready. In protest, I wore a summery outfit today:

You know you're getting old when you start wearing linen resort wear. Just sayin'. Pretty sure my grandma had a similar shirt in the 90's.

Top: Merona
I mean, even if it does look like a shirt my grandma would have worn, I am sucker for those adorable pineapples! And yes, that's Merona as in the Target brand. I love Target.

Belt: C4
I mean, maybe this had something to do with my getting that shirt. And yes, I have the matching Dreamers and Schemers boot socks. I'll probably wear them tonight to ride.

Jeans: Current Elliot
Apparently this brand is stupid expensive in real life? Who knew? I found these on the clearance rack at TJ Maxx when I was in FL last spring. I like the kind of checkered pattern on them. Kind of reminds me of the bottom part of a pineapple. Or maybe the basket the pineapple might come in.

Shoes: Lily Pulitzer for Target
Do you guys remember that whole Lily Pulitzer for Target insanity a couple of years ago? It was ridiculous you guys! Everything sold out online with minutes of being available. I showed up at my nearest Target ten minutes after they opened and there was nothing left but one pack of hair ties. Literally. Insane. But I bought these off some girl on Instagram new with tags still on. No regrets.

Necklace: Zad
So cute right? I had gotten this awhile back to match the shoes but haven't remembered to wear it until now. Better late than never.

Arm Party!
Lefty is sporting this adorable leather wrap bracelet from Frye. I found it on and was so excited about the fancy stitching. It was tough to choose a color. Brown seemed the obvious choice since that would look like a bridle, but, in the end green and gold won out, for obvious reasons.
Righty is sporting this basket weave looking set that I made. Figured it tied in nicely with the pants.

And here's what I wore to ride last night:

More GREEN! I know you're shocked.

Helmet: Charles Owen AYR8
We probably don't need to go on and on about this one being my favorite. But it is. Still.

Shirt: Aeropostale
I really like the Aeropostale polos for riding. They're super cheap so I'm not too sad when they get spit on and otherwise destroyed. But they still look nice. The only downside is they run really small. Sizing up makes me sad.

Belt: Silver Star
I've found a lot of great stuff on Ebay, but stumbling across this one is definitely one of the best yet. An argyle, real leather belt that just so happened to be in my barn colors?! Yep, didn't think twice about clicking the "buy it now" button.

Breeches: Trainer's Choice
These are OLD. I'm a little behind in the laundry department, so the bottom of the breech pile is becoming the top. These are interesting pants. They're more cottony than the ones around currently and the fit is more like days gone by... They have euro seat, but they are loose fitting. I kind of like the looser fit. I wonder if it will make a comeback?

Boots: Horka
I don't wear these nearly enough. Despite that, they're almost completely broken in. The right boot still digs in a little at the ankle, but otherwise they've gotten really comfy. I love how soft they are. Even though they may be a hair tall on me, they don't dig in because the leather is so soft. I think the distressed look is really fun too.

That's it for today! Any favorites? What are you wearing? Is autumn approaching where you live?