Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Truthful Tuesday

Today I'm confessing to spending far too much money on... a belt. I've been lusting after this belt for a couple years now:

Only in black or dark brown not this tan color. Problem is, this belt retails at $700. Now we all know I waste money on pretty things. But not like that. No no no.
Whenever my dad takes us on a family vacation, he gives us an allowance for shopping fun. It's a pretty generous allowance... (My dad's an awesome guy.) So while wandering around downtown Nantucket, I saw the above belt at the polo store. Still for $700. I obviously did not buy it. But it did bring back all my repressed feelings for that belt. That was on Saturday.
Sunday morning while my sister-in-law and I were hitting up all the stores we missed on Saturday, I stumbled across this belt:

Only in black. It was at a cute little boutique and NOT made by Ralph Lauren. It was ohhh... I dunno, about $500 dollars less. Still quite pricey, but far more attainable. I did not buy it... not right away. But I told my dad about it as I had mentioned the Ralph Lauren belt the night before (in this vein, "who in their right mind spends $700 on a belt?!). His response to my less pricey find? "So go get it." And so I did. And I still stayed within my allowance! <pats self on back>
Yep. I spent $200 on a belt. And honestly, I'm only mildly ashamed. Next task is finding something to wear it with!

Do you ever overspend, especially if it's not really your money? Have an item you're lusting after? Feel ashamed for lusting after material objects?

Monday, September 29, 2014

Vacation Post!

I dunno about all of you, but life has been all kinds of busy and mildly stressful the last few weeks. And I was soooo ready for a nice relaxing long weekend. What better way to get one of those than to leave town for a few days and spend them on Nantucket Island? No better way. No better way at all!
I went with my dad, stepmom, brother, sister-in-law, niece, and puppy-sister. I have to be honest, we didn't do anything too wild and crazy, but that's what this trip was all about! (I'm even breaking my rule of not posting other people's children... Get ready for the adorableness that is my niece!)
We left around 2:15 on Friday afternoon, but I took the whole day off work so I could play with my ponies before hand. I even got some photos with my bestie:

I then dropped off the short kids at grandma's. I couldn't get them to hold still for a photo... this was all I got:
Finally it was time to leave!

It's been awhile since I've flown in a tiny plane. Thankfully the trip was clear and uneventful! I even got to see my farm from above.

That's my farm down there!

I was excited to finally see the home my dad and step mom bought last year on the island. Here's a tour!


The rest of Friday consisted of dinner, a walk down town, ice cream, and a movie at home! Ahhhh relaxation!


I got up around 8 on Saturday morning (sleeping in is AWESOME!) and had coffee while my niece had some breakfast. I was super excited to go out for a run in a new place! The streets of Nantucket are narrow and busy, so I opted to run on the bike path which starts in our neighborhood. It wasn't as pretty as I was hoping (as in I never did come across a beach view) but it was still new and different! I ran 3.2 miles which was great given my horrible inconsistency lately.

that lady biking up ahead is my step mom!

In an effort to balance out all that activity (wink, wink) the rest of the day was spent heading out to the beach and enjoying a picnic lunch.

Rough day! We were back at the house around 4 and my sister-in-law and I walked into town for some shopping. We didn't get much done as it's the off season and stores close up early. We headed home to drop off our loot and then the whole family headed back to town for dinner and a little walk. We followed that up by another movie at home and an early bed time. I really love vacation!


Sunday morning was leisurely. We enjoyed the sunshine and abnormally warm temps, walked up and down (and up and down and up and down) the driveway with my niece. And then wandered town and did a little more shopping. We enjoyed a quick lunch and then it was time to head back to the airport.

Have you ever been to Nantucket? Did you do anything special this weekend? Tell me all about it below!

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Thursday's Threads

Happy New Year to my fellow Jews! I wish I could say I'm all fancied up and headed to synagogue to celebrate the holiday, but alas, I'm not terribly religious and am at work instead. I do have a brand new outfit to share with you though!
See those things on my feet? HEELS! Since I've been a terribly inconsistent runner, I can wear heels again! Woohoo! You'll see them better down below.

Ralph Lauren
Truth is, I bought this sweater because I needed something to go with the booties. But it's a really cute top also! I probably would have gotten it even if I wasn't trying to find something to match my foot wear. AND it was on clearance. WIN!

The brown and tan stitching on these is perfect for my tortoise themed outfit. Obviously I needed them even if the last thing I could possibly need is more jeans.

I love this belt from Brighton. I love even more that I got it on ebay for around $11 including shipping. Supposedly it was used, but there's barely even a mark where it's buckles. I'm thinking MAYBE it was tried on once. The picture here isn't doing it much justice though. The brown sections are plastic and a tortoise shell color. The links and the buckle are silver toned, and the leather portion is a black patent. SO CUTE!

Pour La Victoire
I know. They're amazing. Patent leather tortoise. You should probably get a pair too. Order a half size up (I'm so glad they were out of the 6's as the 6.5 is perfect). I found these on Amazon. No really, go get a pair.

Arm candy:
You've seen these all before so I won't drag it out... Horseshoe bracelet from House of Harlow, my trusty watch, and a stretchy bit bracelet from BaubleBar.

I went a little crazy and mixed my metals today on the right side. First is a leather buckle bracelet from Fornash with a gold tone bit. Next is a stretch bracelet I got at a local tack shop. The little charms are all horsey themed (helmet, bit, boot, horse, horseshoe, and stirrup). I love the braided leather detail too. So cute!

I was planning to use my super amazing tortoise shell purse from Michael Kors, but I was running late this morning and didn't have time to switch things over. I'll just have to wear tortoise another Thursday so I can show it to you all!

What are you wearing today? Did you order a pair of the booties yet? No? Well go! Get them!