Thursday, September 4, 2014

Thursdays Threads

Well readers, we've reached that awkward in between season. Not quite Autumn, but it's after Labor Day. Makes it pretty tough to pick an outfit! It's too hot out for fall clothes, but really summery items aren't appropriate either. So this week's outfit is pretty weak.

Yep. Jeans and a nice t-shirt. WEAK! Eh, what are you gonna do? At least I wore something. Let's look closer:

Top: Michael Kors

I love the little zipper details on the shoulders. This top will be adorable with my MK boots that have the same zipper on them. Alas, it was too warm today for boots.

Pants: Seven

It's not that clear in the photo, but the stitching on these jeans is gold. Which makes them slightly fancy. Slightly. They're high on my like list, but they're too short for certain shoes. They work ok with very flat shoes, or with tall boots where you can't tell. They work moderately well with boat shoes. Which is what I paired them with today!

Shoes: Rock & Candy

Funny story about these... I had bought a lovely pair of gold LEATHER boat shoes from Steve Madden. And after wearing them maybe three times, the soles started falling off. Steve Madden wouldn't send me a new pair. They would only credit me what I had paid for them, and I had to order a new pair. Which would be fine except I had gotten them on sale with free shipping, which meant I'd be paying more to replace the defective ones. Not ok with me. So I went interweb hunting for a new pair of gold boat shoes and found these. They're faux leather, which you all know is not really my favorite. Despite that, they are very comfy, adorable, and haven't fallen apart in the almost two years I've had them. Win!

Arm Party:

Kept it tame today! Righty up there at the top has two bracelets from Fornash. (I love that they have equestrian inspired pieces, always a fave for me!) Lefty has a zipper bracelet, you know to keep up with the zipper theme from the shirt! I wish they were shiny gold instead of this bronzey color, but you can't have it all. Of course, I am also wearing my trusty watch.

So that's it for today! What are you wearing? Are you having trouble with the seasonal identity crisis too?


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