Thursday, September 11, 2014

Thursdays Threads

Happy Thursday everyone! Time for another episode of Thursday's Threads! Woohoo! I have two outfits for you today, because (this is shocking, you may want to sit down) I went for a run this morning! And since I have new sneakers, I wanted to show them off. So we'll start with my rootd (Run Outfit Of The Day, duh):

The top is from Aeropostale and the shorts you may remember from my TJ Maxx online post. They give me a bubble butt, but are so comfy I don't even care. But the best part? My new SNEAKERS!

They are Mizuno Wave Sayonara and I think I may be in love (sorry Newtons). These were on sale at DSW AND I had a coupon code, plus they were having a promotion. So I wound up paying around $60 for them, which is half off the normal price tag. GOOD DEAL. Unfortunately, sizes were pretty limited, so I had to get my normal shoe size instead of a half size up like I normally do for running shoes. I think for long runs I will need the larger size, but these were PERFECT for my 3 miler this morning. No leg pain at all. Yay for new shoes! And I love the color.

Ok, so I'm sure you're dying to know what I wore to work today. We recently relocated our offices, and I now have a longer commute which left me with not a ton of time to pick an outfit. Add to that the in-between weather, and I pretty much gave up trying to do anything too exciting. Here's what I wound up with:

Not too exciting, but not bad! Let's start up and work down.

Top:  Max Studio
I LOVE how drapey this neckline is. It always falls perfectly when I put it on. (Not so much when I try and fold it... but hey you can't have it all.) The neutral color is fun for all three season too, (short sleeves don't work for winter obviously) as you can pair it with pastels for spring, brights for summer, and naturals for Autumn. I think I found this one at Marshalls. It gets lots of use!

Belt: Hermes Inspired
I think maybe I've shown this one before? Hard to recall. Anyway, I got it on Ebay from Japan. It's a deep hunter green, genuine leather belt with a gold tone H for a buckle. I sometimes wish the belt was thicker, but otherwise it's one of my favorites. (Probably because it's green.)

Pants: Tinseltown

Last year I got stuck in FL for an extra day during my vacation (POOOOR ME!) and needed something other than blue jeans to wear for dinner. So I wandered around the mall and found these. Barely a step above blue jeans but when paired with a nice sweater, they're more in line with khaki's. I think the blue on the edges is kind of fun and is actually darker and more muted than it shows in this photo.

Shoes: Sperry Top Sider
OBVIOUSLY I have Sperry's to match my pants perfectly... Ha! I love Sperry's. Last count I think I'm up to 12 pair. Oops. They're all different at least!

Arm Party:
My new desk doesn't make a great background for arm party photos... I'm going to have to work on that. Lefty is wearing that fun stretch bangle with the green rhinestone balls on it, my new favorite Gucci bracelet from Ebay, a braided Nakamol friendship bracelet, and of course, my trusty watch.

I was all, "I'm just wearing one on each wrist today" until I dug out the Nakamol. The first three are all Nakamol and from Little Black Bag. That rhinestone beauty is by Shashi and I think I bought it on Gilt.

So that's it for today! What's your favorite item? I can't pick a favorite... it's a toss up between the top, the sneakers, the Sperry's, the belt and the Gucci bracelet! What are you wearing?

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