Thursday, September 18, 2014

Thursday's Threads

Thursday's Threads day already! I have some new stuff to show you today from my "running errands" this weekend... And by that I mean the ridiculous amount of money I spent at J.Crew when I went shopping for a birthday present for my sister-in-law and bought myself presents instead.
BUT FIRST... let me take a selfie:

Ha! See what I did there?! My outfit is conflicted today: casual pony sweatshirt on the top and slightly dressy pony shoes on the bottom... But they match! So whatever. Let's look closer!

Top: JCrew
PONY SWEATSHIRT! I have this weird need to buy all the pony clothes when they are at stores that aren't generally pony biased. So obviously I needed to buy this. Plus it was on sale. It's comfy and cute and I love it.

Pants: Earl Jeans
These have been featured before. I gave the black jeans the summer off, and they're just working back into the rotation for fall/winter. I was worried they might be snug, but they're perfect! Yay for not getting any chubbier!

Shoes: JCrew
The lighting is funny here, but they're a nice charcoal gray wool with black ponies. SO CUTE! How does one NOT buy gray pony shoes? Seriously, tell me how. (Side note, I would not have bought them if they were not 40% off. The original price was over $100. That my friends is when you don't buy pony shoes. On a similar note, I want THESE really badly, but they are way tooooo much money.)

Your eyes are not deceiving you, I promise! I actually wore my silver watch today! Whoa! It's by A-Line and I've had it for a couple years now. The bracelet next to it is an Hermes inspired bangle from Ebay.

Righty has a giant version of the same bracelet lefty is wearing. Momma and baby bangles! Heehee... The other one is a leather and stone bracelet I got from Zulilly.


GUCCI!!!! I want all of the Gucci. ALL OF IT! But we all know I'm super frugal. I got these on Ebay. The wallet is pretty well loved, but the purse looks like it was used maybe twice ever. GREAT FINDS!

So that's it for today. What are you wearing?


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    1. Thank you! Wait until I bust out the Pug sweatshirt... But first I need some pug shoes.