Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Truthful Tuesday

Just sneaking this post in, Tuesday is nearly over! Sorry for my tardiness today. Anyway, today's confession is pretty funny.
I love potato chips. SO MUCH. I've tried making my own before with minimal success (I don't own a fryer, so that's a little tricky). But last spring I saw this item online:

What is it, you ask? It's a tray meant for making chips in the microwave (and it comes with a little mandolin)! According to the directions you just slice your potato (or veggies or whatever) and lay them out on the tray. Don't overlap them. You don't need any oil or anything, and the chips should be ready in about 3 minutes. See why I had to get this? Perfect for a chip addict like me. Lower in fat since there's no oil, and FAST!
So I finally decided to try it out. I used potatoes, zucchini, and squash. My first batch came out ok, but didn't crisp up enough. I'm not sure if they needed more time, or if I should have left them to sit in the microwave for a bit before putting them on a plate. But here's where my complete ineptitude in the kitchen comes out...
Batch #2 beeped to tell me it was done. When I opened the microwave door I heard a huge POP! Uh-oh.... I had placed the tray on a ceramic plate. The plate must have gotten too hot as it broke into three pieces. You would think this would maybe lead me to think I should let the microwave cool off wouldn't you? Nope. I removed the shards of plate and popped in batch #3. Just on the turntable this time, no plate. Batch three comes out, and is definitely the best one. Only when I walked back to close the door, I see that the plastic under rim that used to be attached to the tray is now melted onto the turntable. Oops.
Lesson here folks: If your plate explodes, your microwave is really hot. Let it cool off before nuking more food! I wish I had taken some photos to share with you but I didn't....
Anyway, despite all the destruction, the trays work pretty well, best with potatoes I think. The veggies came out either a little soggy or a little overdone. I think maybe I need to slice them a bit thicker and let the cook a little longer. I may or may not try again...
Have any of you made chips? Any success? Should I just buy them like a normal person? If you want to try these trays out, you can get them on Amazon here.

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