Friday, September 12, 2014

The Big Move

So as you may or may not know, I work with my family at our company The Safety Zone. Our headquarters has been in a little town called Essex for the past 20 or so years. When it was time for me to purchase my home/farm, I went looking for a place within 15 minutes of work so I could easily stop home at lunch time to check on all the animals. My commute to work was only 7 minutes. Lovely for a non-morning person like myself!
Well, our company has been growing and growing. Definitely a great thing! We had grown so much that our purchasing department had to move to another building which was in different town. Eventually, we had outgrown our warehouse space. So when a VERY LARGE building went up for sale, my dad jumped at the opportunity. We bought the new space about two years ago and have been using the warehouse for around a year. The offices required a lot of renovating, and I was actually starting to think the move would never happen (yay!). But it did. My new commute is thirty minutes. Not really too bad in the grand scheme of things, but it is a bit tight at lunch time. Also with the shorter days, it makes riding in the daylight a bit of a race. Oh well, the things you do for growth!
The new place is gorgeous though, and I actually feel more productive in it. It's especially nice to have everybody in one building. Purchasing, sales, and even the main warehouse managers. Ahhh centralization!
Here are some photos of my moving adventure:
The old place:


Inside Door
My office

My office

My office (packing)

My office empty
And the new!

New Entrance

Loading dock

Inside Door (our logo even got a facelift!)


My office

My office

My office

My office

View from my office

Training Room
The move was really painless for me. Probably less so for IT though! I was impressed with how organized everything was. We packed in our free time during the week, and were told to place our things on one of 3 skids in the warehouse. The skids were then brought over by one of our truck drivers and brought to our new work spaces. We were asked to report to the new building on either Saturday or Sunday afternoon (whichever worked best for us) to get set up. By Monday morning we were mostly up and running. From a customer stand point the move was seamless, most didn't even know it had happened! As with any move there were some hiccups in getting the tech stuff working, but overall it was very smooth.
Have you ever had a major office move? Had to adjust to a longer commute?

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