Thursday, October 31, 2019

Thursday's Threads: Halloween Edition

Happy Halloween!!!! I think any holiday that allows one to knock on someone's door and threaten them into giving you candy is a pretty great day to be celebrated. Sadly, I didn't have anywhere to really dress up for this year, so no actual costumes to share. I did dress up all in silver last night though which felt festive. Let's call me a robot, shall we?
 I put the CHROME in monochromatic. What PUN! Hahahaha... sorry. I've had a lot of sugar today. Also, I'm probably about to buy more boots, so I'm downright giddy. Anyway... Let's move on.

Helmet: One K Glamour
It's SHINY! Like my pony!

Shirt: Aeropostale
I bought this awhile ago and have nearly donated it a bunch of times thinking I'd never wear it. But now that I own silver boots, I'm glad I kept it!

Vest: Fila
I wound up not wearing this because it was almost 70 degrees out despite the rain. Mother Nature has been drinking again... But I'll take the warm weather!

Belt: Handy Hunter Boutique
Ok, well it's gray and not silver, but close enough. These are on closeout as Handy Hunter is closing up shop if you want one! Comes in purple too... I know there's a lot of purple lovers out there!

Breeches: RJ Classic
When I was a little kid my second pair of breeches ever was exactly this color with the same color patches even. Except they were ribbed and hideous. These are much more attractive.

Boots: Imperial Equine
Spurs: Centaur
Spur straps: Imperial Equine
Second time wearing these, and I'd say they're about 90% broken in. They're not overly high quality, but what they lack there they make up for in shininess. I still think these are amazing. In so many ways. Also super pumped I found spur straps that match.

Shiny dressed to match me kind of...
She wore her bridle with the spiked browband from Dark Jewel Designs:
She kept her saddle set up pretty boring. Her options are limited since she needs the sheepskin lined pads.
And though she does have silver boots, they are out in the shed right now, so we went with her holo boots instead.
Which kind of look like they don't fit her from this angle. But they actually do, just a bad photo. Also, please excuse the messy floor. Farrier came yesterday and I hadn't cleaned up fully yet.

So that was our robot outfit last night! And I have a Halloween themed outfit for work today too.

I've had "Spiderwebs" by No Doubt in my head all day...
I had actually planned to wear these jeans:
But turns out they don't fit me. Someone's giant thighs wouldn't fit inside. Boo. That was a mean trick! Anyway... back to my actual outfit.

Sweater: Jawbreaker
Sorry about the dog hair... But that's just a little bit of truth about my life.

Belt: C4
There are spiders on this belt... I just took the photo from the wrong angle I guess. Hey, never claimed to be a competent photographer...

Jeans: Blue Revival
These lace up like that all the way to the butt, which seemed kind of halloweeny to me. They are backed by fabric so there's not skin showing. Definitely couldn't pull off that look! (See above issue about the other pants not fitting...)

Shoes: Zipz
 So many spiders... Spiders everywhere!

Accessories!!! (This is the fun part)
Bag: unbranded
Why yes, it DOES light up! Thanks for noticing. I snagged this on Ebay last year, and I think it's pretty amazing.

Hair accessory:
You guys... I think I walked into a spider's web.... Do you see anything in my hair?

Arm Party! All of the jewelry came from Ebay I think, so I have no ideas on brands... Just enjoy the photos I guess!

And that's it for today! Did you dress up for Halloween in a costume or themed outfit? What did you wear? Or better still... tell me about your favorite costume you've worn (past or now)! Bonus points if you dressed up your horse.

Wednesday, October 30, 2019

What's up Wednesday...

What's up you ask? Nothing really. Slow news day over here! We're stuck in a bit of a weather pattern here it seems. I get to ride every other day pretty much due to rain, rain, and more rain! I'm willing to ride in the drizzle, but this time of year, I kind of don't when it's more than that. Especially given it's dark out and in the low 50's by the time I get home from work. No thanks! Though that will all change soon once I'm at a barn with an indoor! So rather than being grumpy about my lack of saddle time, I'm trying to enjoy the break before diving into real training with Miss Shiny pants!
Pammon's leg looks awful. I sent pics to the vet and he said they should come and see him. So I'll get him on the list over at the other barn. We use the same vet, and he's usually there a couple times a month. I don't know how he could have hurt himself while hanging in his stall with wraps on, but this is what I found when I took them off Monday night.

That's the worst it's looked since even the initial injury. I don't have good feelings about this. I don't have a budget for more horses... so this really needs to heal. I don't mean to be a whiny first world problems annoying human, but this is really kind of tearing me up. Between everything that's happened the last few years with Rio and Jampy (and Badger and Romey....) I was so much looking forward to getting back to real training and showing with Pammon. And it ended before it even started. Where do you go from there? Is it time to just accept that showing isn't in my cards anymore? I mean I know I have Eros and we can play in the hunters some hopefully. And maybe Shiny will do some little hunter classes. So it's not like I'll NEVER show. But I think maybe real competitive divisions and jumpers are just over for me. Wah. Sorry. I do want some cheese with my whine thank you.
On the other hand, there's more to life with horses than showing. I'm so incredibly lucky to get to ride regularly and spend time with them. I don't want it to seem like I'm not grateful for that. I absolutely am. I guess I'm just a little greedy and I want more. But it's not fair of me to pin all that on Pammon. So I'll try and swallow my wants and just get back to nursing that leg. I should be pretty good at that by now!

In other news, the puggers are bored with all the rain too. But they also are pretty happy to laze around the house. I played around with portrait mode on the phone with them the other night:

I know. They're the cutest puppers. And that's really about all that's happening around here right now. Saturday should be the big move, assuming Fefe gets picked up in the next couple of days. Hopefully the move smoothly and quietly. It's only a 5 mile trip so hopefully Pammon doesn't get too excited. I'll probably slip him a magic cookie before we go...

How was your week? Do anything fun and exciting? Horse shows? Lessons? Tell me all about it! (I swear I do want to hear about your horse shows, gotta live vicariously!)

Tuesday, October 29, 2019

Truthful Tuesday

My confession today is that I've spent a lot of money lately on Pammon and Shiny. The boarding barn requires we use certain blankets, so I had to outfit them with those. I was able to get some second hand ones for Shiny, and since Fefe isn't taking all of hers to Florida, I only needed a couple of things for Pammon. So that wasn't terrible at least. Kind of a bummer given I already have full wardrobes for them in my colors, but not the end of the world.
I also got them some new brushes and bags to store them in as my bulky brush boxes won't be that useful there with our locker set ups.

I got their names on them too, cause I'm a dork.
But one thing I spent a bunch of money on that I'm pretty excited about are these tags I found on Etsy. At the boarding barn, they use ugly, round, metal tags on the blankets with the horses' names on them so we can tell the blankets apart. But I found a cuter solution, and I actually ordered some for at home too.
I got them in navy with silver letters for the boarding barn, and the ones for home will be in my colors. I just think they're a great idea! Schneiders has a similar option, but these are a little cheaper.

But here's my real confession... I ordered all four kids some custom halters in the boarding barn colors... Or SO I THOUGHT! I got them in navy with light blue overlay. But they came in... you guys. The light blue is like robin's egg blue not baby blue.
It's much worse in person, trust me.
 I spent a TON on them and they are all personalized so I can't return them. So my poor herd will be donning some ugly ass halters over there. I'm hoping they roll outside and get them REALLY dirty really quickly. I'm certain they're going to get teased.

Ok, that's it from here. Anything you need to confess today? Do any shopping? Personalize anything that came out awful? Tell me all about it in the comments!

Thursday, October 24, 2019

Thursday's Threads

Outfit Day! My boots I got to replace my dying Regals arrived on Tuesday (finally), so I wore them for this weeks outfit. Thus, we should definitely start there!

Evenings are chilly these days, so sweatshirt weather is definitely here.

Helmet: One K
I haven't worn this one in awhile! But it goes nicely with my new boots, so I guess expect to see more of it.

Sweatshirt: Gray & Bay Horse Co
I got this one awhile back. It has gold horse shoes on the elbows too. Super cute!

Belt: Black Knight Accessories
Admittedly I saw an influencer wearing this belt and had to have it. I love belts with different types of buckles, and this halter snap looked fun to me. I picked this black and gold snake print for the leather since I have a bunch of things to wear it with. The rest of the belt is elastic, so it's very versatile.

Breeches: On Course
These were the On Course Pytchley breeches that looked a lot like TS breeches. I had a bunch of pairs I used to show in, but have decided it's time they go in the regular rotation. I don't show much anymore, and I have enough TS breeches now for showing so silly to let these just sit around.

Boots: DeNiro Salentino
Do they look familiar? They should... They're exactly the same as my blue ones but in black. When my last pair of Regals started to die, I decided I wanted to replace them with something a little nicer, but still stupid comfortable. And I LOVE my blue DeNiro's so I went with them in black. My blue ones are dress boots though, and these are field. I would do field from now on if given the option. I have wide calves, but a low instep, so it's nice to be able to tighten the boot. Here are some close ups for you:

I got these from Discount Equestrian who I had never ordered from before. Since I already had a pair that fit perfectly (seriously, it's like they're custom even though they aren't) I wasn't too worried about getting the sizing wrong. But you never know when ordering from a new company, especially when they are across the pond. I have to say, everything went perfectly. They took the full 8 weeks they said so it was a bit of a wait. But that doesn't worry me when I know it's happening! With shipping the total was a little over $300. Which is double what I would pay for Regals, but I think it's worth it. My blue ones are holding up wonderfully. The quality and style is leaps and bounds above the Regals. And the comfort level is about the same. There were lots of options, and I may even consider going this same route for show boots when my Parlantis die. I would get the snakeskin part just in plain black leather to show. Hopefully that won't be a question for a long while though!

So that's what I wore to ride in last night! But I have a really silly work outfit to share!

Hahahahaha!!!! Told you it was silly. You all remember Garfield? No? Google him, he's hilarious.

T-shirt: Garfield
Sweatshirt: Under Armor
It says whatever on top and he's making the W with his paws. Like from Clueless... You young ones may not recall. It was funny. Anyway... moving on.

Belt: Buckle Down
When I was in high school I had a belt with a seat belt for the buckle (like this one) and it was rubber with beer caps all around it. I still have it, and since it's adjustable it still fits. And ever since that one belt, I've been a huge fan of this buckle on a belt. Buckle Down didn't exist back then, but they do now, and they have lots of great belts to choose from. I was pretty excited when I found this Garfield one though.

Jeans: Hudson
Nothing too special here. Just some light colored jeans with holes in the knees.

Shoes: Bobs by Skechers
The shoes were actually the catalyst for this entire outfit. I don't even remember how I found them, but once I did I had to have them. And then I needed stuff to wear with them. So here we are. These are super comfy. They have memory foam in the foot bed!

Phone case: Ebay
With the acquisition of my new phone, I am having to rebuild my phone wardrobe. This is one of the first fun cases I've found so far. Cute, right? I wish it was a bit less orange, but whatever. (Lol... see what I did there? Like my shirt!)

Arm Party!
You're probably shocked to learn that I do not have Garfield jewelry. Sorry to let you all down. I'm weird, but I guess not that weird? Anyway, I wore this spiked bracelet from Forever21 along with my apple watch.

Righty is donning a thin cuff from Tory Burch that's half gold colored and half dipped in black. The string bracelets are all from Ettika, and last is my Fitbit.

So that's it for today! Kind of a fun day with the new boots and the silly work outfit. Any favorites? Wanna talk about boots? Let's chat below!

Wednesday, October 23, 2019

What's Up Wednesday: Running edition

This past week included a lot more running that horses, which is super weird. There are two 5K races I run every year, and much to my misfortune, they happen the same weekend. First up was Saturday's Ivoryton Pumpkin Run which is put on by that town's library. It's one town over from me, and happens to be where my brother and his family live. My two nieces did the fun run, and I did the 5K.
Let us remember that I have run a total of 4 miles in the last I dunno... six months? Two of them right after Pammon got hurt, and the other two last weekend on Nantucket. This is not what one might consider good training for a 5K race. Especially one that has a full mile in the woods on a narrow path full of rocks and roots. Fortunately, I stayed upright throughout which is more than I can say for the man in his 70's running just behind me. I stopped to make sure he was ok (of course!), and then he passed me. Lol. Hey, once you stop, it's tough to get going again, ok? Anyway, I walked a bit in the woods, mainly on the steep inclines, and then a bit more on the way back. But I crossed the finish line all in one piece. And achieved my slowest time EVER in a 5K. I'd be upset about that except for the whole not training thing. Plus I wore this outfit, so not too much could really bring me down.
After the race I headed home to feed lunch and then went to ride Eros. He was perfect of course, which was much appreciated by my tired legs. And then it was back home to ride Shiny girl and walk Mr Pammon. It was a pretty perfect day, and we all enjoyed our time outside together.

That wrinkly nose though!
A couple of things happened on Friday that needed addressing on Saturday as well. One I couldn't fix right away, but should be done by tomorrow... The gator has a flat tire. I've taken to blaming all flat tires on my creepy neighbor now, but honestly, it's probably just flat. The other is that we've found evidence that I have a rat visiting the barn again. I had two coming around last year or the year before (who can remember) and they were terminated fairly quickly. I was pretty proud of myself for getting rid of them! But alas. Here we are again. So I did what any rational person would do and ordered a case of traps from Amazon. And set a bunch end to end where I found the entrance.
These supposedly don't require bait, but so far I've caught nothing. Fear not though, I have another case of different traps that I'm going to bait with peanut butter. So I will catch the little jerk. (Sorry for anyone who's really anti murdering rats. But I can't have filthy little animals chewing up my coolers and saddle pads and defecating all over the barn.)

Once I had gone all Home Alone on the rats and the horses were tucked in, I was pretty tuckered out. So the pugs and I had a relaxing evening with a relatively early bed time.

Sunday's race was The Run for the Cove. The Cove is a program for children who have lost a parent or sibling to help them through the grieving process. My little brother went through the program when he lost his mom, and it was really wonderful for him. So I make a point to try and run every year. My dad is a sponsor for the race as well, so we get a spot on the t-shirt which is pretty cool:

There is both a 5K run and 2 mile walk, and both are dog friendly. So it's super fun to attend. Dogs get bandanas for participating which is ADORABLE.

My friend and hair dresser runs most years too, so it was nice to have some company.
The best part about being the slowest in the group is that my friends get cool shots like these on the way to the finish:
This run is pretty much flat the entire way which is mostly nice. I managed to run the entire way through which I was pretty proud of! And I finished just about a minute faster than I did the day before. I was super tired after, but proud of myself!

From the race I headed home to feed lunch and then off to ride Eros. He was a gem as always and even offered up flying changes both directions. Normally he trots through them on the flat, but not Sunday! Not sure what's gotten into him, but I'll take it!

My friend had messaged me earlier in the day to say she could clip Shiny for me on Monday, so instead of riding her on Sunday I gave her a bath. A much needed bath I might add. She wasn't thrilled, but she stood like a good girl. And then I bundled her up in her BOT outfit and let her dry off in her stall.
Apparently she was NOT GOOD to clip. Which is surprising to me because she is so good about everything else. But I guess they all have a hole someplace. Sorry friend! Thanks for getting it done though! My allergies appreciate it!

Pammon enjoyed his walk and then the weekend was pretty much over. They go by way too fast. WAY. TOO. FAST.
Pammon, wondering where the time goes.
This week has been fairly unexciting. Shiny got ridden Monday. Pammon got his walk in, it had started raining so we cut it a little short. 15 minutes instead of 20. Last night rained again, and heavier, so they got the night off, and I was able to meet up with the book club girls. So that was fun!
And now we're here. Wednesday. Less on the agenda for the week to come, so that is nice! Hopefully I can get some things accomplished in the disaster that is my house.
How was your week/weekend? Do anything fun? Horse show? Lessons? Go for a run? Tell me all about it in the comments!