Wednesday, October 2, 2019

What's Up Wednesday

You guys already know most of what's been going on around here. But as they say, life must go on. And when you still have more horses to tend to, go on it does. And thank goodness. Or I'd definitely be a useless puddle by now.
So thankful for these kids keeping me busy!
Throughout the weekend, I would come home to new flowers on my barn bench from all my wonderful friends and family. They've definitely brightened up a hard time.

I got plenty of saddle time in too. I flatted Eros Friday and Saturday, then on Sunday we had a lesson finally. He was so incredibly perfect. I haven't gotten to jump him since he had his injections. He felt fantastic, really using himself and not heaving himself over like he had been lately. I can't tell you how happy I am to have him around.

Shiny got ridden too. I was thinking about jumping her, but wound up just flatting. Sunday we tried out the hackamore (or should I say "snackamore"). She was great in it, and as a reward we wandered the backyard for a bit and did some mounted grazing. Because mom was tired.
 Shiny had an interesting reaction to everything that happened. She lived directly across from Rio, so she saw everything. She was very calm about the whole thing, right up until the machine lifted him up to transport. That seemed to upset her and she did a lot of calling out. We comforted each other though. Whenever I took Shiny out of her stall, she always would drag me over to say to hello to Rio before I crosstied her. The first day, she tentatively approached the stall, looked inside to see it empty, and hasn't done it since. She really seems to know he's not there. Which is kind of heartbreaking. But also, she's much more polite. (Gotta find the good, my friends.)

Since day one of Pammon's injury diagnosis I was told we could tack or hand walk. I have been hand walking mostly because I was nervous about being on in the dark with tranq and all that. But this weekend I tack walked him. It felt great to sit on him. He seemed happy about it too.

Some friends treated me to dinner out on Saturday night. It was nice to get together and eat a healthy meal. After eating my feelings for a few days, it felt a lot better to get some vegetables in my system. And be surrounded by friends.

Sunday evening was the start of Rosh Hashana which is the Jewish New Year. My mom made dinner. It was a perfect time to be surrounded by family. Oh and I lost every single round of Candyland Bingo to my 3 and 6 year old nieces.
Monday when I returned to work, I found this adorable (and delicious) cookie on my desk from one of my coworkers.
I'm not sure where she found a Rio cookie, but it was such a sweet gesture! I was going to save it for awhile, but I got hungry. So I ate him. Cookie Rio lives on in this photo though. (And yes, I ate from back to front because who bites the head off first?!)

And that's about the extent of it over here. I'm doing my best to keep on keeping on with the help of my two and four legged village. (The pups too!) And maybe I've been spending extra time snuggling the Rio pillow.

Hope you've all had a better weekend that I did. Did you do anything fun? Horse shows? Lessons? Shopping? (No I haven't bought anything yet... I do have my eye on a cremation diamond necklace though.)


  1. Poor Shiny (and of course you too) I'm glad you have a lovely support network of friends and family during this time.

    1. I know, she's just a kid at 6 years old. Too much for a baby horse to witness. I think she'll be ok though. At least she has her stalker Pammon to help her through.

  2. Aww, Shiny... So great that you have a support of friends and family. And us bloggers from afar, of course. I have been doing some shopping recently and am going to pick everything up in the US tomorrow. (nothing as exciting as shiny tall boots tho! ;-)