Wednesday, April 26, 2023

What's Up Wednesday... the abbreviated version


Hi! Guys. I'm so tired. And I have like 8 million horses to braid starting tomorrow through Sunday morning. So this is going to be short and sweet. But also, there will be no Thursday's Threads tomorrow. But I'll be back with normal content starting next week. 

As for what's up this week? Everyone is good! Eros did his Thursday lesson outside last week, and jumped full courses with NO TORPEDOS! I was very proud. He did that lesson in the dee ring. He also did his Tuesday flat lesson in the dee ring... Guys, he was a turd for that lesson! I mean, it's Eros, so how bad could he be? But he was pulling SO HARD it was ridiculous. And at one point I completely lost the ability to steer. But we got it all done by the end. But he earned a ride in the two ring today. He was much more respectful in it, though I can't say he was happy. He can have the dee back for jumping tomorrow. 

Shiny's doing fine too. She was great in her lesson last week, jumping little courses. She did buck once and it was pretty hilarious. (As an aside... this is why I'm a terrible horse trainer. I laugh when she's bad instead of fixing it... oops.) Anyway, we were coming to the outside line which was a little gate to a cross rail. I think it was a horse four, but I wanted to get the pony five strides. Since the jumps were small, she needed to move along to get the single add. So I came out of the turn and put my leg on to move up a little to the nice distance I had seen. Well... instead of just doing what I asked, two strides out she lets out this huge buck, and then realizes how close the jump was and kind of buried herself to it. We still got the five though! Haha! We did go back and do it nicely one more time before the lesson ended. I think she realized she'd made a bit of an error that time before. Silly pony. 

And Al? Al's been good too! He wound up jumping only once last week, but that was my fault. I planned to jump Friday and Sunday, but when Sunday rolled around it was cold and rainy and everyone was indoors. I have zero interest in jumping him in there until I really have to next winter, so I opted out. Anyway, Friday though? He was great! We did a few lower courses, and then did one more set about 3'3" and he was a little machine! So proud of him! I knew this coming weekend will leave me useless with all the braiding, so I scheduled a lesson for today with Al, and will hopefully do the Friday one too. Today's felt like a real learning day. He came out spooky and kind of a jerk, but we started alone as our lesson mate was finishing up with the farrier. Once they joined us, Al was much better. And once he realized we were jumping, he was like a whole different animal. In the best way! We warmed up over a single jump a couple times each direction which was great. Then we did a roll top, bending line to a vertical, bending again to a little oxer. The first time, trainer hadn't walked out so she said to just ride it and see what we get. We both did five to five, but the second one was tight. So trainer walked it and said the second one should be a little direct and forward in four. The second time through, I still did five to five, but then figured it out better for the other times through. Then we did a little course which went well. But I have a habit when I'm feeling unsure of dropping back in the saddle and getting a little behind the vertical. I think my body is trying to push with my seat, but it's not really what happens because I kind of wind up backing him up. So trainer has me working on keeping that hip angle a little more closed. It's tough, because the other way has become a habit, but the last course we did I managed to not get drivey. And the jumps were all a pretty solid 3'3" so that felt great. I think things are coming together again, and I'm getting excited for the summer with him. 

I've been getting to ride a bunch of extras again this week. I'm pretty tired at the end of the day riding five horses most days, but I LOVE it! I hadn't really ridden anything but my own for so long, and it really makes a difference in how I ride. Somehow, getting to ride horses I don't know makes me more confident on my own. I'm not sure it makes sense, but whatever, it's a great feeling! 

In other news, Rita and I are adjusting to life without Pia. Rita seems to be doing just fine, but she did cry a little at bedtime a few nights. Otherwise though, she loves having all the attention to herself. So that's a relief. 

And that's it from here! Shiny and Eros will hopefully be home next week and then maybe I'll have some media to share again.

Tuesday, April 25, 2023

Truthful Tuesday


Heh... You know, even when I plan ahead things still somehow don't go as planned... Remember a bit ago when I mentioned my truck was in the shop for some recalls and then we discovered all the mouse damage? Well... The chaos is still ongoing. So we got insurance involved because the mouse damage was approaching 8 grand in repairs. But then, as they were moving along with the recalls and fixing the other issues, they discovered that my rear window seal had failed and there was a ton of water damage. Like another 8 grand worth. And the window needs to be replaced. So two additional insurance claims later... The truck is still in the shop. Which is starting to stress me out because I need to bring horses home! Originally I planned to move Eros and Shiny on Sunday, but I changed that plan because I have way too many horses to braid all weekend and I won't have the mental capacity to also move horses. So new plan is for Tuesday evening after my flat lesson. You know... assuming I have my truck back. 

I touched base today with the shop and the insurance company because apparently there was a hold up that no one talked to each other nor me about. (Good thing I checked!) Got all of that resolved (I hope...) so maybe things will move along now? Hopefully? Ugh. What a pain. 

The rest of my plan is to bring Al home at the end of May when my trainer should hopefully be back from Florida. You know... assuming the truck ever comes back!

So that's today's confession. I'm stressing about not having the truck when I need it. 

Thursday, April 20, 2023

Thursday's Threads


Guys, I don't know what my issue is, but I keep forgetting to snap pics of the ponies in their outfits. BUT, fear not. In lieu of today's outfit, I have another outfit to share from our Pinsnickety photo shoot. And it's a fun one! All photo credits go to the incomparable Chelsea Lothrop Photography.

Here's what I wore along with Eros' adorable face:

I don't have individual photos of my outfit, so I'll just run through it here. I wore the Samshield with the holo shield and Swarovski crystals that you're all probably tired of by now. My sweatshirt is actually second hand that I found on Poshmark. It was originally from Forever 21 though. 

My breeches are Dover Wellesley in black with gray piping. My belt is from C4, and my boots are the Celeris ones you've seen for the last many weeks. So that's what I wore, and let's look at Handsome Eros in his 'fit. 

Bridle: Joseph Sterling
Browband: Dark Jewel Designs
Bonnet: The Houndstooth Horse
Pinsnickety pins on the bonnet are the BOOM ones, because BOOM, BOOM, POW is super fun,

I mean really, what better place to use the BOOM pins than on a POW bonnet? There is no better place. Also, how adorable is Eros? He's the best model. Sadly the maker of my bonnet, pad, and polos is no longer in business.

Saddle: Butet
Pad: The Houndstooth Horse
Half Pad: Ippico
These photos are a few months old, so this is the loaner saddle we were borrowing, and not our current one. For the number, we chose a BOOM pin and a lightning bolt. 

Wraps: The Houndstooth Horse
The trouble with polos like this with a cute something embroidered on them, is that it is VERY difficult to get them to finish with the cute embroidery in the front of the leg. I was not particularly successful here, and they are kind of off to the inside of his leg. But they're still cute!

That's it for the day! I'm really glad I have a few of these outfits in the archives to bust out now and then when I forget to take fresh photos. 

Wednesday, April 19, 2023

What's Up Wednesday


Oof. I mean you all know the bad news. But that aside, it actually was a pretty good week. I've been riding a TON! Which is fun, though harder than I remember it being when I was younger... Ha! Today I rode six, but thankfully two were rehabbers so they mostly walked. It was lots of fun, and I really love getting to sit on something that doesn't know me from time to time. Make sure I'm still doing things correctly, ya know? 

My own tall kids have all been quite good lately. Let's start with Shiny this week. We had our lesson Thursday, and though she was tripping a lot, she was very good. Our current lesson mate mostly jumps crossrails and small verticals, so we've been keeping the jumps low. I'm really fine with that. Shiny doesn't need to jump big jumps. She was really excited though, and was taking me to everything. I love when she's in that mood! Our vet was out Friday and he was able to squeeze her in for a shockwave treatment on her neck. It made a HUGE difference. When I rode her Saturday and Sunday, she didn't trip at all. Not even once. This week she has a few times, so it doesn't seem to hold that long, but still, she's in a better place than she was before the treatment. Doc says sometimes you have to do a few treatments before it really holds. So I'll probably do it again in a few weeks. She sees the body worker later this week too, so maybe that will also help. We missed a month because our lady was in Florida, so we're overdue for that. 

Eros got to jump outside for the first time this season on Thursday. I was pretty convinced he'd be a torpedo, but he actually wasn't too bad. I did have a little more horse than I really would have liked, but he was listening, and he didn't actually run away with me. So I'd call that a win! Our Tuesday flat lesson has shifted from 4 pm to 3pm which means that Eros doesn't get to eat dinner before it. Let me tell you. Boy has some FEELINGS about that. He's Eros, so he's still perfect, but he spends most of the hour trying to pull me out of the saddle. Which is downright hilarious. I mean, even the instructor laughs about it. That horse kills me. He's so funny. Even when he's "bad", he's not all that bad. I'm not sure if we'll be outside tomorrow or not for our lesson. It's been cold here again and really windy. So far this week, we've mostly been indoors. Doesn't really matter though, we'll have fun in either ring.

Al lessoned both Friday and Sunday last week. And guys, he was GREAT. Like so great. He was outside for both which definitely helps him. We jumped everything in the ring without the trainer having to do it first. He still gets a little spooky about things outside the arena, but he's pretty focused at the jumps. We didn't jump any really big fences, but we did a couple courses at 3' and then a few fences went up a little bigger for our last time around. I have some blurry screens shots to share:

I'm hugely relieved that I haven't completely ruined this horse. I guess he just hates winter even more than I do? I dunno. Regardless, I'm really happy to have this good boy back. He's even been fairly well behaved back indoors this week. We lesson again on Friday. Hopefully the good streak will continue.

That's really about it from here on the horsey front. How are things with you guys?

Tuesday, April 18, 2023

Truthful Tuesday: The one with P's story


If you follow my socials, you already know the sad news, but if you don't, I'll tell you now. I said goodbye to Pia on Sunday evening. I swear, she held on through her birthday because she knew how badly I wanted to celebrate that milestone with her. But on Sunday morning, she was struggling with her vestibular disease. When I left for the barn in the morning she was resting comfortably, but I was thinking it might be time to see the vet on Monday. When I got home Sunday afternoon, P was still resting comfortably, but she wasn't terribly responsive. She knew I was home, and opened her eyes to acknowledge me, but she didn't want to get up. And after acknowledging me, she didn't want to even hold her eyes open. While her breathing was relaxed and steady, I knew she wasn't well. So I brought her to the ER half hoping she had an ear infection that we could treat, but also knowing it was probably time. It was a bit of a wait there, but she rested in my arms while we waited. The vets checked her over and noted that all of her vitals were okay, but she was delayed in her responses. While she was able to stand, she could only walk in a circle, and eventually would lose her balance and fall over. We've been dealing with that, but on this day, the spark was gone. I knew it was time, and the vets agreed. There was nothing to really be done to help her anymore. And so I let her go to be with her brother Artie over the rainbow bridge. But this isn't going to be a sad post. This post is her life story. And what a life she lived! 17 years!

Funny story about how I found Pia... I have always loved Pugs. There was a pet store near me back in 2006 that did NOT sell puppies, but somehow had wound up with a rescue Pug puppy that they were trying to find a home for. My boyfriend at the time and I went over to see the pup, but I wasn't convinced he was meant to be my dog. We decided to go grab some ice cream and think about. I really wanted a girl dog, and also I really wanted a puppy that was just weaning from mom. (Way back then I thought differently than I do now, and wanted to raise the puppy right from the start. Now I'm just as satisfied to find a rescue that's already housebroken and done teething...) The dog at the store was a little bit older (not much, I think 6 months old) and was a boy pup. Well. BF and I get to Dairy Queen for our ice cream, and what do we see? A flier for pug puppies! Guys, it was fate. I called the number and it was a family that wanted to breed their pug one time. They planned to keep a puppy and sell the others. Or keep them if no interest, but honestly finding homes for pug puppies is pretty easy. (Another aside: I now rescue my dogs. Please don't attack me or this family for back yard breeding. They fixed their dog after this one litter, and responsibly homed all the puppies.) ANYWAY, when we called, they had two females left, and we were welcome to come meet them the next evening. And so we did, and this is the lil girly that I picked:
The day I met P! Just a fresh little nugget!

The puppies weren't ready for weaning just yet. Which was fine since I needed to get supplies and puppy proof the house. I was still living with my mom at this point, but I would buy my house a few months later. I met P in early May and she was ready to come home on Father's Day. The family that bred her was actually coming to my little town for Father's Day brunch at a local resort, so we met at the commuter lot and I was able to bring P to meet her Grandpa on Father's Day. Here she is having a snooze in his arm:
I know. Nothing cuter than that. Seriously. Look how tiny!

Anyway, we lived with my mom and stayed with the BF a fair amount the first few months. And then in September of that year I moved into the house I live in now. P "helped" me paint the house and move in. The funniest story... When Pia was still with her OG family they trained the puppies with pee pads. She was really easy to house train, and we didn't need to use the pads for very long. But you know what is very similar to doggy pee pad? Disposable drop cloths that you use when painting. Hahaha! P would use them as a restroom. At first I was concerned that she was regressing with her potty training due to the move. But then I realized she thought she was doing the right thing. Once the painting was done and the cloths were gone she stopped having accidents. 

She was such a fun puppy. She was never destructive, but she did get the zoomies sometimes. She would tear around like she was coked up or something... it was pretty crazy. And hilarious. She LOVED to squeak toys, but was gentle with them. We would have to invite doggo friends over from time to time to destroy a few toys because her collection was quite large and she never destroyed anything. 

P was an only dog for many years, but I did wonder if she'd like to have a friend. I mean, I was working full time, plus had the horses so she was alone quite a lot during the day. But I didn't want to rush into it. I was really worried I'd never find another dog as well behaved and easy as P. We had one dog that we did a trial overnight with, but they weren't the right match. A friend of mine wound up adopting her though, so I didn't feel too guilty about it. Some more time passed, and then we met Artie. They hit it off right from the start, and were pretty inseparable. Artie let P be in charge and in return she let him snuggle with her. I really hope they're together where ever they are now. 

While Pia was the perfect dog in every way and was super easy to raise, she did have some challenges. As a young pup she would occasionally have seizures that we never fully figured out, but she did seem to outgrow. Over her (many) years, she had a few health scares. Her liver counts were always not great, and she frequently had UTI's and ear infections. She was a frequent flier at the vet hospital, and even had to have surgery on her lady parts to remove some of the skin back there. It helped a lot with the UTI's thankfully and she stopped getting them for awhile until she was quite old when they resurfaced. Her ears we helped with diet. She couldn't eat most meat proteins so she lived on prescription kibble that was fish based. Thankfully she liked it. We never did figure out the liver issues. Her counts were always kind of bad, and I don't know how many times I left the vet in tears thinking she had cancer. But she never did, and she always bounced back. I swear this dog had nine lives. 

Her face got grayer and grayer as she aged, but she was always the cutest girl. She regularly looked tired of my shit, but I know deep down she was just laughing along with me. When Rita joined the family, I'm not sure P was thrilled. But she was tolerant and allowed Rita to integrate just fine. I even caught them snuggling once or twice. Not on camera though. Heaven forbid! 

It was hard to watch her get old. The last few months especially. But boy did I love that dog. She was by my side through nearly every adult milestone. Relationships and breakups. Buying horses and losing horses. Always there. Always by my side. Or in my lap. Especially on the hard days. I'm not quite sure how I'll tackle the hard things without her here. But I like to think she's still with me. At least a little bit. There will never be another dog like Pia, but how lucky am I to have had her companionship and love for seventeen years? 

So here's to Pia! 
I'll miss you sweet girl. I will love you forever and miss you even longer. 


Thursday, April 13, 2023

Thursday's Threads


Okay... full disclosure... My horses have been wearing the same saddle pads and boots for like three weeks now. Why you ask? Sheer laziness on my part. I promise something not navy next week. In the meantime, Shiny was our model today, and this is what she was wearing:

Bridle: Joseph Sterling
Browband: Boy O' Boy Bridleworks

She's getting her summer coat and is finally yellow again! 

Saddle: Custom Saddlery
Saddle Pad: Mattes
This saddle pad with the sheepskin edges was probably overkill for the 80 degree weather we had today... But she worked early so it wasn't that hot yet. 

Boots: Eskadron
These are navy. No really! The weather here is very unseasonal. Normally we have a lot of humidity since we're very close to the shoreline. But for some reason, it's dry as a bone around here. Like, if you ride with your mouth open, it dries out so badly you can't even swallow. Very strange. I don't like it. But I digress... The ring is also parched, and since we've only just started riding outside, the sprinklers haven't yet been de-winterized. Though to be fair, when we get home, there are no sprinklers... so we should probably get used to dust! Ha! 

Anyway, that's what Shiny was wearing today. And here's what I had on:

I know. You've seen all of this before. But maybe not all together? 

Shirt: Equine and Design
I wear this ALL the time. I'm actually really impressed with how well this top has held up. I've had it several years at this point, and it gets picked frequently. 

Belt: Boy O' Boy Bridleworks

Look familiar? It matches Shiny's browband! I don't wear this one a ton because I find the closure kind of annoying. But I knew since today was so hot I probably would sweat enough to minimize potty breaks. So it was a good choice today. We hit 88 degrees by the afternoon! In April! In CT! This is my weather guys. Best day ever.

Breeches: RJ Classics Gulf
I've shared these before, they are the color "fog" and I still can't decide if they are gray or blue. It's a real mystery. But I like them, whatever color they might actually be.

I'm still wearing the Samshield and the Celeris boots, so nothing new there. But fear not. Just a few short weeks until fun home outfits come back! 

Wednesday, April 12, 2023

What's Up Wednesday


I'm gonna start with Al this week because he deserves some positive press for once. (Seriously, the horse is so very nice. The issues are all mine.) Anyway, let's start with Al! We've been back indoors due to some wet and cold weather so that's removed one source of angst from our rides. I had my first lesson with the barn owner this week since she's back from Florida. I warned her about our current struggles and that my angst level was off the charts. I also introduced her to my emotional support water. (Joking. It's just regular water. Needed to wet my angst induced dry mouth problem.) ANYWAY. Back to my lesson. 

The lesson started right out with hard stuff for me... We had to work at the scary end of the ring while the vet was doing some flexions down at the other end. Our lesson partner is brave though, so we just followed him around and that worked out nicely. From there, we warmed up over a fence down at the not scary end. Also went well. But THEN. She wanted us to jump down the outside line heading toward the nightmare inducing far end of the ring. I said okay, but I'm scared! So we jumped in nicely, but then he kind of propped and I mostly froze up and allowed him to quit. We weren't even all the way at the jump yet. So trainer asked if I'd feel better if she did it first. And in full amateur level honesty I said oh yes. That would be ideal. I will do anything she does first. And so she hopped on and gave him a great ride. She didn't fight with him, but set very clear boundaries. He was receptive and did the scary thing a few times with minimal protest. Then I got back on and I did the line. First with the add and then the true number. Felt great. Nobody died. Counted that as a win. Then we jumped a little course which went well. Next, they added a new fence that was right on the rail. Prior to adding that, the fence was taken apart so we could flat on the rail. It was interesting because Al had a real issue with this magically appearing fence that he hadn't seen before. He tried to be a bad pony and quit, but your weenie heroine here put on her brave pants and made him go right to it and jump it. Then we went around and popped over it a few times, smoother each time. After that minor blip the jumps went up. Nothing crazy, but I think we actually got to 3' which was a huge relief to me. I was really starting to think I'd messed us up so badly we were destined for the 2' forever. But I'm happy to report, he rode great to the slightly bigger fences, and I actually rode him to them. So it was a great lesson overall, even if it wasn't an easy one. I had hoped to hop into a Sunday lesson to continue the good stuff, but forgot it was Easter so there weren't any. It's okay though. We'll jump again this Friday and then hopefully something on the weekend too. Time will tell. Friday will be outside this week, and so we'll have to see if I survive first. 

Eros has been his perfect self of course. Our lesson last week was a good one. He wasn't quite as easy and methodical as he was the week before, but he wasn't taking off anywhere either. We head outside for tomorrow's lesson and his first time jumping outside... so I imagine the turbo thrusters will be firing for that. Ha! He is who he is, ya know? But I'm excited to get out there and play over some fences with him. The outdoor ring is HUGE and if he decides to be good it's just so fun out there on him. He's flatted out there plenty this year, so I'm hoping he'll keep himself somewhat in check. Though I will be using the two ring and not the dee for this lesson. Just in case. He did the flat lesson this week on Tuesday, and was pretty funny. The barn manager is back from Florida so she taught us. There was a LOT of no stirrups, and zero walk breaks. Plus it was in the 70's which is a solid 20 degrees warmer than it's been around here. So E's quarter ran out about half way through. We toughed it out, but he was hilariously trying to pull me out of the saddle for much of the second half. 

Princess Shiny Pants wormed her way out of her lesson last week. She had a swollen hind leg when I took her out, but I got on and did the warm up portion of the lesson to see how she felt on it. She wasn't' very off, but I could feel a little something. So we quit early. I iced it, then she had her turnout before I iced it a second time. Then I wrapped it for the night. She was completely fine the next day. I have a working hypothesis about what might have happened... I suspect she was an ornery mare pony at breakfast time and probably kicked the wall a little too hard leaving a bit of a booboo. It tracks with her past behavior anyway. 

She's been tripping a bunch again lately. I noticed the last two times she had vet work done, she felt great for a few weeks, but reverts back pretty quickly to being stumble-y and stiff. I know injections don't wear off that quickly, but I'm wondering if I need to do a few rounds of shockwave to get a longer lasting result. We did her neck at her last appointment, and normally with shockwave you do a few sessions a week or two apart. But I completely forgot about that part, and didn't do it. So I'm going to get her on the list for doc's next visit and see what we get. At the end of the day, I think the main problem with her is her weight. She's really fat right now. I need to get her home and back on some less good hay to hopefully get some weight off her. 

I've been getting to ride some extras lately which is super fun. With all the horses back from Florida, and nearly every kid off on spring vacation, there's a LOT on the training ride list. So some of the sale horses have been available for flatting, which I'm loving. I'm pretty tired at the end of the day... but I love that. Gimme all the horses! Ha! 

Early morning on Easter Sunday, the resident preggo mare at the barn released her hostage. She had an ADORABLE little filly who is still nameless at the moment... I'll try to remember to snap a photo for you guys for next week. She's so cute. Mom and foal live across from Eros, and I think he was mildly traumatized witnessing his first baby being born. He was exhausted the next day and kept giving the side eye at the foaling stall. Poor buddy. I guess we should have had that chat about where babies come from. 

That catches you all up on my tall kid news. In short kid news, Pia had a great day today for her birthday. We even spent some time outside in the sunshine. 

Rita however...  I had her outside with me the other day in the backyard. I had a leash on her, but I wasn't holding it because she was staying with me. And when she wandered off, I tested her recall several times and it was 100%. Until... She meandered her way toward the walkouts on the barn, which is a suitable horse fence, but not for a tiny dog. And she went into the driveway. I went after her, calling her name, and she ignored me! She ran RIGHT ACROSS THE STREET! Thank goodness no cars were coming because we live on a busy road. I nearly died of a heart attack. I was able to catch her in my neighbors yard thankfully. And proceeded to lecture her all the way home about the importance of listening to her mother. Her freedom has been revoked however. She's already been hit by a car once (before I got her) so we're NOT going to allow that to happen again. These animals are giving me so much gray hair. I definitely need to schedule a hair appointment. 

So it's been fun and busy around here! How about with you all? Riding a lot? Is spring doing its thing where you live? 

Tuesday, April 11, 2023

Truthful Tuesday


On this eve of Pia's 17th birthday, I have to confess something. Some days I find it hard to have a geriatric doggo. The truth is, this will be her last birthday. She's starting to have the less good days more often, and I always promise my older dogs that we aim for no bad days. And so I know that time is coming. But not yet. Not today. And I'm grateful for every day that we get to enjoy each other. 

And while I'm forever thankful to have her with me each and every day. I have to admit that sometimes it's hard. I got home pretty late from the barn today, and my springtime allergies are going crazy this week. So I was tired. And when I walked in the door, I was welcomed by dog poo... dog poo that had been walked in. And dog poo footprints. It was a scene. So obviously, before I could shower and eat dinner, that had to be cleaned up. And the dog too. And then she and Rita needed their dinners. 

Finally I got to shower. And then made dinner. As I was bringing it to the table, I see P pooping again. On my carpet. Sigh. Cleaned that up. Told P it was okay. Finally got to dinner at 8:30. Mood drastically improved. (Nobody tells you that you have to eat pretty regularly when you get old, or you get tired and cranky. It's a real thing guys! And I had skipped lunch today.)

So now it's 9:45 and P is having a bit of a senility episode. When this happens, she just barks. Constantly. It can go on for hours. Sometimes all night. Nothing is wrong, she's just confused. If you check on her and snuggle her she stops for awhile. But usually it starts up again unless she falls asleep. So Rita and I are watching tv and listening to P bark. And it's hard. Because you know that this means the time is coming. But not today. And for that I'm still grateful. 

Thursday, April 6, 2023

Thursday's Threads: Passover Edition


Outfit Day! And it a holiday! You know what that means... We have a theme to play with! Yay! So here's what I wore today:

It was a wonderful warm day today which was fabulous. The only downside was that it was too warm for matzo hoodie that I had planned to wear this week. But I made do. I am still wearing my same Samshield helmet, so I'm skipping that this week.

Shirt: Luyaa
I didn't realize this photo was so blurry when I took it. Apologies for that... Anyway, this is one of my fake TKEQ shirts from Amazon. I like them. They come in a bunch of colors too which is nice.

Belt: Mane Jane
This is one of my most favorite belt straps from Mane Jane, but for some reason, I don't wear it all that much. That's okay though, it will last longer that way.

Breeches: Tailored Sportsman
I chose these today because they are kind of matzo color... A stretch I know. But that's what I was going for anyway. I still really love this color.

Socks: TooLoud
Matzo socks! Obviously. I mean, just because it wasn't hoodie weather didn't mean I had to skip the socks. They really are the same size socks, I guess I just didn't pull the one up as high as the other.

Boots: Celeris UK
I snapped a new photo at least? A terrible photo... but it's new! These boots are great. Despite not being custom for me, they are pretty close, and they are holding up fantastically to daily wear. I've been riding a ton this winter, and they aren't showing any wear other than laces which I broke. But that's an easy fix and really doesn't reflect on the boots. 

So that's what I had on, and here's what Al wore:

Bridle: Joseph Sterling
Browband: Dark Jewel Designs
Look at that wavy forelock! Al has the same frizzy hair that I do when it's humid. 

Saddle: Butet
Saddle Pad: Equine Star
Half Pad: Premier Equine
I love the matzo pad because it fits my love of silly themes, but it's not actually over the top ridiculous. This brand of pad is generally a little stiff out of the box, but the more I use and wash them, the more they are softening up. So I like that a lot. 

Boots: Equine Star
I mean... Matzo boots are just the cutest aren't they? I think Al really loves getting to play dress up. Today he was the best he's been in a very long time. Which figures because it wasn't a lesson day for him... Lol! 

That's what we wore today to celebrate Passover! Any favorites?