Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Truthful Tuesday

I think many of us can agree to feeling a bit like this after recent current events:
So to counter that, I bring you a tale of horse poop and windex wipes.
Last night after work I went into the barn to feed and wrap Rio. Rio is notorious for having some runny poo, which often winds up in his tail. It's pretty gross, but what can you do? He's on Equiotics as well as some fancy stuff from my vet, but it happens. Anyway, back to wrapping Rio... So when I tied Rio's tail up to wrap him, I of course got poop on me. Ew. I wiped it off on his blanket... (ha, sorry buddy, but you sleep in the poop anyway, you won't even notice) and finished the task. Then I went about sweeping up and feeding.
Once the chores were done, I headed off to the grocery store. Thankfully while in the car, I realized my hands still stunk like horse poo, since clearly I'm disgusting and forgot to wash them. Ugh. I can't go touching food with poop on me. But alas, I have no baby wipes in the car. Know what I did have? Windex wipes. Yep. I washed my hands with Windex wipes. It did the job, the poo and the smell were gone! I was also streak free.
Have you ever had to resort to extreme measures to pretend like you have some general sense of hygiene?

Thursday, January 26, 2017

Thursday's Threads

Outfit Day! I have been waiting all week for outfit day because I couldn't wait to wear this outfit. COULD. NOT. WAIT. But I did. I waited, and I saved it for today so I could share it. AND I have a riding outfit too! Yay! We'll start with my work outfit though, cause I can't wait any more.
Unfortunately, it was cloudy and icky out so this photo is terrible. But you can sorta get the idea. I was excited to wear this because of the sweater. And the boots. But mostly the sweater since it's the newest. I'll tell you more in the sweater section.

Sweater: Ralph Lauren
I saw this sweater at the Ralph Lauren outlet months ago, but it was stupid expensive so I couldn't have it. I saw it there again more recently on sale, but still it was stupid expensive. So I couldn't have it. Then, this past weekend I went to the outlets specifically to go to Vera Bradley for a planner (and they didn't have any, fail!) which happens to be right across the way from Ralph Lauren. So you know... I stopped in. AND MY SWEATER WAS ON CLEARANCE! $40! That's reasonable. So I got to work hunting down my size. And all that was left was XS. NO. But I thought, you know, it could work. So I got it. And it's PERFECT! I mean, I'm no extra small by any means. But apparently neither is the sweater. Cause, you know. It's PERFECT! I have a cami under it that matches my pants, just in case that cute safety pin doesn't do it's job though.
Pants: Love, Fire
I'm not sure if you've seen these pants or not? I found them in Florida at Marshalls. They're very comfy, and they're actually not denim, so it's almost like I'm dressed up today! Almost. As you can probably see, they are covered in sweater fuzz. But that was nothing compared to how much fuzz is on them now. Ok, so maybe the sweater is slightly imperfect, but whatever. I love it along with it's shedding.

Belt: No brand
I got this braided elastic belt, much the same as the ones from Hunt Club and Sporthorse Lifestyle, from ebay for 3.99. With free shipping. I love that it's almost my barn colors!

Boots: Donald Pliner
I've shown you these bad boys before. I was so excited when I got them last year, I'm pretty sure I did a post about them. I still love them. They might be my most favorite pair of boots... possibly tied with my other pair from Donald Pliner (the blue crocodile ones if you've been around awhile). Long story short, I love Donald Pliner and I want all of his boots please.

Arm Party!
Lefty is wearing an awesome Ebay find. This enamel buckle bracelet is by Gucci, and I got it for under $30. The listing said it had some scratches, but I really can't find any. Good enough for me! I think it goes nicely with the apple watch too.

First up on Righty is a mixed media friendship bracelet from Nakamol. This was from the giant shopping spree I went on when Little Black Bag was shutting down. Next is an Hermes inspired bangle, followed by a green braided leather bracelet. It might look familiar if you read What's Up Wednesday this week. I made a pair of spur straps that look exactly like it. I had enough left over to make a bracelet too. I figured it would be a decent test to see if the glue holds for the spur straps. So far so good! It will also fit my photo beads, so I can dress it up if I feel like it too!

Ok, now on to my riding outfit from the other day!
I didn't snap any pics with boots on, but I just wore my old faithful Regal boots. So you're not missing anything exciting.

Breeches: Ovation
I really wish I could remember what model these are because they are the most comfy breeches I own. They're older, and don't have the euro seat, so they're totally uncool. But I don't care about that. 'Cause comfy for the WIN!

Shirt: Ariat
My step mom went crazy at the local tack store during Chanukah. You might remember she got me the button down shirt with horses on it and the matching cable knit sweater. This top was also in the gift bag. It's one of the coolmax ventilated ones but has horses all over! Definitely a fan. I wore it for Saturday's lesson.

Belt: Burberry
I just grabbed the first black belt I saw, but if I'd had time to think about it, I probably still would have picked this one. I think that jumping horse with the knight is pretty awesome.

So that's what I'm wearing today (and last Saturday). What about you? Find any great bargains after the holidays? Have a favorite item from today?

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

What's Up Wednesday!

Wednesday already? I feel like this week is going by pretty fast. Probably because I've been busy! Let's start from where we left off last week.
Last Wednesday I mentioned that I was taking a riding lesson that night. It was so fun to ride a new horse and jump over some sticks! This is the horse I rode, his name is Liam:

I took a semi private with another amateur. She has a very pretty mare that unfortunately was not the right match for her. I related to her story WHOLEHEARTEDLY after having owned Jasper. Basically, it's a lovely horse, but she's a bit spooky, and her owner has lost the trust. We did the flat part of the lesson together, but she didn't want to jump. It was nice to have some solid time on the flat to get to know my horse a little. We did some lengthening and shortening, then some shoulder in and other lateral work before moving on to the fences. Trainer J started us out over a teeny tiny cross rail line. Eventually the jumps got a little bigger, but I think the biggest was 2'9". I'm not looking to break records, I just want to get comfortable jumping again. The exercises were simple. First we did the outside line a few times. (It was a four stride.) Then we figure 8'ed back and forth over a vertical and an oxer before putting the exercises together into a course. It was a lot of fun, and Liam was lovely to ride.
Thursday and Friday I didn't have anything exciting happening. Just work and pony grooming in the evening. Saturday I was on my own for chores. It was a nice morning, not too cold, and it was fun to watch the kids enjoy their turnout time.

Rio was WILD! I have a solid two minutes of him on video cantering figure 8's and bucking like a decrepit bronco. I love him so much.
After chores, I had another lesson scheduled. I was excited to lesson, but it was such a nice day, I really wanted to ride at home. There wasn't time for both. But the lesson is more important at the moment because I need all the help I can get. So off I went!
Trainer J is good friends with my regular trainer, and apparently they chatted about my chicken tendencies what I needed to work on. Regular trainer said I need to ride different horses. So this time I rode a horse named Ben.
Ben was pretty easy for me to figure out because he goes similarly to Jamp in a lot of ways. You have to really keep a hand on the front end. Unlike Jamp, Ben wants to get heavy on his front end, but it's still a similar feel as trying to keep Jamp down on the bit. Both need LOTS OF LEG! Trainer J was surprised I was able to get decent flat work out of Ben, but I think it was mostly due to him being similar to Jamp. I really like that we spend some time on the flat before jumping. It helps me get a better feel for a new horse, and also gets my horse really warmed up for the fences. Oh, if you want to laugh at me, I nearly fell off when he spooked at the doorway while I was supposed to be cantering in a half seat. Oops.
Over fences, Ben was a bit of a wiggle worm. It was good practice for me to really keep thinking about all four corners of my horse at all times. Despite his lack of interest in going straight, he was very honest to the jumps regardless of my finding the spot right at the base a few times more than I probably should have. I jumped a little bigger this time too. The singles were still low, probably 2'6"-2'9" but we also did a combination that had 3'3" oxer on the way out. Moving back up!
After my lesson, I actually had to finish up chores at home. I had one more load of poop to dump and I needed to sweep the aisle one more time. And feed. Barn chores are never really done are they?
Sunday I had my helper back, so I slept in a little. It was a pretty nice day, overcast, but in the 50's. Not at all normal for January. But you know what that means? DO YOU?! It means I got to work my horses! I started with Jampy. I put him on the lunge line first because he's had two months off and I didn't want to die. He was wild. Shocking I know.

But since he's super unfit, it didn't last very long. He was actually great to ride. Obviously I didn't do much. After two months off, the lunge alone was probably more work than he should have been doing. But we trotted and cantered a little each way. It was just nice to be back up there.
I didn't ride the others. I lunged Rio, who looked pretty amazing believe it or not. I was pretty tempted to hop up on him, but I have to remember to go slow with him. He's a delicate flower.

Look at that boy tracking up both ways! Take that EPM! Despite everything he's gone through, this guy is looking pretty good for 20 years old.
By the time I was finishing up with Rio it was getting dark, so I just took Romey out for grass. I won't lie, I didn't really want to ride him anyway. I need some professional guidance with him before I get back up there I think.
The craziest thing about this weekend in January in Connecticut? My horses all got to GRAZE!
Mmmm January snacks. Happy Ponies.
Monday and Tuesday were rainy. Rainy and cold. And windy. Obviously not riding weather. I did go back to our exercise class last night though. It was oddly harder for me than last time, but I woke up with a pretty nasty head cold this morning, so I'm guessing that's why. I knew working out was bad for my health!
How was your week? Did you get to ride? Take any lessons? Do anything non-horsey? Do you go to the gym or take classes?

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Truthful Tuesday

I had a little accident over on the C4 website the other day.... I've mentioned a few times recently about my new obsession with C4 belts. And how I bought a whole bunch of them... Well. I might have bought a whole bunch more. Someone please take away my credit card.
So I wanted the black &red plaid and the black & white check to go with all of my lumber jack attire. That seems fair, right? I even saved money by only getting one buckle to share between them. But then I saw the snowflake one and decided I absolutely need that for next year's ugly sweater day. (I may or may not already have my outfit.) And then I saw the one of the under water dogs, and realized one of the dogs is a pug! I've been on the hunt for pug belt FOREVER (surprisingly hard to find you guys!) and so I couldn't not get it. When you go to check out, you are offered some bonus buys. I'm a sucker for a good surprise, so I chose the $20 mystery belt offer. Last time I got a neon green one (which I think glows in the dark) and this time I got a navy blue one which I'm actually wearing today.
So that's my confession. I have zero self control and I just spent a gazillion dollars at C4 AGAIN. Sigh.
Anything you need to confess today? Thoughts on C4? What's your favorite print?

Thursday, January 19, 2017

Thursday's Threads!

Outfit Day! I have to start out with an apology though. Since I took a lesson yesterday, I SHOULD have had a riding outfit to share. But I forgot to take pics so I don't have one. Maybe next week though. I'll try to be a better blogger. I do have a work outfit to share though!
It's in the 40's today though still overcast and damp, so I didn't need to bundle excessively. That was nice!

Sweater: Moon
One of my favorite online clothing shops, Moxie.Style, had a great big moving sale, and I snagged this adorable sweater from Moon. I wanted a navy sweater, and loved the gold zipper detail. I was pleasantly surprised when I pulled this out of the box and it had these awesome quilted elbow patches! Best. Sweater. Ever.

Jeans: True Religion
I've developed a minor obsession with True Religion jeans. These are kind of different in that they have a black over-wash, giving an interesting depth to the color. They are super comfy too. Love them!

Boots: Michael Kors
I've had these awhile now. I haven't worn them in awhile because truthfully they're a little tight on my calf. But I wanted to match the quilting with my elbow patches, so I'm hoping they'll stretch as the day goes on...

Arm Party!
Lefty kept it simple with a vintage snakeskin and rhinestone bangle from good ol' Ebay and my apple watch.

Righty is sporting a really fun stretch bracelet I had gotten a few years ago from Little Black Bag. The spikes are almost like the quilting on my boots and elbow patches!

And that's what I'm wearing today. What do you have on?  Have a favorite item from today? Have you ever shopped at Moxie.Style?

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

What's Up Wednesday!

Well... There's not much to talk about today, cause there's just not that much happening up here. It's been cloudy and rainy all week, which I can't complain too much about since it's raining and not snowing. So that part is lovely-ish.

The horses are all good. I think they're already bored with winter, so hopefully things will thaw out and dry up enough for us to do some work at some point soon. Hahaha! Maybe? In the meantime, Rio and Jamp have been enjoying lots of grooming, while Romey has decided that is some kind of horrible torture. Poor Romey. We haven't taken any selfies, but maybe we will this weekend just so you don't forget what my horses look like.

There's a new barn that was just completed and moved into about ten minutes up the road from me. It has a nice sized indoor and the trainer is friends with my trainer. My trainer's baby horse was born there. He's out of the mare I got to show a couple years ago at WEF, Candy. Here they are enjoying a not too cold winter day in the paddock:

 I stopped over on Sunday finally to say hello and get the grand tour. I decided to schedule a lesson for this week so I can remember how to jump before I head back to Florida in February. If it goes well, I'll take a few more. I need all the practice! ALL OF IT! My lesson is tonight, so maybe I'll have something to talk about next week!

Because I'm full of great ideas, I decided to attend our company workout class last night after work. I mean it's a great plan to get physically tortured the day before my first riding lesson in forever right? Sure, totally good idea. The class wasn't terrible, but I had thought it might be more fun. I know, how could exercise be fun? I dunno, I was just hopeful. We did butt kicks and high knees, squats and wall sits, crunches and planks, plus some other stuff I don't know the name of. I had trouble with wall sits, oddly because I've done them before without issue. But I am super out of shape I guess. Today my legs are sore, but my abs and arms are in pretty good shape. I guess I know what needs work! Thankfully I have no media from class. Maybe some other time. If I go back. Ha.

Have you guys heard of the website Used Horse Stuff? It works like ThredUp, which is a consignment clothing site. You request a clean out bag, and they send you a good sized sturdy bag you can fill with your stuff you don't want. It has a label on it already, so just leave it for the mail carrier, and it heads back to Used Horse Stuff. They then price and list your stuff for you on their site. I believe if it sells you get 60%. I'm not sure if it's a great deal, but I had a ton of jackets and random stuff I wasn't using and have been too lazy to sell or donate on my own. So I packed up a bag and sent it in this weekend. We'll see if anything sells! If you're interested in trying it out, use this link to request a bag. Please put my name in the referral blank, and I'll get a $10 credit if you send your bag back to be sold. Or you could buy my stuff, that would be better. I think they list new things on Fridays, so my items aren't going to be up there just yet.

It's a good sized bag, Pia for size reference
Seriously, that's all I have for today. Winter is boring. Have you done anything fun or exciting this week? Do you do workout classes? Have anything else we can chat about? Talk to me in the comments! I shall leave you with some sleeping Pugs.

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Truthful Tuesday

Heh... This one's pretty funny. We got a little bit of snow Saturday night, so Sunday I took Jorge (my new truck) out to run my errands. When I came out of the dog food store, there was a truck that looked JUST LIKE Bruce (it's entirely possible that it was him) parked near me. So I was staring somewhat obviously at the other truck whilst attempting to climb into Jorge. Do you see where this is going?
You guys. I SLAMMED my head into the door frame on my way in. I have a small (thankfully it's small!) bruise and egg on my head.
I feel like that guy in the phone commercial who walks into the door. I'm hoping the people in the other truck didn't notice.
Oh, and I have one more. I'd like to blame this one on the mild head injury, but honestly I don't think they're related. I stopped at the store last night to get some groceries and carrots for the boys. I'm in there, picking out my carrots, when I realize my wallet is in the car. Had to abandon my carrots temporarily to go get my wallet. I mean, at least I realized before it was time to pay I guess. But sheesh. Focus Stacie!
Have you ever managed to wound yourself for no reason other than lack of attention to what you're doing? Gone shopping with no method of payment? Do anything else equally silly?

Friday, January 13, 2017


You know, I really had no regrets about spending a bunch of money on pretty things I don't need. I mean, they are SO PRETTY!

I didn't even feel too much guilt about letting Amanda peer pressure me into getting these:

That is until yesterday when I got Badger's vet bill from the last four months.

Yeah. You are reading that correctly. I mean, I have it, I can pay it. I'll just have to pay off my unnecessary pretties a little more slowly than planned.

What really bothers me though is the delayed billing. My vets here at home bill me immediately when they come out. They don't wait and bill quarterly. That's crazy! This would have been a whole lot less daunting if I'd paid for each visit, or even each clump of visits on their own.
My farrier for the horses at my house leaves a bill each time he comes. My farrier that does Badger? He bills me like twice a year. So it's the same shell shock. I can't stand it!

Have you had any surprises like this show up from a vet or farrier, or worse, your TRAINER? Did you briefly consider selling all of your horses and taking up table tennis?

Thursday, January 12, 2017

Thursday's Threads!

Outfit DAY! It's nearly 60 degrees out there today! Too bad I'm stuck at the office... It would have been really nice to play with ponies all day. But instead I shall look longingly out the window. Sigh.
But that's not what you're here for today is it? My bad! Let's see what I wore to work on this spring like day!
I know, you're thinking, "Scarf? Really? It's almost 60 degrees out!" And you do have a point. But it's always freezing in my office, and it is a bit windy out. So the scarf was the perfect touch. Ok, let's look closer!

Sweater: Wearing your heart on your sleeve (seriously, that's the name on the label)
I kind of ruined this top a little. It used be longer, making those side slits less awkward. I think I mistakenly put it in the dryer. Oops. It's still wearable, probably more so if I dropped a few lbs. It's the perfect weight for a day like today!

Pants: Calvin Klein
I love the olive color on these. I picked them up in the clearance section at Marshall's when I was in Florida. Definitely a great find!

Shoes: Two Lips Too
Today started off really wet and drizzly so I wanted to wear shoes that could handle the elements somewhat. Also, since it was super spring like, I didn't want to wear overly wintery tall boots. I thought these were just the pair I was looking for! I was super excited when they worked with the pants so well.

Belt: C4
"Hi, my name is Stacie, and I've become a C4 addict." How awesome is this hunt scene one though? I had trouble picking a buckle for it, so I went with the shiniest one I could find. I figured it was sort of brassy.

Arm Party!
My mom gave me that adorable Coach bracelet for Chanukah this year. Once it darkens up some, I think it will match well with my watch. Can you believe it was also that color when I got it?! The middle bracelet is a vintage piece I found on Ebay awhile ago.

Righty is sporting the Hermes wrap bracelet my dad and stepmom got me a few years ago. I love that bracelet, and wear it sparingly so I don't destroy it. I know me. The other three I bought at my local gift store/deli. I believe they are handcrafted. I'm not sure if it's a local artisan or not though. I don't really think so. But maybe.

That's what I'm wearing today! I really hope some day to have a riding outfit again... Ugh. Winter is the worst!
What are you wearing today? How's the weather by you?