Thursday, January 5, 2017

Thursday's Threads

Outfit DAY!!!! A little late, but hey, I'm still wearing it... Yesterday was a balmy 50 degrees, but today temps have dropped down to the 30's. Which apparently is seasonal, but I can still hate it, right? I dressed the part today. I call this look 80's ski bunny.
Totally has an 80's skier vibe, no? I think it's the neon that does it. Anyway, let's look closer!

Sweater: Ralph Lauren
Sorry about the sun spot there, I didn't notice it until it was too late. Before my trip, I stopped at the Ralph Lauren outlet near home to exchange a sweater I was gifted that was too small. While I was there for that, I went hunting for this sweater to see if it was on sale yet. It was! So obviously, it came home withe me. It has everything I need. A nice boxy fit to hide my rapidly expanding spare tire, NEON!, and warmth. Total win for me here.

Jeans: Rue 21
I've had these a long while. Truth is, they don't really fit. But I was running late, so I stuffed myself inside. I'm fairly confident my spare tire is relocating around my rib cage as we speak. Ugh.

Belt: C4
Remember I said I had avoided the whole C4 craze until it turned out that I didn't? Yeah. Case in point. Exhibit C I think we're up to. Whatever, I now love them and don't have any idea why I resisted. My bad.

Socks: ?
I don't usually show you my socks, but these are so cute, I had to share. I won them in the benefit auction for the New England Pug rescue. They go pretty well with today's outfit!

Shoes: Laundry
These are loafer type shoes. They're super comfy, and I love the little bit of neon on the rim. I think that keeps them fairly tame.

Arm Party!
I wore these little coil bracelets I got awhile back to go with today's sweater. They pick up the bright colors perfectly!

Righty is donning these hilarious friendship type bracelets from Forever21. The neon caught my eye in the store, and then when I read them, I knew they had to come home. Here's what they say:
Forever Hangry
These bracelets really get me.

And that's what I'm wearing today. I don't have a riding outfit because despite the warm weather yesterday, the footing was not conducive to riding. I think those days are over until Spring here in the great north. Maybe if we get a nice weekend day I'll hop on the Jamposaur. We'll have to wait and see.
What are you wearing today? How's the weather? Any favorites from today's outfit?


  1. I also resisted the C4 craze for a long time; I don't know why I did! I went kind of nuts and bought like 5 belts when they were having a sale and I LOVE them!

    1. I hear that. I have five now too. I got two at Equine affair (the avocado one and the Thelwell one), then discovered they had a Chanukah one, so I got that and the hunt scene one (which is so pretty!) and then a mystery which was this green one. Most perfect mystery item I've ever gotten!

  2. I love those pug socks so much. Everytime I see pug things I have to strongly resist tagging you or DMing them to you on insta ha!

    1. Hahaha! Tag away! I love seeing funny pug stuff!