Thursday, January 19, 2017

Thursday's Threads!

Outfit Day! I have to start out with an apology though. Since I took a lesson yesterday, I SHOULD have had a riding outfit to share. But I forgot to take pics so I don't have one. Maybe next week though. I'll try to be a better blogger. I do have a work outfit to share though!
It's in the 40's today though still overcast and damp, so I didn't need to bundle excessively. That was nice!

Sweater: Moon
One of my favorite online clothing shops, Moxie.Style, had a great big moving sale, and I snagged this adorable sweater from Moon. I wanted a navy sweater, and loved the gold zipper detail. I was pleasantly surprised when I pulled this out of the box and it had these awesome quilted elbow patches! Best. Sweater. Ever.

Jeans: True Religion
I've developed a minor obsession with True Religion jeans. These are kind of different in that they have a black over-wash, giving an interesting depth to the color. They are super comfy too. Love them!

Boots: Michael Kors
I've had these awhile now. I haven't worn them in awhile because truthfully they're a little tight on my calf. But I wanted to match the quilting with my elbow patches, so I'm hoping they'll stretch as the day goes on...

Arm Party!
Lefty kept it simple with a vintage snakeskin and rhinestone bangle from good ol' Ebay and my apple watch.

Righty is sporting a really fun stretch bracelet I had gotten a few years ago from Little Black Bag. The spikes are almost like the quilting on my boots and elbow patches!

And that's what I'm wearing today. What do you have on?  Have a favorite item from today? Have you ever shopped at Moxie.Style?


  1. Those MK boots are spectacular!

    1. Thank you! I'm happy to report they stretched a bit during the day!