Wednesday, January 4, 2017

What's Up Wednesday!

This Wednesday was my fake Monday. You can imagine what that's like... Oye. So glad it's only a three day week for me! I'm already ready for Friday. Anyway... Let's talk about my week in Florida, shall we?!
So Thursday morning, I headed down to the barn to ride Badger first thing. We just flatted since I haven't ridden in 100 years a few weeks. He was perfect! When you don't see your baby horse for awhile, it's amazing how different he is when you finally do get on him. No spooks, no bucks, just a good pony. Yay!
Every time I try to take a photo with him...
After riding and cleaning tack because I'm a good little amateur when I'm in Florida, I headed over to the horse show to meet up with Devon for some blogger fun! I managed to not get lost on my way to the grand prix ring to find her, and we immediately headed to the bar lunch. We were well behaved and ate salads. Weird I know. After eating and sharing ten million stories about our ponies, we headed over to hunter land to watch the 3'3" Performance hunters. The show was really light since it was the holiday week, so we didn't have much to watch. We did wander the vendors though too. And took a fab selfie of course:
selfie or it didn't happen!
 Devon had to get back to her family, and I guess I did too, ha! My dad and step mom were down at the same time as me this trip. We said our goodbyes around 3 with promises to meet up again soon. I headed back north and then did some work for a bit before dinner.
Friday morning it was back to the barn for more Badger time! Kind of... So the vet was coming out at 10:30 to re-check his back and make sure everything is as good as it feels. But you know how it is with vets. 10:30 got later and later. While I was waiting, I got to ride Cara though. She's just coming back to work after some time off, so it was all walk/trot. Since I'm horribly out of shape, that was pretty much right up my alley. The vet finally arrived around 12:45 and actually just wanted to see him lunge. I guess I should have ridden him earlier! I had to leave by 1:30 that day, so he got the day mostly off. At least he got a good report from the doctor.
After pony time, we had massage appointments. (There are perks to vacationing with the parents.) I really love a good massage, but this one just kind of hurt without the reward. I think I needed more time. We went to Costco after that. My dad loves Costco which makes it a pretty entertaining family outing. We really know how to have a good time.
Saturday I got to ride both Badger and Cara. I was a little nervous Badger might be fresh after the day off. Plus it was really windy. But he wasn't at all. I think maybe he's growing up? We "jumped" some raised cavelletti's and a few cross rails and called it a day. Cara was allowed to bump her trotting time up to ten minutes so I got some strength training in on her. (She takes a lot of leg.) I got back fairly early, so I stopped and got the screen replaced on my phone. Everything is so conveniently located in Florida. Not like home where I have to drive forty minutes for anything other than gas or groceries!
The last many years, we've spent New Year's Eve the same way. Relaxing at home with a delicious dinner and ridiculous assortment of desserts. This year was no different.

Steaks, lobster tails, crab legs, potatoes, and salad

assorted tarts, mousse, and yes, those are chocolate dipped cheesecakes 
In case you're wondering, yes, I came home fatter than I left.
My trainer has been taking Sundays off lately instead of Mondays since her daughter started school this year. That way they get a full day in together each week. So instead of riding on Sunday, my fam and I headed to the Collonade at Sawgrass Mills. High end outlets my friends! I was fairly well behaved and didn't break the bank. Thank goodness there aren't any tack stores there.

Monday morning was my last ride on Badger before heading home. He was great once again. I'm starting to feel where I do stupid things like take my leg off for no reason. I'm also feeling where sometimes he makes mistakes that aren't actually all my fault. Who knew?! Green horses... I wish I could have a big chunk of time to just ride him every day and lesson a few times a week so I could actually get to know him! #firstworldproblems

I rode Cara too because you don't say no to riding really nice, well-behaved horses. You just don't do it. Especially before heading north to the tundra.
The rest of my day was spent getting family mani/pedi's and then I wandered off on my own for a little post holiday sale shopping at the mall. Next thing I knew, I was packing up to go home and crawling into bed.
Travel day was uneventful and I was super happy to get home and see my tall kids! I fed them and cleaned up in the barn, unpacked my suitcases, and then went right over to my mom's to claim the short kids. Mom made me dinner because she's awesome like that.
And that brings us to today which was a long, busy day at work. I followed that up the best way with grooming all the tall kids and snuggling with the short ones.
How was your week? Did you get to ride? Have a crazy New Year's Eve? Let's chat in the comments!


  1. I'm so glad we were able to meet up! I had a great time. I know you have your parents' place down South, but you're always more than welcome to escape the cold at our place!

    1. Me too! I really should plan a trip you're way some day, I want to meet Petunia and Jon Bon Poni!

  2. Glad you got time to ride Badger AND have fun <3

    1. Nice to fit in both! Not that riding Badger isn't fun, but non horse fun is nice too!

  3. I'd like to be adopted into your family just for the food!

    1. The eating is definitely a perk of being part of this family!